hey guys and welcome to the first episode of a series I personally am super super excited for and that is the sims for Doki Doki literature club theme I have been scouring the internet for all different custom content in order to make these girls properly as well as brainstorming ideas on how to shape the series and what I should do in it and it has all come down to this video so first I'm gonna start off with making these girls and trying to make them as cute as possible and first up of course is ma Girl say Ori and we don't actually know her last name what if I can fit don't keep Doki no I can't say so you are you Doki Doki and she of course is gonna be a team all right and here we go all right and here is say worry my goodness her hair is giving me such problems I googled what hair color say or II was cuz I thought it was like a brownish and then I saw a lot of other people making her with like pink hair but a lot of people picked like really pink hair that looks like Natsuki so I looked it up and it looks like she has strawberry blonde hair people are saying and that's my dilemma this is the most strawberry blonde ish color I could find it's it's lighter than I would like but really the only other suggestions are this which is pink and looks like that Sookie this like darker pink that doesn't really look like her hair at all the one I picked or Browns like this that don't really have any pink tint so let me know what you guys think but I think this one is probably gonna be the closest one it just I wish it was a little darker but I found her perfect bow I tried to give her giant anime eyes and cute eyelashes and very like neutral makeup and then I compiled this outfit I downloaded this little bow tie this was a normal simchart and then I had the skirt from yandere simulator and I couldn't find blue and white shoes but I found these black and white ones I think she came out super super adorable ah another alright aspirations actually know what I think all of their aspirations should be love soulmate cuz I mean it was centered around a dating simulator and they all end up falling in love with the main character and her traits she's gonna be gloomy cuz she does have depression oh man I wish I had a third trait but I forgot cuz they're teens I can't and she's super clumsy woah can kouya yay series done moving on next up I'm gonna make Yuri I'm so excited to make her I mean I'm excited to make all of them Who am I kidding all right and here is Yuri I learned how to recolor hair just for her there was uh as you can see it's a little blood gene which kind of goes with this series but I'll try to fix it it's good enough for my first time recoloring hair but there was no dark purple color long straight hair that went with her so I recolored this so that it would be more like her and I'll try to fix it up a little bit more but I made her taller and she is more of like a womanly figure compared to the other girls who were a little younger and yeah I love her by the way if you're wondering if I'm making their at-home outfits I am but I'll do that after I create all four of them also after I learned how to recolor hair I did it for salary too let's see how it looks it's a little bit better maybe I'll try to work on that a bit more too but I made it darker this is mine this is theirs mine definitely Wow mine matches a lot better actually so let's leave that for now and we got Yuri so he shouldn't be that tall make sure your is the tallest and there we go Yuri's aspiration like I said is gonna be soul mate she's going to be a bookworm huh and I'd say loner but because she's in the literature club I think she kind of wants to make some friends and not be totally alone I might do snob because she likes to critique people's work yeah I think that venture flaw they didn't have any other traits that I think fit her either snob or loner she's kind of just like dark and mysterious but she is kind of snobby with her being like the better of all of them with writing alright moving on next up is Natsuki of course I'm so excited to make her feel like I've been saying that for every single one all right here is nuts Sookie she looks so cute I made her really short and her frame is really small and more of like an athletic body type so I tried to do that the only Brett I could find for her hair was this thing so I'll leave it in for now but hopefully I can try to either find or somebody could send me a better barrette or ribbon to put in her hair is either that or the bow but the bowl looks really weird on her I actually recolored this hair myself because none of them were her exact color and a lot of them had hair pieces so I took that off and recolored it this being able to recolor a thing is really coming in handy and yeah he is she's so cute look how little she looks at the bottom lip cotter URIs so tall and then actually you know what I think this is like way too short let's make her like here as long as she's still shorter than sorry okay she's still shorter there we go you can see like half her head okay oh and I had filled these in just to save her real quickly while I was trying to find custom content but I will fill them out correctly now so of course it's gonna be soul mate just like the other girls I'm gonna say she's hot-headed she was for sure cuz she's kind of brash and blunt but it's mainly because she's insecure about her tiny size and people not taking her seriously yah firm and I was gonna do