This video is brought to you in collaboration
with tuhtuhtuhtuh tuthuthtuhtuh Hello everyone! Following the events in Nazjatar, the sea
splitting up, alliance and horde losing a whole lot of troops and dealing with Azshara
which resulted in the release of the old god N’zoth, patch 8.2.5 brings us the conclusion
of the war campaign. Together we stood against Azshara and together
we shall stand against Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner who’s taken the Horde in a direction not
all agree with… Cutscene:
Anduin. Sylvanas’ actions have threatened us all
and day by day, her power grows. If our world is to survive, we must strike
while we still can. Meet with me and we will speak. So few. Grmpf. How many can you provide? Enough for one final assault. If that fails, we’re done. If we end her reign, what kind of warchief
will you be? The Horde I joined was birthed in blood. Tainted by corruption. The road that lead to the dark portal is long
and wide. Pathed with the bones of innocents. We called it the Path of Glory. That was the great lie upon which the Horde
was founded. If anything we did was honorable? Thrall, Vol’jin, they were not the true
heirs to Blackhand’s bloody legacy. Sylvanas Windrunner is. No. No this is the Horde. Lead by you. Someone who has… Honor. Grmpf. I’ve never known honor. They deserve more. But the Horde is doomed to be shackled by
the chains of the past. The Horde has no exclusive claim to regrets. Arthas. Daelin. The ghosts of the past haunt us as well. We could not fill the chasm between the Horde
and the Alliance if we labored a thousand years. You know this. Then what are we fighting for? Thunderrrrrr and dramatic walk
Soldiers, on your feet. Start breaking camp immediately. Lord Saurfang? Zekhan, where is our home? Orgrimmar? Not our city. Our home. Azeroth. And ours? Azeroth. Right now there are only two forces in this
world that matter. One bend on harming our world. And one that will protect her. So, what are we doing? Breaking the cycle. A really cool conversation reminiscing on
the path that both factions walked and how it almost seems impossible to bridge a gap
between these two forces. Despite some trying very hard to get a peace
going, time and time again we see the faction war rise up and take the stage. A lot also wonder if this means we’ll see
the end of factions all together. Nothing’s impossible, but if you’d ask
me..I’d say that storywise they can definatly do this. Think back to for example Legion where we
focused more on working together in our order halls rather then based on alliance or horde. Something like that could definatly play out,
but I wonder if the game itself offers the possibility to do this. There are so many mechanics like mounts, reputations,
capital cities… stuff that while in an rts you might see a massive shift, in an mmorpg
it might be a little bit more difficult. Not to mention that faction pride is still
a thing. Some would hate for their beloved alliance
or horde to just disapear, but nothing’s impossible. For the story right now we know that Varok
Saurfang initially joined sylvanas on her plans of conquest. She was able to convince him that time breaks
all bonds. They might be able to get a peace going with
King Anduin, but who knows how long that would last. It was much better to take care of their enemy
once and for all to secure a future for the Horde. Plans were made to strike down the leaders
of the night elves, occupy teldrassil and prevent the alliance from retalliating. Plans that didn’t exactly work out. Despite having Malfurion right where she wanted
him, Sylvanas did not take the kill. Instead she told Saurfang to do it, but the
old soldier could not as it was not an honorable way. Emptyhanded he returned to the warchief who
then decided to inflict the blow the death of a leader was supposed to cause by burning
down the tree. Burn all those still stuck inside, genocide
of the night elves, that’s the way it’s been described. Since they didn’t have teldrassil, the alliance
was free to retaliate. The siege of lordaeron saw Sylvanas push Saurfang
ever further until he couldn’t take it anymore. This was not the Horde as he invisioned it. This was not their way. Left behind he tried to find his honorable
death in battle, instead Anduin decided to imprison him. Together they set out on the path of saving
the world from the banshee queen. A road that took Saurfang to Outland where
he managed to recruit thrall to join their cause. “We don’t get to hide.” Meanwhile Baine Bloodhoof felt very similar
about Sylvanas, but for the sake of his people, he decided to stick around. When his warchief decided to resurrect Derek
Proudmoore, Jaina’s brother who died defending the world against the first horde invasion,
the tauren could no longer just go with it. Time and time again Sylvanas brought dishonor
to their faction. So it was that he liberated Derek and brought
him back to Jaina. Heroes amongst the horde remained ever loyal
to their warchief though. She was well aware of what was going on behind
her back so Baine is imprisoned only to be liberated by Saurfang, Thrall, Jaina and Shaw. Now they make ready to break the cycle and
stand together for the fate of Azeroth yet those champions that stayed loyal to their
warchief are still around. “Ah champion. Ever the loyal soldier.” Nothing escapes the gaze of her dark rangers. They’ve been keeping an eye on Saurfang
and Thrall after they let them escape and are well aware that they now conspire with
our sworn enemies. Orgrimmar must rally its forces and make ready
