hello I'm Simon Whistler you're watching top tens net and in the video today we're looking at the top 10 historical traitors number 10 Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes was part of a revolutionary group of Roman Catholics who plotted to blow up most of England's aristocracy in 1605 the infamous gunpowder plot was foiled by authority suit court Forks before he could carry out his murderous intentions he was apprehended due to his attire of cloak boots and spurs a suspicious costume designed to ensure a quick getaway Fox and his colleagues worked hard at their plot using a cellar under the House of Lords as their base and hiding over 1,800 pounds of explosives in the small space Forks and his co-conspirators wish to loosen the influence of the Spanish Kingdom on British Affairs feeling that they drained resources from England Guy Fawkes believed in his ideals and he didn't break even under torture refusing to name his comrades until he was sure they had already confessed he was sentenced to be hung drawn and quartered in 1606 the final de Thorat ease by jumping from the scaffold to his demise at the last minute even in death he was crafty and mischievous his story is referenced in the film V for Vendetta to this day the rebellious acts of Guy Fawkes a legendary and in England we have a special event every year called bonfire night which is held on the 5th of November it celebrates the failure of the notorious plot number 9 Robert Hanson Hanson grew up in a dysfunctional home suffering abuse at the hands of his father he started a career as a police officer in Chicago that left of his Hugh employment as an FBI special agent in 1976 Hansen had strange proclivities his interests in videotaping his sexual activities with his own wife and showing them to neighbors put him well outside of the mainstream in 1979 he became involved with FBI counterintelligence in this paved the way to some of the most treasonous acts in American history in 1983 Hansen transferred to the Soviet espionage unit within the FBI using his vast knowledge of computers wiretapping and electronic surveillance he went on to sell lists of FBI double agents and other moles to KGB agents for large sums of money Anton was turned into the FBI by his own brother-in-law Mike Houck he is currently serving a life sentence in solitary confinement at ADX Florence a Supermax facility in Colorado number eight Jane Fonda Jane Fonda grew up as Hollywood royalty surrounded by luxury and privilege after an easy entree into the acting world greased by family connections and her own good looks Jane became a passionate activist involving herself in causes that were controversial and in the eyes of many American veterans of the Vietnam War including John McCain highly treasonous Hanoi Jane sympathized with the North Vietnamese posing with their anti-aircraft guns and questioning American POWs through her comrades the North Vietnamese about the benevolent treatment they were receiving from their captors the soldiers tried to explain to Fonda that they were in fact being ill-treated and sometimes tortured but she didn't believe it some soldiers claimed they withstood more torture and suffering because they would not speak to Jane and parrot the viewpoints that their captors were kind and peaceful many veterans try to bring Jane fonder up on charges of treason after the war but as some rich and famous people tend to do she managed to escape any real punishment for her role in supporting the enemy during the Vietnamese conflict she says now she regrets her act but veterans of that conflict have yet to forgive Hanoi Jane for easy embrace of the enemy number 7 Brutus Julius Caesar the self-appointed dictator for life of the Roman Empire was a leader whose tyranny led to his assassination he had many enemies in high places including a group of senators who conspired to kill him with the help of his own nephew Marcus Junius Brutus Brutus joined the Senate in Rome after an early and very lucrative career as a moneylender on the day of Caesars assassination there were rumors that the plot had been discovered and many of the conspirators were weary of carrying out the pan Brutus his own wife pleaded with him to stay away from the Senate that day Brutus was undaunted though and he went to lie in wait for his uncle along with a group of senators who then attacked the dictator with their bare hands the famous quote at tu Brutus was uttered by Caesar as he took in the depths of the betrayal by his own nephew the assassins attacked Julius Caesar so savagely that they themselves were injured in the melee Brutus committed suicide after losing the Second Battle of Philippi in 42 BC number 6 1 g'way considered the greatest traitor in Chinese history Wang Shiwei was born in 1883 when he turned 21 he went to school in Japan where he encountered Sun yat-sen a famous Chinese revolutionary under the influence of sin began to participate in plots against the government including an aborted assassination attempt on the mantry regent in Beijing one stayed in prison until the we Chiang uprising in 1911 