this week join me as I investigate the most controversial premise of The Da Vinci Code did Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene really have a child and can their bloodline be traced to an ancient line of French royalty called the Merovingians to unravel the truth from the myths and legends surrounding Dan Brown's amazing story I'll examine da Vinci's master words explore caves where the Dead Sea scrolls were found and extract DNA lemare avenge Ian Queen my goal to see if the genetic code of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene can actually be traced we're digging for the truth and we're going to extremes to do it I think this ropes about to break The Da Vinci Code is a global phenomenon a best-selling book and a major Hollywood production one aspect of the story which is captured the world's imagination is that the Holy Grail is not a cup use the Last Supper but a person named Mary Magdalene the descendants of Jesus and Mary they still be walking the streets today hi I'm Josh Bernstein i from here to Europe to try to separate fact from fiction this exciting story if a bloodline from Jesus does exist then I'm determined to see if DNA science can be used to track it down but first I need some background on this fascinating story the opening scene of The Da Vinci Code is set in Paris France and that's a good place to start my investigation this is the Louvre this is where The Da Vinci Code starts in front of one of the Vinci's masterpieces today museums closed but you and I we're going to get a private tour I'm being shown around by art historian Alice shooting Paul Hey I'll show you how to get in okay privates are played on in The Da Vinci Code the Louvre curator is murdered in this hall where they keep the most famous painting in the world first I'm Leonardo da Vinci's paintings have a reputation for mystery the greatest lab the Mona Lisa with her enigmatic smile maybe his best-known portrait but I'm more interested in two of da Vinci's other works according to Dan Brown's book da Vinci was privy to a secret that if revealed could walk the Christian Church and he hid clues in his paintings be Madonna other artists right so what's the mystery associated with this this is a story relating an incident from the apocryphal gospel in which the Holy Family meets John the Baptist during a flight into Egypt they have all taken refuge in this rocky shelter for me Alice tells me that this canvas illustrates a meeting between Jesus and John the Baptist that some believe could have taken place during the flight into Egypt this journey is mentioned briefly in Matthew's Gospel but more fully in the apocryphal Gospels not included in the Bible but Alice also tells me da Vinci was an innovator he didn't depict biblical scenes the way his clients were expecting this painting is very ambiguous it doesn't make clear who is blessing whom and I guess if this were John with Uriel and that were Jesus with the Virgin Mother which makes sense to me right mmm and could one say that John is blessing Jesus that's possible but why not why depicted so that's the mismatched well you'd have to ask Leonardo but da Vinci's most controversial work is if anything more ambiguous still it was painted on the wall of a convent in Milan Italy and depicts the Last Supper according to The Da Vinci Code the person sitting on Jesus's right generally assumed to be the young and unbe R de de pasal John is actually Mary Magdalene even more remarkably the book tells us she's given pride of place at the Last Supper because she is Jesus's wife another claimed Christ's cup of wine what we now call the Holy Grail is nowhere to be seen and according to the book the cups absence is part of an elaborate code left by Leonardo the codes greatest secret that the blood of Christ is contained not in a cup but in the womb of Mary Magdalene according to The Da Vinci Code Leonardo knew all this because he was a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion a secret society sworn to guard the divine bloodline I need to know more about the mysteries surrounding the Priory of Sion I'm heading for the south of France to the small hilltop village of rennes-le-chateau it's rumored that this is the place where in the 19th century the secrets of the Priory of Sion were first exposed the man who blew their cover one Baron Jay Sonia Sonia was the parish priest of Roma chateau he was not a wealthy man but suddenly and mysteriously he came into money lots of money and no one could figure out where it came from hey we are researcher true via mobile is showing me what Sonia did with his mysterious fortune so here is the Magdalene Tower perhaps the most famous of the things Sonia built here at the end of the 19th century okay it looks like a 15th century fortress but it was in fact his library he kept hundreds of books in this room here and spent days studying and he actually built this from scratch oh yeah there was nothing there before well where did he get the money to do extensive renovations or construction like this some people say he was selling masses some people say he was paid by European nobility to find documents concerning their lineage but he got money from somewhere and it was for the time pretty big money too Tuvia also tells me of another theory that seigneurs fortune came in the form of hush money paid to keep knowledge of the divine bloodline under wraps but when sonia spent this fortune on building projects one person was evidently at the forefront of his mind mary magdalene isn't it a bit odd that he would have built a tower to a woman that the church viewed as a prostitute the whole of the south of france is covered in churches dedicated to magdalene it's a very widespread cult julia explains that it's not just the tower that sony are dedicated to Mary Magdalene he also named the church after her bérenger saunière did all of this after he allegedly discovered some documents in a hollow pillar apparently they revealed a completely different shocking history of Christianity and detailed a bloodline that stretched from Jesus Christ to a sixth and seventh century French royal dynasty the Merovingian but unlike many of the claims in The Da Vinci Code the Merovingians really did exist was there anything else in this church that was discovered or hidden well actually four years ago there was a Raiders can carried out and right down the aisle here in the middle of the church the Raider said that there is a hollow it would seem that at least four or five meters from the altar to where you are yeah um there is a crypt underneath here which wouldn't be strange Oh almost half of medieval churches in Europe have crypts below them you say radar test confirm that there's an empty space below me right now exactly and it's very likely that it is the burial place of some Merovingian nobles or who knows maybe even a mirror of Injun King but how did Mary Magdalene become linked with the 6th century French royal family and could that link be a genetic one my quest for the truth behind the da Vinci Code has brought