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The Story of Lord Voldemort: Tom Riddle Origins Explained (Re-Upload July, 2017)

My favorite villain of all time is 100% Lord Voldemort, not only that but he’s also my favorite character from the Harry Potter series I just find him so fascinating and intriguing JK Rowling the author of the series based him on some of the most evil people in human history like Adolf Hitler who he actually shares many parallels with what’s actually mentioned in my review for the entire Harry Potter series, but for now I’m just gonna talk about Voldemort and explain his entire life story Starting from his heritage all the way to his death which spans over the course of 76 years. So let’s start with his heritage He comes from the gaunt family who are the last living relatives of Salazar Slytherin himself One of the founders of Hogwarts who famously had the rare ability to speak to snakes The family was 100% pure blood over the course of their entire history Merapi Gaunt’s Voldemort’s mother was physically and mentally Abused on a regular basis by her father Marvo logan and her brother Morphing God and she was thought to be a squid because her magical abilities had not revealed themselves yet The family had a lot of gold but it was squandered several generations before Marvel was born All they owned was Salazar Slytherin’s locket and a ring. That was a gaunt family heirloom Which was actually the resurrection stone one of the Deathly Hallows Merapi was taken by a rich and handsome muggle boy named Tom Riddle who lived in the mansion up the way from their? disgusting small house Morphin shot a spell at him one day when she was admiring him while gardening is of course broke the law of what was not being allowed to use magic in front of Muggles a ministry agent came to see Morphin give him information on his hearing because he had broken that law everything went south and it turned out that the ministry agent had to call for backup and there was a duel between Morphin and his father Marvolo and the ministry officials Marvolo and Morphin Of course lost and Morphin was sentenced to three years in Azkaban and Marvolo was sentenced to six months finally freeing Merapi from her awful family without the constant abuse from her father and brother her magical abilities finally manifested and Merapi fleed the house taking nothing but slytherins locket you started giving Tom Riddle if the boy she was taken by a love potion and eventually They got married and Merapi became pregnant with the person we would later know to be Lord Voldemort because he was conceived under a love potion. He’s never able to feel or express love in his life Merapi thought that since she and Tom had spent so much time together that he might actually love her and if not that He would at least stay for the baby. So she stopped giving him the love potion The reason being that she didn’t want to enslave the love of her life anymore unfortunately She was wrong and Tom left her alone pregnant with the baby her heartbreak made her never used magic again Merapi sold slytherins lochia to Borgan the owner of borgin and Burkes which will be important later on Murphy becomes ill and she goes to an orphanage where she gave birth to Tom and died one hour later her last request being but The baby was named Tom for his father Marvolo for her father and with the surname of riddle Tom Marvolo riddle was born on December 31st 1926 as a baby he hardly cried according to the matron of the orphanage as he got older It was clear that he was the spitting image of his handsome muggle father whom he was named after He never had any family visitors and he scared the other children at the orphanage although there was never any proof that he did so he hung a kid named Billy’s bunny by the Rafters after he had an argument with Billie the day before when the kids from the orphanage were taken on a trip to the countryside Tom and two other kids named Amy and Dennis went into a cave that they found Amy and Dennis were never quite right afterwards the only information they ever got out of them was that they went into a cave with Tom and Tom swore that they just went exploring although Tom did not know he possessed magical powers his abilities with them were very Developed for his age and he used them for his own gain and to bully other people Turning I could make bad things happen to be a blue mean to me Commit them hurt Tom collected trophies by stealing things from the kids that he bullied a sort of a reward for his acts of unkindness when tom was 11 He got a visit from Albus Dumbledore at the orphanage his first ever visitor Dumbledore explains to him what he is and what Hogwarts is Tom’s immediate reaction is and I quote its magic what I can do I Knew I was different. I knew I was special During this visit we see for the first time the way he uses his charm to get what he wants he demands to know where he can get a wand like Dumbledore’s he goes from demanding to putting on his charm and Changing his face in an instant to look sincere and says, I’m sorry, sir. I meant please professor Could you show me? Now some important qualities of Tom that are