(KuroKy talking) What are the qualities that make a good leader? Perseverance. Dedication. Intelligence. The will to be nothing less than the best. Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi Takhasomi has all
of these qualities and more. He dreamed of being the best, of hoisting
the Aegis of Champions at The International. Not for money, not for glory, but for the
thrill of competition, to satisfy his desire to lead a team to the top and win. But there always seemed to be something missing,
something not quite right: the timing, his confidence, his team. He always had it in him, the potential to
be a true leader, a great player, a TI champion. But the journey was far from easy. This is his story. KuroKy was born in Iran, but grew up in Berlin,
Germany. A medical condition kept him from being an
active child, and as a result he gained a love of video games. Once he discovered Dota, he was fully drawn
in, and, possessed by a fierce competitive spirit. By his mid teens he was already a tremendously
talented player. In 2008, still just 16 years old, KuroKy would
join mousesports, and his Dota career began in earnest. He was a deadly and versatile core with a
strong mind for the game, renowned for his Mirana and Morphling, able to play both the
hard carry and mid lane role. With Kuro, Mouz became one of the teams to
beat in the world, and that year he won the prestigious GosuGamers “Carry of the Year”
by more than half the vote. With success and recognition fueling his dream
to be the best, Kuro found a kindred spirit in Clement “Puppey” Ivaonov, who helped
him take the next step. The two first met when Puppey acted as a standin
on mousesports, and they formed a fast friendship. In fact, Kuro was “overwhelmed” by how
similar his and Puppey’s goals were, as well as their way of thinking about the game. Together they resolved to create a new team. The result was Kingsurf.International, who
made their debut at the DotA-League Masters 2009. Despite one of their players, Vigoss, being
unable to sort out his visa in time for the tournament, Puppey and KuroKy’s faith in
each other was unwavering, and Kingsurf won the event over Meet Your Makers. Kingsurf.Int continued to develop into one
of the best teams in Europe, and with Puppey as their leader and KuroKy as the right-hand
man, they posted strong results across a number of tournaments in 2009. But by the final months of 2009, KuroKy’s
motivation was slipping. He decided he needed a change, and so he joined
Meet Your Makers, where he took on a leadership role in his own right. At first, the change was fantastic: MYM were
a dominant force in the scene, and KuroKy was once again motivated to win. However, just a few months later, a very poor
result at SMM 2009 shattered KuroKy’s newfound confidence. He realized he was not yet ready to lead
a team on his own, and thus joined Puppey’s new squad. For the next year or so the team was a serious contender, but the results were not good enough for Puppey, who wanted nothing short of perfection. So when Natus Vincere contacted Puppey in
mid-2011 to join their team, KuroKy was confronted with a difficult decision. He knew that if he asked Puppey to stay he
would, but he also knew he could not hold him back from the opportunity. Puppey asked KuroKy to keep playing without
him, but secretly KuroKy was planning on disappearing from the scene. But, when he contacted the other members of
the team, they wanted to carry on with KuroKy as their new captain. With renewed dedication, he led them into
the Dota 2 age and The International 2011. But there, they did not win a single match. For the next six months, KuroKy largely stayed
away from the scene, occasionally playing here or there. However, his desire to win a TI and his passion
for competition slowly brought him back. He played for Virtus.pro as the team attempted
to qualify for The International 2012, but they failed to make it to the event. However, KuroKy was given a second chance:
mousesports’ ComeWithMe was unable to attend TI2, and KuroKy was asked to stand in at support. He accepted. While Mouz would finish in last place at TI2,
the chance to play at TI once again reignited KuroKy’s drive to play. KuroKy would wind up sticking with mousesports
for the rest of the year, his mind for the game and flexibility proving valuable as he
played a number of roles. Despite mousesports rarely making it out of
group stages, KuroKy was back in full swing and regaining his confidence. Over on Na`Vi, two slots had opened up following
the departure of LightofHeaven and ARS-ART. Puppey offered KuroKy the chance to play support
for Na`Vi — he accepted, reconnecting with his partner in crime after more than a year. With his friend leading him once again, his
skills put to good use on an elite team and his drive to win returned. KuroKy on Na`Vi
had a resurgence in 2013. A few months after adding KuroKy, Na`Vi were
firing on all cylinders. With Puppey’s leadership and drafting supplemented
by KuroKy’s knowledge, Na`Vi were widely considered to be a serious contender at TI3. For the first time in three years, Kuroky
had a real shot at achieving Dota 2 glory. Na`Vi made the most of the opportunity. (Commentators Casting) Na`Vi tore through the event, fighting their
way into the grand finals and a showdown with their biggest rival, Alliance. (Commentators Casting) With all ten players playing at their peak
level, it was one of the greatest series of Dota ever played. (Commentators Casting) So close, and yet so far. KuroKy had been just one game away from fulfilling
his dream, but in a devastating Game 5, he and Na`Vi fell just short. Despite the Aegis of Champions remaining elusive, it was clear KuroKy’s pro Dota career had reached new heights. He gave his share of Na`Vi’s 632 thousand
dollar prize winnings to his parents. (KuroKy talking) But for KuroKy, it never was really about the money. (KuroKy talking) And for many years, he studied psychology in addition to playing competitively. Na`Vi stuck together, and closed out 2013
winning five tournaments. They continued their strong form for the first
few months of 2014, but by March, cracks were beginning to show. Na`Vi’s play suffered, and their results
dipped sharply. By the time TI4 rolled around, an early exit
at 7-8th place was not a surprise, even for KuroKy. (KuroKy talking) After two years on Na`Vi, it was time for
a change. However, KuroKy wanted to remain with Puppey,