after that time son remained his mentor Sun yat-sen's Guangdong government rose to power in 1920 when Sun lay on his deathbed in 1925 Wang was chosen as his successor Wang could not hold on to power however Jing Zhi Xi's military faction usurped him the very same year when Nanjing fell to the Japanese in 1937 hong began his traitorous dealings with the japanese government earning his place in history he supported Japan's plans for an armistice in a notorious telegram that led to his expulsion from the Chongqing government when China was in crisis and needed in most Jingwei took pains to ally with Japanese and go along with its invaders one died before he could witness the defeat of the Japanese by Allied forces in World War 2 number 5 the Rosenbergs selling atomic secrets to the Russians during the Cold War is about as treasonous as it gets the Rosenbergs were a married couple willing to do anything to further their communist beliefs Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were affiliated with the Communist Party quite openly until 1943 when they suddenly seemed to retreat from any political activity this was the same year that they joined forces with Soviet super spy Felix oov from then on Julius Rosenberg was heavily involved in espionage against the American government he acted as a mule for covert information exchanges with the Russians and sought out new recruits to betray and spy for the USSR he was arrested as he shaved one morning in 1950 in his wife Ethel were executed On June the 19th 1953 number 4 Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold was an American general who served the cause of the American Revolution until he decided to switch his allegiance to the British born in Connecticut in January 17 41 he came from a troubled background where his family struggled to survive poverty and hardship always known as a troublemaking child he grew to become a prominent figure in the military Mary trained soldiers and planned out attacks from an early start as a war hero and Patriot Arnold plotted to turn over the American fort at West Point in New York to British forces during the American Revolution his part was unsuccessful and he was driven to escape by sea under cover of darkness to Britain where he was not welcomed with open arms they too distrusted the who would betray his own country so readily he died in poverty in Canada or in 1801 number three Aldrich Ames Ames entered the Soviet embassy in Washington in 1985 and offered to sell American secrets for one reason only money he was an alcoholic with a very expensive second wife a woman named Rosario who burned through his paychecks from the CIA with alarming frequency in order to give the woman he loved the lifestyle she demanded he was willing to do a lot of damage to the US government by releasing the names of American spies and other counterintelligence information he compromised over 100 United States military operations thanks to Aldrich who earns about 4.6 million dollars for his efforts ten Americans were executed because their covers were blown in time he revealed the names of every US agent in operation against the USSR his lavish lifestyle raised red flags for the CIA and he was arrested and convicted to life in prison his wife Rosario was deported to South America number two Vidkun Quisling considered a lunatic right winger in his native Norway Quisling went unnoticed until forming his national unity party in 1933 he adored Hitler and was a firm believer in the doctrine of fascism whistling a military general met with Hitler and made sure that he had all the information he needed about Norwegian military strategy Hitler could secure the occupation of Norway when the Germans invaded Quiz Schilling was appointed as premier as the deposed government officials scattered and ran trying to stay alive the citizens of Norway were disgusted by his appointment and rebelled until he was forced to step down nonetheless Hitler had him reinstated that November a failure and a weak politician Quisling often made a fool of himself even in the eyes of his Nazi collaborators after the German surrender in Norway Quisling was tried and convicted for the deaths of a thousand Jews along with other war crimes he was executed in 1945 number one Judas Iscariot according to the Bible Satan entered Judas before he betrayed the son of Christ to Roman authorities this infamous member of the twelve apostles betrayed his friends for money alone thirty pieces of silver Judas arranged a special signal to let the authorities know the identity of Jesus Christ he would kiss Jesus to identify him this Judas Kiss led to the prosecution and death by crucifixion of the Son of God and puts Judas Iscariot as the one most notorious traitor in human history Judas died shortly after his monumental act of greed so really hope you enjoyed that video if you did please do hit that 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  1. Why didn’t you mention Julian Assange one mans traitor is another name mans hero as far as I can see it Hannoy Jane you made a Big Mistake Butt l forgive you