for a siege. Time to talk to those still loyal to the horde
like Overlord Geya’rah, leader of the mag’har orcs who were recruited from an alternate
reality. It’s very nice to see that while you’re
moving about the city, many of the citizens are actually discussing the current situation. Is it the right call to stick with their warchief. Who’s to blame for all of this. Should they side with thrall that abanadoned
them to garrosh. With Saurfang, branded a traitor or just ride
it out and see where all of this goes. Perhaps they don’t have a choice anymore
as adventurers trying to portal to other continents find out that the portal area has been closed
off. Gallywix: “Move it you mooks. Make like the warchief and burn those files!” Gallywix is also still hanging around, but
not for very long. Doing some very important…paperwork…but
the warchiefs mechs are ready to go. And last but not least, we talk to Eitrig
who we know has been having secrets meetings with saurfang. A quick death would be far too lenient punishment
for his treachery. We confront him on his deeds and he’s actually
happy to no loner have to lie. We’re even offered one last chance to come
with him. To leave this madness behnd and stand with
Saurfang. Those that stick to their choices and remain
with the warchief must fight Eitrigg and bring him back chained and all to nathanos. Meanwhile over at the rebellion the other
2 windrunner sisters, alleria and vereesa have some thoughts about their sister. “King Wrynn, may we speak?” “Of course.’ “Our sister is patient. She knows we have precious few soldiers left. While we lay siege to Orgrimmar, she will
wittle away our numbers. But Sylvanas isn ot the only threat we face. The Old god has been freed. I can hear his whispers..sense his unseen
tendrils writhing all around us.” “I know, Alleria. What are you suggesting?” “Sylvanas commands what may be the only
army capable of defeating N’zoth. for the sake of Azeroth…perhaps we should stand
aside and let her.” “Your sister will not fight for us, Alleria. When Sylvanas realized the war was on the
cusp of ending, she lured both fleets into Azshara’s hands. Not to find victory, but to meet death.’ “In the end, death claims us all. Eitrigg told me those were among the last
words SYlvanas spoke to Vol’jin.” “We cannot wage two wars. Sylvanas must fall. Here. Now. Before all is lost.” “It shall be so, my king. Vereesa and I will scout her line for weaknessess. Good luck. To all of us.” A Windrunner reunion was requested by fans
for quite a while and we kinda got our wish granted in a comic. Sylvanas actually had her rangers ready and
waiting for an ambush to take her sisters out, but in the last moment decided not to
go through with it. In the end they’ll all serve death. In the end, they will all serve me. Emotions shown by the banshee queen which
was quite interesting. As for Alleria, she has taken in the powers
of the void and now leads the void elves. It whispers to her constantly. Like when she saw sylvanas it told her that
she’s dangerous. A threat and must be ended. She seeks the death of all things…all possibilities. Save the world and murder her. You might wonder if the void wants Sylvanas
gone so badly, perhaps her plans are not that bad. To that I would compare it to Sargeras and
his burning legion. He too was fighting against the void, tried
to prevent their plans of corrupting a slumbering titan, but his course of action would have
meant the destruction of us anyways. It’s possible that the banshee queen might
work against the goals of the old gods, but her methods are still not in the best interest
for all of us. So alleria’s connection to N’zoth is quite
strong and with the old god released, the whispers only became louder. Who knows how that might play out in the future. In this moment we need to clear out the canion,
clear out the path for our forces to reinforce the vanguard. Tinkmaster Overspark and Gazlowe continue
their co-operation beyond just mechagon and their invention makes our trip to the gates
of orgrimmar a lot easier. In the meantime the loyalists have been working
hard to prepare themselves. Citizens are rallied to take up arms while
any propaganda spreading all manner of lies is removed from the streets. Any citizen that has a problem with that is
put the to the sword while the seige engines waiting outside are sabotaged with bombs. The rebellion is aware of the sabotage and
make sure to remove any suspicious crates while also slaying any suspicious technicians
or loyalists assasins hiding amongst their ranks. Another hiding and watching the events play
out that would be one of Wrathion’s agents. The black dragon prince is always keeping
an eye on things… “Genn, we need you and your best soldiers
to flank the city from the western gate.” “And leave you here, unguarded? With them?”
“if I wanted to harm him, I’d have done it in the Stockades.” “No one knows Orgrimmar’s defenses better
than Saurfang. We need to trust each other if we are to succeed.” “Very well. But the Banshee is clever. Dividing our forces might play right into
her hands.” Varok has defended Orgrimmars gates for many
years and knows that its weakest point is the many entrance ways so we need to divide
our forces and deploy them strategecly. And lets not forget that Baine put a big target
on Thunderbluff and himself, we’ll need to spare some of our troops to the defense
of the tauren. Jaina: I have deployment orders from saurfang
and king wrynn. “First Arcanist. We are to shield our forces from magical assaults
