Hello everyone! Last week we covered the story of the Eastern
Plaguelands which houses Stratholme, a place that deserves its own time in the spotlight
as it played such a critical rol in the story. This city was once considered to be the jewel
of northern lordaeron, the largest city of the kingdom. It even housed a zoo! With all the different shops and places to
check out, you could easily compare it to one of the major capital cities like Orgrimmar
or even Stormwind. The regional government was centered around
this city and like I mentioned last week, it was one of the oldest and most revered
holy sites. No surprise that Archbishop Alonsus Faol decided
to have this city serve as base of operations for the paladins added to the alliance ranks
during the horde’s first invasion of Azeroth. A new order known as the Knights of the Silver
Hand. Right here in the city at Alonsus Chapel the
organisation was formed with its first members being Turalyon, Dathrohan, Gavinrad the Dire,
Tirion Fordring and Uther the Lightbringer. They made all the difference in the war against
the Horde. Their Light piercing the darkness and chasing
away the shadow, but troubled times would come to their order and the city of Stratholme. It was here where Tirion Fordring was placed
on trial for saving the life of Eitrig as Eitrig had saved his life in turn and showed
him honor. The old orc was tired of fighting, just wanted
to live out his days, but some would not let go of the events of the past. So it was that tirion was given a choice between
duty and honor and he chose his honor. Out of respect for his sacrifices and long
record of duty towards the alliance, they gave him the oppertunity for a full pardon. All he had to do was to disavow his oath to
the orc and reaffirm his commitment to the alliance. “I will remain commited to the alliance
until my dying day. OF that, have no doubt. But i cannot disavow the oath i took. To do so would be to betray everything i am
and everything we, as honorable men, hold dear…” Honor, it meant the world to Tirion so with
no other choice, Uther stripped him of his titles, his rank amongst their order, his
lands and even the right to live amongst them. His future would be to live in exile away
from his family. He accepted the punishment, but couldn’t
leave Eitrig to his fate so he snuck back into Stratholme to save the orc from the gallows. Thrall and his newly formed horde also arrived
to save their lost brother. While they fought with the cities defenders,
Tirion carried Eitrig away. Shortly after, Thrall and his forces showed
up to take Eitrig with them, leaving Tirion behind to live out his days. Stay alive and keep an eye on his family,
like his son that was accepted at the chappel into their holy order, just like his father. Another to join their ranks and probably have
the most profound impact on Stratholme that’s of course Arthas Menethil, crown prince of
Lordaeron. In the time where the plague was spreading,
he together with Jaina proudmoore, investigated what was going on. Soon enough they discovered Kel’thuzad and
his cult of the damned. Their plans of infecting the grain and not
only murdering the citizens of lordaeron, but also having them come back as the mindless
undead. “Listen Uther, there’s something about
the plague you should know…” “Oh no. We’re too late. These people have all been infected! They may look fine now, but it’s just a
matter of time before they turn into the undead!” “What?” While jaina was trying to come up with some
way of fixing this, to fight back, find a solution…Arthas bluntly and brutally stated’ “This entire city must be purged’ He thought that this was their only option
to save them, but Jaina argued that they didn’t even know how many had eaten it, how many
had taken a lethal dose or what a lethal does was yet. They knew so little and can’t just slaughter
them like animals out of their own fear. But what of those that ARE effected? Theylll kill the children all the same, they’ll
try to kill them, and spread out from here and keep on killing. Theyre going to die regardless, and when they
rise, theyll do things that in life they would never, ever have wanted to do. Wouldnt you rather die now than die from this
plague? Die a clean death as a thinking, living human
being rather than be raised as an undead to attack everyone, everything you loved in life? In all honesty, that would have been Jaina’s
personal choice, but they couldn’t make that choice for all of them. Arthas saw it differently. They needed to purge this city. It’s the only solution to stop this plague
right here, right now, dead in its tracks. They don’t have time to gather the kirin
tor and figure out a sollution. They had to act now or it would be too late. “You’ve just crossed a terrible threshold
