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  1. if you have spartacus as one of the best historical series it only proves your low quality standard, that is everything but historical, good only for who likes sex and violence porn, a complete crap. and another sign of low quality standard, is that you didn't mention the most expensive series so far, made by tom hanks and steven spielberg. good call.

  2. My favourite historical tv series in netflix is definitely Black Sails! If you haven't watch yet, you should!

  3. i think you like spartacus cuz of all the sex scenes, the fighting looked wack, atleast what you showed.

  4. 10. Frontier
    9. Reign
    8. The Borgias
    7. The Making of the Mob: New York
    6. The Red Tent
    5. Rome
    4. A.D Kingdom and Empire
    3. Marco Polo
    2. The Last Kingdom
    1. Spartacus

  5. I know it's a matter of opinion but Spartacus better than Game of thrones? lol really? I liked Spartacus but the acting is terrible compared to Game of Thrones. Also how could you leave off the Tudors?

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