when you stop and think about it the traditional narrative as to why Hitler wins war makes no sense Hitler they say was a madman who wanted to conquer the world or a big giant farm in the east because Hitler wanted Germans to be farmers and they say it's because Germany got blockaded in the first world war and the Germans went hungry so Hitler wanted to stop that from happening again but how about instead of conquering food you just don't go to war and trade for it instead I mean Germany has avoided a war in Europe since the Second World War so why couldn't the Germans just avoid war and keep trading for the food they needed you don't need to violently take the food and resources you need you can trade for them so why not just trade for them so then they say well Hitler didn't want Germany to be reliance on the other powers so he needed to get the London resources he needed to be self-sufficient this would then help him win the next war which he wants to fight ok but he doesn't have the land and resources he needs to win the next war so he starts the next war in order to get the land and resources he needs to win the war and loses the war because he doesn't have the land and resources he needed to win the war which he started in order to get the resources that he needed in order to win the war like it's circular logic and doesn't make any sense then they'll say he just wanted to conquer the east because he hated Jews and Marxists as if that's a good enough reason for all those millions of Germans to support him yes there were a lot of anti-semites and anti Marxists in Germany but what they really go to war just to destroy them and yes the Soviet Union which in Hitler's mine was Judeo Bolshevik it was there in the East but why it's hack as early as he did when he simply not prepared I mean out of the 142 German divisions that went east only a handful were motorized or Panzer divisions surely it would have been better to wait until more of these units were motorized or they had gathered some more Panzers again this holes in the logic for example it's often said that Hitler was going to war for someone realistic reason and thus had to create a war economy beforehand okay but he went to war in 1939 and made his war economy in 1933 at six years on a war footing before the war really his autarky self-sufficiency also prevented him from trading for the food and oil he needed in order to build up his army and motorized it causing a lack of trucks and other vehicles this went against his buildups of war so why not implement the war economy in the late 30s say 1938 or 1939 even and allow the trade needed in order to stockpile food and oil for the war they were about to embark on why implement the war economy so early no reason is given and this is where they'll say well Hitler's a madman which is why it makes no sense and no just just no right Hitler was evil but you don't go from being a failed asses to becoming the leader of continental Europe if you're insane that just doesn't happen most people don't support insane people you might think that a leader of a country is insane but that's only because you disagree with or don't understand their logic etc not because they are insane so yes Hitler is evil but he's got to have at least some logic in all its get so many people to follow him and I've shown in many previous videos that Hitler wasn't always the madman at the German generals painted him out to be so perhaps this is one of those instances too so clearly the traditional explanation makes no sense and this question why did Hitler really go to war has booked me for quite some time to be honest because the traditional narrative has never sat right with me I've always thought that there has to be an actual reason that makes at least some sense otherwise why would the Germans follow madman Hitler to that doom you just wouldn't do it well it turns out that there is an actual reason as to why Hitler went swore in the Second World War and it explains everything I've just mentioned and it's not complicated or hard to understand it will only take me a few minutes to explain it to you in detail which then begs the question why isn't this talked about in many of the books or tours in school etc I was never told this well we'll come back to that in detail in a future video but first let me explain Hitler's reasoning so let's imagine it's 1919 Hitler looks at the world and says the Western world is industrialized and the rest of the world is not but because the West is industrialized and therefore has big cities the West needs more food which it doesn't have so currently the industrialized West trades its industrial goods to the rest of the world in exchange for food but wait a second if we trade industrial goods to these non industrial powers they will become industrialized they will make their own factories they will make their own machine tools and grow their own cities but if they grow their own cities and they make their own industrial goods they won't need our industrial goods and they won't want to give all their food because they'll need it for themselves and if they don't need our industrial goods we won't be able to trade for food and if we don't get the food we need the poor people will go hungry and if the poor people go hungry that will lead to class warfare which will in Hitler's mind be exploited by the Jews who will oh shit in a Marxist revolution this is the shrinking markets idea there are a few variations on the name I'm gonna go with this one and this concept is tied closely with Hitler's racism which I'll need to explain Hitler believes that when two animals of different species have an offspring that's offspring is inferior so a donkey and a horse make a mule which is infertile Hitler says that this is Nietzsche's way of saying that diluted blood is wrong yes it's pseudoscience thighs not true at all since tigers and lions can have ligers and they're not infertile but you get the idea Hitler then applies this logic to humans and says that only pure blooded Aryans can create Nations he says that in history nations didn't rise and fall because of Wars or economics but because of their blood nations can only rise because of Aryans and in Hitler's mind when an Aryan race creates a nation they would conquer other races they would then interbreed with their slaves dilute their blood with the blood of the lesser peoples they'd conquered weaken themselves and caused the downfall of their nation a people that fails to preserve the purity of its racial blood thereby destroys the unity of the soul of the nation in all its manifestations at its integrated national character is the inevitable consequence of a process of disintegration