arthas.” “Jaina?” “I’m sorry arthas i cant watch you do
this.” The thought came to him, brief and bright
and sharp; was she right? No. No, she couldn’t be. Because if she was right, then he was about
to become a mass murderer, and he knew that wasn’t who he was. His forces, those that had stayed with the
prince, backed him up. They’d rather be hacked into a thousand
pieces rather than turn into one of them undead. The ones that had risen were easy. They were the enemy; human no longer, but
vile caricatures of what they had once been in life, and smashing their skulls or slicing
their heads off was no more of a hardship than putting down a rabid beast. The others – They looked up at the armed
men, at their prince ,in first confusion and then in terror. At first, most of them didnt even reach for
weapons; they knew the tabards, knew that the men who had come to kill them were supposed
to be protecting them. They simply could not grasp why they were
dying. Pain clenched arthas’s heart at the first
one he struck down – a youth, barely out of puberty , he absently realied that his
hammer was no longer radiant with the Light. Perhaps the Light, too, grieved the dire necessity
of its actions. He thought it would get easier. It didn’t. It just got worse, but Arthas refused to yield. The men looked to him for an example; if he
wavered, they would too, and then Mal’ganis would triumph. So he kept his helm on so they would not see
his face, and he himself lit the torches that burned down the buildings full of screaming
people locked inside, and refused to let the horrible sights and sounds slow him. It was a relief when some of the citizens
of stratholme began to fight back. Then the self-defense instinct kicked in. They still did not have a chance against professional
soldiers and a trained paladin. But it mitigated that horrible sensation of
– well, as jaina had said, slaughtering them like farm animals. How long it took to slaughter every living
– and dead – person in the city, Arthas would never be able to tell. But at last it was done. Malganys still waited for him, taunting him
to follow to Northrend and that’s exactly what the prince did. Three days later, Jaina walked the streets
of what had once been a proud city, the glory of northern lordaeron. Now, it was the stuff of nightmares. The stench was almost unbearable. Fires that ought to have consumed themselves,
or have abated at least slightly from lack of fuel, continued to rage at their full height,
telling jaina that some dark magic was afoot. They lay as they had fallen, most of them
unarmed. Tears welled in jainas eyes and slipped down
her cheeks as she moved as if in a trance, carefully stepping over the bloated bodies. A soft whimper of pain escaped as she saw
that arthas and his men, in their misguided mercy, had not even spared the children. Would these bodies, lying still and stiff
in death, have risen to attack her if arthas had not slain them? Perhaps. Many of them, certainly; the grain had indeed
been distributed and consumed. But every single one? She would never know, nor would he. And of course this lead to arthas following
malganys to Northrend, pick up the cursed blade frostmourne to claim his vengeance but
also become an agent of the Lich King. While Jaina took the survivors of Lordaeron
and eventually met up with Thrall to save the world, Arthas returned home and murdered
his father. Now working for the very thing that he so
desperatly tried to fight against. The plague had only been the beginning as
the scourge washed over their lands. That’s how Stratholme turned into what we
know it as and even to this day, people are still discussing if Arthas made the right
call or not.If they had left Stratholme alone, would Lordaeron have fallen to the army of
undead marching out of its gates instead of Arthas returning home? Would the prince have made a different in
the war against Archimonde? It’s very difficult to predict how such
things would turn out. We do see in a later campaign that the kirin
tor has come up with a way of creating an aura that would only hurt the undead and not
the living. Imagine them creating such an aura around
Stratholme while evacuating its citizens. At the end of the day, not even Arthas was
certain about his choices and that doubt is reflected in the Light not fully coming to
his aid. Interesting stuff to debate about, but all
the same, Stratholme was purged while Arthas’ choices lead to a whole bunch of death and
destruction. He would merge with the Lich King and time
would play out the way that we know it. That’s why it’s interesting to see that
apperantly the infinite dragonflight wanted to stop him…for whatever reason they might
have. Their motivation is not fully explained in
