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  1. I've been watching film and video clips of paranormal events for many years and Hidden Place videos are some of the most unique and authentic anywhere. Great job! Keep the quality high!

  2. i have noticed alot of people comment here something like fake and bullshit . but when i was 13 i had a strange thing happen at my grandmothers house no one no one was home and what made it worse is I locked the front door after eveyone left. When I was in the shower and got out i heard 3 loud strange knocks on the door i froze and my dick shrank in fear. Time passed as i stayed frozen on the toilet when i can hear family Knocking on the front door of the apartment open the door. Since it was bolted from the inside. So until this very day 45 i have never ever forgot . so be as good as you can there is something after all this.

  3. i don't comment very often, but felt i should on this awesome vid!!
    On #1] After the "sound effects/music" stops @8:20, (&forward, to the end!) i heard: EVPs?/ Growls?/Played-backwards/ = types of sounds!
    Did anyone else hear these??
    (*+Had my headphones on & volume up!*)

  4. 2:28 The ghost was looking for something to wear, didn’t find any cool shirts so he very sadly left. He even closed the door on his way out🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  6. If Satan or whatever moves these things. What is the purpose? Is he stupid? I do not find any convincing explanation. and All this fear because he moved a piece of paper or dropped a bottle? I am disabled and i can do more of THAT! what the shit.

  7. I like the last part where the metal bar moves and the box flips around. But, really, IF any of this is “real”, why do ghosts expend their, most likely, limited energies on being just kind of a pest. A dog would do more damage. “Hey! I’m dead! Let’s knock some apples off a table!” Seems pretty lame to me EITHER way. If you are HOAXING let’s SEE something rather than a sloppy roommate.

  8. Je sais pas vous mais moi quand j'étais enfant je voyais des hombre dans ma chambre jusqu'à l'âge de mais 12ans mais ont ma toujours dit que c'était mon imagination alors si il y a quelqu'un qui les voyez aussi ça serais bien comme ça je sais que je n'étais pas chelou

  9. Je sais que c super chelou mais j'aime trop les trucs paranormaux et je remercie hidden place pour faire une chaîne que sur ça alors c super cool😉👍❤

  10. How to earn youtube money "just find old videos put them in a 10 min video and put eerie music in it with ads…" smh

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  12. All poltergeist are is people who have passed on. They are taking their frustration out on their surroundings because they can no longer do things with objects, that they could do when they were alive.

  13. Yeah great, except that every one of these "Phenomenon" can be reproduced and explained rather easily. Show me one that can't be explained or reproduced easily please.

  14. A warning about Ouija boards…A workmate was persuaded by his girlfriend to play with a board one night. Nothing much happened and being a very level headed guy he wasnt interested in repeating the experience. A few days after, he kept getting the distinct feeling of being watched in the home and his girlfriend saw a male figure in the hall and felt a hand on her throat one night. Even when they went out "it" seemed to follow them to the point that while on a short trip to Paris they were confronted by a very dark presence outside the hotel room door. It kept knocking and in the end they just held each other and prayed loudly until it seemed to go away. They zoomed back to London and moved house and it now seems fine. He is a very straight no nonsense guy and he was very sure about what he felt and saw. It did affect the relationship and they spilt up not long after. I believe him. Please be careful people.

  15. whether its real or fake, but why cant they just do productive things like clean my room when im lazy or like cook dinner for me lol. like if u gonna be throwing things around and being in my home might as well be useful lol.

  16. The first one is definitely fake. Because who ever is holding the camera can't hold it steady…trying to play it off like its a security cam.

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