as they lay siege to the city.” “A wise decision. We can do so more effectively from higher
ground. Lord Admiral, might I ask about the spellcraft
you emplyed at Lordaeron? The levitating warship?” “Would you believe me if I told you it was
a Kul Tiran trade secret?” “Summoning the ship, perhaps…but as for
the enchanted cannons…” Shandris: Your forces to the northern gate
“So we are to strike from the north. A sound plan…but there is no telling what
treachery SYlvanas has in store for us.” “She fought beside you for many years, both
in life and in undeath. You must know her well.” “Perhaps I did, logn ago. But now… Hmmm…our forces are few in number. We must make use of the surrounding terrain
when we assault the gate.” “The sentinels have made use of that terrain
for millennia. Our knowledge of the land was old when the
Farstriders were young.” “Yes, of course.” Mayla: High Chieftain, you have been tasked
with defending the skies above Thunder Bluff. “There is little my eagle riders can do
while Sylvanas controls the skies. But we can still defend Thunderbluff. Ji is already there, tending to Baine’s
wounds. He said he has seen Orgrimmar under siege
once before, and does not wish to relive it. We will stand beside our tauren kin and await
further orders from Saurfang. Earth Mother watch over us all.” That bit about Ji Firepaw refers to the time
of Warchief Garrosh and the siege of Orgrimmar. Back then they kicked the crap out of him,
nearly took his life to get information about pandaren artifacts. Luckily for him we showed up in time to save
his life and it seems like he remembers those days vividly. Most of us do as this moment and most of the
story to be honest, makes it looks like history is doomed to repeat itself. All of our preperations are complete. Pray that we all survive the second siege
of orgrimmar… Cutscene:
Forces march to the gates of orgrimmar. Pam pammmmmmmmmmm hello Orgrimmar. We have come to siege you again. Look at our awesome forces. Varok, it’s time. Those who defend Orgrimmar are horde as well. My brothers and sisters. These warriors have sworn to fight. For you. Many lives will be lost. Grmpf or perhaps just one. SYLVANAS WINDRUNNER! I CHALLENGE MAK’GORAHHHH
Gates open slowly. You speak of cowardice? Justice? A traitor leading traitors. Why should I accept your challenge? You want to make me suffer. Ha fair point, I do want to make you suffer. Cloink
Here be your daggers warchief, have fun Brother, you cannot win. My old friend, you and I …
We don’t get to hide. Nod nod
I set you on this path. And we knew where it could lead. Walk with me the rest of the way. Here let me trade you this awesome bind on
equip weapon. It’s shiny and embodies the alliance so
you can fight for both of us. FOR AZEROTH! No zappyboy you stay behind. Let it be finished. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, oh snap thrall was right. Saurfang really does stand no chance. The High Overlord falls. I trusted you. And so did they. Death comes old soldier and all their hope
dies with you. You cannot kill hope. You tried at Teldrassil. You failed. Hope remains. You set us to kill eachother at Lordaeron,
you failed. Here we stand. You..just…keep…failing. The Horde will endure. The Horde IS STRONG. Ooooooh snap he split the bades. The Horde IS NOTHING! Say sike right now. Uho i did an oopsie. You are all NOTHING! And that is how Saurfang secures victory. FOR AZEROTH… BAWOESJ. One shot, one kill
IF you could see yourselves as I see you. Toy soldiers in tinplate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it. Nothing lasts. Sylvanas is blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaain. But poor Saurfang is gone. Old soldier now gets his final rest. What do we do now? We bring him home. And Anduin will help you. Together we carry his body through the gates
of orgrimmar. Even the Forsaken are down. Honoring the ancient ways of the Horde. For the Horde is family and all that… Both sides were ready for a siege until Varok,
knowing full well that he could not win the fight steps up for a Mak’gorah. I love how he carries Shalamayne, representing
both the alliance and the Horde in one single fighter. Some wondered if being able to split up the
blade only happens moments before your death or can only be done by a super duper special
kind of being, but nothing that I know off suggests those rules to be in place. It just seems to be an ability the blade holds,
but who knows what they might do with that idea in the future. His words and actions cause the banshee queen
to have her emotions get the better of her and now what we knew for quite a while is
open to the public. Sylvanas does not care about the horde as
a whole, she cares about her own plans and used them to get what she wanted. Even her Forsaken were once described from
arrows in a quiver to her bullwark against the infinite. “Regent Lord, what manner of magic did Sylvanas
use against Saurfang?” “I had hoped either you or Thalyssra would
have the answer to that question. I have never seen her wield such power.” “It was unlike any magic I have ever encountered. I could sense none of it, even in her presence.” “Then she must have only recently acquired
it…or simply waited until now to reveal it.” “Either way, it does not bode well for us. Whatever she is planning, she no longer needs
the Horde to achieve it.” Power levels in the story have always been
a bit fluid and more so depends on what the story requires. Having Sylvanas be able to hold off a massive