detail, but what we do know is that the Infinite dragonflight is a corrupted version of the
bronze dragonflight. The guardians of time, meant to make time
flow as it’s supposed too, their corrupted counter parts have tried to mess with certain
events. For example they tried to stop Medivh from
opening the dark portal, they tried to stop Thrall from escaping Durnholde and here they’re
trying to stop Arthas from going to northrend. One possible explenation could be that without
Thrall there wouldn’t be a Horde to stand with the alliance against threats like the
old gods or the Legion. Despite the death and destruction Arthas would
bring, without his actions there wouldn’t be survivors of Lordaeron to stand with the
Horde against Archimonde. The flow of time and ripples that caus change
are hard to predict, but we know for certain that the infinites tried to stop the Prince. That’s why we teamed up with Chromie to
make sure events played out as they were supposed too. If you check out the inn you can actually
find quite a lot of fun cameos. Fras Siabi, forresten, Postmaster, even Pamelas
family is staying here for a bit until their tragic fate at Darrowshire. The infinites have made illusions to prevent
corrupted grain from being detected. We use our Arcane Disrupor to dispell it and
make sure that Arthas has plenty of reason to purge the city. Then we move in together, purging as we go. None of the undead nor infinites will stand
in our way of getting Arthas where he needs to go. An amazing chance to see this critical moment
of Warcraft 3 play out in wow. With Stratholme abandoned, the mindless undead
and fires now ruled the ones busy streets. It was a dark time for lordaeron, a time in
which amazing heroes rose up to try and make a stand. Heroes like Alexandros Mograine and his legendary
blade ‘Ashbringer’. Named for its ability to slaughter the undead
and leave nothing but ash in its wake. While the Legion was eventually defeated at
Mount Hyjal, the threat of the undead was not so easily vanquished. One day Alexandros, Dathrohan and several
others they made their way into stratholme to cleanse it, but the undead were waiting
for them. In the struggle, Dathrohan was seperated from
his comrades and fell right into the hands of the Dreadlord Balnazzar. He did not just kill Dathrohan, he took over
his body and maskt himself to infiltrate their order and manipulate it from within. This is how their organisation got infiltrated. How the scarlet crusade was pushed further
and further. He also set to work on corrupting Renault
Mograine, turning the son of Alexandros against his father. There was already a rift between them since
his father favored Darion, his youngest, and Balnazar prayed upon that darkness within
Renaults soul convincing him to betray his father in exchange for great power and prestige. So it was that Renault convinced his father
that Darion had been kidnapped by the undead and taken to Stratholme. With all haste Alexandros rode to the city
right into a trap. Countless undead were waiting for them there. Mograine kept slicing them down until countless
turned into only a few and even those few fell before the Ashbringer. The battle had been endless, Mograine was
tired and he had dropped his weapon. This was the oppertunity his son had been
waiting for as Renault appeared, picked up his fathers blade and stabbed him in the back. Alexandros was betrayed by his own blood leading
to him becoming one of the 4 horseman and his son commander of the scarlet crusade. “Invidels, they must be purified!” The organisation would claim a portion of
the fallen city meaning that it was seperating our dungeon adventure between scarlet and
undead side. Now i was planning to cover all of stratholme
into one single, but to my surprise thare’s just so much to talk about… We’ll continuie the story next week. Pick up reight where we left it. Enter stratholme and talk abotu the events
of classic, cataclysm, some of the side events that took place here. But for now thank you very much for watching
everyone. I am curious though and i even check my wc3
lets play, it was suggrested back then…I am cuious whaty you think. When it comes to the choice arthas made about
pruging stratholme. Do you believe, with the info you have now,
do you beleive he made the right call? Do you believe he had any other option but
to purge the city? Could something with the kirin tor, could
somethng have been done if they waited? Or was lordaeron doomed to begin with, i really
really would like to know. So by all means leave your thoughts, leave
your opinions in the comments down below. As for me, you could decide to subscribe if
you like my cideos. LEave a like if you enjoyed this one…and
until next time…see ya!

