Top 10 Unsexiest World Records Based Around
Sex 10. Oldest Twin Hookers For 50 years, Martine and Louise Fokkens worked
as prostitutes in Amsterdam. Money was the primary motivation why the twins entered prostitution
in the first place. They both came from abusive relationships, and to survive financially
they were forced to become hookers. The twins started hustling at the age of 20,
and over half a decade, had sex with 355,000 men, a record that many of us would find disturbingly
jaw-dropping. At 70, the twins finally realized that they were too old to execute some acrobatic
sexual positions, and decided to quit their jobs. 9. Oldest Male Porn Star Who says becoming a prolific porn star is
only for the young? Shigeo Tokuda proved that the oldies too can excel in this multi-billion
dollar industry. Hailing from Japan — the land of kinks — Tokuda started in the porn
industry in 1994 at the age of 59. Since then he has never looked back and plans to continue
on performing in front of the camera until 2015, when he reaches 80. Tokuda has starred
in more than 350 porn flicks, and most, if not all, of his partners are very young girls,
young enough to be considered his great-grandchildren. 8. Biggest Vagina History’s largest human vagina belonged
to a Scottish woman named Anna Swan. Born on August 6, 1846, in Nova Scotia, Swan weighed
around 18 pounds when she was a baby. At the age of four, she was already 5 feet tall.
When she finally hit adulthood, she reached an astounding height of 7 feet and 11.5 inches.
It’s estimated that Anna Swan’s vagina measured around 6 inches, or 15 centimeters!
This isn’t completely surprising, since she was a giantess and all, but still quite
disturbing to imagine. 7. Longest Penis Almost all men dream of having a longer and
bigger penis. But for a New Yorker named Jonah Falcon, having a gigantic dong is not an elusive
dream, but an actual reality. Jonah Falcon is the proud owner of the world’s longest
penis — when flaccid, his member measures around 8 inches, which is 4 – 5 inches longer
than the average. And when fully erect, it reaches a monstrous length of 13.5 inches! Falcon is bisexual, and claims to have sexual
affairs with numerous men and women. Though he enjoys wearing cycling shorts and tight
jeans in public to make his gigantic member more noticeable, he has declined numerous
offers to perform in porn. Honestly, most porn stars are probably happy to hear the
news. There’s big, and then there’s tortuously big. Guess which category Mr. Falcon falls
under. 6. Strongest Vagina Basically, women use their vaginas for two
primary activities: giving birth, and sex. However, for a certain Russian gymnast, these
things aren’t enough. She has come up with a new, creative way to put her intimate lady
parts into good use. After 20 years of intense training and practice, Tatyana Kozhevnikova
has mastered the art of lifting heavy objects using only her incredibly strong lady hole.
Because of her breathtaking and mind-boggling ability, Guinness has proclaimed her as the
owener of the world’s strongest vagina. So how strong is her hoo-ha? Well, she can
easily lift a kettlebell that weighs around 30 pounds, for one thing. Naturally, Tatyana
offers online lessons for women who want to strengthen their vaginal muscles. She also
offers a class that teaches men how to achieve the perfect butt in just a couple of days.
No word on if she teaches men to lift with them as well. 5. Most Severed Penises It’s an undeniable fact that a man’s penis
is sacred to him. It defines his masculinity, and brings color and meaning to his existence.
That is why it isn’t surprising to know that many ancient bloodthirsty warriors cut
off the phalli of their enemies as a form of punishment. One notorious ruler who practiced
this brutal act was King Merneptah of Egypt. In 1300 BC, this cruel king defeated the Libyan
army during a war. As punishment, he ordered his men to cut off the dongs of their enemies,
setting the world record for the most number of severed penises. So just how many dongs
did this evil king ordered to be cut off? More than 13,000. 4. Biggest Orgy Ever When it comes to bizarre sexual stuff, the
Japanese seems to be always on top of the list. They invented the air sex competition,
they have the annual Kanamara Matsuri or the Festival of the Penis, and now they hold the
world record for having the most number of people having sex in the same place at the
same time. In 2010, 250 men and 250 women gathered in
a secluded warehouse and participated in a one-of-a-kind massive group sex. A professional
film crew was present at the location to document this hot, sticky event. It’s interesting
to note that the whole scene was choreographed and there were, unfortunately, no threesomes,
foursomes, or even swapping of partners. Couples only had intercourse with their respective
lovers throughout the duration of the orgy — it just happened to be 250 couples at
the same time. 3. Longest Masturbation Session Masturbating every now and then is perfectly
fine. In fact, medical experts tell us that doing it regularly can bring numerous health
benefits to our bodies. However, one person seemed to take this advice too seriously,
and decided to set the world record for the longest fapping session. Meet Masanobu Sato, a dude from the Land of
the “Rising” Sun who he is considered the world’s greatest masturbator. He was
able to stimulate himself sexually for a brain-wrecking duration of 9 hours and 58 minutes. He executed
this momentous (and scary) achievement during the 9th Annual Masturbate-a-Thon held in San
Francisco in 2009. Interestingly, in 2008 , he made his first world record by masturbating
for 9 hours and 33 minutes. Even more interestingly, they held more than one Masturbate-a-Thon. 2. Most Orgasms in a Day An English woman named Zara Richardson holds
the world record for having the most number of orgasms in a day, up to 500 at a time!
Simple things like sitting in a restaurant, riding a train, driving her car, and even
sitting beside someone on a sofa can sexually stimulate her. How is this even humanly possible? Richardson
suffers from a rare medical disorder called Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS).
Even the slightest non-sexual stimuli can cause her to achieve powerful orgasms. Some
women and men might find this awesome, but Richardson says that her rare condition makes
her life miserable. She is unable to do many simple things due to her uncontrollable orgasms,
she feels exhausted almost all the time, and worst of all, she has an unhealthy sex life.
Having hundreds of orgasms every day makes it difficult for any man to sexually satisfy
her. 1. Most Partners in a Day On October 16, 2004, porn star Lisa Sparxxx
achieved a seemingly impossible feat that many of us would find extremely horrifying.
On this specific day, Sparxxx had sex with not 100, or even 500 men, but with 919 guys!
This event made her the world record holder for having the most number of sexual partners
in one day. Sparxxx desperately wanted to win the Third
Annual World Gangbang Championship held in Warsaw, Poland, even though it would mean
having sex with hundreds of eager men, many of whom were likely not attractive in the
least. Still though, she did it, and now has a place in history. And in case you were wondering,
up until earlier this year, she had a very loving (and VERY understanding) husband who
was very supportive of her chosen career. Maybe she pledged to reach 920 this year and
that was the final straw.

