holy gents it's easy scape in today's video and be talking about the top ten world record speedruns that are made at it games done quick if you're not sure what games done 'quick is it's a charity marathon that runs twice a year during summer and winter which has generated over a million dollars every marathon since 2014 this is a huge event that generally has over a hundred thousand viewers consistently during the entire week the marathon goes on this means that tensions are much higher in the probability of getting a world record and speedrun during a live marathon is not only rare but extremely impressive at the end of the video I'll explain how I rank these ten runs but I hope you guys enjoy the first one on this list is any percent speedrun of Duke Nukem 2 during summer games done quick 2014 by bonesaw 577 Duke Nukem 2 is a platform game where you beat each level by collecting items and defeating enemies till you get to the end of the level alien boss during his run bonesaw executed levels well enough to beat the world record at a pace of 32 minutes and 12 seconds there aren't any leaderboards posted for this run so I'm off to assume that this is a current recorded world record for this game [Applause] before that's world record [Applause] the next run in this list is any percent speed run of velocity 2x at awesome games done quick 2016 by nos Wraith velocity 2 X is a puzzle shoot-'em-up and a platform based video game on 1 in this game you play outside of your ship and inside it you da lies and teleports to get through the game the main point of this game is to rescue stranded ships and non strafe was able to do this fast enough to get the world record of 1 hour 24 minutes and 25 seconds which is still the second fastest time on the leaderboards the current world record for this game is one hour 19 minutes and 15 seconds by Maddy ice three-one three-one [Applause] time was 124 25 its World Records next one on our list was any percent speed on a pilot wings 64 during summer games done quick 2013 by graviton pilot wings 64 is a 3d flight simulator where you to complete missions involving things like moving through targets and landing smoothly to get enough points to get medals starting from bronze to cold after receiving a bronze medal in each of the twelve missions you beat the game graviton was soaring through each mission matching his personal best and even making a few new ones with only losing time in one or two missions granting him the world record of 33 minutes at 31 seconds the current world record for the speedrun has 24 minutes and 53 seconds by yet again graviton nice and time [Applause] the next one is any percent speed around of infamous festival of blood by scape for a livin during awesome games done quick 2015 in the festival of blood the protagonist Cole McGrath gets bin by vampire which then turns him into a vampire so long with his normal electric powers he also has these new vampire abilities skate was able to use these powers to beat the game in 26 minutes and 54 seconds giving him the world record and still his current personal best the current world record for this game is 23 minutes and 54 seconds by sersanju the next run is any % speed on of Brea during summer games done quick 2016 by sea wolf 20 braid is a puzzle platformer in which you collect and use puzzle pieces to traverse 3rd levels each world is a different method in which you were first time to get through the level and it can also be used to speed things up sea wolf 20 was able to do all this in a very impressive run with getting in at 24 54 in game time which was 10 seconds away from his personal best and their arty a world record of 27 minutes and 12 seconds which is still the current RT a world record mainly because RTA is a common they ran an oppressive run nonetheless time only four people have ever gotten sub 24 that's actually only 10 seconds from my PB so that was that was a really good run yeah I'm really happy with that what was my RTA 27 minutes 12 seconds that's a world record for RTA Wow ladies gentlemen nice the next one on our list is any percent speedrun for bubble goes during summer games done 'quick 2016 by proto magical girl bubble gross is a gameboy game that was published in 1990 where your ghost that pushes a bubble around a series of different levels by blowing them there are a few tight corners in the run and pixel perfect spots but proto is able to get through the majority of these levels with ease to get the world record of 6 minutes and 5 seconds just wasn't the fastest time she's ever gotten getting a 549 in the practice room but since it was the fastest recorded run at the time it's so kind of as a world record the current world record for this game is 5 minutes and 33 seconds pygar Bonzo guy and time nice that's a really good that is um that is a world wait a minute that's a recorded world record that is um that's not the fastest time ever recorded because I got a 549 in the practice room yesterday but hey there we go shoutouts the cartridge to the next one in this list is at all goals and gold speedrun of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 during summer games done quick 2014 by Georgia plushie this is one of the fastest speedrun games of here comparing games by actors per minute because there are almost no instances of one a speedrunner won't be doing something with only very minor hiccups georgia was able to secure the road record position of 8 minutes and 54 seconds the current world record for the speedrun is 8 minutes and 15 seconds by fated LT was it that's a world record the next one is a hard low percent speed run for metroid zero mission at awesome games done 'quick 2014 by dragondarch metroid zero mission is a remake of the original metroid game so gameplay is pretty similar but it's formatted for the Gameboy Advance and this run on harden mode every enemy does double damage and every health and ammo tank gives you only half the amount of supply so it's very easy to die in this mode as it is in the other Metroid games this run is also the low percent run where the 10% run so dragondarch only gets 10 items in the run which also makes the run insanely difficult even with all these things dragondarch managed to get his personal best during this marathon as well as setting the RTA world record of 1 hour 9 minutes and 56 seconds which is still the current world record because it's rarely ran [Applause] [Applause] you guys do you just Auto RT world record yep you decide the next one is any percent set seed speedrun of Minecraft are an awesome games done quick 2014 by bismuth 9 in this speed run the runner uses a set C to know exactly where to go in the speedrun and have a set route in this run the speed runner will deal with a bit of RNG dealing with NPC spawns have some pretty difficult ender pearl teleports and defeat the end game dragon by exploding beds bismuth managed to do all this extremely well with a great accuracy and as ender pearl teleports and shots with this bow and arrow to do a first time ever death into the end game portal all of this during a marathon run and pulling off the world record of 16 minutes and 40 seconds RTA and 15 minutes and 16 seconds in game time on version 1.2 point for the current world record for the speeder on the 6 minutes and 37 seconds RTA and 4 minutes and 7 seconds in game time by josh game and 4 on version one point 8 point 3 I've never seen this before I beat the game [Applause] I didn't even know it was possible to beat the game while are you guys and the last run on this list for number one spot is any recent speedrun for diddy kong racing during summer games done 'quick 2013 by toufool31 three days before to fold did this speedrun a glitch in his glitched storage was found which cut the speedrun for this game down by an hour glitch storage is done by performing a wrong warp out of the race dino domain during the trophy race the wrong warp sends you to the main hub world but when you're there the game still thinks during a trophy race so anytime you go in a race and finish it the game will think it started domain trophy race and give you a trophy the thing is it gives you the trophy not for Dino domain but for the race that you go into skipping a lot of the prerequisites for loads of the races since this cliffs had only been found three days prior there weren't many recorded runs of people doing it and the world record was still pretty fresh and not only that but too full had an amazing run which granted him the world record of 50 minutes and 49 seconds the current world record of the speedrun is 40 minutes and 23 seconds by misses schism eluc to full still runs this game and currently the second place holder and time that's a new world record [Applause] [Applause] okay guys I hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please leave a like on the video because it doesn't take that much time to do and it's the best footage to support and subscribe for more speedrunning related content I rank these speedruns by how many runs were performed on speedrun comm for that game so games like diddy kong racing and minecraft 2 ranked much higher because they had a lot more runs all money made from this video will either go towards me attending games done quick of them ever lucky enough to get approved to run and if not it'll be a direct donation to summer games done quick 2017 also make sure you follow games done quick on twitch and tune it to their marathons event schedules can be found on their website games on quick calm that's all to say guys have a beautiful life

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