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  1. honestly i was always concerned with why uther didn't try to stop arthus from murdering a city of people instead he just left perhaps uther knew arthus was right and didnt want to see it for himself

  2. Uther fucked up by not guiding him toward the light when he needed it the most. Jaina fucked up by not backing Uther up and then walking away, and trying harder to talk Arthas out of the purge. And Arthas fucked up be stealing what little goodness and lives left from Stratholme and committing to those atrocities like a coward. Everybody fucked up that day. Even the Infinite Dragonflight fucked up. Everybody but the Burning Legion. They got what they wanted. But let me ask a different question. With the state of Lordaeron being what it is right now, Is Stratholme salvageable to be cleansed and rebuilt into the beautiful city it once was? Or is as lost as Gnomeregan?

  3. i think he should not have done it. he abandoned the light so easily. i think uther should have stopt him and together with the magic of the kirin tor and holy light of the paladins of the light they could have come up with a solution in time perhaps

  4. I don't believe it could have been played out in any other way. But I certainly would like to see a "what if" scenario with the Kirin Tor barrier idea, to see if the plague would get out or not

  5. It's less about "Was Arthas right or wrong?", the issue is that on that day Arthas fell. He fell far before he wielded Frostmourne, that was just the last nail in the coffin and the proof of his damnation. Whatever the fate of Lordaeron, a Prince and even more a Paladin of the Holy Light wouldn't have done what Arthas did.

  6. There were no time for the Kirin Tor. The people were already turning into undead and mal'ganis was collecting them. The city was doomed one way or another. Arthas just reduced the undead for the Scource.
    Arthas might have givin the world important time. lordaron was dommed.

  7. No, nothing could have been done about Stratholme. Lordeon was doomed from the get go. If any thing Arthas saved Ironforge and Stormwind by denying the scourge the ability to reach that far.

    However what Arthas did afterwards, his pride pushing him into a head long quest for vengeance, that destroyed him.

  8. Arthas did a horrible deed for a good reason, which doesn't make it a good thing to do. I personally would have quarentined the city make sure no one goes in or out and bring the whole power of the silver hand to put a siege on the city to prevent Mal'Ganis escape and an undead army to march out of it. at least until the Kirin Tor could develop the anti undead magic and study the plague and possibly a way to cure it. Arthas was too eager to make justice that he forgot to serve his people

  9. I've always thought that Arthas did the right thing with the purge. The light didn't abandon him because he was doing the wrong thing but because he began to doubt himself after Uther and Jaina left him. I believe that with their help they could have killed Mal'Ganis without Arthas leaving to search for the cursed blade. I believe they would have needed the plague then and there on the Eastern Kingdoms and they would have eventually gone to face a much less powerful Lich King and destroyed the scourge once and for all.

  10. Stratholme was doomed. Maybe, if they had prevented the spread of the infected grain earlier, most of the damage could've been prevented. By the time Arthas figured out the city was infected, they had maybe hours to do something. Nowhere near enough time for the Kirin Tor to do anything about it. With all that said, their best course of action would've been to destroy the bridge and barricade the remaining exits around the city to prevent any undead from leaving later.

  11. He did nothing wrong. And Uther abandoned him and the Light that day. The Light is mercy, and Uther was too full of pride to end their lives. I'm sure there is a way to end a life peacefully with the Light and he chose not to. Uther was a lesser Paladin than Arthas. Also to those thinking he had even a minute to spare are short sighted. There is no prep time for something such as this. There is no strategy to be had. If even one person turned while they were making preparations it would be over. They didn't have minutes, they had seconds. Yall are just being optimistic for the sake of seeming devout in your own selves.

  12. I think Arthas made the right call. However I think it wasn't his call to make. He was a paladin, after all. And he was not the king at that moment. He should have let his father make the call.

  13. the infinite dragonflight was one of the many story lines that was started but never finished. unfinished story lines frustrate me more than anything in the game and they do it often.

  14. Arthas did what was necessery . . . Quick death or one more city to join growing undead legions. . . . But also his first step on becoming the Lich King in future . . . Best written charachter in wow universe

  15. I don't think what Arthas did was wrong, both options the same thing would have happened. I think if he had waited, however, he wouldn't have been so corrupted and eventually become the lich king. Waiting, and having everyone there to help him he wouldn't have seen everything as a betrayal so he wouldn't have chased Malganus and turned from the light. In either case, however, everyone in Stratholm would have had to have been killed. The Kirin Tor wouldn't have gotten there in time and figure out this new undead cleansing spell before everyone turned. So, in either case, they would have had to have had a big fight and everyone would have died in either case.

  16. From what we learn during wc3, the moment you break the houses the civs start truning. so it was either kill all in the city or let everyone or almost everyone become a hostile undead solider. the damage a entire citys worth of undead could have caused is prob huge. the undead might have been abel to overrun any quarantine. Regaridng the kirin-tors barrier i belive that arthas didn't know about it and therefor didn't consider it an option, and maybe the barrier was only invented after he jonied the undead, we do not know.

    i belive that he took the neccesary call given his options, and his belief that he had a limited amount of time. it was not good but it was neccesary. sorry for bad grammer

  17. If Arthas hadn’t been so overzealous in his decision making and so reckless in his command it would have definitely allowed the alliance to band together and the hold the line to fight for the cities survival. The path Arthas decided to take immediately splintered the Alliance leaders one whether to come to the aid to the Kingdom of Lorderon and their lack of action ultimately lead to its downfall.

