hi friends we are back hi say hi to out friends gumbo stop eating come lets go to holy we cannot miss our story Holy wake up we have come to hear todays story oh yes you kids never miss a day
so today’s parable is about a sole this story Jesus told to his followers to
make them understand the kingdom of God long long time ago there lived a farmer
one day he planted some seeds in his field he took a handful of seeds and
carefully tossed them onto the soil and covered the seeds with more soil and
waited for the plants to grow since the farmer tossed the seeds onto the soil
the seeds fell into four different kinds of soil few fell on the pavement where
people walked where the soil was hard and packed the seeds which fell on the
pavement just rolled on the top of it and birds came flying and ate them up
there were few seeds which fell on the rocky soil these seeds crowded very
quickly and in a few days they had leaves and roots crowding out of them
but soon the plants were dead because the roots could not grow through the
rocky soil when the roots died the plants died too there were few seeds
which fell until the ground which was full of weeds and porns the seed
sprouted and began to grow but he never got very big the weeds entangled and
covered the plants and took up all the Sun and the nutrition from the soil
these plants could never grow or produce any grains the seeds which fell until
the fourth kind of soil which was the very fertile soil started sprouting and
leaves began to appear these plants grew healthy roots and the plants began to
grow every day healthy and nourished grains began to appear on the stalks and
when the right time came the farmer picked the grains to sell them or crush
them to make flour for bread What did Jesus went to teach through this parable
holy through this parable what Jesus wanted his followers to understand was
that his teachings about the kingdom of God are like the seeds which the farmer
had tossed onto the soil not everyone who heard Jesus only
what he said just like not all of the farm receipts go healthy and nourished
every person is born with different kinds of hearts just like there are
different kinds of soil Jesus further explained the hard soil of the pavement
is like the hard hearts of the people who heard Jesus’s teachings but did not
even care to understand the meaning their hard hearts are not open to follow
God and they just go away like the seeds which were taken away by the birds the
seeds which fell on the rocky soil unlike the people who are very happy to
find out about God but eventually change their minds and turn away from him like
the plants whose roots die the ones which fell on the soil with weeds and
thorns are the people who have hurt the Word of God but get busy making money
and having fun that they do not have the time to worship Him finally Jesus
explained about the seeds which fell unto the good soil these seeds
represents the people who have a good heart and the kind of heart we should
all have the good heart listens to God’s Word and
tries to obey and follow him which helps him to grow just like the plants which
grew well on good soil phew that was some story deep and profound yes and I
hope all you children have a good heart to take in God’s words and teaches and
that will help you to be a good person oh yes yes tubby gumbo and i have good hearts because welove listening to bible stories Hahaha I am glad you love the
stories okay holy we’ll be back soon think of the story I’ll be ready to tell us the
next time we come to visit you of course I will bye bye children take care you too holy bye bye

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