hey guys it is the end of 2018 which means we're coming into 2019 meaning that it is time to wrap up the year and look into the future as we normally do at this time of year sometimes you look into the future about March when you've already started the new year but you kind of gone downhill so you give up that you can never going into the best games in 2019 but based of course in the historical genre now that is one exception to this and this will come and I put it as number nine because I think it is probably one of the most hyped games but I'm putting it as number nine because it's not technically historic or I know people be annoyed if I put that like really far up because you know it's based around fantasy but it's based in like medieval fantasy oh you probably guess what it is so without further ado this is my top 10 games before the historical genre coming out in 2019 and of course it's just my opinion in the order and one of the ones that I'm most looking forward to so enjoy the video first off we have Scotland beds of course Skull and Bones is a Ubisoft game I feel like it is pretty much off the back of the success of Assassin's Creed Black Flag it has so many similarities and fortunately I'm not too bothered about this game but I think it does look cool at the same time do you know games that you see and think oh this looks pretty cool but you don't really have much height for it this is Skull and Bones for me it doesn't seem like it's offering something massively different and I feel like it is a bit of her just to piggyback off the success of the ship combat in a sense Pete for Black Flag but hopefully Ubisoft could do some things in order to change that the only issue with it is that I've seen is they've taken it into an Arkady setting of course that sort of has to be done if you're making it multiplayer but I feel like the best part about a centipede 4 Black Flag was the open-world nature of it being able to sail around doing pretty much anything throughout the world being able to just anchor your ship in the middle of the ocean and jumping out go into different islands that was the incredible part sneaking around finding ships that weren't as powerful of you and attacking them and then there's probably someone that's gonna come along like a man-of-war you're gonna have to run away around and I or something this isn't really gonna be something that's all that possible because it seems so Arkady but nonetheless I'm pretty looking forward to this but I'm not really hype for it but I think it's gonna be an interesting game and that's why it's at number 10 but all-in-all skullenbones is an upcoming action video game developed by Ubisoft Singapore and published by Ubisoft with the release of Windows ps4 and Xbox one it's set to be coming out in 2019 but there's no set exact release date at the moment but of course it does revolved around the piracy and naval warfare could this be a successful game maybe it's not going to be like Black Flag but maybe they can adapt it in a way that is still fun but that's why I'm sort of looking forward to it cuz I think it looks cool but it's staying at number 10 since I don't have a ton of hope for this game but let's move on to the more controversial title on this list of course most of you will probably have guessed what this is already but you know the Elder Scrolls series isn't technically historical this is based in fantasy but I think it's safe to say that anyone can omit the influence from historical medieval errors with the weaponry with just how life is run the civilization then and in the game now we really don't have any information about eros core six so far but we do know it's probably hopefully gonna come out in 2019 but that says once again not even a definite so that's why this is more of a controversial one I'm putting on my list so I put it at 9 even though I think it's safe to say many many people are really looking forward to that although maybe after fallout 76 maybe the hype has died down for Elder Scrolls 6 because you know some of their games has been a complete disaster and I think they even said that eros cross six and the new one I can't remember what the new Space 1 they said that it's gonna be is it the creation engine I think they said it's gonna be on the creation engine or that's pretty much confirmed at least from one of these games which is the same engine they've been using since more a win which honestly I think we've worked out that the engine that Bethesda uses is so outdated and it's why fallout 76 was such a disaster cuz it could not handle it but I guess we're just gonna have to find out but that's why I'm putting eldest cross six at the number nine spot set to come out with probably in 2019 but of course it's not technically a stop games it's a bit further up in the list but this one is without a doubt again based in historical and in other words the medieval era which is probably one of my favorite areas to play with now this is foundation I've actually done a video on this so you may be thinking resident why is this on the list if you've already done a video on it surely it's out well I've played an early version of this game which means that it's not completely done so all the stuff in that video is not final at all but what I played I absolutely loved that game well foundation is a griddler sprawling medieval city building simulation with a heavy focus on organic development monument construction and resource management it has a nice cartoony feel to it and I had a lot of fun like I said when I played it previously if you want to go and see some more information and gameplay and just general things go and check out my video on that it's quite a fun video and it shows you a lot about the game but do you remember that is an early version of it the dart design in this is beautiful and it is set to release in the court of 1 or 2019 so in the next few months which is exciting I can't wait to get my hands on it the full game now 2019 seems to be the year for going back in time to the time of ancient Japan and the first one in our list that joins in with this era is Sarah Coe shadows die twice there's an upcoming action-adventure video game developed by from software and published by Activision the game is scheduled for release from Microsoft Windows ps4 and Xbox one on the 22nd of March 2019 when you're in this game you are the one-armed wolf a disgraced and disfigured warrior rescued from the brink of death bout to protect a young Lord who is in the descent of an ancient bloodline you become the target of many vicious enemies including the dangerous machine the clan when the young Lord is captured nothing will stop you on the perilous question reclaim your honor not even death itself now it's set in the 1500s in Shenmue ku Japan I'm I'm really sorry about my Japanese pronunciation my aunty is Japanese and I still can't pronounce Japanese words because I'm English and we're terrible at pretty much everything you can unleash an arsenal of deadly prosthetic tools and powerful ninja abilities while you blend stealth vertical traversal and visual head-to-head combat in bloody confrontation now from what I've seen a game playing some of the information it does sound a lot like a Japanese Assassin's Creed game maybe of course there will be differences but it does have that influence throughout the game but I think this is gonna be absolutely awesome and I can't wait to play it I feel like this is one of those games that's gonna be better on consoles than PC which doesn't happen for many games but things like this seem like it will fit the sort of console and the controller gameplay a lot better now this is a game that no one's really talked about for a while it was announced I think was at e3 last year but after that nobody said anything about it and I think that's because of the lack of information this is a plague tale innocence it's on ps4 Xbox one and PC and it tells a grim story of two siblings fighting together for survival in the darkest hours of history the new game from asobo studio sends you on an emotional journey through the 14th century France with gameplay combining adventure action and stealth supported by a compelling story followed by the young america and her little brother Hugo who faced the brutality of a ravaged world