blow from Saurfang while in for example War Crimes she remembered how someone like Baine
could snap her arm like a brittle twig… The rule of cool often surpasses what would
make sense. That said, Sylvanas has been doing a lot of
things that we’re not aware of. Who knows what kind of power she gained over
the years, what kind of deals she has made to further her goals. She apperantly feels like the Horde is no
longer necessary for her ultimate plans while not even these experienced spellcasters can
tell us what power she actually used in the battle. We’ll talk about a bit more about the possibilities
in just a moment, lets first recall our troops as Genn and the Worgen are still waiting,
unaware of what has happened… “Saurfang is dead and Sylvanas has escaped? This is no victory. I care not who leads the Horde or if they
tear each other apart. All that maters is slaying the Banshee. And we have missed our chance.” The King of Gilneas lost everything to Sylvanas
and now his vengeance has been taken away from him. You might have also noticed how Tyrande Whisperwind
and Malfurion Stormrage are not present on the battlefield. Anduin tells us that she hasn’t been answering
his messages ever since leaving for darkshore. Tyrande has lost everything as well and he
fears that she has lost herself to vengeance. Hopefully this will finally lead to a bit
more infighting amongst the Alliance since they’re in desperate need of a bit more
bite. On the Horde side you of course don’t talk
to greymane, instead you let the recovering baine in thunderbluff know what happened to
Saurfang… “It pains me to remain here while others
fight on the frontline.” “You have done more than your part, Baine. Focus on your recovery.” “Champion! Has the battle been won?” “By the Earth Mother…” “Saurfang…He risked his life to save mine…and
gave his life to save the Horde. Go, champion. We will meet you in Orgrimmar to honor the
memory of Varok Saurfang.” Cutscene:
Varok Saurfang. Son of Koruk. Supreme commander of the might of kalimdor. High overlord of the horde. HE lead the charge against the lich king. He defended our world from the Legion. Saurfang inspired all of us to strive for
ture honor. And his legacy will live on in our deeds. When the Alliance and Horde marched on Ahn’qiraj,
it was Saurfang who valiantly commanded our combined forces. Today, his courage saved thousands of lives…on
both sides of the battle. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. You have earned your warriors death old friend. Now, greet your son…with honor and glory. Thump Tump
TJOEEEEE TJOEE TJOEEEEEE All kneel to honor the old soldier while the
Alliance forces teleport out. And so ends the war campaign leaving the Horde
without a warchief, the Forsaken without a leader and the world without one of its greatest
heroes. It’s very nice to see that the aftermath
of all of this is represented within the city. Many different dialogues are popping up amongst
the population on what happened. Tryign to mend the rift between those that
remained loyal with their warchief and those that sides with saurfang. Forsaken that now feel completely abanadoned
while others hold out hope that this is all part of a major plan… For the dark lady….always. Players that decided to stick with Sylvanas
can actually talk to Eitrigg the orc that you just beat up and put in chains. He doesn’t hold our choices against us. We each did what we thought was right. Leave it in the past. What matters now is how we reunite the Horde. This is how we start. Break the cycle, which is all fine and dandy
for those that want to side with the rest of the Horde. Some amongst us will remain ever loyal to
the banshee queen. Dark Ranger Lenara was given instruction incase
things played out this way. A cracked hearthstone takes us all the way
to the Ghostlands, to the windrunner spire, former home of the windrunner family… “As do I dark Lady. But when the time comes, there can be no hesitation.” “There won’t be. Safe journey, Nathanos.” “Safe journey, my love.” Cutscene:
Ah Champion. I wasn’t certain you made it out of Orgrimmar. If the traitors knew of your service to me,
they’d have put you in irons… Or worse. Saurfang’s ill-considered challenge may
have ended the war prematurely, but it doesn’t matter now. Countless souls have been fed to the hungering
darkness. Though I cared nothing for the living, I did
pity the Forsaken. For the great injustice that made them what
they are. I understand the cruelty of fate better than
anyone. But despite all I taught them, they stubbornly
clung to hope. To life. They will learn the truth, along with all
the rest. My bargain with Azshara will yet bear fruit. The armies of Azeroth will fight her master,
and he will line their streets with corpses. In the end, he too will serve Death. Enough reflection. There are preparations to be made. Nothing lasts. When next you see me, you will understand. I love the choice system they added. That choosing a specific path can lead to
such a massive lore bomb and inside information you otherwise wouldn’t obtain. The reponse I saw to nathanos declaring his
love to Sylvanas was amazing and honestly, it’s really cool to see that these undead
characters still hold on to the feelings they had in life. If you’ve read his short story then you
know that Nathanos, unlike Sylvanas, wouldn’t mind spending the afterlife in eternal damnation
if it meant spending that time with his beloved Windrunner. In turn it does seem like Sylvanas also has
those feelings, more so then she wants the world to know. The bit about the forsaken clinging on to