  18. you know… none of this would have happened if Archimonde & Kil'Jaden didn't join the Burning Legion in the 1st place!!!!

    or the Old Gods wanting to do some tentacle p0rn in the world of Azeroth.

  19. Hi Nobbel, I made a reddit post about what if Terenas just decided to exterminate the orcs? I thought it would have made a domino effect on making the Scourge not being an actual threat.

    I'd like to see your thoughts


  20. Its a matter of simple logistics at the end of the day. Gathering up the villagers, trying to discern who had eaten the grain, and isolating those who had before they turned would take time. Time, that was incredibly short as even when Arthas arrives people are already succumbing to the Plague. Which would inevitably lead to further infection and spread of undeath to the outlying regions as there would be no chance to handle every entrance and exit to the city while also trying to save as many people as possible. In that Arthas made the correct decision in exterminating the entire city, to leave no room for doubt, as well as no possibility of spreading further than the city itself. Morally, it is the incorrect decision. While realistically, it is the correct decision.

  21. every single time man… every one of your videos makes me pissed about the director of the movie… so much great story… enough for at least 6 movies each 2h and with that fanbase probably going as successful as LotR… ooooh the hate i have for this director fucking up this great chance.

  22. Waited… But waited how long? Hind sight is always 20/20, but that is why we put people in positions of power. We charge them with responsibility of making the calls that other cannot/will not.
    I believe Arthas made the best call he could, and not with malicious intent. The prince was dealt cards and he played his best hands at the time

  23. Arthas had no choice. It was NEEDED for him to become the Lich King, for his human side was needed to keep the undead in check.

  24. Stratholm: Pit of Sauron of Vanilla. Of course, With Arthas's level of education, Arthas's decision to purge the city was the best salutation because it was the knly salutiin as they didnt know if undeath was spread like the curse of the Wargen or otherwise.

    Woth Mal'ganis's main base in Northrend, it was a one time opportunity to stop rhe scourge where it stood, or be washed under it. Unfortunately, Arthas and Lordaeron were indeed washed under the Scourge; they just weren't prepared.

  25. you know whats wrong with this video? Warcraft 3 graphics!!!! But there is a reason for that…. BLIZZARD STILL DIDNT RELEASE REFORGED BETA!!

  26. Arthus made a hard choice of choosong the many over the few. It was a hard choice that every king dreads to make. So his purging of Stratholme was needed even if others disagreed.

    The mistake Arthus made was that he fled rather than accept the fall out from his actions.

  27. Yes, I do see it as possible as follows:
    – Arthus does not purge Stratholme.
    – The rapid fall of EPL and rapid corruption of any troll in the area plus any elf & human settlement that is not fortified or has spells set to protect.
    – With no Arthus level champion (Kel'Thuzad is still dead) on the scourge side, the elves (Sylvanas+Nathanos+etc) would hold the front on their end.
    – A big war in WPL, with Scholomance on the scourge side and Hearthglen and Andorhal on the Lordaeron and respectively Alterac sides. Tirisfal would be invaded, but Arthas and Jaina would hold the line.
    – By the the time Dalaran develops the anti-undead aura and applies it, the scourge finds the "secret" path into the Hinterlands where it corrupts more trolls. At this point the Horde may join the war so to protect the horde (troll) town on the coast (it's a maybe because trolls & orcs didn't yet meet as friends, but still the enemy of my enemy+enemy is still my friend). At least 1/3 of the dwarfs would join the war to protect Aerie Peak.
    – At worst, the scourge would be held in place and slowly beaten. In this case the north part of the eastern kingdoms would be drained of warriors and sue for peace with Thrall's horde, allowing them to settle in the area. Northrend would still be held by a less dominant scourge. ShadowFang Keep would be a scourge secret base with Arugal trying to play both sides, but Ner'Zhul keeping track of this.
    – At best, reinforcements arrive from Stromwind, (maybe) Gilneas, Kul'Tiras, Ironforge for the alliance, and Blackrock Mountain for the horde. The elves would link up with Dalaran and apply the anti-undead aura just about everywhere. The scourge would be handled with ease. Ner'Zhul would reinforce Arugal in order to maybe revive Kel'Thuzad as a secondary objective, and as primary objective created more undead so to make the mages maintain the anti-undead aura indefinitely. Because of this, the Lich King would have a big boost in targeting more Burning Legion to arrive/summon on Azeroth, probably at SFK. In the meantime it's either peace or war for Horde-vs-Alliance. If peace then maybe they will commit all forces to Northrend against undead trolls, nerubians, vrykul etc; If war then mostly decimate each other in northern eastern kingdoms. Either way there would be no major force to hold the line against Burning Legion demons pouring forth from ShadowFang Keep.