as they discovered that purpose to expose a dark secret now this is binding a lot of stealth and horror elements into this more I feel like it's gonna be a more story driven action-adventure game but it is set during of course the black death and I think it's gonna be an incredible thing because we haven't really had games like that the only game that really has looked into that is the black death game and we all know how well that went but that was more of an open-water survival we're taking this into a more story driven experience I think can be incredibly successful moving on we have conquerors blade now I of course have played Congress blade once again I put up a video a few days ago on that make sure you go and check that out if you want to see some more gameplay of it but what I showed wasn't the whole game this is a medieval MMO but taking to the largest-scale if you've ever played a game like Tiger Knight Empire war it is a very similar bigger budget version of that it has similarities to games such as Mountain Bay but of course set in Asia and that whole war face but it doesn't just stay there because like I said it's like Tiger Knight but on a bigger scale it's taking it from Dark Age Europe and of course medieval orient you can experience these two people coming together and clashing now it's not like for honor don't worry you can leave thousands of troops into bloody siege warfare with loyal allies at your side may it be an open battle or a massive siege you're able to control thousands of troops at the same time controlling resources securing alliances and developing your economy to ensure its thriving Kingdom conquers blade has a lot of potential it looks like one of those fun drop-in and play games and doesn't seem like something that's gonna be an incredibly immersive game but it looks a lot of fun when I play that I had a lot of fun and it is pretty cool you know the amount of troops on the battlefield controlling them and how big the cities were that you're actually seeding I was defending in my video so make sure you go and check that out if you haven't already the number four spot we have Val Hall now I did do a video on this not the gameplay but just talking about it because it was announced a while ago and I'm interested in this game I think this game could be something incredible and that is of course why I put it at the number four spot because I'm actually really looking forward to it this is a battle royale mode set in Viking era yeah it's quite incredible I mean I feel like the battle royale era is starting to die down but this could take it to a whole new an area that is gonna completely overhaul the way you play Val Hall is the place where the best lawyers are fighting to the death now it's time for the last battle the Ragnarok is coming as you can see from the gameplay is using Viking weaponry hand-to-hand combat bows and arrows and that sort of era and it will create a whole new dynamic to the battle way out game-mode but of course at the same time Ragnarok is on its way trees buildings are being uprooted it's crashing towards you you have to kill each member before it takes you out I think it's really interesting what they're gonna be doing with the Battle Royale sort of gameplay game mode it's been pretty much overdone at this point but I think this is the one battle royale game that has taken my fancy because I think it's doing something very very different now at number 3 is a game that was supposed to come out last year March of last year so it is quite delayed at this point I play this multiple times on the channel and I love the potential this games got think of chivalry but with incredible graphics better physics and of course delicious animations and decapitation mechanics this is more doubt this is the first-person medieval combat simulation and my god is it fun playing the alpha of this game is a lot of fun except from the fact that you're playing against people that have obviously played it way more than I have which means I keep getting constantly killed and eventually reverting back to playing with bots but I think more how is going to be so cool it's expanding upon what chivalry did at first in bigger ways they're having more sieges they're having bigger battles are having cavalry in the game they're having artillery in the game you're able to have these big scale battles but with the same intense closer one-on-one combat that you have in a lot of these medieval simulation games it's taking that personal side where you see your enemies in the eye and you have to be on the ball at all times or quick reactions when you're fighting because it's so such a realistic medieval simulation but at the same time it's taken it out into this massive scale and I think this has a lot of potential and can do a lot of things in 2019 things course they're gonna release it this year I think that's what they're definitely hoping for but I'll make sure keep you guys updated because I'm really looking forward to this game now at the number 2 spot I think is an exclusive to ps4 now correct me if I'm wrong but this is ghost of Toshima the year is 1274 samurai warriors other legendary defenders of japan until the fearsome Mongol Empire invades the island of Toshima wrecking havock and conquering the local population as one of the last surviving samurai you rise from the ashes to fight back but honorable tactics won't lead you to victory you must move beyond your samurai traditions to forge new ways of fighting the way of the ghost as you wage an unconventional war for the freedom of Japan this is focusing a lot more on the stealth side of our game and I think it looks I mean I was not expected in this game to be at my number 2 spot but my god does it look gorgeous not just the graphics but the animators the way you fight the skills that you have to use I have no idea about the gameplay and how good it's going to be but just from the trailers and the gameplay stuff that we've seen it looks so beautiful this is gonna be such an immersive game and yes it is third-person but I think this is the type of game that needs third person so you're able to see how gorgeous the art style is in this I think the background gameplay explains everything I need to say about this game this is ghost at the Shema hopefully being released in 2019 and anyone that's been on this channel for a while probably knows what the number one spot is is yeah he's sort of a cop-out at this point because it's been at my number one spot for what four years now be like it's gonna come out this year it's gonna come out this yeah this is metal blade – BAM god this game is taking a long time to come out I think it's safe to say but it is going to be incredible expanding on what war banded in pretty much every way bigger battles more things you can do flying alongside lords or having Lords fight under you this time building your own weapons fighting in the custom battlefield would not even multiply but also single-player as well having things like V play cameras map editors more modding support and of course being able to fight your way through not necessarily violence but with diplomacy and the economy as well blocking off the ai's trade points but at the same time they can do the same to you having dynasties with your family once you die your child takes up your mantle and then you then play as them mountain blade to ban Lord is going to be incredible and I'm so happy that tailors are taking their time with this worth the buy did a great video on this Mac from worth a buy that you can tell he's looking forward to this game and he really explained it perfectly so many games have come out that been brushed out and while so many people are so anxious for ban Lord and I've been complaining that it's the right thing to do when this game comes out I feel like it is going to bring in so many people that haven't really played the mountain played franchises before and show them this new style of game but really Mountain blade is pioneered and I can't wait for it to come out fingers crossed in 2019 but thank you so much for watching what are your games that you're most looking forward to in 2019 make sure you leave them down in the comments but thank you so much for a great year on YouTube and until next year I will see you in the next one

