In a way, we are all time travelers. We just do it very slowly. To travel 10 years in the future it takes me about… 10 Years. I don’t know, but there are cases out there which people hold up as proof of time travel being possible. Some of them are photos, some of them are even videos, some of them come from the supposed time traveler them self. Let’s see what you guys make of all of it. My name is Danny Burke. This is the “Top 10 Scary Time Travel Stories” Coming to number 10 now we have Hakan Nordkvist. In 2006 this Swedish man claimed he had been to the year 2046. How did he get there? Through his kitchen sink. He was trying to fix a problem under his sink, but when he went into the cabinet he noticed that it just didn’t end. It kept on going and going and going Eventually he reached the end of the tunnel and there he was in the year 2042 and he met his older self this might be easy to dismiss but for one thing – he brought his phone with him And he filmed it. What you’re seeing now is the footage of him meeting his older self in the year 2042 – they even show each other their identical tattoos. I don’t know about this one Maybe we’ll have to wait until 2042 to see if he really was telling the truth. Alright at Number 9 we have The Chaplin Time Traveler, in 2010 a clip was uploaded to YouTube from the extras DVD of Charlie Chaplin’s film “The Circus” it shows people attending the premiere of the movie and then there is this woman. Now people claim she is talking into a phone. Problem is, this was 1928 about 45 years before the first cell phone was ever even conceived of. Believers say that there would be no reason to hold something to your face in 1928 and talk into it So what was she doing? Was it a cell phone? Is she a time traveler? Or is there some simple explanation for it? At Number 8 now – we have the Hamburg Bombing. In 1932 two German news reporters visited the Hamburg Shipyards to work on a story. J. Bernard Hutton and Joachim Brandt finished their interviews and as they left they heard aircraft above them. The sky was filled with warplanes. They heard the City’s anti-aircraft guns firing as bombs exploded around them. The Shipyard was being bombed, huge fires started, warehouses collapsed. The two men ran to see if they could go and help someone but were told by a security guard to just leave. As they drove away, the sky suddenly started to clear. The streets were busy again with people, the building’s were totally intact. They looked back and everything was fine. They told their editors this who dismissed it completely, so the men just kind of forgot about it. Eleven years later in 1943 at the height of World War II, the Hamburg Shipyards were bombed by Britain. Bernard Hudson saw the newspaper pictures and felt a shiver along his spine. The scenes of devastation were exactly what he had seen in person eleven years before. At Number 7 now – We have Time Travelling Hipster This is a picture from 1941 of the reopening of a bridge in British Columbia, Canada. People’s eyes were immediately drawn to this man. His clothes don’t seem to fit in, he looks more like a modern day hipster than someone from 1941. People said his camera was just too compact for that era. For them this was a sure sign of a time traveler, wearing and using things that just didn’t exist back then. The photo has been deemed as authentic, it’s not a fake. Critics of this theory though say that the clothes and the camera were available at that time though not widely common. Alright, at Number 6 now – We have Andrew Carlssin. In 2003 this man was arrested for playing the stock market too well. Over a two-week period he went from having $800 to $350,000,000 (three hundred and fifty million). He was arrested on the allegation that he had insider information. Under questioning he confessed he was actually from the year 2256. That’s how he knew which stocks were going to perform best. He promised to tell them the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden or the cure to AIDS if they let him go. He supposedly predicted the exact date of the Iraq War starting as proof. The police essentially dismissed him as crazy and found no evidence that he had committed fraud so they let him go. As the world media swarmed to interview him, he was gone and has never been heard of since. Coming out at Number 5 now – We have Sir Viktor Goddard. He was a famous British Air Marshal most famous for his squad picture that contained the supposed ghost of a former member. He also claimed to have traveled in time. In 1935, he was ordered to fly from Scotland to England when he passed over the abandoned Drem Airfield. At that time it was out of use, plants had grown everywhere, there were even cows grazing on the runway. Suddenly he ran into a strange storm, the clouds were yellow and Goddard became disorientated. He was just lost in the clouds and falling. Then the yellow clouds broke and he could see the airfield again. The storm vanished, everything was clear. The airfield had changed, there were now mechanics there, working on brand new planes. Three of them he recognized, but the fourth was a monoplane that didn’t even exist in 1935. The planes were all yellow and mechanics were wearing blue overalls. He had never seen anything like it. Eventually though, after many, many years the planes and the new uniforms did come to pass. Drem Airfield even came back into use, just like Goddard said. Was this all a lucky guess or a genuine time slip? At Number 4 now – We have John Titor. In 2000, a person calling himself John Titor announced on an online forum that he was an American soldier from the year 2036. Now he said the government sent him back to 1976 to get an IBM computer which they needed to debug computers in the future. He stopped off in 2000 for personal reasons and decided to let people in on the secrets of the future. He got certain things right North Korea developing Missiles Ibm computers having secret functions he also left detailed schematics and explanations of his actual time machine But he did get some things wrong he said there would be another American Civil war in 2008 and world war three would have happened by 2015 but he also said that time lines could be changed does that explain it by the way the mysterious john t? Thought disappeared altogether from the internet in 2003 ok another three now We have the Mike tyson fight in 1995 Mike Tyson boxed Peter McNeeley in Nevada in 2015 YouTube started buzzing with people saying that in the background of one of the clips of this fight there was a time traveler They said this woman here was carrying. What is clearly a smartphone and taking pictures years before that was even possible? They said that no photo like that existed in 1995 and that it even flashed red like a smartphone other people countered Showing examples of cameras that did exist back then it kind of looks similar What do you guys think though is it too close to call or is it proof of a time-traveling? Boxing fan going back to watch their favorite match okay at number two now We have the astronaut the categorising over in Spain started being built in 1513 it’s a Grand old Cathedral with a lot of nice stonework you’d expect from the Middle ages Except for one bit of it there along one of the entrances is a carving of an astronaut What is an astronaut doing on a 16th century church well? this is where the explanation is divided the church itself and many other people there say that the astronaut was added as part of a 1992 restoration project that makes sense But others say that doesn’t add up they say that the astronaut was carved a lot earlier than that and that the restoration work was Actually to just repair the damaged astronaut. They say it was proof of a time-traveling Astronaut who left a little mark on the era. He visited and finally now at number one. We have Gertrude Jones This is her in 1938 living the Factory where she worked Some people on YouTube were freaking out saying that she was talking into a phone decades before that was even possible they said even the way she Holds it is reminiscent of someone holding a smartphone with your thumb over the screen however in 2013 a woman came forward in the comment section of the video to say that she was the great-granddaughter of Gertrude who was actually part of a science experiment to test an early wireless phone some people say that’s it case closed No more explanation is needed But others say there are no records of these experiments that happened about 40 Years before the first cell phone Prototypes were even being made was gertrude a time traveler was she also the person who commented on the Youtube video in an attempt To cover her tracks. What do you guys think of this one well guys? It’s the end of the video and I have a confession to make I am a time traveler as you can see in this picture Here this was made sometime in the 1800s, please don’t tell anyone my secret is safe with all of you I hope my name is Fanny burke. Thanks for watching guys I hope to see you soon, and I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are