me to the Mediterranean coast of France Dan Brown's novel makes an extraordinary claim that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and that their bloodline can be traced through a royal family of France could such a remarkable story possibly be true welcome to the Camargue a place world famous for its wild horses this place is also known as the point of arrival of some very special travelers yeah according to local legend it was here that Mary Magdalene and her companions arrived by boat from the Holy Land according to this legend they were fleeing the Romans and they had good reason to escape Mary had with her a child none other than the daughter of Jesus Christ this church dominates the town center of San Manila mayor dedicated to Mary Magdalene and her fellow traveler Mary Salome to Mary's the to Mary author Tim Wallace Murphy is here to tell me about the legends that still surround this church and today this church is dedicated to the two Mary's so the plaque on the outside would have us believe and so the Catholic Church was wishes to believe but in popular imagination and particularly amongst the worldwide Gypsy community is dedicated to the child Sarah is celebrated very strongly in the Crypt as you can see from the candles here this is the real spiritual heart of this church and it's all about veneration of this ready this is Sarah according to church tradition she's the servant of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary according to another tradition she's a child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene well how likely is it that Jesus would have had a child oh it's son can't be any doubt about it there were three Jewish traditions which come together which reinforced the point first of all all male Jews had to marry and beget children the Lord had said go forth and multiply and the Jewish people were strict observers of the law then as a rabbi he would have had children and been married because he's addressed as rabbi in the New Testament documentation what about the idea of this line being traceable today it almost certainly could be were it not for a bureaucratic gap in the records between the time of the fall of the Roman Empire shall we say the tenth century but the line is traceable as the theory that it came in through the Merovingian line now Dan Brown used that in The Da Vinci Code most biblical scholars do not share Tim certainties about Jesus's marital status but nobody doubts the existence of the Merovingian royal line their well-documented rule lasted for centuries well this can be very interesting I want you to work with man this hypothetical if Jesus were married as heretical as that might sound if he and Mary had a child if that child were somehow transported to southern France and if that child were married into the Merovingian dynasty could traces of that royal lineage still be found today there's only one way to find out I'm going to meet Europe's leading expert on tracing ancient DNA I want to run a two thousand year trace on a bloodline running from the Holy Land to Europe question is can it be done here at Leuven University in Belgium professor jean-jacques Newman has studied the DNA of French royalty before he recently settled a long-running dispute by proving with DNA that a supposed long-lost son of Marie Antoinette and louis xvi was nothing of the sort he's the perfect scientist to help me on my quest I'm exploring The Da Vinci Code and the theory of a bloodline running from Jesus through the Merovingian stew today yes and what I want to understand is what genetic science can do to aid me on this quest well you see that the frequency of some types of DNA differs from one community one population to another and that's what we're looking for what is the frequency of particular DNA profiles in the community from which Maria Magdalena originated so you have a database of markers from people from all over the world yes and within that database here you can even say these people come from the Middle East yes so looking at a realistic quest where what I want to go what would I need to bring back to you if you cannot find Maria my alena the best alternative is to find bones remnants of somebody who might be a descendant of my Magdalena so that we can examine the Bo's jean-jacques tells me that if I can get a bone sample from someone who is allegedly part of this bloodline then his lab can search for any intact DNA this involves grinding the bones and then extracting and amplifying any DNA still present in the fragments he explains that only mitochondrial DNA is found in very old remains like these it's a type of DNA that can remain intact for thousands of years so let's go with the assumption that I somehow am able to get you a mitochondrial DNA sample yes then what how does that how does that help me prove whether this person is related to Jesus or not well the DNA will not tell you anything by itself you have to compare it to something and taking samples from the community to which you belong and then you look at the probability that the origin is the same alpha skeleton and the people you sampled if the theories of The Da Vinci Code are to be proven true then I would expect to find Middle Eastern DNA markers in the Merovingian DNA yes that we compare to a population for example Middle Eastern population and see if it is good fit or not okay so the best thing I can do who knows if I can but like my goal is just to determine which Merovingian king or queen can provide us with his or her DNA yeah fine good good luck thank you so I'm going to hop a train back to Paris yeah and we'll stay in touch okay okay good luck thanks a long-dead monarch could hold the key to the core mystery of The Da Vinci Code but what are the odds of finding a royal skeleton 1,500 years after the fact to explore this possibility I've come just a bit north of Paris the spectacular Basilica of San Danny it was here beneath these very stones in this ancient floor for archeologists made an amazing discovery I'm meeting Daniel Xavier one of France's leading experts on the Merovingians he tells me that this is not just a place of worship but the burial site of French royalty stretching back to the first dynasty the one I'm interested in the mayor of Indians role normally people are not allowed a very cool special access adventure these are Dom sarcophagi about 60 me revision tombs 60 yes 60 all aristocrats look at all these sarcophagi it's kind of spooky yeah this place is big yes it is and sort of it is still not excavated see beyond this wall there there are other psychotic II waiting to be excavated how do you know who's on the inside uh actually you you don't know you don't know no you don't know all these variants and we don't know their names yes because there wasn't any inscription on the list yet we do have one exception a queen called Aragon who else I identified thanks to her jewelry really so you know who she was cuz the jewelry here yes wow that's pretty cool where are the bones now they're in the museum for national archaeology is