of the Volt's shooting in areas where we experienced activity we were about to capture something that shocked us all at 31 minutes 28 seconds after we hit record on the static night-vision camera covering the white room we captured this right before you see this teddy bear move towards the back wall it slightly turns at the exact time it moves we had spikes on the EMF detector indicating a presence of electromagnetic energy something ghosts are said to give off surprisingly this wasn't the only activity we captured here about 10 minutes after the teddy bear moved this cameras audio captured an unexplained voice which sounds like a young child did we capture the spirit of Jack playing with this toy the worst Hall is what they said they said the worst energy they put those the bad what they would call the bad patients the most aggressive the most abusive towards other patients they would put in this hall is they chained you to pieces of furniture in here speak to us tell us something what is their youth to do to you just a hick right now yes you got her yeah okay so what they do in here they torture you they hit you who spoke to us what is your name what do you like to do they need to do things to you in here [Applause] all right to get you done but it oh I didn't even see this thing I didn't see it at all it's a little bear all about the other camera if roll on your camera if we want to put it on let's see where this was when do we blow the program dude it's on the other side of a wall it's on the other side of the wall here this thing this we just reviewed the footage this was right here that's crazy again the other opposite side of the wall we walked in here there was nothing on this wall you know it's bad enough you're backing out Nick is backing out this thing hasn't been lifted up with very heavy period over here and then almost hit me in the head almost hit you in the head boom and we replayed the footage and it was right here it was right in here that's crazy who did that right after I asked that question this camera's audio picked up this response nice here we go [Applause] that's you making all that noise foot room that you making all the noise go Nick where are you Jesus Christ please honor hey Mack how could we run from something that we've been trying to capture for months there are limits beyond our own cognitive control that we cannot withstand no matter how brave you are is drop in the far left-hand side go up because every time he is playing indoors out here is very very long Wow what is the trajectory like a fat it is my foot so hard it bounces off my shoe and you can see it ricochet and a huge arch this rock was levitated off of the ground directly at my foot it's still sounding blurry yeah explain this to me paranormal the open range can exploit creepy testing and right as we are about to take Harold the Haunted doll out of the bag is shot you mean it doesn't we're gonna do this right variable hold of 7-foot spider well dude hold on man support it here I'll come from the side going on for four on your camera hey no I'm not ready for the top whoa hey come here oh my god oh my god one of those laughing oh my god oh my god bro holy this one though I batted up I backed up and all of a sudden I hear get started I don't know the cat fight I thought a cat I be played I think if you ran back I looked at just giggles and I was like this hairs over Oh Oh horror movie oh I was scary oh my god you

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  1. Coat rack was easily the camera guy. I mean I was right in front of him. He could’ve picked it up as they walked past and dropped it when the left the room.. lmao

  2. 6:25 something moves in the doorway where the little light circle is just right before the baby noises

  3. You know this shit is fake because Buzzfeed does the same thing and they went to the same island in Mexico and found nothing lmao

  4. In 3:32 I heard " Yes you will " after zak says I didn't see at all and its on a freaking the same voice who said " the girl did."

  5. When I was a kid, i was laying down in my parents room watching courage the cowardly dog. Specifically that ghost episode that is trying to retrieve the slides. Anyways, the door to my parents room started opening and closing right before my eyes I was maybe a few feet away from the bathroom. And as I looked at it the door started opening and closing faster and aggressively. I got scared that I screamed "STOP!" and it stopped.. faintly I hear a sinister laugh in the restroom and the moment i heard "Okay" i ran the fuck out i told my parents what happened but started telling me it was just my head… that the window was open and wind was blowing..first off that was no mind games..second it's hot as fuck windless.. third… it was no friendly ghost… and up to when I was 17 I stopped hearing noises.. running up and down my stairs… walking across my room… scratching noises on my wall… sprinting from outside my room to upstairs in just three seconds… I'm not sure what it was but I kept scaring me and more interesting fact is that it only happened to me when I was alone

  6. Even though they act a lot it's funny and I still believe the ghost shit so it's a win win haha

  7. My Grandma used to work at the Penn Hurst state school but ended up quitting from the amount of negative energy and poltergeist activities that would happen around her.

  8. I seen them capture way worse I'm talking full on full body apparitions and loud ass bangs and slams not to mention blood curdling screams not gonna lie if this stuff is real I would be running the fuck out the nearest exit when spirits start getting violent like that 😂 I'm not saying this stuff is real or fake all I'm saying is I got no interest in finding out I seen to many horror movies to know how this would end

  9. Often forgotten in the Marc and Debbie tragedy is the murder of one of Debbie's male room-mates at the hands of Marc.

  10. This show was great in the beginning seasons but then just got dull and I lost interest in watching this show.

  11. You mean "Top 5 faked experiences on Ghost Adventures. If you think this shit is real thats a bummer. I was present at the filming of the "Live 24hr investigation of Fort Delaware back with Ghost Hunters in the early 2000's, let me tell you..they filmed it over 3 days, practiced their "jump scares" and had a full script. Not to mention additional crew members to throw things just off camera and to walk around in the dark to get spotted as a "ghost"


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