hope and life calls back to the events of the novel Before the Storm. In it we see an attempt at reuniting the undead
with the living ending in failure. Some of the Forsaken did not want this day
to end so they asked Calia Menethil, sister to Arthas Menethil to stand with them, lead
them to the alliance and abandon the banshee queen. This did not sit well with Sylvanas of course. All of the forsaken, those that tried to run
as well as those that tried to come back to her were shot down. Calia was killed, but her body was brought
back to the Netherlight temple where Anduin together with Alonsus and the naaru Saa’ra
brought her back. Not to life, not as a forsaken, but as something
else, an undead being of the Light. We now also have confirmation that the events
in Nazjatar were part of a bargain between Azshara and Sylvanas. This connection most likely came to be when
heroes of the Horde brought the empty blade Xalatath back to their warchief. Her eyes darkened, plans were put in motion. Where first Azerite would change everything,
obtaining the blade of the black empire once again shifted her ideas. This also explains how Ashvane showed up for
team azshara. Last we saw of her was entering a secret meeting
with the warchief. Time passed without any information and then
all of a sudden she showed up in Nazjatar, working with the naga. It does of course lead to the question as
to what comes next for us and Sylvanas. All things seem to be pointing towards fighting
N’zoth in the next patch and then the sky is the limit. At this point in time the motivation we have
for Sylvanas is staying alive. Seeing hell and eternal damnation waiting
for her has pushed her over the years. Pushed her to become more and more like Arthas
the Lich King, like the thing she hated so very much. “I hope hell is waiting for you arthas.” “I intend to live forever.” Time breaks all bonds, but what if you could
shackle their mind to your will like Sylvanas once experienced? That’s one path they could take, a journey
to become the Lich Queen, but as always the possibilities are limitless. I can’t wait to see what Blizzcon is going
to reveal. My personal hope is fighting N’zoth and
losing. Having the black empire rise up and maybe
even a bit of a timeskip so that the entirey of Azeroth is just transformed. This way we’d no longer be the heroes of
legend. Trying to crawl our way back to some sort
of victory, pieces of land to call our own. But that’s just a hope, we’ll see what
comes next soon enough! One final bit to finish up the war campaign
is a spot of dialogue found on the alliance side. “This is how war always ends for us…with
blood on our hands, mourning those we lost. No amount of fighting can ever bring them
back. The cycle ends when we choose to walk away. I wasn’t ready to learn that lessen before. Few may be ready now. But learn it we must.” Derek and Calia have been hanging out together. He has lived in torment since his awakeneing
while Calia has guided him, helped him back from the brink of despair. “Ah Jaina. What a relief to see you safe.” “Hello, Calia. Big brother.” “Word has spread of what happened at Orgrimmar. Is the war finally over?” “It will take time for all the pockets of
fighting to be quelled, but…yes. I believe so.” “Azeroth has seen so many wars, so much
strife. I pray we have earned a respite.” “As do I. Have you been able to find peace in your own
heart, Derek? “ I still have some rough seas to sail,
but I’m much better now, thanks to Calia. Without her guidance, I would have been truly
lost.” “I’m so grateful you brought us together,
Jaina. This time with Derek has helped me as much
as it’s helped him.” “In the wake of this war, others will need
to find their footing. Their future. Perhaps you could guide them, too.” “I’m not sure how much help I could be. I don’t have all the answers.” “Maybe they don’t need answers. Maybe they just need hope. Like I did.” “Well said, big brother. Come, let’s take a walk. I am so grateful to have you both back in
my life. Let’s enjoy this moment together.” The Forsaken have been forsaken by their banshee
queen perhaps that gap will be filled by one of the Menethil family. Another problem with Sylvanas abandoning ship
would be the way that Forsaken are created. In the past it was those that had fallen to
the plague and regained their will, after the cataclysm and her bargain with the valkyr,
sylvanas started to resurrect herself. Now she’s gone so if they need to find a
way to keep the forsaken going, perhaps the path of Calia will be the way to go. I do say perhaps of course, again the sky
is the limit, who knows what they have in mind. That is however where the war campaign leaves
us. If we follow what all the npc’s tell us,
then something with N’zoth comes next. We also have the storyline in which we need
to figure out who told Vol’jin to make sylvanas the warchief and what their reason was. A boss behind bwonsamdi. Someone has been messing with Vol’jin’s
spirit. Powerful forces working behind the scenes,
can’t wait to see it all play out. By all means let me know what you would like
the future to bring caus that’s one of the things that excite me the most. Where’s the story going to go next. For now though thank you very much for watching
everyone! If you’re looking for some more details
on all the things we talked about today, then check out the related wowhead article in the
description down below. Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next time! See ya!