revealed here include the fact that he can speak Parseltongue Meaning he can talk to snakes just like everyone on his mother’s side of the family I can speak to snakes too They find me Whisper Is that normal for someone like me? We see that as a kid he is highly sufficient Secretive and friendless he preferred to operate on his own traits. We will of course see later on when he gets older we also see that he showed contempt for anything that tied him to other people or anything that made him ordinary he wished to be Different separate and notorious an example of this is how he felt about his name You dislike the name Tom. There are a lot of Tom’s later on. Of course We know he would drop his name and give himself a new one after Dumbledore met Tom his initial thoughts on the boy were this His ability to speak to serpents did not make me nearly as uneasy as his obvious instinct for cruelty Secrecy and domination Tom came to Hogwarts and was placed in Slytherin almost the second the sorting hat hit his head while at school Tom used his charm and never showed signs of outward arrogance or aggression that he had shown Dumbledore that day in the orphanage according to Dumbledore He drew the attention and sympathy of almost all the staff as soon as he arrived because he was an unusually talented and very good-looking Orphan, he seemed polite quiet and thirsty for knowledge. I first met young mr. Riddle He was required to bid brilliant boy committed to becoming a first-rate wizard. Sure Munster existed It was buried deep within Tom was one of the top students of the school and became a prefect in his fifth year While at school tom was obsessed with his parentage and he searched for evidence that his father went to Hogwarts in Every way he could think of but didn’t find anything he of course thought it was his father That was the wizard because his mother and I quote had to come to the shameful human weakness of death This is showing the first signs that he despised death when he couldn’t find anything on his father Tom Riddle He assumed that his father wasn’t a wizard. So that’s when he dropped his name Tom Riddle and took on the name Lord Voldemort You didn’t think I was going to keep my filthy muggle father’s name. I Fashioned myself a new name a name. I knew Wizards everywhere Would one day fear to speak Baltimore is loosely translated to flight from death. Which of course is his biggest fear in life Just another brilliant idea from author JK Rowling after he found no trace of his father in the magical world He started to search for evidence of his mother side of the family and found Marvolo gaunt his grandfather whom he was named after While at school he got a group of dedicated Friends and I say friends for one of a better word because as Dumbledore stated Lord Voldemort has never had a friend nor do I believe That he ever wanted one these friends would eventually become the first generation of Death Eaters Lord Voldemort’s followers These friends were rigidly controlled by Tom and they were never detected in open wrongdoing although in their seven years of Hogwarts Marked a number of nasty incidents. They were never satisfactorily linked to after Tom finished his fifth year at Hogwarts He went on summer holiday and took a visit to the old Family gone house where Merapi grew up he found his uncle morph in Their Morphin was wearing the gaunt family ring, and he tried to attack Voldemort thinking he was Tom Riddle senior the man his sister had run off with Until Voldemort spoke in Parseltongue to him and Morphin realized he wasn’t Tom Riddle senior Voldemort asked Morphin who he was referring to and Morphin told him about the muggle family that lived in the mansion up the way and how Tom Riddle senior had abandoned his mother While pregnant with him Voldemort stupefied Morphin took his wand and went up to the riddle mansion He found his father and his mug of grandparents at the dinner table and killed them all with morphine’s wands He then returned to the gaunt house used extremely advanced magic especially for a 16-year old self to modify morph ins memory and make him think that he was the one who killed the riddles and was proud of it then he stole the ring from his uncle placed more friends wand back and Unsupervised him and left when the ministry came to the gon house Morphin bragged that he had killed the riddles Which was exactly Lord Voldemort’s plan and the ministry saw that morphine’s wand was the one that killed the family They never did any more digging into it because it looked like a closed case Morphin spent the rest of his life in Azkaban the only words he ever spoke for the rest of his life were He’ll kill me for losing the ring during his six-year voldemort starts to research Horcruxes a way to make himself immortal he goes to his favorite professor Professor Slughorn and Asks him how it works The whole crux is an object which a person has concealed out of their soul and Splits one soul and hides part of it in an objective by doing so you are protected Should you be attacked and your body destroyed protected? Part of your soul that is hidden lives on in other words. You cannot die But how does one spec’s