in the blood so notes it's all about the racial collective the racial group Hitler sees the world in terms of groups races and in Hitler's mind the worst race was the Jewish race because as he said they've never had a nation this was before 1948 when Israel became a thing and the State of Israel actually undermines the whole of Nazi ideology because Hitler's theory of races builds on the idea that non-aryans can build nations and yet the Jews do have a nation so Hitler was clearly wrong but anyway in Hitler's lifetime the Jews had never had a nation so Hitler describes the Jews as a plague that infects nations and races diluting their blood and bringing about their fall he then says that the Jews are the ones promoting this trade with the non industrialized nations because he says they wants a shortage of food this food shortage will result in poor people going hungry these poor the workers will be controlled by the Jews who will instigate a class struggle the Jews who have also created Marxism Marx was a Jew will then author in a Marxist revolution and once everyone is equal under Marxism the Jews will be able to have intercourse with the Aryans dilutes all the blood and since only Aryans can create nations this will cause the end of all civilization so yes Hitler is trying to save the world mendler thought he was trying to save the world he thought he was doing the right thing but the flaws in his logic or his understanding of how the world really was led him to the wrong conclusions led him down a path that would result in millions of deaths so looking from the outside in we can clearly see that his observations and conclusions were absolutely floored somehow but he could see it and this is the danger of the human condition the human mind this is a great lesson of history we think we're doing the right thing and yet some of us end up not doing the right thing even though we thought we were we all have beliefs we think we know how the world really works but is that really the case have we really listened to the alternative arguments and understand where they're coming from or are we blinded by our belief that any alternative to the way we think right now is wrong you've got to open your eyes you've got to look at the opposite arguments if you don't do that you have a danger of becoming Hitler or Stalin so the Jews are supposedly trying to exploit the shrinking markets problem bring about a class conflict then a Marxist revolution dilute the blood and bring down civilization what Hitler decides to do is stop the supposed Jewish conspiracy in its tracks to do this he must solve the class crisis by uniting the German workers and bourgeoisie on the one nation a nation built upon the race not the bourgeois concept of a nation so if we looked at America in America it doesn't matter if you're black or white blue or green the fact is you're still an American citizen this is because your nationality is more important than your race for Hitler the race is the nation so mixing rape races within a nation in his eyes is not good and is a bourgeois or middle class concept of nations this means that a people cannot be made national according to the significant attach to that word by our bourgeois class today that is to say nationalism with many reservations but national in the vehement and extreme sense this idea a race as a nation means he has to remove the Jews from society to prevent them diluting the blood or causing more class struggle and because of the shrinking markets problem he must stop trading industrial goods for food right now the longer Germany trades the stronger those other countries become and the worse the class struggle will be in Germany his belief in the shrinking markets problem forces him to stop trade with other countries the shrinking markets problem is why he implements his autarky program so that Germany can be self-sufficient but Germany doesn't have enough soil or oil and have suffered in the first world war because of it this means Germany cannot be self-sufficient just by implementing autarky alone so in order to become fully self-sufficient it will need to conquer lands that have a lot of soil and resources Hitler looks around Europe and realizes that the only place that is viable and that has all the land and resources that he needs is the Soviet Union so what he proposes is that they go east and conquer their living space labels around the traditional argument says that Hitler wanted to go to war therefore he stopped trading and became self-sufficient no that's backwards that's the effect before the cause he had to stop trading first therefore he had to go to war cause then effect this is why he implements his autarky as soon as he gets into power in 1933 only the state can forced the economy to be self-sufficient so the German state takes hold of the economy private property rights are abolished as part of the Reichstag fire decree in 1933 and the Nazi Party seized the factories and businesses the Nazis viewed private property as conditional on its use not as a fundamental right if the property was not being used to further Nancy goals it could be nationalized professor yonkers of the Yonkers aeroplane factory refused to follow the government's bidding in 1934 the Nazis thereupon took over the plant compensating Yonkers for his loss this was the context in which other contracts were negotiated and as rhymin a Marxist in hiding in germany wrote in 1939 the decree of February 28 1933 nullified article 1 5 3 of the Vimal constitution which guaranteed private property and restricted interference with private property in accordance with certain legally defined conditions the conception of property has experienced a fundamental change the individualistic conception of the state a result of the liberal spirit must give way to the concept that kamini all welfare precedes individual welfare in 1933 the Nazi Party walked into the businesses took them over and if any of the businessmen complained they lost their factories and businesses and do you want to know what the Nazis called this process privatization well it wasn't it was nationalization in practice the Reichsbank and the Reich Ministry of Economic Affairs had no intention of allowing the radical activists of the SA the shopfloor militants of the Nazi Party or gal Leiter commissioners to dictate the course of events under the slogan of the strong state the ministerial bureaucracy fashioned a new national structure of economic regulation we worked and governed with incredible Elan we really ruled for the bureaucrats of the ministry the contrast to the Vimal Republic was star our party chatter in the Reichstag was no longer heard the language of the bureaucracy