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    I think that Slyvanas will have same story as ilidan and arthas

  10. I, for one would love if the factions kind of melded together and faction war would no longer be a concern. I mainly say that for two reasons. As a Player, I play PVP very, very, very rarely. However, I think that just because there's the possibility of the Horde and Alliance living in peace, I highly doubt PVP will disappear. There are way too many players that enjoy it for that to be a feasible outcome.

    But, also, from a Roleplay standpoint, it'd be incredibly interesting to have, for example, a Human character travelling with his allies, and, in a bandit ambush, the human meets his death and his allies are forced to retreat. However, he is later raised as a forsaken, and he manages to retain his memory of life, (But not quite a concept of time) so, he would retrain his old, decrepit body granted to him in his undeath once more and travel to try to reunite with his former allies, unknowing if they be alive or dead. If the Horde and Alliance make peace, that would be theoretically possible in game, this Forsaken wandering Stormwind and Ironforge, going to his party's favorite hangout spots in attempts to find them. However, as it is, player's wouldn't be able to do this without either NPC's attacking them on sight and likely killing them in short order, as well as the language barrier between Horde and Alliance players.

    Of course, the example above it just one of the numerous roleplay possibilities that would open up should the Horde and Alliance find peace.

    And, I also find the concept of the Black Empire rising up due to a failed battle against N'Zoth intriguing. That apocalyptic setting would make the faction wars all but disappear as the inhabitants of Azeroth would likely band together to survive rather than stick to a bloodstained history that would doom them all should they walk its path. With, of course, a sliver of their populations going rogue for either not willing to stand alongside Alliance or Horde, or whatever other reason they would stray from the group. That is a concept I find incredibly interesting! I cannot wait to see what they do next!

    If there are any inconsistencies within that small ramble of mine, I do apologize, I write this at 2:20 in the morning, thoughts may not be entirely on point.

  11. Ffs can I please get Jaina in a cinematic like 14:58? Why is she always missing from these amazingly animated shots?! I'm so disappointed that Tyrande is just kinda MIA, I would think out of all people she would want to be there for this. With that said, I laugh so hard at how easily Sylvanas cuts down Saurfang. Like its absolutely nothing. I would love to see the full extent of her powers, because I know we don't have a clue of what she is fully capable of doing. I need a full expansion of 'Wrath of the Banshee Queen'. I'm here for it.

  12. To be fair Saurfang is totally right.

    It's like Germany still called themselves Nazi, and complained why half of the world remained hostile toward them.

    But no it's worse after the horde was founded they believed to have wiped out everything on Dreanor, sacked Stormwind and lay waste to the borders of the high elf and lodereon capitals.

    And wit that ruined Pandara, jeena old city and burned a world tree with people living within it.
    Time to rename your brand

  13. I think Sylvannas will be some Illidanesque character type, where everyone hates her rn, but when understands the reasons as to why she wanted to kill everyone (or at least the best soldiers) we'll end up siding with her.

