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  1. The most important criteria for this list was in-game speed. While I did factor in combine and track performances, to me speed in pads meant the most. That being said, comment on who you think deserves or does not deserve to be on this list.

  2. There is no way that Darryl Green is The Fastest Man ever or of all-time in the NFL, it's Bob Hayes by a long shot. Hayes would have Smoked Darryl Green with ease. How can an Olympic Gold ( Bob Hayes) Medalist lose to someone who never won a medal in The Olympics (Darryl Green) or never ran Amateur, which is really Professional Track nowadays. The only reason that they gave this to Darryl Green is because He played Defense not looking at some of The angles of the field. If you would have put Bob Hayes (on defense) back there or even now He would have caught any of those Guys. It's really too bad that they didn't have the 100yrd dash for pro football players like they do now to determine who is the fastest football player today. I would have love to see Bob Hayes smoke Darryl Green. Not taking anything away from Green He probably is The 2nd fastest but Bob Hayes is The Fastest by Far.

  3. Bo Jackson still has the record for the fastest record 40 yrd dash in the NFL at 4.13 sec. This was done before digital timers, so it was probably faster than that. He actually ran it again the next day because folks couldn't truly believe the first time he put up. Bo had a God given combination of super-human speed and acceleration along with strength and power. Greatest athlete in NFL history.

  4. Great compilation! One note for those people that continue to refer to these athletes as "Freaks", "Freakish" etc. though it's an interesting adjective, it's actually demeaning. None of these athletes are freaks or oddities, that implies there is something unnatural about them. Everyone is born with something that can be considered "freakish", if you choose not to develop your skill or talent then clearly that is on you. Simply because a man can do something you can't do doesn't make him a freak, we don't call singers freaks for doing something we can't do, nor do we call people that can fly planes, save peoples lives, or whatever freaks even though the vast majority of us cannot do any of the above. Only one person on this list qualifies as "gifted" Bo Jackson is truly the only one that was born physically superior to other men, but even he did physical exercise regularly it just wasn't weights. I would still not call him a freak.

  5. Is OJ banned from the ranking? He is the only Heisman winner to have a world record in a sprinting event. His USC 4×100 team set the world’s record with him running the 3rd leg. He should be in the bottom third of this list.

  6. I was actually looking to see Don Bebe in the mix, but I certainly agree with the picks. Fun video, Thanks !

  7. Willie Gault. Joey Galloway. Even Tim Dwight who doesn’t have as many highlights but was crazy fast. This list is terrible

  8. Deshaun Jackson returned a punt last year that was called back and the camera couldn't keep up with him, fuck the Wash football idiots for trading him

  9. I really miss football, haven't watched it for two years since those low life pieces of shit started kneeling.

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