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back to top 10 nerd and today we’re chatting joker and origins two words that for some
don’t go together but despite the accepted creed being that the joker is an unreliable
narrator he’s had a decent amount of origins some more celebrated and remembered than others
we’re going to take a look at a bunch here today. I’m Sasha and these are the top 10 joker
origin stories. Let’s get started. Number 10 – Batman 1989 – Batman 1989 is
an important moment in Batman history of years of campy silver age batman it showed the world
that you could have a more serious batman yes at the time this was considered a more
serious batman. So in it we had Batman going up against his
arch nemesis the Joker but this joker had a complete origin and a name so in this film
he is jack napier who is second in command to a mob boss but having an affair with his
girl which is always a big no no so he gets a quick dip into a vat of acid when a plan
to have him killed goes awry and batman is just a little too slow to save him. This transforms him into the joker and gives
us the famous give me a mirror scene – clip – so he decides to take revenge on gotham
city takes control of the mob and starts killing people with smylex. Also there’s a really horrible in my opinion
bit of canon added where The Joker was the criminal who killed his parents…just cause
take that joe chill/court of owls depending upon when it is. Number 9 – Gotham – Let’s just put Gotham
on here now so Gotham was a pre batman series so like a series before bruce was batman that
proceeded to introduce every single villain guving us their answer to whether batman caused
supervilalins to appear in gotham hard no in the gotham verse. So what was interesting about this is that
what the show’s canon was going to be changed overtime so in season one we were introduced
to Jerome Valeska who wasn’t the joker because of copyright reasons he was instead supposed
to be an inspiration for the joker. He was a circus kid who killed his abusive
parents. He would then proceed to do many joker things
like killing sarah essen but they would still insist he’s not the joker his laugh was
suppose to herald the coming of the joker well most fans were just like so he’s the
joker. Then it got even messier they brought Jerome
back to life and then introduced his twin brother Jerimiah then jerome would die again jerimiah was a civil engineer who was sprayed
with his brother’s chemical hence the beginning of his transformation. So these are proto jokers but we would get
performances and actions reminiscent of the joker but the showrunners say that what’s
exciting is that they’re not the joker. Look if it looks like the joker laughs like
the joker… it’s the joker. Number 8 – Killing Joke – So this a comic
written by Alan Moore a one shot graphic novel with nebulous ties to continuity written in
1988. This story would feature extensive flashbacks
to the joker’s origin and present him with a tragic backstory that of a failed comedian
just trying to get by and not making ends meet so he turned to crime to support his
wife and unborn child only for him to get that organized and then his wife and unborn
child die due to a faulty water heater but he can’t get out of the caper and he’s
put under the red hood a mask he can barely see and when the confrontation begins with
batman he falls right into that vat of chemicals and emerges the joker batman unaware of the
monster he has created. Both the result of one bad day. This one comes up the most and when people
think of a backstory for the joker, but it’s not the origin of the red hood. Number 7 – Detective Comics #168 – This
is The man behind the red hood and it’s the first joker origin story in it Batman
and Robin are tying to solve the mystery of whatever happened to the criminal mastermind
the red hood who they had been pursuing who had jumped into a vat of chemicals to escape
them. After the case is reopened by a university
the red hood comes out of retirement and eventually it is revealed that the joker was the red
hood he was a lab tech who was tired of the daily grind so he decided to steal a million
dollars and retire this was 1951 go with the amount. However after he dove into the vat of chemicals
and came out changed he realized his new appearance was horrifying and he could become a master
criminal so he went with it. When life gives you lemons. Number 6 – Batman #450 – This story is from
1990 and is called wildcard and is notable as it is one of those canon stories that acknowledges
killing joke as joker’s origin the status that story occupies is interesting it’s
almost like some people felt it was too good not to be canon. The way it acknowledges it is pretty hard
core commissioner Gordon has a full on breakdown when he learns the joker is on the loose this
because of his torture In the killing joke as well as what happened to Barbara. This story is actually interesting and involves
an imposter joker an bad jokes and intentional bad ones at that. It even gets the joker to have one of those
life is horrible laughs you know his favourite kind. Number 5 – Pushback this tale comes from
Batman: Gotham Knights a monthly series that ran from 2000 to 2006 about the exploits of
the bat family and the extended batfamily it had 74 issues this is where war games comes
from. Pushback would take the framework of the pre
established killing joke canon and tweak and expand upon it now instead of dying an ironic
death the joker’s wife was killed by a mob boss this was an interesting one and it seemed
like it was more of a way to make him sympathetic is your wife being murdered by the mob relatable. Number 4 – Zero Year this was a yearlong
event from 2013 to 2014 during the new 52 continuity this story was meant to redefine
the origin of batman and so by proxy it tweaked some of his villains as well you know taking
maximum advantage of that soft reboot. This origin would take us back to detective
comics #168 with a twist so here it was said that pre disfigurement he ran a gang of red
hoods a whole red hood gang all these people running around in this really inconvenient
cumbersome masks. Killing joke established these had poor visibility
and I believe it just by looking at them, so why would you have a whole gang they’d
be taken out so easily even by cops. Number 3 – Batman Confidential (#7–12) So
Batman Confidential this was a series with rotating writers and artists who would be
depicting adventures of an early younger batman. In issues 7 – 12 here we’re back to the
name Jack which was first used in the story payback which was part of the pushback arc. So Jack is a career criminal who is bored
he’s too good life is too easy what’s a criminal to do. In this Batman gives Joker the grin that splits
his face after Jack escalates his crimes and he hurts one of bruce’s love interests. So he takes a batarang and ends up slashing
his face a disfigurement that Jack finds he likes them stating it’s nice to feel something
he’s later taken to a chemical plant by some mobster and dropped into an empty vat
a fall he’s disappointed to survive and the the goons aim a bullet at him but miss
and hit a vat of anti psychotic which covers him his last though is that he wishes he could
see batman again. He’s flushed down the drain surviving now
with his traditional clown like appearance. He changes his name to Joker and begins his
reign of terror over Gotham. This one didn’t really take off and in fact
is often forgotten even batman confidential is often forgotten which is too bad it actually
has a really good riddler story A new dawn. Number 2 – Telltale – This origin comes
to us from the batman telltale games. Now this is a game series where you play as
a young up and coming batman but mostly Bruce Wayne which is unique since it focuses on
bruce and rejects the whole he is only Batman and Bruce is the mask instead seeking a balance. So the series is littered with emerging villains
and you chart the course of how things turned out. The joker in this series is John Doe who depending
upon your choices will either become the joker or something different. You first meet him as a patient in arkham
but he really comes to the fore in the second telltale game Batman the enemy within the
game starts off with him discharged for good behavior but he’s made some friends who
turned out to be a criminal group. This series is unique and the characterizations
are interesting this one is a fan fave for people who like shipping the two and your
choices impact the relationship so much. It also gives Harley a lot of agency it’s
all interesting (clip) a more sweet joker kinda a lost soul who is he no one knows which
brings us to #1. Number 1 – No Origin – So one of the things
a company that has been going for as long as dc comics has is how do you reconcile all
these different origins these histories well with a character like the joker is the idea
that he is unreliable so he doesn’t know himself this allows all these histories to
coexist without rubbing off against each other. Cause sometimes fans will battle over origins
and who is right to the death or you know at least until you’re not talking anymore
which is always sad news bears. The joker is a hard character to reconcile
cause he’s had so many versions having been around since the golden age he’s the first
villain batman faces in his solo comic all the way back in 1940. There is an idea that the joker’s origin
is multiple choice and that is the best way to have him that no one knows who he is a
good contrast to Batman who’s origin is such an integral part of his origin it makes
them even more opposite. I’m a fan of him having no origin but what
about you share your thoughts down below. I’m Sasha and thanks so much for watching
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  1. Thank you so much for adding zero year red hood, it's my most favorite joker origin story, the red hood leader was actually a pretty cool villain πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸƒ

  2. This was a lovely video to watch. Nice Job Sasha. I think that the Joker would have been more sympathetic had he witnessed his wife n child being killed before he turned into the Joker.

  3. Well Jeremiah is the Joker. Don't forget the whole episode tilted after the main element of Joker's origins: Ace Chemicals

  4. "Sometimes I remember it one way, and sometimes another. If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice."

  5. I also think Joker should have mutiple origins, it makes him more scary and interesting.
    I do hope for DC to make up more origins for him, which doesn't link to Red Hood in chemicals

  6. I'm just imagining that Gotham should have 2 forces of its own. 2 supernatural powers. 2 knights. Chaos and Order. Joker and Batman. Only Order changes its origin though and Chaos remembers all of its origins, confusing them

  7. I like the Batman (1989) origin, because it follows the comic book so closely and shows a Darker and Edgier film Joker than the 1966 TV series. In the original 1940 Batman comics, Jerry Robinson, Bob Kane and Bill Finger, his creators created him without an origin or secret identity because they hadn't thought of one, yet, lol!

  8. The no origin idea for the Joker works well but I do like the origin from The Killing Joke.
    Like he said in the Killing Joke, β€œSometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another. If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice.”

  9. Most of them oroginshabe Ace chemicals involved right? So how the hell we ended up with this Atrocity staring Joachim Pheonix claiming the name Joker?

  10. Ok sorry but if you're gonna make this list you should really put Joker Rising in it, it may be fanmade but it's one of the best joker origin stories in my opinion.