there any way I could see those bones oh yes sure really yes nope alright we Narragansett cough agus is now upstairs with the rest of French royalty but her body is on the other side of Paris at the National antiquities museum in the town of San Sherman and lay the remains of Queen Aragon could be a vital clue what genetic insights can we gain from the bones of a Merovingian Queen in the laboratory of the French antiquities museum Daniel is going to show me the remains Queen Aragon very cool she's the only positively identified Merovingian Queen ever discovered this is Queen Aragon and you mentioned that we know who she was because of some jewelry yes we know she was Queen Aragon because of this ring she can still read Aragon this reginae which in Latin means Queen arrogant at the screen arrogant Daniel tells me that we know a fair bit about Queen Aragon from ancient texts she was the wife of King La fair and they lived and ruled in the middle of the 6th century it's from Aragon that all of the Merovingian royal family descended The Da Vinci Code claims that the bloodline extended right through the Merovingian line if so arrogance DNA is a good place to look for signs of middle-eastern ancestry Daniel have any DNA tests been done yet on this body unfortunately not so far it has not been possible what if I can make it possible well it would be amazing really so if there's a way that I can arrange for a proper DNA test to be done on this what do we need to do what what do i what can I test DNA testing implies destroying some objects so maybe a tooth I can take a tooth yes okay so one tooth no DNA tests have ever been conducted on a French monarch of this antiquity before we're the first to be allowed to do it maybe this is more than just serious science it's also a privilege according to geneticist jean-jacques a semen if the bloodline of Jesus entered the Merovingian line then Queen Aragon's DNA could contain a marker indicating middle-eastern origin what I need to find out next is which community living today as the closest DNA profile to Jesus and Mary Magdalene Jesus's spirit may have been divine but Jesus's body was definitely human so perhaps I can learn more about that bloodline by studying the community he came from it's time to visit his ancient homeland the State of Israel I'm on the trail of The Da Vinci Code I need to find out more about Jesus and Mary Magdalene could they really have had a child and could their bloodline still endure according to the Bible this is the last place they were both seen alive Jerusalem I've enlisted the help of biblical scholar Tent Dobson he's here in Israel to study the early Christian Church and Biblical Archaeology and tells me that the garden tomb is the reputed last resting place of Jesus's earthly body many people believe that this is the place of Jesus's resurrection Wow in the late 1800s a Protestant named Charles Gordon came here and identified this tomb as Jesus's tomb let's have a look all right whether this is the actual tomb is still a matter of controversy likewise the location of Jesus's appearance after his burial remains the subject of debate but what no one disputes is the Gospels account of who first witnessed the resurrected Jesus it was Mary Magdalene so Kent walked me through the steps immediately after the resurrection okay well according to the Gospels a group of women come to the tomb of Jesus probably to mourn and according to the Gospel of John specifically it's Mary Magdalene who has that first conversation with Jesus here in the garden at first she doesn't recognize Jesus she thinks he's the gardener but over the course of time she realizes who she's talking to and utters rabboni probably an Aramaic meaning my rabbi Wow but what's the significance if the first person to see Jesus after the resurrection is first a woman and second Mary Magdalene well it's definitely intriguing because this is a relatively patriarchal society and you would think if you wanted to write an authoritative account of a dramatic event like this you would want the witnesses to be male and in this case they're they're all women in fact they go to the disciples and the disciples don't even believe them so it is interesting what could this be what dan Brown is calling the Sacred Feminine the prominence of the women in this culture it does appear that the Gospels are lifting up the position of women as followers of Jesus giving them an important voice in an important place and if Jesus did in fact have female disciples that would make him much more of a revolutionary because rabbis didn't typically have female disciples it's amazing that in such male-dominated times this pivotal moment of Christian history was witnessed by a woman but what's even more amazing is that this is the last time we hear of Mary Magdalene in the authorized Bible through the ages many legends have evolved about what happened to Mary after the crucifixion according to one legend joseph of arimathea the owner of the garden tomb spirited her out of Israel immediately after Jesus's death he was fearful that the same authorities who crucified Jesus would also go after anyone associated with him especially the one person said to be the closest to him his wife Mary Magdalene this is the version of events described in The Da Vinci Code but is there any evidence to support this theory according to The Da Vinci Code clues to the true story of Jesus Mary Magdalene and the real Holy Grail were found here in the Qumran caves in the Judean Desert so I've come for a closer look a Jewish sect the essence lived in the hills above the Dead Sea around the time of Jesus they are the likely authors of a collection of parchments called the Dead Sea scroll The Da Vinci Code claims that these documents along with others found in Egypt tell an alternative version of the events following the death of Jesus now the repeal how far down is it it's about 160 feet good all right it should be fun yeah all right see the bottom it seems that the Essenes wanted to save their writings and their version of history somewhere there Roman enemies wouldn't find them good to go and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams right the Dead Sea Scrolls weren't discovered until 1947 I want to see for myself where these documents were hidden and how they could have remained a secret for two millennia I'm amazed at how like how remote some of these caves are they didn't have climbing gear and yet some of these scrolls were found in the most tucked-away remote areas of Qumran you gotta wonder how they even got to the da Vinci Code states that the documents found in these caves reveal what happened to Mary Magdalene after Jesus's crucifixion but what do these documents really say about Jesus and Mary there are hundreds of caves scattered around the mountains above Qumran yet it wasn't until the last century that people began to explore them most proved empty but remarkable manuscripts and fragments of manuscripts were found in eleven of them very cool what yeah this is some Second Temple period pottery nice