his soul? I think you already know the answer for that dog Yes Healing rips the soul of our nation Against nature Voldemort then asks him whether it be possible to split the soul into seven pieces the most powerfully magic number during a sixth year He the heirto Slytherin opened the Chamber of Secrets The led to the death of a muggle-born girl named Myrtle. This is when he made his first Horcrux He used myrtles death to split his soul for the first time and placed that part of the soul in his diary later When he finds out the school might close because of this he gets scared and reacts by Framing Hagrid a half giant for opening the chamber and becomes a hero getting a special award for services to the school During his remaining years at Hogwarts It’s unknown exactly when but for the more it used the death of his father Tom Riddle senior To make the second Horcrux in the gone Turing he stole from Warfel during his remaining years He also talked to the Gray Lady the ghost of Ravenclaw Who also happened to be Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter and uses his charm to get the information he wants out I I had no idea. He was flattering He seemed to understand to sympathize The grey lady tells him about how she stole a diadem from her mother and hid it in a hollow tree in a forest in Albania Baltimore finish at Hogwarts with top grades and every exam he took and got many offers from Professors to set up job interviews to work in the Ministry of Magic But he refused them all the instead approached that then headmaster professor Dippet it he could remain in Hogwarts as a teacher to teach defence against the dark arts Hogwarts was the first and only place that he felt at home and he wanted to stay because he had unlocked so many secrets More than anybody had before him. He also thought it would be a useful recruiting ground to build himself an army Tippett says that he’s too young, but he should come back in a few years and then he can teach Voldemort then gets a job at a shop called borgin and Burkes in Knockturn alley, which I mentioned earlier this is a decision that many people thought was a waste of his many talents while there his job was to use his charm to Make people part with their treasures for sale, and he was very gifted at it one lady He visited very often who’s named Hepzibah Smith. He uses his charm to get on her good side by bringing her flowers Kissing her hand and just being overall handsome and man early making this hideous woman feel beautiful She shows him two artifacts that she’s most proud of which are two of the four heirlooms of the four founders of Hogwarts The Hufflepuff cup which he inherited because she was a descendant of Hufflepuff and the locket of Salazar Slytherin Which she bought from Borgen Borgan had of course acquired this from Voldemort’s own mother once she sold it to him while she was pregnant With Voldemort, which I mentioned earlier Voldemort leaves and returns two days later He takes the cup in the locket kills Hepzibah Smith and makes his third Horcrux in hufflepuff’s cup Once again, we see how he takes trophies for his wrongdoings just as he did when he was at the orphanage he then modifies the memory of hepzibah’s house-elf to make her think that she accidentally poisoned her master and Again, it looked like a closed case So the ministry never investigated it further until they realized that the cup and locket were gone by the time they realized this. However Voldemort had resigned from his job at borgin and Burkes and had vanished and would not return for ten years during these ten years He continues to find make and hide these Horcruxes To make the locket Horcrux. He kills a muggle Tramp He then goes to the Albanian Forest where the grey lady had told him the lost diadem of Ravenclaw lay he found it in the hollow tree just as she said He then killed an Albanian peasant to make his fifth Horcrux in the diadem. He starts to find hiding places for the five Horcruxes He’s made so far. He gives a diary to his loyal follower Lucius Malfoy with the instructions that one day He will send it to Hogwarts and the part of the soul of Voldemort that lives in it will open the Chamber of Secrets Again, which I will discuss later on this Horcrux was sort of a throwaway one for Lord Voldemort used less as a safeguard but more as a weapon he hid the ring in the gone house where his mother Uncle and grandfather had lived in the exact place that he had stolen it in the first place He used magical enchantments to conceal it. He gave the cup to Bellatrix Lestrange Another one of his loyal followers and told her to put it in her highly secure vault at Gringotts guarded by a dragon He put the locket in the cave He visited while at the orphanage and made the kids Amy and Dennis never the same to hide the fifth and final Horcrux He’s made so far the diadem He finally comes out of hiding and uses his visit to Hogwarts to meet with Dumbledore To his advantage he meets with Dumbledore to discuss the job position that the headmaster Dippet had promised him years ago His appearance after his 10 years of vanish mint is described as follows He was no longer the handsome Tom Riddle It was