  11. Oh, for the love of God. I want to pull my hair out when people cite KJ is not canon yet cite Joker shooting Barbara Gordon under the same circumstances.

  12. Fun fact: In Batman enemy within you can make joker become a good guy and you fight crime together.

    That's for the ones who didn't know.

  13. What about Batman Endgame's version of Joker's origin? That one implies that the Joker is an immortal being who has lived in Gotham since medieval times

  14. My fave one is absolutely the killing joke and the second one Jerome and Jeremiah velaska, I still can't believe a young actor did a pretty great job playing not only one version of joker but 2, so here is my list
    1: killing joke origin
    2: gotham series origin
    3: john doe origin
    4: jack Napier origin story
    5: the red hood origin

  15. My favorite origin is no origin… But if I had to pick one, it would be "Case Study", in which Joker was a nameless mob enforcer who took over the mob by tricking a boss into murdering his own girlfriend, then took on the Red Hood persona so he could still get a piece of the action, before he eventually took that inevitable fall into the chemicals.
    In a twist, the origin is narrated by a report written by Dr. Harleen Quinzel before she became Harley.

  16. The Joker having no Origins is the best telling his backstory Ruins the Mystery of the Character but if you are Going To have to make a Origins Story for the Character I would go for the Jack Naiper Mobster one Used by the 1989 Film and Batman The Animated Series

  17. Honestly, I never understood the whole ''No origin'' thing. His origin is that he fell into a vat of chemicals. This has been canon for years and is present in literally every retelling of his origin. The thing's that's a mystery is who he was BEFORE he fell into a vat of chemicals.

  18. The mob who murdered the Joker's wife in Pushback was part of the gang who forced him to get them inside ACE Chemicals. Edward Nygma was passing by and witnessed the murder. Years later he told the Joker after he heard his origin story and along with their friend Penguin, they escaped Arkham, found the killer and taught him a lesson Joker style!😎

  19. I kind of like to know origin but with a Twist like the Joker Heath Ledger played in Dark Knight trilogy I just picture it every time somebody asked the Joker who he is and where he came from it just gives him a different answer different name but never tells anybody the same story like for Harley he may tell her his name was Sam Fitch and he came from an abusive home went to work in Acme labs horrible explosion and then the result of the disfigurement society treated him like crap maybe one day he tells Barbara Gordon is named Steve Mars and he was kidnapped as a child and raped had mental issues all after that and got in trouble with drug dealers something horrible happens and now he looks like the Joker and now that's why he acts the way he does etc etc with Batman having the track down every one of these leads and see if they're true so you can find out if this is really the Joker with the Batman having a track down all these leads if this is really the Joker or just another false lead by the Joker

  20. I'm just gonna say it, we all Alan Moore's version is best… and what makes it so great is it may not actually be true, keeping that layer of mystery that made the character so great… Furthermore, the story is eerily relatedable, making us believe that this could happen to anyone, THAT'S A JOKER ORIGIN STORY

  21. I really got into Batman through the 1989 film, but I also did like that the Joker was an enigmatic figure with no clear origin.

  22. Like The Joker once said, if he is to have an origin, he'd rather it be multiple choice.

    The Joker doesn't need an origin; he is a figure of chaos to compete against the figure of order that is the Batman. There is no origin for chaos.

  23. I love what they did in the movie with Heath Ledger. He kept changing his story about how he got his scars. I love that we dont know his origin.

  24. Where is the new Joker Jared Leto where is him he's a good actor actor has a man that's a good Joker and where is I'm not that's not my opinion don't say I'm it's not my opinion have a question why you need to ask him a question I want to know we put in that like who's the best Joker in The End by Jared Leto so about the discount

  25. Joker King Of Origin his name forgotten his was lost in his madness a wildcard years ago his timeless ancient and demomic almost supernatural and he was a man with family and then lost everything to a vat of chemicals that made him a very different person a crazy clown of crime King Joker never-ending laughter prince of pain and chaos verging on the edge of muliverse of reality and emotional roller coaster to his one time fan Batman and the tale hasn't ended?

  26. AWESOME job Sasha!!!! I prefer the original red good, but would love to see the writers properly explore the three man story, on top of the joker's horrible, unreliable narration,……aahhhh what a story that would make. PEACE family.

  27. I have a theory and I know it's far-fetched but what else is the Joker if not complicated. what if the person who killed Bruce Wayne's parents was running away after doing that and then killed somebody else in a carjacking and that was Joker's parents. As I said I know it is far-fetched and my biggest piece of evidence contributing to it is simply circumstantial due to the Joker knowing he is just a character in a story meant to be the enemy of Batman

  28. I personally love the Telltale Joker. Most of the time the Joker is an insane killer with no regrets and morals, while telltale's joker is more human than monster. John Doe is just a poor damaged soul that needs the help that he deserves.

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