the 2,000 years been sitting here that's so cool all right let's go in see if our back he goes dusty nice go for it yeah Wow this goes back quite a ways huh yeah those bats yeah see yeah that's that goal I just hanging out Wow and what's with the black ceiling the black ceiling is probably from Bedouin Shepherds sometimes Shepherds will come here and spend the night or or have a fire and in fact that's how the Dead Sea scrolls were found by Bedouin Shepherds a shepherd had thrown a stone into a cave and heard some pottery break and so it came back the next day and sure enough found a series of broken jars and some scrolls and some fragments of scrolls and he then in turn sold them on the antiquity market trying to make a few dollars what did the scrolls actually tell us about Jesus and Mary well in terms of Jesus there's no mention of Jesus no mention of Mary no mention of John the Baptist no mention of Christianity or Jesus's disciples the Dead Sea Scrolls are silent in that respect really nothing about Jesus or Mary exists anywhere in those texts nothing nothing about alternative theories about this bloodline about a relationship between Jesus and Mary nothing completely silent it's great to see where the famous Dead Sea scrolls were found but for me it's a dead end this part of The Da Vinci Code is definitely fiction according to Kent the Dead Sea Scrolls don't say anything about Jesus or an alternative Grail story however Ken tells me that the other documents mentioned in The Da Vinci Code the ones found in Egypt do exist and mention Jesus and Mary Magdalene these alternative versions of the Christian story are called the Gnostic Gospels there's even a gospel of Mary frustratingly for scholars though most of it is missing still other references to exist the most compelling is the Gnostic gospel of Philip which alludes to a relationship between Jesus and Mary that's more intimate than anything contained in the Bible one passage says Jesus often kissed Mary on the butt there's a hole in the manuscript so we don't know where it's certainly intriguing and I'm determined to find out more about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the community they lived in I'm on the trail of the amazing claim made in The Da Vinci Code that a bloodline stretches from Jesus through a French royal family to today I've taken a sample from the remains of the only known Merovingian Queen and I've sent them to the DNA lab for testing I now need to get a middle-eastern DNA sample to compare with that of the Queen biblical scholar Kent Dobson is helping me trace the closest living descendants of the community Jesus and Mary Magdalene came from first Mary Magdalene for someone who witnessed such a pivotal moment in Christian history the resurrection of Jesus Christ we know surprisingly little about her in fact the only real clue we have is her surname Magdalene scholars think it means from Magdala okay what is their play well it's not a typical tourist site that's for sure there's no modern settlement called Magdalene but Kent has brought me to some ruins off-limits to most people near the town of Migdal in the Galilee special permission today Wow what are these pillars tell us well these pillars tell us that this site goes back to the 1st century the time period of Jesus much of the architecture you see here is Roman look at this yeah what about the pottery here but he's from the same period sure pull some up just little pottery fragments you find these all over it's almost like the litter of the ancient world ken says what he really wants me to see are the remains of this ancient building believe it or not this might actually be a synagogue from the 1st century you see we've got steps but potentially benches and relatively small series of pillars you can imagine these pillars holding up a roof hmm do we know what this city was we do least uh it's likely this is the the village of Magdala oh this is the magnet that this place is all that's left of the town of Magdala although little is known about Mary Magdalene it seems likely that this was her home and there's no doubt that Jesus lived somewhere in this area every scholar almost unanimously agrees that Jesus was here in Galilee if this was indeed a synagogue it talks about Jesus going to the towns and villages preaching in the synagogue's then maybe he was here he certainly passed by this town or went through this town many times well then following Jesus as a thread to this bloodline and what can you tell me about his community the synagogue was a very central aspect of Jewish life it's where they prayed it's where they had community Kent explains that although Jesus would have spoken Hebrew in the synagogue the language that he'd have spoke to Mary Magdalene would have been Aramaic can we get a sense of Jesus's community through his language look language is culture its geography and its language definitely if you want to understand a culture you have to get dig into their language a little bit Arabic is now the dominant language of the Middle East but for nearly two thousand years it was Aramaic the legacy of the world's first great Empire the Assyrians today Aramaic has almost died out but Ken says that one of the oldest Christian communities the Syriac Orthodox Church still speaks this mother tongue maybe language can lead us to the closest genetic link to Jesus today we now know that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were members of the community here on the shores of Lake Galilee the problem with that is that over 2,000 years have passed since Jesus walked along these shores and the community here has dispersed but perhaps language is one way to gain access to that community and if that's the case then Aramaic maybe my next week and it's a lead that has brought me back to Jerusalem to track down the people who still speak Aramaic welcome to the market of the old city where everything is for sale every price is negotiable but it's religion not trade for which Jerusalem is renowned sacred to three of the world's religions there are countless communities of worship here but one of them is key to my quest the Syriac Orthodox Church still uses aramaic in both its liturgy and daily lives the Syriac monastery of st. mark is tucked away in the back streets of the old city I've arranged to meet the archbishop inside as we enter the Archbishop tells me that the Syriac Orthodox Church can trace its history to the very dawn of the Christian faith they believe Jesus's disciple Mark lived on this site and that the Last Supper took place right here all the writing in this church is in Aramaic including their Bible Wow it's read right to left yes let Hitler on legs out of it it's sort of a mixture between the two it looks could you read something to me an ermine is the archbishop offers to recite the Lord's Prayer in Aramaic love Makoto hi love okay Shiva hurt oh love all all of me and it's amazing cuz you know looking at these words I have a hard time reading it yeah but listening to you I understood because I speak Hebrew I