a lot of waiting here do that all right so it's just the mushrooms like I can uh I could just like kind of like peace out and get the next one why does everyone used to that I used to that because I have good taste and she is a and she's super duper cute when you play Mario 3d World levels you actually get to hear the characters say you know make noises when they are performing wahoo Yahoo Wow you hear all that shit and it's like I wanted to hear like you know two grown men run all day long I go to my nearest uh gotcha gasm convention toadette is cute and she sounds really really happy whenever she uh she's who she's playing around so pay attention whenever I'm playing a 3d world level and you'll you'll hear a difference what was the movie I was talking about last dream that was a 500 days of summer directed by Marc Webb starring Joseph Joseph gordon-levitt mate in 2009 it is one of my favorite movies of all time and there we go having it right because you cuz you donate it a lot let me uh let me see if I can get a sub fifty for you okay so so far yeah it's a tight window but like that you go from bottom left to cannon cannon to top left and then we will figure it we'll see where we are in the cycle from there [Applause] alright then we're good enough right there alright GG's all right so it's called spiky underground and it is a 3d world level some are I'm already hyped for it okay alright so I'm ready right thing why don't I play a blues level because my god I got spotted through me there level for sheriff sheriff I suppose wrong Piper baby get out of here all right let's uh let's clean it up boys gotta go catch you later there you go could be better but you know let's talk about like generally constant that's fine all right Gigi's that was a that was a vole gruff with your level information that it's like actually it's it's damaging to the brain I don't I tell you they're like let go go watch the the can of slowin show go go watch go watch her on Joe Rogan podcast and Watchers like actually actually be a climate change skeptic so just uh it's not anything like worth uh like with slightly worth nothing long because it's so comically inadequate you watched a few videos from you on YouTube you may be one of the few who could have a chance to be my level 67p jjn m4g make it rain though make it rain on the gate into that DG's bro I saw those like wait a minute wait minutes play didn't cover that up at all of you redo it babyrage redo it sorry sorry about that talk about that uh that was a Shinji the real G thank you for your lovely man I'll make sure the uh actually I could I could go for uh I could go for a world record on that level opted out the doubt that dude that would be who that be I could get some minute real quick hang on a second yeah hang on one second for me let me get it let me get it back in here papa Lizzy listen solve the clip we the Confederacy don't want to abolish slavery because our economy in the south is heavily dependent upon the exploitation of upset labor so you can do better I can also run way further than that too if I wanted to leave the dry blogging's get that bread bowl someone in the witwix discord crushed yours in my record and my hellish mansion stage I'll make my record was really that good though I didn't I didn't try to like really push it very hard I just like did a thing and moved on from it

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  2. Good shit Tri. Been loving all the SMM2 streams and the consistent uploads that follow. Respect the grind ✊

  3. 5:31 can we just talk about how overly-generous the 3D World flagpole is when it comes to touching the top

  4. I love these "beat the world record" videos. Maybe try to go for the most popular levels, as the WR there is very difficult to achieve 🙂

  5. I think you're right, Toadette is the cutest. Luigi is pretty cool too though in 3D World style lol. I've only played my copy once, need to play it some more (SMM2).

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