as though his features had been burned and blurred they were waxy and oddly Distorted and the whites of his eyes now had a permanently bloody look and his face was as pale as the snow Dumbledore refuses to give him the job position that he was promised and Voldemort puts a curse on the job making it impossible for one Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher To stay for more than one school year He then goes to the Room of Requirement a secret room that opens and becomes whatever you need it to be what he needed was a place to hide something and there are mountains and mountains of things that people have had to over the many years that the castle Existed for the more hides to die them in their thinking that nobody would be able to find it over the next 15 years Voldemort goes on to recruit Giants Dementors and more of his followers Death Eaters and becomes the most powerful Magical tyrant the world has ever seen people are afraid to say his name and cower in fear at the mention of them Do not speak his name He kills hundreds of people and takes over the magical world spending fear and chaos all over it Seems as though nothing can stop them. Not even Dumbledore’s alliance the order of the Phoenix that is until he is told of a prophecy by one of his Death Eaters Severus Snape The prophecy states as follows the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches born to those who have thrice defied him Born as the seventh month dies and the Dark Lord will Markham as his equal? But he will have power the Dark Lord knows not and either must die at the hand of the other For neither can live while the other survives This prophecy. He realizes matches a baby boy named Harry Potter He decides to take care of this problem and his only threat by finishing the one year old boy off Voldemort not knowing that by doing this he would mark Harry as his equal just as the prophecy said thereby setting the prophecy in stone Harry’s mother jumped in between Harry and Voldemort and died saving her son this foot of protection on Harry through the power of love So when Voldemort went to kill Harry the protection his mother had just given him by sacrificing herself made the killing curse rebound and hid Voldemort which should have killed him but didn’t because his soul still lived on in several of the Horcruxes he had already made when the curse rebounded a part of Voldemort’s soul latched Itself onto Harry making Harry the Horcrux Voldemort. Never meant to make a part of Voldemort’s soul That stirred cylinder the only living thing it could find Harry himself Voldemort was barely alive. Just a part of a soul clinging to life some say he died Cause wallop in my opinion Nope, I reckon he’s out there still Too tired and carry on the only power. He still possessed was to latch on to others bodies He fled to the Albanian forests where he had found the lost diadem and jumped from animal to animal. His preference being snakes But it killed the animals quickly after 10 years of this suffering a man that worked at Hogwarts Professor Quirrell Came across Voldemort in the forest while researching and allowed Voldemort to latch on to him he wore a turban to cover Voldemort’s face on the back of his head and drank unicorn blood to keep his master alive their eventual goal was to get the sorcerer a stone and drink its elixir of life to get Voldemort back to his full strength once Again, he was stopped by the boy He marked as his equal ten years before this Harry Potter The protection Harry’s mother gave him allowed him to kill Quirrell and forced Lord Voldemort to leave his body Voldemort then fled back to the Albanian forest again a few months later the diary the first Horcrux He made was still in Lucy as Malfoy Possession until he put it in a cauldron of a girl named Ginny Weasley along with her other schoolbooks Assuring that it would make its way to Hogwarts this set in stone The plan that Voldemort had all along to reopen the Chamber of Secrets the part of Voldemort’s soul who lived in the diary Possessed Ginny Weasley and made her open the chamber why? because I Find I can be very Persuasive he then captured her and was using her to make himself permanently brought back to life But was again stopped by Harry Potter who destroyed the Horcrux with the Fang from the basilisk the monster known to the Chamber of Secrets Thereby destroying the first Horcrux one year later one of his followers Peter Pettigrew Otherwise known as Wormtail found Voldemort in the Albanian forest with the help of rats Voldemort old Wormtail how to make a temporary body with the help of spells a little more created himself his Nique Nagini and her snake venom along with the potion with a unicorn blood this gave him a very temporary and weak body But it was enough to carry out the plans to get his permanent body worm cell then brought him a ministry agent named Bertha Jorkins Who Voldemort tortured to get information out of her and then killed her and used her death to make his final? Horcrux in his snake Nagini in total his soul was split in eight pieces himself, of course the diary to ring the cup the locket the Diadem Harry which he still didn’t know about