    World of Warcraft would still be a go…. but sadly with no Forsaken or undead Sylvanas to lead them 🙁

  28. Feelings aside, Mal'Ganis himself was in the city, so any option of a clean death was gone. It was either Arthas or Mal'Ganis who would take their lives. War vet's can tell how hard is to kill, imagine how hard was for young price and his men to kill theirs innocent compatriots, to look children's faces hear their cries and then stab them…. I also blame Uther, for leaving heavy duty to Arthas. Imo, he was, seasoned combatant, war vet, he must have known what's at stake, and yet he bitches out and leaves young prince (and prince's man) to stain their soul so hard…

  29. Great video Nobbel! I think Arthas wanted to do the right thing obviously, but he just made the wrong choice on how to do it. Culling the citizens aside from it being slaughter took a major toll on his psyche, and his soul. From there on, his commitment to stopping Mal'Ganis was all that mattered to him and leading him to Frostmourn. Whereas if he considered an alternate route like a quarantine, maybe events would have been different. As fun as it is to speculate though, Chronicles makes it clear, all the necessary parameters to Arthas' fall were in place, it was inevitable.

  30. I think the question of if Arthas did the right thing or not is a yes and a no.
    Morally, obviously not. Technically, sort of, yeah.

    From his point of view, they were all mercy kills. Everyone in Stratholme would have died and become undead anyway, so it's better to give them a clean death prematurely than let that happen.
    But then again, he didn't know who was and wasn't infected, or even if they were, how long would it take for them to turn or if it could be cured or not. So things could have gone better, but I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as the things he did after that.

  31. Arthas was right when it came to the Purge, up until he burned the Ships in Northrend and he was more fueled by hatred then anything is when he went downhill.

  32. Before i watch ill say what ice always thought; Its not that I believe Arthas didn't do anything wrong, it's more like his choices were limited from the get go.

    He knows no one would want to be a zombie, he knows the plague ia spreading fast, and he knows those people will become malganis army. He felt that he had to act. People put their dogs down to keep them from misery, people turn off life support for the same reason, he felt like his only chiice was to purge the city.

    And the sad bit is, it fucked him up. When he was in Northerend and Uther convinced the king to bring arthas home, could you imagine knowing you purged an entire city and you still didn't kill malganis? That would send you loopy, again, he had to push for frostmourne, he needed the power to win, or culling stratholme would of been for nothing.

    Man, Arthas story is my favorite, its so sad.

  33. Ultimately there's no telling what would have happened if Arthas hadn't purged. It could have worked out, or it might not have. Either way, that's where the term "morally ambiguous" comes into play here. Jaina and Uther were just as in the right as Arthas was for doing what they did, and you can't convince me otherwise

  34. i think that everything was morally ambigous in purpose but equally aceptable as a fast solution, the problema was following the demon all the way to northrend, thats when when things got fucked up, besides, uthers proudness and "betrayal" by not assisting his pupil and Jaynas abandonment of arthas as friend/support/maybelover in his most dire hour of counsel alienate this prince from his people and from himself until there was only rage, shame and the lonesome road of veangeance

  35. Yes, Arthas was absolutely in the wrong here. I know there's a lot of "Arthas did nothing wrong" comments in here, but I disagree heavily. It's entirely possible that what he did was entirely necessary, that there would have been no other choice in the end and everyone in that city would have had to die. Sometimes, in really horrible circumstances, you've only that last, ugly choice to resort to.

    The problem is that it wasn't a last resort or Arthas' final choice made when there was nothing he could do. It was his first choice. He didn't even try any other option apart from "Kill them all and let the Light sort them out". He had several paladins, one of the greatest mages in the land, a small army and the resources to get more. He could have easily marched into the city, started finding and isolating the plagued grain, inspecting everyone to find out who was sick and who could be cured, gotten Jaina to call for more mages to show up ASAP, separate the "might be infected" from the "definitely infected", anything to minimize the loss of life as much as possible. And if everyone had to die after all of that, then at least they made every effort and would know that it was truly hopeless.