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  1. Lol really, over 350,000 . B.s. not even close, lets put tht in perspective shall we. Lets say 10 diff a day times 365, thts 3650. Ok, times tht by say 35 yrs, tht is 127,750. Again i dont even think its tht many. U would have to fck atleast 10 a day every single day for 35 yrs. Nah

  2. You know how they say, if you made tires out of it, they would never wear out? It may be true but If you did that with the twins, you'd be crabbing down the road sideways at a sloppy 5 miles an hour, beating the fenders off, and struggling to keep it between the ditches:)

  3. tecuta does legal porn there the consenting age, but hey he looks a lot younger then he is so go for it. as for the strongest vag, by the time she is elderly, its going to prolapse regardless of house strong it is now. i am also guessing she hasnt had kids bc that by default weakens all those walls. sadly those who are overly well endowed it almost always makes it impossible for them to be satisfactorily intimate and are often very shy.

  4. More severed penises…the mother of dragons. At least in the books. No idea if that transferred to the show.

  5. Those bitches allways claim abuse and no choice yet we know they choose to whore cuz it's easy and natural for them no pity at all from me.

  6. I have so beaten number 3 the longest masturbation time I wasn't trying to set a record or I would have been recording I was just trying to get it off while on painkillers….

  7. I think my mind went numb after watching this, But on the plus side, I found another reason to love Japan a bit more than I already do lol

  8. Bloody hell, Simon. Don’t call vaginas “Hoo-Hahs”. That’s for Americans. Use your words. I’m certain that HRH doesn’t call her’s a hoo-hah, or “Ones’s hoo-hah.” Be proud to be English. You can’t hide the fact that you know that Australians speak English. Your English, chap.

  9. Tatiana brings new meaning to the word "snapper"

    By the way, 500 couples having sex in a warehouse at the same time isn't an orgy

  10. I realize this is an old video & you the author may not read this comment, but perhaps some of your followers will. The medical name for the female external genitalia is the vulva, not the vagina! The vagina is the canal connecting the uterus to the vulva.

  11. OMG …. 919 men 🤢 How was she not so sore and didn’t get an allergy to latex after that??? That sounds painful no where near enjoyable at ALL!

  12. That Japanese orgy isn't by definition an orgy. It's just a whole raft of folks f**king at the same time with their own bedbuds.

  13. Wait, wait, wait… These twins claim they had sex with 355,000 men? I call BS on that.
    If we round up to 365,000, that's 10 men, per woman (2), per day (365), for 50 years. 10 men per day. Every. Single. Day. For 50 years.
    Maybe – just maybe – it could be physically possible to have sex that many times in a lifetime, but I simply cannot believe that they had 355,000 separate clients. Like, where did they even find 355,000 different men? Even meeting 30,000 people in your life is statistically unlikely.

  14. Your long dong record is a fraud. That guy is puny compared to porn stars Long Dong Silver and Mandingo.

  15. This Guy is an idiot, Every Vid he makes is BS. He's a Brit or Ozzy that has not a clue… Usually shuts off public comments. Just cause they have an accent they think they know it all!

  16. Oy! 990 partners in a day. yeah right. There are 1440 minutes in a day. You do the math. So are all of these stories b.s.?

  17. Trouble is that my dong is massive and the amount of physical energy that would take to work it for so long would probably mean my arm would fall off 😎

  18. You got the largest vagina one wrong. My ex had one so huge it could be rented out as a parking garage!

  19. 9.5 hours?? I have multiple 24+ hr sessions. He may be alright, but come on. Was he fully hard for the 9.5hrs?

  20. Wow, 10 dudes a day each for 50 yrs to get those numbers. It's not impossible, but seems unlikely.

  21. Whatever angel wrote the line "having a gigantic dong…" for Simon Whistler to say deserves a goddamned Nobel prize

  22. Imagine being dicked by three hundred thousand dudes and pretending you still have a grain of dignity left.

  23. Im confused on that biggest vagina thing. Is it biggest vulva or vagina. (Eg is it the axewound or the tunnel)

  24. So how many diseases did gentleman number 919 receive? Imagine going inside someone after over 900 have just been inside. Or just having to touch her with all the “milk” on her.

  25. Man, I'm pretty sure i've wanked it longer than 9.5 hours strait, albeit on adderall, but i did it. Wheres my prize.

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