and they Guinea however at this point the diary is destroyed So there are only seven left anyway, Bertha tells him about the Triwizard Tournament as he tortures her that’s going to take place at Hogwarts and informs him about one of His most loyal followers who was in hiding and is still alive even though everyone else thinks him dead Barty Crouch jr Voldemort reaches out to him and they devised a plan to disguise Crouch jr As Professor mad-eye Moody and he hoodwinked the tournament to force Harry to play in it and Crouch jr Makes sure that he wins to win. You must touch the cup first which Crouch jr Had turned into a portkey that when Harry touches it it would lead him right to the riddle mansion This is where Voldemort gets a full and permanent body with a concoction made from three ingredients a bone from his father They took from his grave to last given by a servant which was worm tails own hands And finally blood of a foe Voldemort wanted it to be Harry’s blood so that the magical protection his mother gave to him wouldn’t work anymore Because Harry’s blood would then be in his system canceling out the protection Voldemort can now touch Harry without getting hurt or dying Voldemort’s new appearance was described as whiter than a skull with wide Livid scarlet eyes and a nose that was as flat as a snake’s with slits for nostrils He tried to kill Harry but was stopped by the most recent victims of his killing curse Including Harry’s parents coming out of his wand because of something called priori encantar ‘dom Harry escapes and informs the Ministry of Voldemort’s return But no one believes him Voldemort takes advantage of this from ministry to build his army again Recruit Giants and Dementors and other magical beings and also break out locked up Death Eaters in Azkaban, finally He reveals himself one year later. And this is the start of the second Wizarding war Voldemort Once again spreads chaos and fear and eventually takes over the Ministry of Magic He also takes over Hogwarts after the planned death of Albus Dumbledore reinstating Snape as headmaster Along with the Carrows who were siblings that were also Death Eaters Voldemort finds out through torturing the wand maker Ollivander that he and Harry’s wands are brothers because they share a tail feather from the same Phoenix Which is why he hasn’t been able to kill Harry he decides to go after the most powerful wand in the world the Elder Wand one of the Deathly Hallows he eventually finds out that it was last in Dumbledore’s possession and is buried with him now he goes to Dumbledore’s grave and gets the Elder Wand and thinks he is even more unstoppable than he was somewhere around this time He conceived a child with Bellatrix Lestrange and his daughter Delphine II was born in the mid to late 1998 before the Battle of Hogwarts which I’ll talk about in a minute Voldemort finds out that the cup from Milla Strange’s volt is Gone, and he kills everyone in the room He goes to check the other Horcrux hiding spots including the gone house where the ring is gone And he assumes is destroyed then the cave and the locket is also gone and he again assumes it was destroyed There are only three Horcrux is left that he knows of the diadem Nagini and the Cup one of them isn’t safe Because Harry already has it the cup that he just stole he decides the Nagini is never leaving his side again I need to keep you safe. He then gets word that Harry’s and hogs meet the village right next to Hogwarts So he takes his entire army to Hogwarts and the Battle of Hogwarts takes place during this battle Hufflepuff cup is destroyed and the diadem is destroyed as well there are only two Horcrux is left Harry what she still does not know about and Nagini after many hours of battle Voldemort tells his forces to retreat and Asks, that Harry meet him in the forest to face his destiny Harry obeys and comes to the forest and Voldemort kills him There by killing the Horcrux, he never knew he made inside Harry through some extreme measures Harry comes back Which Voldemort does not know as he shows Harry supposed dead body to his friends and family Neville Longbottom One of Harry’s friends and allies steps forward and kills the snake with Godric Gryffindor sword Destroying the last Horcrux finally making Voldemort vulnerable to death after Neville Does this the fight begins again and in the chaos Harry gets up and it faces Voldemort for their final confrontation Which finally leads to the death of Lord Voldemort? Otherwise known as Tom Riddle who died on May 2nd 1998 because of the damage he did to his soul by splitting in so many pieces he was unable to move on or to live As a ghost his soul was forever in limbo. Thank you so much for watching guys You can follow me on social media links for that will be down below if you liked this video Make sure you press that subscribe button to help grow the channel I want to give a huge shout out to all my parents listed below if you want to be featured on the next video plus Get a bunch of other rewards check out my patreon again Thank you so much for watching and look out for more great videos on the way

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