  2. 🇨🇿 Czech people will hate me for saying this, but singer Karel Gott (“The Czech Sinatra”’) was a HUGE traitor to the resistance movement headed by Vaclav Havel. Gott collaborated closely with the Soviet/communist regime that was responsible for the persecution and death of thousands of Czechs and Slovaks, but he pretended to care for his country. He refused to sign Vaclav Havel’s Charta 77 resistance movement and instead became the face of the communist regime’s counter-resistance movement. Can someone from Czech or Slovakia please explain to me why Gott is still so popular?

  3. Robert McNamera sent over 300,000 low IQ men into battle in Vietnam knowing they probably would be cannon fodder. Google McNamera's Morons. And President Trump is a traitor as he profits from destroying America.

  4. 🤔Uhhh why wasn't Trump on this list? He deserves to be on this list because…
    1. He enjoys being Putin's bottom b*tch.
    2. He admires Kim Jong Un and other muderous dictators such as Putin and the Saudis.
    3. He humiliates our country on a daily basis with his ignorance, lack of knowledge and class.
    4. He believed our enemies (Putin and the Saudis) over our own intelligence agencies and told the world so.
    5. He and his crooked family accepted "help" from the Russians to get elected.
    6. He admits he'd betray our country again in the next election if it would help him to win.
    7. He has alienated our allies and put our country at risk. The dictators (Putin) he admires so view him as a fool!
    8. He lied about President Obama not being an US citizen with his birther bull sh*t.
    9. He denigrated a war hero, John McCain about being captured and tortured while his lying, traitorous *ss got out of serving our country by lying about having damn bone spurs.

    Add to all of this the fact that he is a patholigical liar, rapist and pedophile and adulterer who has admitted to assaulting women. His wife (Melania) is an ex Euro porn skank escort, who sold herself to men until she snagged Trump's old *ss and spawned anchor baby Baron! She came to the US and stayed in the US illegally as well as the fact that she helped her father to chain migrate to our country even though he's a convicted felon (you know, like the felons Trump always lies and demonizies brown folk for) and has done nothing for our country except pitch her asinine "Be Best" program aimed toward bullying but doesn't address the fact her mentally unstable, ignorant and racist hubby is a damn bully! The woman can barely speak english yet she lies about speaking 8 other languages, lies about having a college degree and steals Michelle Obama's speech because she's too dumb to draft her own!
    Trump is destroying our country and the meth smoking, kin boinking, low IQ folk who put him in office with the help of Russia are to blame!
    TRUMP IS A JOKE THAT IS NO LONGER FUNNY! Seriously, history will not be kind to this bigoted, pathological liar and charlatan as well as those who enabled this fool to become President! He definately needs to be on this list!

  5. I heard Jane Fonda being fondly interviewed by NPR and she definitely wasn't regretful. But it probably helped her confidence that her interviewer was holding her on a pedestal. That's NPR for you

  6. Jane Fonda was not a traitor. She turned out to be right. The Vietnam War was immoral and 40,000 US servicemembers died for nothing. Fonda did apologize. She did not hand over American POWs notes to North Vietnam

  7. Colonists: We just want to talk
    fast forward to the destruction of hundreads of indigenas plus the most important nations being rich and able to be so important given they stole all the gold…
    Yeah just talk.

  8. I think we can disagree without hating and name-calling. And of course you are always free to take your toys and go home

  9. Besides the fact that most of the Gospels is fiction, the whole Christian thing doesn't really work without Judas. In some kind of cosmic way, he was just doing his job. If he actually existed, that is; and if he actually did the deed.

