hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top ten I'm your host J dureena throughout history there have been very many great conquests inspiring people moments that change the world for the better but there also have been some massive screw-ups people dropping the ball so hard they will forever be remembered as the guy who flubbed I did some digging to find some of the biggest flubs in history for today's list of top 10 scariest aches in history you won't believe as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell also make sure you stick around for the whole list because a lot of these are pretty famous so want to see how many of them you actually recognize and without taking any longer let's get into it number 10 Chernobyl if you screw up at work what's the worst thing that will happen maybe the report doesn't get done no or the investors get really salty but I bet it wouldn't cause the biggest nuclear meltdown in history the Chernobyl incident involves a nuclear power plant located in the Ukraine back in 1986 what happened was a couple of scientists were running a test they wanted to check if some of the safety systems would work in the event of a power outage they botched the test when they turned the power down and plummet to 1% and then it shot back up which caused the reactor to blow then basically a bunch of science stuff happens some chemicals mixed with other chemicals which caused a steam explosion which blew the top off the reactor it started a massive fire which then took ten days to put out the heat from the power plant was so intense it was melting the firefighters shoes this was such a serious incident that if they had failed to contain the reactor and the whole power plant exploded it would have made all of Europe unlivable for a hundred years number nine a titanic we all know this one James Cameron is still backstroking through $100 bills from all the money made off this movie the Titanic was built the most beautiful luxurious Cruiser of its time it was thought to be such a marvel of engineering that it was completely unsinkable but as the old saying goes because that baby sunk it sucks so hard it hit an iceberg at nearly full speed that slashed a hole in it bigger than all my friends post-secondary debt from here the mistakes piled up there were only 20 lifeboats on board that was enough for less than half of the people on the ship they simply thought it was impossible for a boat this incredible to sink before another boat came to its rescue this is why you never be the first person to do anything everyone who took the maiden voyage on the Titanic are like all the people sitting at home with 3d TVs and those dumb glasses the closest boat to answer the distress call was over four hours away and by the time they had got there to pick up the survivors over 1500 people had died wolf number 8 the Hindenburg this was the biggest passenger airship ever built the blimp was nearly the size of the Titanic with zero Bud Light ads on it at the time this was thought to be the future of air travel everyone who bought stock in these blimps probably watching the Hindenburg disaster was like ah man I better invest in moustache wax there's no way mustaches are gonna go out of fashion in the 1940s there's no way but it was pretty impressive at the time airships were doing things that were unthinkable to do on planes one of those unthinkable things was making the whole thing float using hydrogen which is highly flammable and they even put a smoking room on the ship this wasn't even the first airship to go down people knew that hydrogen was dangerous but they thought they could make it work if they did it properly what ended up happening was the Hindenburg sprung a leak and where they're supposed to land there had just been a huge thunderstorm that passed through and the air was charged with static electricity they tried to land too fast which caused a spark and kaboom number seven Napoleon's failed invasion of Russia back in the late 1800s the baby-faced Napoleon was the baddest dude around he expanded the French Empire further than has ever gone before and now he wanted to put the squeeze on Britain he wanted to do this by stopping other countries from trading with them so he did when Napoleon did best war he was going to invade Russia to screw up the trade with Britain Napoleon came in with an army of four hundred and twenty-two thousand troops and a heavy artillery the Russians did not have the military power to go up against such a force so they used what they called the scorch earth tact slowly retreating while taking all the supplies from every village and burning them to the ground this meant the French would not be able to properly set up camp so they would have to constantly go through reserves with many men dying from starvation by the time they reach Moscow it had been burned to the ground and winter was setting in of the four hundred twenty-two thousand French troops who entered Russia only twenty thousand made it out alive oh my god number six China closes its doors back in the 14th century colonization was the new black everyone was doing the French the Spanish the Portuguese the English everyone except for China China had arguably the largest and most advanced naval fleet of all these countries they had technology that would allow them to keep food and water fresh for much longer periods of time allowing them to cover much greater distances some historians believe that they reached America way before any European nations but everything changed when China implemented a new clothes border policy this made it illegal for Chinese people to even trade with other countries if it wasn't for this change we might all be speaking Chinese right now number five world war birthday there are some occasions where it's fine to miss someone's birthday like if you're in the middle of a world war or if you don't like them well Erman Rommel was a german senior officer during World War two and he was in charge of keeping the French northern coast Hitler was probably like this is really important don't screw this up spoiler alert for anyone who doesn't know how World War 2 goes he totally screws it up on June 5th 1944 it was Ramos wife's birthday and because it seemed like an attack on the French coast would be completely unthinkable he decided to fly home to Germany to be with his wife of course the next date was d-day while Rommel was opening presents with his wife a hundred and fifty six thousand American Canadians in UK soldiers stormed France by August France was liberated and within a year the war was won I wonder which would be worse forgetting your wife's birthday or telling Hitler that you lost France number four the girl who cried wolf sometimes people just need to learn how to be happy with what they have stop trying to reach some sort of godlike level power in 1856 a young girl named Unga quoi se told her tribe the kusa people of South Africa that she had had a vision she said that while she was at the river getting water for the village an ancestor spoke to her and told her that the tribe killed all their livestock and destroyed all their crops they'd be given godlike power this was the tribes whole food supply and without anyone taking a moment to second-guess a teenager's fevered dream they did it why did anyone listen to her we've all been teenagers with bad ideas most of us have the tattoos to prove it the tribe killed 300,000 to 400,000 animals and around 78,000 people died from famine after everything was said and done it became clear that no one was going to get superpowers so they threw her in jail it seems like such a strange clash of things to use the legal system to prosecute someone who is wrong about a prophecy that's like arresting your parents because Santa Claus isn't real number three Marie Antoinette here's a big one you're the queen of France your people are starving every day they beg you to help them so what do you do party baby Bree Antoinette wasn't the sole cause of the French Revolution but she definitely got the French people motivated to cut off some mana Craddock heads when she was confronted about how little the French people had to eat about how they didn't have a scrap of bread she famously said let them eat cake yeah I would have cut off her head too however her biggest mistake was probably her get away when the French people finally had enough and it was obvious that it was time for the monarchy to make an escape they had a plan the king and queen would take separate small inconspicuous carriages to sneak out of the city this way it would be hard for people to spot them but Marie Antoinette and all her wisdom insisted that they escaped together in a slow six horse carriage they obviously got spotted the people arrested them tried them for treason and then locked their heads off number two the assassination of Franz Ferdinand who would have thought that the assassination of a simple Duke would have set the world into such chaos so there were a bunch of mistakes on this one so first Franz Ferdinand was the Duke who was assassinated which sparked World War one big mistake but before that the first assassination attempt was flood the Duke got away then the driver took a wrong turn and the assassin was eating a sandwich in a cafe saw the Duke passing I had finished the job that was mistake number two and on top of all this the assassination led to World War one which led to the Treaty of Versailles which embarrassed Germany which led to the rise of the Nazi Party which led to World War two I'm sure if the assassin sitting in the cafe could see how big of a mistake he was about to make he would have just had a second sandwich and number one on our list is the killing of Genghis Khan's Android Genghis Khan is probably the deadliest dude who ever lived it's thought that his rule caused the death of around 40 million people well one day he sent an envoy to what would now be Iran to make trade deals with the shop the Shah didn't like this deal so he did what any good businessman would do and cut off the invoice head and sent it back to Genghis Khan Genghis Khan is like a super chill dude so he went to the city and killed everyone everyone he murked the whole place a hundred thousand people blasted then started a full-on assault on the rest of the Middle East the crazy part about this is Genghis Khan wanted to trade with the Shah to fund his war against China he didn't care about the Middle East but the Shahs stupid move made Genghis Khan flex on the whole Middle East and caused literally millions of deaths all right that's our list let us know in the comments how many massive mistakes you already knew about how many of them were brand new to you make sure you like comment subscribe and it hits the little notification belt as always I've been Jada Rana and I'll see you next time

