Rockies, an adventure hot spot for more than 9
million tourists every year. Today I’m joining
more than 500 of them. Only we’re not braving
the wilds in hiking boots, we’re gliding into the
mountains aboard the Rolls-Royce of trains. The Rocky Mountaineer
Company has run rail tours through
Western Canada since 1990. At 59 feet long, 15.4 feet
high, and 10.3 feet wide, this 16-cylinder General
Motors diesel locomotive generates 3,000 horsepower. It can reach a top speed
of 65 miles per hour.

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  1. electrical horsepower. the diesels just run the generators for the drive motors. is SC on some crusade to snag interest then chop it right off? got my downvote fer shur. these are getting to be nothing more than ads for the shows linked in the description.

  2. It definitely looks like promotions were involved with the locomotive company in this short video however I can tell you that there is nothing like the Rocky Mountaineer Train during the seasons that it is running between Calgary and Banff. To see the Canadian Rockies of Banff National Park is incredible and there is so many tourist attractions from the haunted Banff Springs Hotel to the Banff Hot Springs it is an amazing tourist area with great scenery

  3. The description sounds like a horror to the climate problems. "16 cylinder diesel" … etc. Why not electric??? This is not the "Rolls-Royce of trains", it is a climate disaster. However, it can easily be changed into a good one by switching diesel for electricity (whether battery or else-wise is up to the owners).

  4. @Smithsonian Channel, you need to pay more attention to the climate crisis and not allow disasters as this one to slip through. This is just one example, as a subscriber I have seen many more examples of your negligence.

  5. NOT FAIR!!! Are you kidding me? C'Mon your could show us the whole documentary without the 'Shareholders' complaining it too much… well… there are more people in the world that simply can't afford to view or even read about this kind of content. Education should be free and Educators should be paid better than a 'Professional Athlete'! Just sayin.

  6. I really wish you would make your videos a little bit longer they're always so interesting and leave me craving for more

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