    (p.s. Marshall Badoglio deserves a place in this list)

  10. Jane was not a traitor. America had no reason to be in that illegal “war”.
    Now, she may have been too passionate about the despicable acts of America, but there is a specific definition of traitor and that doesn’t describe Jane’s actions.

  11. Simon…you are acting on the Bernaysian propaganda from the left.

    The Nazis and Fascism are both LIBERAL/SOCIALIST Ideologies. The National Socialist German Workers Party is not a Right Wing organization. Hitler himself swore he was a Capitalist. They are associated..by the left…as right wing because they opposd Stalinist Russia. However..National Socialism and Marxist Socialism are two sides of the same coin.

    Fascism is an ideology envisioned by Socialist Scholar Giovanni Gentile. It was to be a more strict Socialist mindset.

    Vidkun Quisling was a traitor…but not because he waz a right winger…because he was a ready made collabourator…thus the name "Quisling" being used to label a person willing to join forces with a potential invader.

    Your stuff is amazing…but please try to get the correct history on the subject. And stay away from Wikipedia as it is horribky biased.

  12. Guy Fawkes was not the leader of the Gunpowder Plot, although he's the most famous of the plotters. Also, the plot was to replace the king with his daughter. They weren't working on behalf of a foreign power so while the plot was undoubtedly treason legally, it was what nowadays we would consider a failed coup d'etat. Kim Philby was much more of a traitor.

  13. This won't be a popular viewpoint to my fellow US citizens of a.certain age, but Jane Fonda isn't a traitor. She wasn't alone in advocating against the Vietnam War or going to then North Vietnam.
    She doesn't get a free pass from me on her idiotic & harmful public behavior, though. Naive as she may have been & shallow as she might've been, she allowed herself to be used by the North Vietnamese government & the NVA. She must've been aware on some level the US POW's were being less than candid on pain of additional punishment by their captors. She was manipulated into really bad photo-ops she should've understood were bad. Civilian though she was, for example, she should've damned well knew what an artillery piece or flak gun looked like. She certainly knew enough to look through its aiming arpeture. (sp?). And, yeah, she should've at least faced trial, though my non-lawyer mind still thinks there was no hard proof of intent or direct harm to the US as a country or government.
    Maybe I'M the one who's naive here, but her behavior, repugnant, idiotic & detrimental to the condition of POW's, not to mention looking like an idiot in the grand tradition of Axis Sally, Tokyo Rose, Seoul City Sue, & Radio Hanoi's regular English broadcaster (I forget HER nickname
    ..🤔), they were, there was no purposefully harmful intent. Jane Fonda SHOULD'VE faced a US court. I truly believe that. And she needs to be called out for the pain, suffering & injury she caused every American POW, directly or not, indirectly or otherwise, until she has made a full, detailed acknowledgement of her activities in Hanoi, a full public acceptance of the harm she caused, & complete, unconditional apology to those POW's she assisted in injuring, exploiting, & extending their undeserved treatment they unjustly endured. As well as to the American people for providing cover for a brutal regime that treated their own people, as well as US soldiers, w/ruthless, savage abuse. Then, maybe, Jane Fonda would be fully atoned for her idiocy.

  14. I served during Vietnam War and it became clear that it was a money maker for the rich. She was no Traitor.

  15. The video is very inconsistent, it makes sense for some people to be here and the others just sounds like hearsay and bias

  16. Is it actually confirmed the Rosenbergs were actually communist spies or this was just the narrative promoted by mainstream media at the time and now accepted as fact? As far as i was taught, they were alleged.

  17. Son of Christ?
    Come on Simon this is not like you
    Unless there are 10 Conspiracies in the Catholic Church coming up.
    Guy Fawkes was an ‘also ran’ in the group. Robert Catesby lead the plot.
    A bit like Ronnie Biggs was an add on the The Train Robbery Gang.
    On that I’ll leave you with Judas’s carrot!!

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