    And that's the problem. No one knows how many people needed to die there, how many of them were beyond saving. Arthas decided to do something for the "greater good" of his kingdom and sacrifice a small group ostensibly to save the larger whole.

    Paladin's are meant to protect. The Light is meant to heal. Both are capable of harm but both are only suppose to do so when there's no other option. And Arthas didn't even try to find another solution. He arrogantly decided that he was right, spurred on by the pain of having been made a fool of and having lost people already, and in that moment, chose to cut away a chunk of his soul.

    Like the old saying goes, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

  36. In my Eyes, containing the Plaque in Stratholme and even eradicating it by all means nessassary (in this case the destruction of the city and all its inhabitants) is a horrific but important step to defeat the Scourge

    Until Arthas was cought in the Scheme of the Dreadlord…

    Luring him to Northrend, letting him losing his Soul to Frostmourne, Destroying Lordaeron and eventually becoming the Lich King

    The Downfall of Arthas was the worst thing that could ever happen

  37. Well the light did leave him after he started killing civillians so maybe it was the better option if he tried to call upon the power of the light to defend outside the city instead of going on a killing spree, however i still think he did the right thing.

  38. Arthas was a pawn of forces way beyond his control. Or rather, one force: The Lich King. As Kel'Thuzad would say later: "He chose you to be his champion long before the Scourge even began."

    Source: https://wow.gamepedia.com/The_Revelation_(WC3_Undead)

  39. Arthas was broken when his horse died horribly and he was responsible for it. The night before he finally grabbed Frostmourne he had a dream about bringing back Invincible, right that wrong.

  40. Arthas made the right choice in my opinion it was a hard choice to make but the city would have fallen rapidly from the inside I mean the people already started turning once he had entered. Arthas was meant to be a leader by making these hard choices that had to be done but he let his emotions get the best of him and by not being confident in his choice and letting Mal'ganis taunts get to him the event left him vulnerable to the Lich King

  41. By Arthas' authority that he used to dismiss Uther and his paladins he should have placed the city under a strict quarantine, lock it down and had Jaina set up a barrier to keep everyone inside, then while Arthas and Uther and their forces maintained the quarantine Jaina ports back to Dalaran with a sample of the infected grain so they could devise a counter measure. In the mean time Arthas explains in detail to Uther what is going on and what actions must be taken should the Kirin Tor fail to find a way to save the city. While waiting some citizens begin to turn, making it necessary to send patrols into the city to protect the panicking populous, at some point some of the men under Uthers command get injured/killed/infected and he is honor bound to see switch justice be had for his fallen comrades. This is exactly what Arthas needs to make Uther come around to his side and get his support to purge the city.

  42. Arthas did absolutely nothing wrong. Purging Stratholme was the right decision. Would you rather die instantly or slowly, knowing that you're eventually going to turn and kill your loved ones as a zombie? Even when taking Frostmourne, he was expecting it to curse him and only affect himself, so he was literally taking one for the team the entire time. After picking it up, his will wasn't his own, therefore HE didn't do bad, he did everything he could to protect his people.

  43. All 3 made bad decisions. Not even considering the people's right to decide what to do. They were given no choice. And also, everyone seems to forget, the enemy knew Arthas well. He was set up and manipulated. A good leader would have considered all options before taking action.

  44. I think he made the tough call but also that he rushed it…that is to say he chose the simplest root without exploring all his options which demonstrates the ruthlessness that would ultimately bring him to his destruction

  45. Unpopular opinion, but Arthas made a mistake.

    He didn't send out scout parties, didn't investigate how wide the plague has spread, didn't at least think of alternatives, instead he just dived head first into a brute force option. Even if the plague was on the brink of outburst (which it wasn't, there were human survivors of the purge), he could at least organize a strict quarantine with Uther and send Jaina to Dalaran and look for help. The plague was a result of magic, it was worth looking into and searching for solutions. The culling might have temporarily stopped the spread of the plague, but it also sent out the message that the future ruler was willing to sacrifice anyone, pay any price, and bend any rule to defeat the plague – if you were a citizen of Lordaeron, how would you feel about it?