understood maybe 15% of that yeah but there's similarities which I said hearing it yes yeah looking at this I'm okay with this yeah not easy that's amazing so that was for me that was very special in people as I said the toda raba yes sadawa thank you an inch told ya rabbal it's very similar how do you say like Shalom yeah slow mo well almost how long okay understand yeah we're brothers okay this is clearly an ancient Church but I'm interested in the direct connection these people claimed to have with Jesus Christ himself this community of people who still pray and speak in Aramaic believe that that the relationships of these families can be traced all the way back to Jesus Christ of course we believe that you do believe that because a lot of people have a relationship with Jesus through spiritual faith but they don't claim to have a genetic link of course you say of course like it's obvious but that's amazing the archbishop believes that the members of the syriac church are not just followers of Jesus Christ but his descendants if this is true they could be the closest I'm going to get to the bloodline of Jesus we are from the same family same genetic similar listenership of our Lord but then I want to ask you a strange question yes is it okay if I were to do some DNA testing on members of this community we just take like a swab inside someone's cheek of closed-cell will come getting it won't hurt at all these DNA samples will be added to the database of Middle Eastern genetic groups that Professor Castleman told me about but for there to be any truth to the bloodline claimed in The Da Vinci Code Queen Aragon would have to have one of these middle-eastern DNA markers that's the big question is does she done thank you well I have viewed artistic masterpieces probe the secret societies and sampled royal DNA now it's time to take these swabs back to Western Europe and put all the pieces together I've been following the trail of The Da Vinci Code trying to separate fact from fiction I've traveled through Europe and the Middle East looking for evidence of a bloodline linking Jesus Christ with a French royal dynasty I've tracked down the bones of a 1400 year old Queen and look for matching DNA evidence in the most ancient community of Christians in the world processing the DNA samples takes time so I'm going to explore one last mystery while I wait for the results according to The Da Vinci Code a secret society the Priory of Sion protects the secret of the bloodline the only evidence for the existence of this secret society is a list of its members contained in a collection of documents called the dossier secret but what do these documents actually mean while now at the bibliothèque nationale the French National Library and I've just been given special permission to view them let's go take a look the dossier say Craig caused a stir when they were first made public in 1975 they became the basis for several books including The Da Vinci Code they're now stored away in the vaults here but Alice jube has arranged for me to see them on microfiche these are the dossier see claim right right that is ah where did these come from well they were deposited with the bibliothèque nationale in 1967 all right so exciting what does it say can we see yeah sure you'll see that it's a collection of newspaper clippings documents letters maps we have a genealogy of the Merovingian line here showing Doug about a second oh yeah sure this name is familiar he was the Merovingian King that was assassinated in 679 gotcha okay Alice shows me that there's one genealogy charting the mare ngo mine right up to the 20th century Wow so this is the basis of The Da Vinci Code yes but it's all a hoax woody wait what do you mean it's all a fabrication by PF no tell no historical proof has been found that there ever existed a line from Doug about a second to today we're all all of this right right mm-hmm all these people they're all made up huh all right what else is in this there is another interesting document and this is a list of the Grand Masters of the prior tsiyon and you'll notice this Leonardo da Vinci here all right Leonardo da Vinci 1510 1519 so this at least part of the story is true no nothing is true because the Priory of Sion didn't exist until 1956 wait wait hold on 1956 1956 right by the same person who was fabricating the genealogy exactly hmm so both of these aspects are completely fake right in fact Pierre plant are the men who created the dossier say crack confessed under oath in 1993 that he'd made it all up it seems that the documentary evidence for this bloodline as described in The Da Vinci Code is a 20th century fake but as we've seen the belief that Mary Magdalene made it here to Europe has been around for centuries I'm heading back to Leuven University in Belgium but professor jean-jacques a seaman and his team have been analyzing the samples I gather there's still one question left to answer can a genetic link be made between Jesus Christ Mary Magdalene and their community in the Middle East and Queen Aragon and the Merovingian dynasty let's go find out jean-jacques told me that this was a long shot extracting DNA from a 1400 year old bone is difficult and when they're the bones of a queen of France you can be sure the pressure is really on thank you so I've come to hear the news okay well there's some good news and there's some bad news we have examined six different pieces of the skeleton and in five of those we cannot use results because either there was no jean-jacques tries to find at least two identical DNA sequences from a skeleton as a double check but unfortunately he hasn't yet found two but the good part is there is one piece one bone from the foot which gave us a very clean sequence and indications that there was quite sufficient DNA there this is this is the big news right you get the first DNA from american jian royal person yes absolutely okay how does that DNA sequence compare to the sequence of middle-eastern families well the sequence we have up to now clearly is a typical European sequence European and not Middle Eastern definitely it's a characteristic of the European populations if it's European and not Middle Eastern then the idea of a royal bloodline going from Jesus through the Merovingians into the modern day is suspect you'd need the miracle it's my story it is a nice story but you know I think a lot of people are hoping that there are parts of this they're just true in that divine way and we're seeing now that the house of cards is collapsing both sides is not healthy yes clear I've now learned that not only is the documentary evidence for the secret Priory of Sion a fake but DNA science has all but discounted the possibility of a bloodline from Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene The Da Vinci Code is a very clever interweaving of fantasies and legends that have evolved during the last 2,000 years and they're sure to intrigue people for years to come but one thing's for sure when viewed through the eyes of history The Da Vinci Code is more fiction than fact

