welcome to the 5th kind . this video is
brought to you in partnership with Gaia.com – creating thought-provoking
documentaries and programs there have been many action discoveries
around the world that make us question the historical accuracy of our document
had passed none more so than the discovery of the ancient stone circle
site gobekli tepe this twelve thousand year old site can be found in southeast
Turkey and has been dated as the oldest temple ever discovered it is 7,000 years
older than Stonehenge in the UK and 7500 years older than the pyramids of Egypt a
discovery shaking the foundations of known history humanity civilized origins
are commonly regarded to date back to around 3500 BCE when civilizations first
began in cities formed in the lands of Sumer in ancient Mesopotamia gobekli
tepe completely disrupts our conventional understanding of the
storyline of Homo sapiens because our current view is that our civilization
began about 5000 years ago orga Beckley Tepe dates from about six-and-a-half
thousand years before that first uncovered in 1994 by a Kurdish Shepherd
named savate yield is he found the site after spotting an unusual-looking rock
on the surface brushing away the dust and uncovering a large oblong shaped
stone in turn leading to the temples excavation as the excavations continued
a number of surprising things began to become clear first off this pot-bellied
Hill and this whole site had not been covered up by natural sedimentation
after being in use for about a thousand years it was deliberately buried by
whoever was involved with it this was not some invading army who came in and
smashed it up this was a in a kind of preservation
you must envisage teams of hundreds of people with sort of buckets filled with
stone and rubble and they’re coming in they’re pouring it in on top of the
existing stone circles and they just keep on pouring until every stone circle
is covered the Greek philosopher Plato writing about two and a half thousand
years ago talks about a civilization that came before us and he also speaks
about another agency or other entities that were involved in assisting our
development as a species and in particular nurturing us as a conscious
intelligent and technological race now it seems to me that these ideas of Plato
our previous civilization and this intervention from outside to help us
along are really corroborated by what we see at corocut dag and at gobekli tepe
they are both fascinating moments in the human story and when we come to go back
we Tempe we’re looking at something we’ve only just begun to explore it’s 50
times the size of Stonehenge when we get round to excavating the whole thing it’s
seven thousand years older than the Pyramids of Giza and we have only just
begun to excavate what’s there gobekli tepe is the oldest and circle complex in
the world if you can imagine stonehenge in england and transpose it onto the top
of a mountaintop in southeast Turkey and then multiply it by at least 20 times
and then cover the stones with beautiful carvings of animals and representations
of abstract humans and give them t-shaped tops because that’s what the
tone the stones have there this is what Gobekli is it was
constructed at the very end of the last ice age around 9500 BC and was in use
for a period of around 1500 years before it was abandoned about 8,000 BC what so
interesting is that the oldest and the most accomplished of technologically
advanced stone enclosures and that alone gives us evidence of possibly a lost
civilization the fact is that Gobekli Tepe is in northern Mesopotamia the area
around Eartha and Harun and gobekli tepe this is clearly the cradle of
civilization this is where the Anunnaki had their
power base I am on a trip with geologist Robert Schoch from who had had his PhD
in Yale University and we are standing down inside of the excavation of Gobekli
Tepe surrounded by these 19 foot tall limestone pillars each weighed up to 15
tonnes and they’re in rings and in that process is standing there and talking
about this is the most baffling place it doesn’t feel like anything that humans
can understand Robert Schoch said you know I’ve been staring at these tea
structures I’m thinking about the old past and what could this have been built
before and he said all of these limestone
pillars have tea tongues and he said it reminds me of tuning forks
and he said you know Linda when you stand up at the top of the hill and you
realize that Gobekli Tepe was built in a bowl you’re always looking down at the
top of these big T pillars unless you climb down into and then you’re among
them and he said what if this whole place was built to resonate with certain
frequencies by something above resonating frequencies on big pillars
put in rings when you look at gobekli tepe and you see all of the
constructions of the inscriptions of all of the animals of the earth on these on
these giant pillars it’s always been interesting to me that perhaps what
these things were were a way of recording the standing wave pattern of a
certain kind of a life-form for instance a crocodile exists on a different
standing wave pattern than a than a crane then an elephant than a monkey and
perhaps what they were trying to do was out of a state of preservation trying to
preserve these things they were trying to preserve stones that actually had
those frequencies recorded into them I think what you can do is draw a lot of
similarities and parallels to some of these other megalithic sites and get
some pretty decent scientific insight and into what they were trying to
accomplish and what it looks like they were trying to accomplish as the
preservation of the scientific knowledge maybe at a time when there was just such
global upheaval that the only way to preserve it was to bury it
it could very well be why they purposely buried the entire site you’re going to
construct a megalithic site of that kind of grandeur and scale and put that kind
of effort into it and then you’re gonna turn around and just bury it why would
any society do but whoever built Gobekli Tepe the fact
that they buried that very important thirty acres of these rings of all of
these limestone columns meant somebody something new something potentially
destructive to the whole planet and they didn’t want gobekli tepe
destroyed but gobekli tepe survived until
in 1990 the dating of Quebec whatever is really interesting because it coincides
with the most recent Cataclysm that our planet has had to recover from and that
was the one that triggered the Younger Dryas cold period and that dating speaks
to why the site might have been buried because it is possible that it was
buried by people to protect the site from an unfolding natural disaster or it
may have been buried to protect the site from people precisely because it had
survived the previous Cataclysm and the way the sites currently dated and the
way that burial is currently dated suggests that is the explanation that it
was buried to protect it from people it’s difficult to be certain because we
still don’t know what the function of that site was could the knowledge
preserve contain the same astronomical understandings and mythological
connections we find displayed within other ancient cultures it’s like a
potpourri of cultures you see a lot of sumerian influence there’s a lot of