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  1. None of these games are historical. Historical fantasy for a few, sure, but not historical. I understand you're only after clicks but you might find you get repeat clicks if you don't make yourself seem like an idiot.

  2. The fact that you put the next elderscrolls game on here is just fucking retarded
    Pretty much everyone by this point in time knew the game was not coming out for the next 3-4 years because of another title they announced

  3. 12:55 The mongols barely even reached Japan, when they did, the invasion force was wiped out by a fierce storm, every time. That game is already not very historical.
    edit: Looks fun though.

  4. "Seriko: Shadows Die Twice". Seriko. SeRIKo. Fuck's sake, it's written in English in the title, not in hieroglyphs or runes so that you would have to guess, neither a Chinese verb, nor a Russian name, a boring short Japanese noun you managed to butcher. Gobshite

  5. Am I the only one who thinks mainstream "History" is already some fantasy anyway.. So technically NONE of these games are based on actuality.

  6. The new elder scrolls won't be out until like 2020 or maybe later they said the space game is coming before that and that will be either this year or 2020 then they will give that a year worth of updates and fixes maybe dlc so es6 will be like 1-2 years after that game is released. Realisticly it prob be like 2020 for the new space 1 and like 2021 or 2022 for es6 it was even said es6 is a long way away and they only announced so people knew it was in the making and it wasent forgot about and not happening.

  7. So TES 6 gets a spot at no. 9 because it's a fantasy… and Sekiro is not a fantasy? By what logic is Sekiro an historical game? o.O

  8. We NEED a game that combines aspects of Kingdom Come Deliverance and Fable. Just imagine a real life game where you are the king and make game changing decisions for your kingdom and your allies

  9. Its great watching this now, and knowing some of these games are out now : )..  I only heard of Bannerlord yesterday, happy i dont have to wait as long as you lot did, err! I HOPE

  10. Taleworld honestly just needs to realize that open beta is the way to go, it’s ok to want to get it to the best it can be and eliminate all the problems but the overhype is making a mockery of them. Sure it’s getting a lot of people to want it but it’s still destroying all of its fans hopes and dreams. They can still improve things based on input from the open beta.

  11. "I'm English and we're pretty much terrible at everything."
    > Created greatest Empire world has ever seen, with a starting zone being thinly populated small island with few resources.
    > Created Common Law, produced John Locke whose writings were fundamental to the US Constitution and liberty.
    > Gave birth to the Industrial Revolution that accelerated the development of all mankind.
    > Stood alone against the Nazis and didn't fall to them, ensuring the West could be liberated from their clutches.

    Yeah, what good has England ever done…

  12. Number 9? a game that might not even come? wtf… Oh well, we all know it will, but come on, get some facts, insted

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