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  1. I was a bit reserved when this guy started…but great improvement though, loving the passion about Genghis Khan hahaha and the urban dictionary references..

  2. Can u share this comment I would like a request for Tasmania urban legends pls Rebecca or Landon pls do Tasmania or Tasmanian urban legends pls I been waiting for the video pls

  3. The interesting thing about Marie Antoinette is that she never said "Let them eat cake" according to historians. In fact she was sympathetic to the poor. It was also a statement made about previous monarchs.

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  5. Hey Che, cool video. I didn't know about Nunga Kwazi (sp), or Genghis Khan's envoy at all prior to your video. From this video, I learned that Marie Antoinette was the one who made that terrible decision about the carriage. I didn't know that part before. Anyway, these were a good laugh.

  6. I recognized:
    (I know of Napoleon but never knew what he did)
    -Marie Antoinette
    -Genghis Khan

  7. Not really a fan of Che I mean he seems like a great guy And has great charisma I just don't like how he explains and moves on Rebecca Denny and Landon They actually go into detail and give you the gist of it With little dramatic Commentary

  8. My french bff said M.Antoinette said let them eat bread & it was lost in translation. That sounds like a pop tart. I'd certainly still eat it

  9. :58 Not "The" Ukraine. Just "Ukraine" putting "The" in front is the same as saying "The England" or "The Canada"

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