You’re the WWE Universe,
you’re welcome, you’re welcome. The Revival finally has saved
you from the pancake batter lathered WWE Tag Team Championships
from Smackdown. And now you’ve got Tag Team Champions
you can be proud of. And that’s The Revival. And that’s why this week, this week.>>This week our pick of the week is
the legendary, the history-making match, The Revival versus The New Day
from Clash of Champions, where we become the Smackdown
live tag team champions.>>We make history, the first tag team to
ever hold the NXT Tag Team Championships, the Raw Tag Team Championships, and
the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. And you are now welcome. Top guys out.>>Again, the look in the eyes of
Xavier Woods shows you the intensity he’s bringing into this matchup
against The Revival.>>All I have heard-
>>This is what you wanted?>>Is the two of you making
excuse after excuse. If Xavier Woods is medically cleared
to compete, and he chooses to compete, how is that The Revival’s fault?>>Tag was made. Kick right to the midsection. No wonder he’s making an excuse,
I’m saying how this all came about. And now Wilder planted by Big E with the. Big E, plenty of aggression
in him to retain the titles. Kick out.>>I talked to Big E earlier, he said,
listen, our armor’s been damaged, but tonight it’s time for us to show
the world again how good we really are. New Day captured the titles at the
Extreme Rules pay per view back in July. And now look at Big E
hammering away on Wilder.>>Don’t forget about all the insulting
words that The Revival’s directed at The New Day. Wait, it’s Dawson.>>And Dawson took Woods off of the apron. Big E didn’t see it.>>My goodness.>>My god. That’s gotta be it.

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  1. Revival are so great plz use wwe use them wisely! Those guys can give 5 stars performance both by mic skills and in ring talent!

  2. Yeah they made great history by getting a beatdown from Braun Strowman the next night on raw!!! WAY TO BOOK YOUR TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS WWE!