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  3. Christ was never tempted by heats of lust like us men were and now. So don't be fooled by this video. So don't worries davinci is getting his ass kicked in heaven for his misleading paintings..

  4. It is imposible for Jesús to have biological descendants since his chromosome count was half the autosomes ( all coming from his mother )and one Y (from God). Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus by a miracle from the Holy Spirit. Check out Ron Wyatt's account of finding the ark of the covenant and how the blood of Jesús was on the mercy seat, he took a sample to a lab and had it tested. You are giving too much weight to a literary work that its author says is fictional. In the Temple were carefully kept the genealogies of the people of Israel until 70 AD it would have been easy to check the records regarding Jesus and verify if he was married and to whom. However, neither the historical records nor the gospels mention anything about Jesus being married or having chidren.Any supposed descendant of Jesus must be from his biological half brothers and sisters which are mentioned in gospel writings.

  5. They didn't have sex. If he did he would have lost his title as Christ. He was born of a virgin and continued a celebate life himself. He raised his mind higher than an animal, therefore didn't breed like cats, dogs, chickens and hogs. If Mary had a child it wsn't concieved in the way of animals.

  6. What a load of crap!
    Mary Madgalena never was a prostitute. You westerners don't know the bible.
    In eastern orthodoxy Mary Madgalena was just "equal to the apostles". Nothing more, nothing less.

