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  1. By now all you people should know that the NFL is rigged the players are puppets on strings getting upset over college or high-school is understandable but the NFL is like getting upset over a wrestler losing in WWE

  2. Denver qb.. does not matter if his arm was moving forward.. watch where it lands.. it was a BACKWARD pass he never went beyond the 10 (backing) and the ball landed at the 10 1/2 … sigh

  3. The last one i don't blame the refs for it, they didn't have the replay system and thats a hard call to see and make one the spot

  4. So the refs called the packers seahawks game a touchdown…. well packers fans, doesn't that suck huh. #dezcaughit

  5. The one were they said dez Bryant didn’t catch the ball and the ball was literally on his arm THAT PISS ME THE FU*K OFF

  6. The Seattle and Packer one was not a bad call. I know I'm a viking fan, but the rules say if it's a tie when going up for the football, the tie goes to the offensive player. Stop saying this is a bad call

  7. Almost all dumb calls are against cowboys, its cost us a super bowl already. Why stop there is what all the autistic referees ask

  8. first play Detroit/Dallas #87 Detroit is committing a face mask on #59 Dallas and it wasn't called which symptomatically promotes the defender Dallas to raise his arms and touch the receiver to gain stability hoping not to fall or be dragged around. The pass interference is a resul of the face mask and therefore shouldn't be a penalty. The talk host even comments that the defender didn't get his head around, when actually he was not able to because his face mask is being controlled by #87 Detroit. #59 Dallas brings his arm up to knock off the hand on his face mask. In doing his he's being called for pass interference.

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