    It's clear that she hides her true emotions and aims, I think something really weird is going to happen with N'Zoth. Like he'll just murder every1 or send us to the shadowlands where Sylvannas have already started planning out defenses and whatnot. It would be disappointing seeing a "Siege of Ogrimmar 2.0" tbh. plus, Sylvannas is kinda a major char to kill out. Where would the forsaken come from? Who'd raise them? I'm not seeing derek or Calia going to the horde nor am I seeing Blizz tearing the faction wars apart. PvP would just be boring as hell and everyone would rage out when partied with a goddamn gnome.

  14. I am most curious who Sylvanas is talking about. He will serve death?

    Is she actually talking about herself, or about an entity she is serving as well?

    Like with the Old gods and the Void Lords behind them.

    At least in my opinion it would be rather interesting if they introduce is to something in the Death/Necrotic spectrum, a big entity, who Bwonsamdi for example might also be answering to. Oh, and it could be who whispered to Vol'jin.

  15. they won't let go of the faction war because it's such an easy lore filler. Oh we're missing reason for what we're doing and content, just use faction war things.

  16. this NEW Sylvanas story the one started from Legion , is the most stupid, most lifeless story telling that has ever been done in world of warcraft and argueably in any game praised for their storytelling !!!

    this is the final Nail to the coffin of world of warcraft franchise !

    18:56 – 19:55 , so she wins the battle and with it the siege itself , she kills the General that has unified horde and alliance under one banner , and what does she do then ??? she flies off for no reason !

    does those stupid, idiotic Blizz narrative creators think that a few words actually change the mind of armies and Generals ??

    that simply because some nobody commander insulted sylvanas in teldrassil she genocides an entire race ??

    or because she said horde is nothing in the heat of battle , theres simply no way to take it back and convice her soldiers who were loyal to her despite far far more questionable things , that she cares about them and will fight for them ???

    this whole expansion is one big, empty story ! they started something with sylvanas that they did not know how to finish and this is the direct result of it !

  17. Calling it now, we will have to kill Tyrande in a scenario and before that we need to listen to Anduins crying "ALL I WANTED WAAAAS PEEEAAACE!!!"

  18. We all know that Tyrande and Malfurion are going to do something reckless and bloodthirsty (and rightfully so). However, I seriously hope this doesn't just lead into yet another faction conflict. After everything that's happened it would be so much better to have the Alliance AND Horde leaders band together from the get go to stand against whatever vengeance Tyrande is planning.

    Tyrande moon bombs some Horde city and instead of the Horde getting pissed at ALL of the Alliance, they actually have some sense to say "You know what, we may have deserved that after committing genocide on the Night Elves… but the threat is Tyrande, not all of the Alliance. We should move on and team up with the rest of the Alliance to seek justice."

  19. When Saurfang asked Anduin to walk with him towards Sylvanus I was thinking 'Wow, wouldn't it just be a kick in the balls if he was just playing the long game this whole time and just held Anduin for Sylvanus to gut? Just a long ploy to cull the dissident for good?' Kinda glad it didn't go that way, but the thought crossed my mind

  20. How can sylvanas do anything then hate all the living after how they treat her and the forsaken its Worth making a video on how sylvanas and the forsaken have bin treated sins launch 15 years ago.

  21. OMG! Nobbel! That's a good idea, if the next expansion pulls off an Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame but in WOW form! That will win a lot of Game of the Year awards!

  22. imo they could just put a spin on PVP like battle between horde and alliance is more of keeping each other on feat preparing for wha tis next to come but there would no big faction conflict we would still be seperate factions but we would not be enemies per say(we would still fight but more in the name of being prepared then hate)

  23. The old Soldier used the light in magura as far as in know its regular standard weapons ranged and all magic including magic weapons excluded so the old Soldier cheated and that allows sylvanas to do whatever she wants.

  24. I'm so excited to see the next story line as well. I hope something significant comes from these actions. It seems that last few expansions, the two factions come together to fight a greater evil then they go back to 'hating' each other. I want something different! I don't know what that looks like however.

  25. Im verry interested to see what happens to the forsaken, who becomes there leader and how they will replenish there numbers. Im ok with ressurecting dead ppl sins so few are given a second chance at live or in this case undead.

  26. As an Alliance I don't want this weak sauce horde on my side, I'd rather go help Sylvanas, the weak sauce horde should just be killed and we are done with them for ever.