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  1. #9 I wonder who her cell phone provider was?? 🤔🤔 #9 and 7 were explained. There's a video about them and a few other "time travelers"

  2. That man is not a time traveler. That shirt existed at that time, so did the glasses and the camera.

    He is not a traveler

  3. Most of this has been debunked.
    The woman with the cellphone: there was a hearing aide used at the time which had a small box, and in it was a small speaker that amplified the noise. To use it, you had to put it up against your ear.

    Drem airfield: monoplanes existed in 1935, and yellow had been a common paint on pre-war aircraft, and wartime trainers. Blue was also a common colour for ground crew.

    The harbour: this one is easy. Two men, both journalists looking for a story, dream some thing up. A harbour is a great place to say gets bombed. It's a major point of trade, and material movement.
    Most of these aren't hard to guess. Even the stock market one. Ive seen people make 500,000 in an hour. Granted not often but I've seen it.

  4. I will predict 4 things in furure tell me if thier true furture peps

    1. In 2020 dounld trump will be priesendet agian
    2.iraq will be bombed in 2022
    3.prwdiepie beats. T-seires to 120 millon subs
    And 4.this comment will be liked 21 times

  5. This are all fake I’m 2019 but I know time travel is possible this is what scientists say u cannot go back in time since it is so complicated but going to the future is possible but to go to the future u have to go extremely fast even fast than the speed of light maybe like 100000000000’000000000’0000 speed Maybe like hyper speed on Star Wars but 10000000’0000000’00000 times faster than that since it can only make it 1 lightyear away so yeah it is possible if u go that exact speed in space but it can also kill you so all of this have to be fake just saying ok it’s only possible to travel into the future not the past

  6. The Hakan Nordqvist one was nothing more than an advertising campaign for French Stock Market Regulator Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF)

  7. The video at number 1, so the great granddaughter commented that it was an experimental phone…..well the first phones were massive, the phone in the picture is a lot smaller then the first mobile phone. 🤔

  8. Not sure if its him but I saw a vid of a guy his mom is a witch an he lost his sister … tje vid made me cry but I swear it looks just like him

  9. how to travel to 2020:
    this year, on December 31, close your eyes at 11:59 PM and open them one minute later. you will wake up in 2020.

  10. The one about the time traveler being arrested is from Weekly World News. Their stories are made up and are for entertainment purposes.

  11. The Charlie Chaplin one is simple; it was a hearing device. She was probably deaf. The was an old time hearing aid.

  12. #10 is fake cuz u can’t touch ur self when u time travel (pause) if I’m not mistaken……I mean of course I wouldn’t know….cuz I’m not a Time traveler…..👀

  13. A civil war in 2008 was possible , alot of people mostly conservatives over reacted to a black man becoming president , a 2nd civil war in 2008 was the most extreme outcome it could have came to

  14. If the guy went to 2042. Met his older self. And brought his phone… why didn’t he take picture of say…. any thing else to prove it?!??

  15. 8:34 even if you were a time traveler which I know it’s a joke and you said not to tell anyone you know your saying it in public

  16. Do you know the news story about the Filipino civil guard during the Spanish colonization era that suddenly appeared in present day Mexico?

  17. The first story you mentioned is actually a television advert so I am really confused about how it’s now being told as a true story

  18. He must have watched Narnia a lot and then must have gone with his son to the same tatoo artist. ⏰Rest is history👍😀😀

  19. on the 1 the lady how can call someone if there were no cell phone towers that time .can you understand me. it is fake information you got, i am sorry to say but i spend 4 hrs to understand it i even wacher more then 100 videos i is not possible to call someone without a satalite or cell phone towers

  20. the lady pose like talking on the cell phone is just coinceidence pose. If she was a time traveller back then GPS and satelite won't exist yet, and so her phone will not work

  21. Andrew Carlssin claimed to have been in the traveling hipster picture too. He is the guy standing directly in the middle of the picture. It hella looks like him too…lol

  22. Time traveler talking to a phone years before the invention of the phone doesn't make sense. I mean, who would they talk to? They're the only ones with a phone. AND no antennae, so no signal, right?

  23. Well we know that guy didn’t travel into the future because the other guys tattoo is just as fresh as his. Tattoos fade over time

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