Egyptian symbol symbolism in the Beckley taffy as well there’s Hindu influence in
there as well Japanese and the fact is this is way start getting to this gray
area where does it come from was there a world’s book a central point
where everybody got their ideas from it seems to me that Gobekli Tepe is almost
like a microcosm of so many cultures around the world that supposedly never
shared information with each other and now we begin to realize actually they’ve
got around much more than we gave him credit for the astronomy of the site is
something that a number of researchers are beginning to look into and I think
that’s going to be that’s going to be one of the keys to help us what was
understand what was going on I think correctly
but there’s nothing to be plain old-fashioned excavation and that site
needs to be dug out I feel the Quebec Lee tepee is
potentially so important for unraveling the origins of our present civilizations
that we really need to expose the whole site and understand absolutely what’s
going on there it may change many things about how we view ourselves and our past
there’s something more beyond that that some part of us comes from the stars
themselves and that at the point of incarnation that’s something we call it
the soul or the spirit these bodies within flesh and blood and exists and
that this gives us this connection to the stars that ask that the soul or
spirit actually comes from the next rest room or a starry soul although the area
has been dubbed by many as the most important archaeological site in the
world efforts to further examine and excavate have proven problematic due to
ongoing wars and conflicts in the region I think it is our responsibility to
preserve those records that are being destroyed in this cradle of civilization
in the tigris-euphrates in Iraq in Syria in Turkey because they are very
intentionally being destroyed and in some cases to wipe out the memory of
these past civilizations for a number of reasons once they’re gone they’re gone
forever and I think it’s very sad to see what’s
happening and I think it’s a wake-up call we’ve taken for granted for so long
the fact that these records are here and that they exist we never really
considered that they could be destroyed so easily
if they actually got the funding and got the effort and they excavated the rest
of that ninety-five percent of that site I’m pretty sure what its going to do is
answer a whole lot of mysteries about these other megalithic sites and the
reason why I say that is because here’s a site that’s completely preserved as
far as we know it may be an actual perfect construction of the science that
they were trying to save and if that ends up being the case then I think what
you’ll see is a resurgence all through humanity and a real effort to try to
rediscover what it was that we’re now missing that we are a species living
with amnesia of what this science was and it’s simply because we’ve had such a
turbulent history as a species war after war after Cataclysm after Cataclysm the
Library of Alexandria being burned all of those things mean that we’ve lost
more knowledge maybe than we even possess right now and a lot of that
knowledge when you really begin to study these ancient sites can be regained and
I’m hoping that’s what takes place with gobekli tepe we’ve got a lot of
mysterious cities built out of stone around the world but that kind of
structure and only 5% of it has been excavated means that below that is such
a massive amount to be found I think gobekli tepe has
many more secrets to reveal the astronomy of the site is something that
a number of researchers are beginning to look into and I think that’s going to be
that’s going to be one of the keys to help us what was understand what was
going on correctly happy but there’s nothing to be plain old-fashioned
excavation and that site needs to be dug out I feel the Quebec Lee Tepe is
potentially so important for unraveling the origins of our present civilizations
that we really need to expose the whole site and understand absolutely what’s
going on there it may change many things about how we view ourselves and our past
there’s something more beyond that that some part of us comes from the stars
themselves and that at the point of incarnation that’s something we call it
the soul or the spirit these bodies within flesh and blood and exists and
that this gives us this connection to the Stars that ask that the soul or
spirit actually comes from the next rest room or a starry souls I wish we could
get into the minds and into the heads of the people who made these sites all over
the world in in megalithic structures that they are all concerned with lining
themselves up to the rising point of the Sun at certain times of times of the
year they’re telling us something about our connection to the cosmos and our and
our place on earth there is for example evidence of very very very clear very
precise astronomy at gobekli tepe that it contains amongst other things the
world’s first perfectly north-south aligned building you can’t do that
without astronomy there are alignments to specific star
groups and specific moments of the year so highly is a highly evolved site
shamanic cultures write the way across the Eurasian continent saw the northern
celestial Pole as the point of exit from the physical
world and the point of entry into the sky world and it was seen as a whole
quite literally a whole connecting the different universes the middle world to
the upper world it would seem as if this stone is a signboard showing that
journey and the actual cogs the route that you would take to reach the sky
world I believe that one of the indicators to our earliest ancestors of
a place of great power was the appearance of mysterious lights it’s
known that a lot of strange light phenomena is seen in those very
mountains where the vaquita pays is recited we call them UFOs today but
these type of phenomena have been occurring for many many thousands of
years arguably since the beginning I think that our ancestors would have seen
these are important signs that here were places where you could establish points
of contact portals if you like with the Otherworld and that by building your
monuments here that link with the Stars would be stronger the downloads of
information the create civilization would be stronger
pila 43 and quebec the topic is a sign point for the shaman who would be
achieved in altered states of consciousness within the enclosures and
then journeying in an astral form through the upper world gobekli tepe
remains a mystery yet to be soft a secret sight so important that it could
unlock the answers to understanding humanity’s complex ancient origins many
researchers suggest there must have been some outside influence teaching advanced
masonry knowledge to humanity could this have been some transfer of technology
from a forgotten civilization in our ancient past perhaps contact with a
group of offworld beings from a distance to our system please let us know your
thoughts in the comments thanks for watching the fifth time this
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  48. All these are described in hinduism and the vedas …. we hindus has always believe in the outside world and extra terrestrial bodies …….