  27. Hey Nobbel, do you think Blizz will have some kind of endgame for those who kept the N'zoth headband? With all these world building details that the war campaign brought in its wake, the choice of keeping the headband and "seeing" is alittle sparse in comparison. The little dialogue some NPCs say is creepy and some downright chilling, but there's been a lacking in the "N'zoth insider" department for those characters who decided to keep the gift. I would love to hear your thoughts

  28. There is a video by hirumaredx explaining why Saurfang is not honorable, at least not by our standards. In short, it proposes orcish honor is "victory or death", to win at any cost or die putting up a good fight. By those standards, Grom and Garrosh did nothing wrong, which is why the horde continues to have these leadership problems. Thrall was more moral in his interpretation of honor, but that came from years of human/tauren influence and witnessing the horrors of war firsthand. Saurfang had issues with killing innocents, but he tacked that on to the horde's code, not anything officially codified. In that sense, he has no honor and neither does the horde. The first step to solving your problems is admitting you have them I guess.

  29. Hmm that parallel when Sylvanas came out of Orgrimmar to accept Mak'gora and Arthas at the Wrath Gate is cool, but my first tought was that in Legion when she became warchief they had a similar shot,and now in this cutscene when she loses her position they did it again, just a tought 😀

  30. As an Alliance player, I am really disspainted with the war campaing but also with the outcome of the war. We lost so much, far more than the Horde, and for what? In the end, we don't even get our vengeance…

  31. What bugs me is how last patch the Alliance had near victory and function onslaught but then they lose like 5 ships in Nazjatar and suddenly the Alliance plus Saurfang's Defects is barely enough to mount an assault against Sylvanas "Biggest army on Azeroth". Absolute bullshit. But otherwise a fine ending to the War Campaign.

  32. i dont see bfa as cannon anymore heck i only see cataclysm as the last real cannon expansion. with an honorable garrosh, truly grey sylvanas, thrall ending his arc on a high note and lot of the big villains of the warcraft series defeated.

  33. Isn't it kinda stupid that Sylvanas says she pities the forsaken for the injustice brought on them… When she herself DID IT. At least Cata and onwards.

  34. Just kill us and put us in the Shadowlands. Make it last 6 months or so when in reality years have past. Perfect chance to revamp the world.

  35. let me guess…. Thrall will make another stupid decision on making someone warchief again like he did with that pothead Vol'Jin(WHO DIED IN A CUTSCENE LIKE A LOSER THAT HE IS!!!!) or the poor orc who never got to shine as warchief GARROSH HELLSCREAM!!!.

    can we just kill Thrall already please?!!! before he made another stupid decision. please Blizzard… PLEASE!

  36. I know it is an insane thought. But after seeing how things have played out. I kinda hope we have a three faction split. Horde and Alliance vs Sylvanus vs Tyrande and Furion or something of that nature. Maybe Tyranda and Fury are the "True Alliance" Sylvanus is "True Horde" and Horde and Alliance are a blended faction. Would still allow for some faction loyalties, mounts and all that jazz, while still giving us a super interesting story.

  37. I don't think the Blades split when you are about to die.
    I think they happen to split when one is moments to death because one's true worth is shown when one accepts their fate during pivotal moments- and continues to fight.

  38. Cairne was meant to be the next warchief, and Baine is the prodigal son that will take the throne thing, but the night elves are the spanner in the works, I can see perhaps one of the wild gods killing either malf or tyrande eventually if they're out of control… then see Cenarius lead the night elves

  39. in the horde side you can see the conversation between Calia and Jaina and in that version you can notice much better a hint of a romance between Calia and Derek.

  40. Nobbel I'd like to say thanks very much for all your videos. I didn't have a paid wow account to play on until over half way through Legion, but I had played wc3 before cataclysm, and I started watching your videos some time during Warlords. I love getting invested in a world, learning every detail I can about it and the people that inhabit it is so thrilling to me, and I couldn't have learned even a quarter of what I did without you. I consider myself at this point quite well versed on most of the lore in the game.

    Unfortunately, this expansion's story has kind of killed my enjoyment for it and I don't know if I can really enjoy it anymore. This is the first time I've ever really felt compelled to write about this on a comment section, but I really do appreciate your videos and how they helped me get into wow lore. Not unsubbing to you btw, just had to get my feelings about this expansion out for someone to read.

  41. So in the Nazjatar Alliance lost most of its army, but horde did not? or how is it possible that now Horde has bigger army even though these rebellions inside of it and even thought humans are most numberous race on Azeroth? (faction-wise, don't count Murlocs (unfortunately))

  42. Why was Sylvanas so strong agaist a warrior orc, master of battle, strong as hell and hard as iron?, duh of course he was missing pieces of his gear, he took his helm, cloak, shoulders and even chest piece off, his power was reduced, what warrior would beat a fully geared golden dragon rogue???

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