and so he joined him at his new project, a player-founded org which would be called Team
Secret. As part of the new roster, KuroKy returned
to the carry role, proving his skills were not rusty in the slightest. (Commentators Casting) However, while Secret posted solid results
right off the bat, Puppey’s desire for perfection would cause rifts in the team. Fly left the team, followed by n0tail, to
eventually be replaced by Evil Geniuses’ Arteezy and Zai. The move pushed KuroKy back into the support
role, but the results would prove to be well worth the sacrifice. After a rocky start at both DAC 2015 and StarLadder
StarSeries Season 12, Secret would go on to win four of the five events they attended
leading up to TI5, marking them as a clear favorite to win the Aegis. The team was skilled, smart, and had momentum. This time, surely, KuroKy would be victorious. (Commentators Casting) The fallout was inevitable, with many pointing
fingers at KuroKy, especially Arteezy. (Talking) KuroKy shouldered some of the blame, especially
for his play at TI5, but also stated he was the scapegoat for the team’s failure. With both sides digging in their heels, a
split was unavoidable. Arteezy left to return to Evil Geniuses, and
KuroKy decided it was time to move on. While there was no bad blood between Puppey
and KuroKy, it was the opportunity for KuroKy to build something of his own and take another
shot at leadership. This time, KuroKy was finally ready. He led his team with a firm belief in the mental aspect of the game. (KuroKy talking) In essence, KuroKy had shifted focus from
being the “core” of his team’s gameplay to a different sort of core. (KuroKy talking) An emotional
and strategic bedrock upon which his team could rely. (KuroKy talking) With these philosophies in hand, KuroKy set
about building his new team, dubbed 5Jungz. He sought out young players with tremendous
talent. He selected: FATA-, MATUMBAMAN, JerAx and MinD_ContRoL,
and forged ahead in making his new hand-picked squad a contender. Even after being picked up by Team Liquid,
KuroKy and Co. posted a mixed bag of results for the remainder of 2015. (KuroKy talking) By early 2016 KuroKy’s dedication and patience
was starting to show dividends. It all finally came together in March, where
the team put on a sensational performance at The Shanghai Major, culminating in a showdown
against Puppey’s new-look Team Secret. (Commentators Casting) In just six months, KuroKy had led a brand
new squad to challenge his old friend’s super-star roster in the Grand Finals of a Major. While the end result was disappointing, it
was validation for KuroKy’s leadership style, effort and decision to split from Puppey and
create something of his own. Liquid kept at it, becoming an elite force
in the European scene. KuroKy was learning more and more about being
a captain and a leader as the players under him grew more and more experienced and comfortable with his new system. Wins at EPICENTER 2016 and 2nd place at the
Manila Major were the rewards for their efforts. Finally, it was time to face TI6. While a few of the players had never before
played on Dota 2’s biggest stage, KuroKy and Liquid were still confident they could
make a splash. Things however, did not go according to plan. (Commentators Casting) Clearly, something still was not quite right. KuroKy had learned much in his first year
as a full captain, but the Aegis was once again out of reach. He did not give up: Liquid was his team,
his players — they needed him to keep going, keep teaching them. He knew they could get there. But first, a roster change was in order — FATA-
decided to step away from the scene for a while and JerAx left for OG. In a blockbuster move, Liquid picked up one
of the hottest players in the scene… Miracle-. A few months later, GH- was brought in as
the final piece of the puzzle. With the new roster in place, KuroKy had everything
he needed to finally reach the top. (Talking) Liquid surged to the top of the pack, and
they began to win. A lot. KuroKy received heaps of praise for his steadfast
leadership, drafting savvy and relentless work ethic as Liquid racked up the hardware. (Nazgul talking) With such a dynamic and skilled team, he was not
going to let this chance slip away. And then, it was time. The International 2017 — everything KuroKy
had done in the past two years, everything he had learned and worked for had lead him here. In the group stage, Liquid looked unstoppable. (Commentators Casting) But then, their confidence got to them. (Commentators Casting) KuroKy was not pleased — but Liquid had
another shot. They were staring down the long, difficult
road of the lower bracket. KuroKy did not allow his team to misstep again. (Commentators Casting) The last time he was here, KuroKy had had
his dream ripped away from him. This time however, destiny called. This time was the right time. (Commentators Casting) KuroKy was once again one game away. But even though he had it all in his hands,
he would not allow his team to lose focus. He knew the job was not done. (Commentators Casting) After seven years of struggle, ups and downs,
shattered confidence and roster rebuilds, KuroKy had led a team to glory. He had finally succeeded. He had won The International. Today, KuroKy and Liquid are still working and still winning. Having achieved his dream, KuroKy has now set
his sights on repeating as a TI champion. He’s one of only three players to attend every TI. He’s won the most money of any esports player
ever, but like we learned before, for KuroKy it’s not about the money. There’s a reason after all these years,
all the heartbreak and all the struggles, he’s kept going. Still, as it’s always been, it’s about
the thrill of victory, the love of competition and the joy of leading a band of brothers forward. Perseverance. Dedication. Intelligence. The will to be nothing but the best. These are what define a true leader. These are what define a Dota legend. These are what define KuroKy.

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  1. Teams are shattering after winning the most prestigious event or losing. Liquid has kept their consistency even after achieving everything that players could possibly wish to achieve in Dota, why? Because everyone in the organization treats each other with respect stemming from the players, coach and the staff. A team that loses respect for their captain is deemed to fall. Heads off to Kuro for being the BEST.

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