  49. Immanual Velikovsky should be given credit for Species with Amnesia! His theory that electromagnetics is the powerful force in the universe, not gravity and that the skies have not always been as they are today. The planets have been much closer and had devastating effects on the globe, cataclysms! His theory on youtube, Thunderbolts of the Gods. I hope mainstream science will acknowledge him! Thank you for interesting shows

  50. Think of Frankenstein. In the creation of the monster certain elements were needed. Now if the history is true. Could this be the laboratory that created humans. In order to create you would need something to jump start the creation. Resonating frequency could be what they used to jump start the creation. Just a thought. Again don't want to get someone's panties in a bunch.

  51. I think if these scientists realize that if they stop coming up with these nonsense stories about vibrations and aliens they have to find real jobs and work for a change.

  52. In China, there are several pyramids that have become unpopular to the current regime. They've been covered and trees have been planted on them. They don''t want them saved or protected or studied or emulated. They want them FORGOTTEN. Isn''t it MUCH more likely that a subsequent people group saw the judgement that fell upon the astrologers, etc that worshiped here and decided that to survive, they needed to end, erase, efface and bury this evil and terrible place. In the movie, Lawrence of Arabia, the violence of the Muslims is derided over and over. The Muslims historically burned all non- Quran books in Alexandria, and recently destroyed several world heritage sites. Not every culture handles theological differences this way. Some just bury the past.

  53. Gobekly tepi a bien ete erigee dans la direction franc nord et franc sud . Le fait qu il soit aujourd hui NORD NORD WEST pourrait etre le fait que le pole magnetique nord c est deplacer.. ON retrouve une evidence sur les glyphes de cette endroit c est la fameuse pochette le carre avec un triangle ascendant que les ANNUNAKIS portaient si fierement et qui symbolise la connaissance. Depuis la derniere glaciation les ANNUNAKIS eurent pour mandat de reimplanter la vie sur terre.D ailleurs on voit ENKI tenant dans main le gland de l arbre de vie et de connaissance . Le jarret bien dessine ainsi que le symbolisme des ailes reste un secret sauf pour ceux qui leur troisieme oeil est ouvert.. 11:11 9:33

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