    Then again, if he did all these, he would not be the Arthas we know, the champion chosen by the Lich King. So his downfall was destined, by himself.

  46. Arthas was put in an unimaginably terrible situation, and while his pride and duty as Prince played a role in his slipping, I'd say Jaina and Uther abandoning him played a bigger one.

  47. It's good that it ended up the way it did. Can you imagine what would of happened it Arthas wasn't there to stop Illidan from becoming the Lich King?

  48. Arthas did what had to be done…

    Could it have gone another way? Sure, several….

    Would any other way have had the success rate above 90% chance? Probably not…

    It was an infestation, a plague…. and humans dont like to be caged, a quarantine would never have worked, they would have broken out on principal of being imprisoned…

    Was it horrible? Yes.
    Is Arthas a monster? Sometimes.
    Was it wrong? ….it was war.
    Did he do the right thing? Im afraid so…. Though perhaps surrounding the town and explaining would have gone a long way for a large poart of the population who might have chosen their own way out, or have made it less difficult for all involved….

  49. Definitely think there was a better way to go about things, start rounding up the citizens who already felt sick and quarantine them etc. Having Uther and Jaina there would of made it easier to do so too. If only he didn’t fly off the handle and act like a brat pushing them away.

  50. Arthas purged the city of hostile mindless zombies that attacked the living on sight. How were his actions immoral?

  51. think arthas did the right thing is the TLDR
    the kirin tor barrier could have worked the problem being time tho. How long would it take for them to get it up over strathholme during that time most likely it would have spread we all know how quickly the plague works for if they would take to long it would most likely have spread by then.

  52. If balnazaar was killed in frozen throne expansion how did u infiltrate the order??
    Or in other words how does the timeline go here?
    Infiltrate first then his death and resurrection at body of the Scarlet commander or what exactly?

  53. I feel like in the beginning he thought it was the only option. Sacrificing the few for the good of the many. But i feel like the second he got suckered into making the choice to follow the Lich King, THEN it sort of became his fault. I would make a terrible leader. I would have no idea what to do in a situation like that

  54. After much thought….arthus would have become leader of the forsaken and the events of the forsaken becoming forsaken would have played out the same way with varion rejecting them from the alliance. The high elves wouldn't have been so immediately invaded, but still probably invaded. But kaelthas would have ended up being their leader if she would have lived. The HIGH elves would have still joined the horde but maybe not have become blood elves. Nerzul would have still been lich king, but I think arthas would have taken the crown of damnation, not bolivar. By then sylvanas, who still would die heroically defending silvermoon would go on to replace Arthas as leader of the forsaken. Kaelthas would eventually still go power hungry as his people, blood or high elves, would still suffer from magical addiction and join illidan and then betray illidan. The dreadlords would have held more control for a bit longer, but nerzul would make kelthuzad his chosen to lead illidan to the skull of guldan for all that to happen. Kelthuzad would be the one to merge with nerzul and then die when we kill him. I think everything would still play out the way it should except arthas would either still be lich king in bolvars place, or bolvar would still become lich king with arthas leading the forsaken with sylvanas who together with the valkyr would burn down the tree. The end.

  55. ironic how tirion was exiled for helping an orc and in the end alonsus ends up as an undead XD
    i know he isnt really a member of the horde like most undead but still 😛 karma i guess ?

  56. Arthas doubted himself and thats why he felt guilt when he purged the city. if he hadn't he wouldn't have been corrupted by evil

  57. Arthas was alreadyy bad way before he became the lich king. His delusions of grandure are so fkn obnoxius its crazy. Who is he to take the lives of a whole town just because he believes them to be infected? He didnt even give them a chance to tell him that they didnt eat from the grain, etc. Cmon now.
    Im happy he never became king.

  58. Arthas was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I think purging Stratholme was the right decision, considering how many people were infected and going to turn but rushing to Northrend was a trap and Arthas fell into it.

  59. I think culling straltholme was for the greater good, but that doesn't mean it was right, cuz regardless of if it was for the greater good, your still killing innocent civilians and you just can't do that, because it is way too inhumane.

  60. I never understand what is wrong with his decision. By logical stand point, not purging the city will result in spreading of plague which will kill more people. Those people are dead anyway.

    I will definitely do the same.

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