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  1. Even em haters have to admit that lose yourself deserves the #1 spot for best rap song of the 2000s. It’s one of the best rap songs of all time let alone the 2000s

  2. I find it hard to believe that there wasn't a second Eminem song that was more deserving to be on there than some of the other picks… Hell, same could probably be said for Jay Z, Kanye and Outkast… Pretty sure T.I. and Luda don't belong on this list (even though I love some of their stuff). I guess you went for diversity in rappers tho, so next time call it something like 'top 10 decade defining rappers' or something…

  3. White people can’t do anything without whitewashing everything black people have. Get slim tf off this list. Yall gassed that man too much

  4. Imagine not putting immortal technique dance with the devil on this list. It's a classic!! Every hiphop fan has heard it.

  5. It's no surprise that Em was number 1. Because he bare his soul on a real personal level as well as Sorry Ms. Jackson which I feel should've been number 2.

  6. 2000's rap based on popularity, cultural relevance and lyrics. No mention of Nelly, but Chamillionaire and the Game get a shout out? Riiiiiggghhhttttt…

  7. Missy & Timbaland=underrated. They've produced & recorded innumerable "hits" & not so much "hits", but still FIRE. I wish Timbaland got more credit. I ♡ Common, he's unique, he doesn't seem 2 b rapping 4 for fortune, & tries 2 have a deep message in his songs, but most iconic of 2000's ?! I only say that because he doesn't have sh** in common(🙄) w/ anyone your list. Look @ these rappers & songs then look @ Common…wtf do u see? Just cuz whomever it was that compiled this list FELT Common should b listed, an iconic song it does not make. And this was the goofiest sounding person 2 present this vid in ever. They couldn't find anyone that doesn't sound like a 3rd grade teacher in rural Wyoming or Idaho?

  8. 10-Empire state of mind- Jay-z
    9- Lollipop- Lil wayne
    8-We takin over Akon, TI, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, birdman, lil wayne & Dj Khaled
    7-Hustlin- Rick ross
    6-Yeah- Usher, lil jon & Ludacris
    4-stronger-Kanye West
    3–in da club-50 cent
    2-99Problems- Jay-z
    1-Lose Yourself Eminem

  9. I knew that If Lose Yourself wasn’t at least 8th,A Honorable Mention or the 1st
    This list would have been a scam before it would’ve been published 😄

  10. 50 cent & lil wayne got my wins but there are great rap song from that era that need to get more credit for and who's still listening till this day?

  11. Is it normal that I just discovered the number two (jay'z). I live in Africa and I know all the rest of the list but I just can see how defining was this song maybe this is too "rootsy" for me.

  12. Can't wait to have this conversation with a whole lot more space between us and the societal ignorance, (sexism, etc. ,) that underpins this entire list.

  13. Uhh wen "what u know" came out,, ti was already a multiplatinum selling rapper & HOW DF IS "A MILLI" #8???? it was literally the first chart topping & highest selling freestyle of all time & if im not mistaken its the only platinum & /or gold freestyle ever

  14. early 2000 had unreal music, hard to pick, but every little white kid that likes rap knows the number one song, and i cant decide if lose yourself or stan is technically better. but to lose so bad and feel pain that bad, i relate to him the song is unbelievable

  15. The south took over during the 2000’s and we’re about to enter 2020’s and they still have hip hop on lock. Respect cause they were looked down upon for 20 years before they took over.

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