(calming music) – Diversity is very important to me, but it’s also important to me to have a community of people who look and come from different backgrounds, and just to have a lot
of different insights into life that way. It gets really boring, I think, when everybody looks the
same and acts the same. – I’m looking for someone who can be the peanut butter to my jelly, someone who can be the Bonnie to my Clyde, except not criminals. My right hand man, I guess
that’s what I’m looking for. The soul to my pancake,
that’s what I’m looking for, the soul to my pancake. I am the soul. He can just be the pancake. – Your name is Sharisse,
and this is your story. You are 23 years old. For work, you are a teacher. – So, my name is Adanma,
kind of like Obama. I am 24 years old. For work, well, I’m a
student, I’m a med student. A teacher? – Well, you just seem like
you have this look like you would really like
kids, and that you would, like, wanna work with kids. – I actually wanna be a pediatrician. Okay, so, your name is Josh,
and this is your story. You are 25 years old. For work, I put graphic
designer/architect. – Nice, okay. So, my name is Aaron. I’m 27 years old. For work, I’m a performer. I’m an actor, model, magician. – Being different growing
up, oh, gosh, I was bullied. And so, I think as a result,
I kinda grew up with, well, if I can’t look cool
or I can’t look pretty, then I might as well have
a big personality, and, you know, I like to
think I grew into myself, and I like the way I look now. But I think being an outlier
was definitely a benefit for me because it taught me that
looks aren’t everything, appearance is not everything. – I date with intentionality. I don’t just date to run
around and have a good time or date for now, because
I’m looking for somebody to spend a lifetime with, so I don’t wanna waste time on dating other people that
are just fun for now. Your favorite sport is dance. Your favorite movie quote is “This could be the
start of something new,” from High School Musical, and your go-to song is one of the songs from the Cheetah Girls. – Which one? – I don’t know, probably one of them. – Do you know the Cheetah Girls’ songs, ’cause we can go right now. – I don’t know the songs,
I just know the band, but clearly that’s a right answer. – My favorite sport is actually dance. Yeah, I do burlesque. My favorite movie quote, I put none. – Why don’t you have a
favorite movie quote? – There’s too many. “Cinderella” by Cheetah Girls is my jam, but mine is actually “Both”
by Gucci Mane and Drake. Your favorite sport is,
I put football/surfing. I don’t know, your hair, it’s beautiful, and I don’t know, I just get
surfer vibe, like Baywatch. Again, I failed on the movie quote, so I put “Bond, James Bond.” (laughing) – [Aaron] It’s a great quote. – Hey, it is. And your go-to song is
“Don’t Stop Believing,” but I don’t know who that’s by. – It would be awesome
if I knew how to surf. I said weightlifting. Favorite movie quote, I actually said, “I don’t have friends, I have family” from Fast and the Furious. – Wait, which one? – I mean, all of them, he says that in all of them, I think. – I said my go-to song,
if I were to do karaoke, because I don’t think they
have things for karaoke like Gucci Mane and all
that, and Drake and all that. – They do.
– [Aaron] They do? – They do. – Okay, well, I said N’Sync, ’cause when I was in fifth grade, I knew those N’Sync songs, so I feel like karaoke’s like old stuff. – That’s good, like “Bye, Bye, Bye,” “tearing up my heart.” – Exactly, yep. – I identify as Seventh
Day Adventist Christian, and I need to be with someone who believes, at least, that
there’s something out there. – I’m a Christian, and I’ve been saved since I was five. My bio dad is not and was not, and did not like that I was a Christian. He always said, “We’ll
see what you believe “when you turn 18.” So when I turned 18, you know, I let him know what I believe, and I think he came into
a deeper respect for it at that point, so, you know, it’s not like we don’t get along when we see each other on rare occasion, but it’s just that it’s
a very rare occasion that we see each other. I said you think one of the most important purposes of life is loving others. You do believe in an afterlife. When you die, you believe
you will be with God. – Okay, so I think one of the most important purposes of
life is to find love, so that is kinda the ballpark. – [Aaron] Kinda like loving others. – I don’t believe in an afterlife. So, when I die, I believe you’re dead. That sounded so morbid, like
you’re dead, you’re gone. I just believe when you die, you die. – When you die, you die,
I mean, that’s accurate. – Okay, I don’t believe you just straight up go to heaven, let me clarify. I think when you’re dead, you’re gone. So, I think that your most important purpose in life is to be
happy, find happiness. I put that you do believe in an afterlife, and then when you die, you believe that good souls go to heaven and bad souls, you know, go to hell. (laughing) – Okay, I think one of the most important purposes in life is serving God. I definitely would never say happiness, ’cause I think happiness is
so based on happenstance. I definitely believe in heaven and hell. – Yeah. – Yeah, what? Like, you figured I did or you now agree? – No, no, no, okay, so let me clarify. I mean that when you’re
dead, you’re in the ground, you’re dead, and then I believe in almost like a rapture, like God will, or the creator will come down, and then He will decide whether or not you’re going to heaven and hell. – You said you don’t
believe in an afterlife. – Wait, does that count? When I think of afterlife, I think, like, you’re reincarnated. – I see, so you believe
in heaven and hell, you don’t believe in reincarnation. – Yes. – That’s totally different
than what I just thought your whole entire thing on spirituality. – This girl, she’s fake,
she a flip-flopper. No, no, no, I believe in
an afterlife, I guess, in the sense of heaven and
hell, but not reincarnation. – When I die, I can’t wait for Him to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” That’s what I’m looking forward to. – Quoting the scriptures, I’m impressed. I think most important
for me now is religion. Like, I need someone that believes in God, because my last relationships, they believed, sure, but
they weren’t very active in going to church and all of that. – On my side of things, so yes, I exclusively date black women. The Lord created one
specific person for me, and I believe that she’s black, so definitely, obviously, the main thing we talked about is that they love Jesus as much as I do. I want somebody who, as well, is independent and a
leader when I’m not around, but when I’m around,
she wants me to lead her and go lead with me. – So initially, I feel like
it gets really easy to think that someone’s dating exclusively
black women for a fetish. I’m sure, I mean, based
on the impression so far, that’s it’s not like that, but if a guy says that he
only dates black women, I’m like, well, I’m black, so, if it’s not a fetish, let’s go. Okay, so when I first saw you, I decided that I would date you, and I put a smiley face. Well, first of all,
you’re very attractive, so I was like, okay, definitely would. You just seem really chill and relaxed, and I like the energy around me. But now that I’ve talked to you and gotten to know you more, I said I would definitely date you, especially when we started
talking about religion, because that is really important to me. And you’re still cute, obviously, after talking to you. But yeah, the end. – So when I first saw you, I decided that I wouldn’t date you, and this was based on just that you’re talking about your energy, as well, just felt like that of a friend, and more like my friends, and less like a romantic thing. But after talking with you more and seeing everything, so many
things that we have common, I still thought I wouldn’t date you, but that we’d be great friends. We have so many similar
interests and values, but I just sense like a friendship type of vibe between
us, if that makes sense. – Yeah. – I like meeting new
people, so it was cool. It’s always rough to tell somebody who says they would date you that you see them more as a friend, so that is what it is, but I enjoyed getting to know her. She’s cool, she’s dope. We obviously have tons in common. – That was a really
interesting experience. I was surprised because I thought we were getting along really well, so I kinda thought that
I had it in the bag, but I guess you win
some and you lose some. That’s life.

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