  7. Jesus's tomb in india if possible than take bones for DNA and also tomb of Mary also with him in India. his mother's tomb in Pakistan. local people believe so from ancient time.

  8. There no blood line of jesus Because he was a saint he had no need to procreate because he did that meant that the devil defeated him "but the devil never did " example when jesus fasts for 40days and 40 nights !!!

  9. Aregund is a daughter of king who is not a Merovingian, but a Burgundian king. Think about it…

  10. 39:41 I am a descendant of the Merovingians, but not in a 'straight male line'. So there are still descendants in this day & age.

  11. What an Idiot. Going in search of a fictional story,
    Exactly what i thought straight away . They write this stupid book and after a while some idiots will proclaim it " history".
    Yes. Jesus did have a bloodline. But he had it in India. Read " Jesus died in Kashmir" – a book with real facts, photos, documents and research,
    Then you know,
    Eeuuuuw – how come the participants in the da vinci code are all white again? Going to France of all places?
    What is spiritual about France? They where living in the trees n comparsion.
    It was a flute compated to the splendor and education and culture found in INDIA .

  12. This is interesting, Josh. I'd just like to point out one thing. 'Grail' from the word 'graal' means platter(plate,dish). In the painting of 'The last Supper' there is an empty grail. 'Jesus' is showing that he has just eaten his last supper.

  13. This is blasphemy. Jesus said in his gospel “ In the end times, even the educated elite will believe the blasphemies.”

  14. They looking descendants of Jesus and Marie Madelaine in royal families, that's why they never gonna find the link. Their childrens were 9, one of them die. The 8 childrens were raise as ordinary people with ordinary path with the purpose to protect their lives. Even them didn't new his father was Jesus but his teachings were learned. If there are some descendants probably they have a purpose to accomplish and a path to follow like everyone else. I'm very happy of the happiness of Jesus and his family but even happier with his legacy and his teachings, that was the most amazing gift he gave to us. One day we will know the teachings of Mary Madelaine and she was a princess not a prostitute. Many blessings to all. If someone find a link about it, never gonna be public at least until the crash of the old world necessary to build the new one. 🙏

  15. The truth of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their bloodline is being hidden. The Illuminati don't want the truth of it to be known for some reason. They hide so much.

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