childish but she's not really childish she just likes cute things but she does love to bake so I'm gonna put foodie and yeah she so kiya hoots I mean no she's not cute you didn't hear that not Sookie you're not cute you're you're mature and beautiful all right and the next character is of course Monica and here we go all right and here is Monica she's super cute I ended up changing all of their eyes to these eyes because I thought they looked more anime like so say where his eyes are the same now so our URIs and of course not Sookie's I think they just look a little bit more anime like I just didn't know how they'd look with the eyelashes but then when I did it for Monika looks good and I kept it and I also need to try and find a better bow I had another hair that had a little slightly nicer ponytail that would probably go with her a little bit more however this one had a better color that matched her hair and it had the little flyaways in the front so I decided to pick this one but yeah I gotta find a better bow so that it sits like on her her ponytail instead of on the top of her head alright and of course Monica's is gonna be soul mate – oh this is gonna be hard so she is seen as being smart beautiful competent and athletic so because she's smart beautiful confident and athletic and she kind of sort of wants everything to revolve around her just Monica I'm gonna say she's pretty self-assured and I'm stuck between her last trait because I don't know if I should do me started me will just kind of mean we're evil or jealous I guess jealous I don't want to spoil it too much but because of what happens in like the second or the last little bit of the game once you complete everything and Monica's deleted it seems like she's not really evil it just kind of happened to her so I'm gonna say jealous and that's gonna be it for now I do intend to add the protagonist however I don't want to add him right away because I want them to get to know each other and start the literature Club before say Ori invites him just like in the game and I will describe the rest of the rules and guidelines of this series after I show you where they'll be living which is where we're gonna go now alright so there's gonna be two main locations and we're gonna see how this works otherwise if I change it up the first is the high school which yes the title is Japanese high school that's what I've searched for the community and I came up with this one Thank You akward J zero three and here it is I thought about using the academia high school lot that I used in my yandere simulator series but I wanted to change it up try something new so I found this one I haven't really modified it at all yet but these are the classrooms and we're gonna use 1 as the doki-doki literature club classroom of course and actually we're going to private one of these rooms with a club only door but we have to wait until we get some Club points to do that so yeah this is the second floor all classrooms and then the first floor more classrooms and it's labeled as a library so random Sims will be coming and going which is perfect I made it a teen neighborhood so that more teens would come it's a good spot to get better grades and there's a romantic aura and yeah this is where I'm going to try and send them every day because the Sims go to school mod no longer works I know sad if you guys ever see an update that it works now with the cats and dogs updates let me know but for the past couple of months it has not worked so this is how we're gonna have to do things and then the second location is this plot which I'm super excited about it's five houses in one plot and this was found in the gallery – Thank You Becky burg Kulik Kovas I'm probably butchering your last name but that was amazing however there's no furniture so I have to fix that I'm gonna bring you guys so here are the five houses it looks like a little neighborhood which is really cool I've decided to make this house a raised house and then this house the protagonist's house at their next-door neighbors and then these three are gonna be the three other girls houses and I accidentally started setting up say Rory's room without recording sorry guys this is what I got from looking at her cutscene photos I even added that like green chicken duck thing she has in the background but I couldn't put it on the window ledge so I put it up here and then I don't have a cow plushie so this was the only white plushie I could find she's got like a yellow bedspread so this bed match and she's got her desk over here it looks like and the dresser and some cabinet space and books it also looks like she has a rug I can't tell what color say Rory's rug is so this I'm just giving her a rug there we go put some more laundry because they say that her room is a mess in the game okay let's change up the colors there we go gave her some lights and cool that's the only room that we know what it looks like in the game so I'm just gonna fill out the rest right now hang tight all right and here is say orys house I literally took rooms off the gallery to try and just like fill it out and it's kind of got a lot of empty space but you know what I'll fix that up later the main point was her room that Sookie's house is next and because they don't show it in the game I get to have a little bit of fun of what her room might look like all right so I decided to speed up and just do everything because it took so long and I don't want to break in between to explain everything so I'm just gonna quickly go over what I made and of course this is not Sookie's room and I made it super cute just like her tastes even though she gets mad when people say she's cute she's definitely she deftly has a cute room and then downstairs uh nothing really too special except I added her a cupcake machine and by the way the whole downstairs areas I pretty much just took from the room gallery like the pre-made rooms that are in the sims because otherwise it would take me so long so yeah this is nuts Sookie's house and then if you come over here this is Yuri's house everything's very like Zen there's not really a TV down here I picked this door because it's purple and then upstairs everything is a black and purple cuz I feel like she's a very dark personality in a dark room not in a bad sense dark but just you know kind of gothic and mysterious and of course I gave her tons and tons of books and this is her little desk and yeah I really like her room she's even got a little balcony and then she's got this like dark and mysterious bathroom that I took off of the pre-made rooms and then Monica's house is actually kind of my favorite I had a little bit of fun with it look so I tried to make it look super glitchy so she's got like the industrial floors she's got this like glitchy looking carpet all over the place to make it look like her house is glitching the walls are like this confetti that kind of looks like glitch pixels and then I just did red and black as the colors because she's kind of you know dark and a little bit murderous just just a little bit and her bathroom super high-tech because you know computers glitches yeah then upstairs it continues it's all the same it's all glitched out it's got the glitched walls and then she's got this red and black bathroom she's got this super high-tech computer setup and the evil chair and yeah those are the houses this is gonna be really interesting trying to have all different houses on one lot and then this is the protagonists house which I'm going to wait and set up once I decide to add him so yeah when I add the protagonist then you guys can look forward to this house plus I don't really want they to be anything in here because I don't want the girls to constantly be trying to want to go to this house even though I'm gonna lock the door but yeah each house I'm pretty much gonna lock the doors for except for the character that they're for so they can all kind of have their own living space like that Sookie's is missing something I don't know another rug sure I'm not very good at designing houses unless they're like crazy like this but yeah who knows maybe I'll spruce them up or something as the series continues but the main focus of each house anyway was their rooms I mean say worries I just copied from the photo and then not Sookie's I just made cute Gary's is dark and purple and mysterious and then Monica's is a glitched out mess that's pretty much the setup for the sims for doki-doki literature club there's all the girls in there five house plot over here in the school so if you guys have any suggestions about things I should make sure I do in the series or challenge rules let me know in the comments below pretty much I'm just thinking that I'm going to start the club with these girls get everything set up for the first episode or two and then I'm going to add the protagonist and they're each gonna try and get his love while also trying to recruit new people for the literature Club that was pretty much the storyline I think I'm gonna follow then of course maybe toward the end of the series I can start with the Monica going on a just Monica spree like in the game but I can't do that right in the beginning or else there won't really be a series if I just try to get rid of everybody right away but as always guys if you made it this far in the video make sure to leave a like before you go especially if you are excited about this new series I am subscribe if you new the channel so you don't miss an episode I put our new videos every single day and as always I will see you guys soon I imagine a future where I can be with you

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  1. Natsuki doesn't have a cute room…. in a mod she only had a bed, and the walls was all white because her dad abuses her

    Edit: Omg thanks for one like! Oh, that was mine
    Edit 2: I need the 5 house in one ground ๐Ÿ™

  2. I- uh- I'm not trying to be mean, Lauren… But, technically, Monika wasn't evil. She became self-aware. Sorry TwT


  4. Am I the only one that doesnโ€™t think Sayori has pink hair? Iโ€™ve always thought she had really light brown hair with a little pink tint. Anyways I think Lauren did a great job on all of the girls! Whoโ€™s your guys favorite girl? Mine is Sayori.

  5. this is sayori she's depressed
    this is Yuri
    this is Monika
    this is Natsuki

  6. I just realize that there's a huge chance for me to be gay, since I just finded The Sims 4 very entertaining, and after youtubing for a while, I just find girls making videos of this….

  7. Yuri is the one you should be scared of, not Monika. Watch Mat pat's videos of him on his gaming channel (The game theorists) about DDLC where he really explains the hidden secrets of DDLC

  8. Just saying… it's pronounced "Natski" Like the 'U' isint there. Natski. Not Natsuki.

    Just letting you know

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