was rid of the paralyzing formula technically right but politically impossible it will be absurd to deny the reality of this shift never again was big business to influence the course of government in Germany as directly as it did between the outbreak of World War one in 1914 and the onset of the depression in 1929 the Reich's economic administration for its part accumulated unprecedented powers of national economic control wage controls price controls resource controls price commissar printing currency workers battalions state land reforms quotas a massive bureaucracy and stealing from the Jews with an e rapidly short time trade with the rest of the world is brought to a minimum all of this caused the German economy to go into a downward spiral with food shortages and oil shortages amongst others as a result of the massive increase in public expenditure the finances of the Reich were dire this forces the Nazi regime to start annexing territory in order to stave off economic ruin with the Germany's financial situation worsening by the day the Nazi leadership in Berlin was keen to forge ahead with its annexation of Czechoslovakia and its domestic pogroms against Jews the State Treasury needed more money despite various accounting tricks the government was just barely avoiding bankruptcy if nothing was done Germany's financial problems would quickly be laid bare the only hope was to go on the offensive autarky starts the ticking time bomb Hitler to go to war or tacky also explains why the Third Reich had massive difficulties stockpiling the oil they needed before the war began because once you cuts imports you stop exports and vice versa due to the lack of money for foreign exchange basic economics and so as I mentioned in my oil video the Nazi leadership knew that they'd run out of oil in the autumn of 1941 which is why they had to launch Barbarossa when they did if they'd waited until the next year they wouldn't have had any oil to fuel the Panzers so overall the shrinking markets problem forces Hitler to implement autarky which in turn forces the Third Reich to go to war to get the resources and money she needs in order to survive and because of this they run out some oil and food in late 1941 causing them to lose the war now many have said that Hitler wanted to deem dust realize and just have a big giant farm in the east no that's a misunderstanding of what Hitler's proposal was Hitler believed that economics was a zero-sum game he believed that if a nation was industrialized it wouldn't have enough food for itself because apparently you can't do these two things at the same time therefore what he wanted was German farms in the East with Slovak slaves working the land for their German Lords dotted by German cities and intersected by Auto barns but he didn't want factories in the east why because the East will trade the food for industrial goods in the industrial German heartland Germany itself would remain industrialized and ship its industrial goods to the East and in return get the food from the East that it needs to prevent the class trouble Germany will remain industrialized the East will be farms and overall the Reich will self-sufficient and not suffer from a shrinking market this also explains many other events in the war Germany didn't have enough soil to feed herself let alone the three million Soviet POWs captured in 1941 by 1942 1.5 million of them were deliberately starved to death in 1942 the Greek island of cyrus sent a message to Athens which read either send us wheat or coffins why because the Germans had confiscated all the food and sent it back to the Reich out of 17,000 people some argue that up to eight thousand Greeks starve to death on the island food was confiscated from the Ukraine from Holland later in the war and they shipped many of the civilians in Eastern Europe such as many civilians at Stalingrad off to the slave labor camps in the Reich many died on the way and once there most of the rest will work to death on starvation rations as Hitler made clear everyone else in Europe would starve before a single German would go hungry but there's more the shrinking markets concept leads to autarky which leads to war which then goes badly for Germany the food crisis in 1941 and 1942 is severe and there's all these Jews housed in concentration camps across Europe wait a second the Germans think it doesn't make any sense to house these Jews and keep feeding them they're not productive they're a burden on the economy and they remove the Jews from society in the first place because they didn't want them to cause class conflicts or interbreed and dilute the blood so what are they gonna do with these this this appears to be a big problem a major problem now what exactly is the final solution to that problem yeah the shrinking markets problem leads to war sake which leads to war which goes badly for Germany which leads to the death camps of the final solution obviously that's not the only reason but it's a massive incentive for it and helps explain the timing of the events it also explains why it happens in the first place Hitler thinks that the Jews are bringing in capitalism which he describes as international Jewish finance in order to trade with the non industrial nations in order to cause the shrinking markets this will bring about class conflicts which the Jews will exploit bringing in their Marxist utopia Hitler thinks the Jews invented both Marxism and capitalism and want to bring about fall of civilization so Hitler wants to stop that from happening by stopping trade with the foreign powers but also by removing the Jews from society it's all interlinked in a logical but evil fashion the nationalization of the masses can be successfully achieved only if in the positive struggle to win the soul of the people those who spread the international poison among them are exterminated the international poison is the Jews and this is Hitler saying quite clearly I should add that he wants to exterminate the Jews he wants to do this in order to bring about the utopian racial society which he envisions will be a nationalized community of Aryans since the racial group is the most important element the freedom of the individual is to be subjected to the racial group and since capitalism is the idea that the private individual should be in control of their own economy it is counter to the idea of the racial community of this nationalization of the masses again it's linked in with Hitler's hatred of the international poison now that we've discussed the concept here's a quotes from Hitler's second book where Hitler speaks of the danger if he doesn't pursue his solution to the shrinking markets problem the present world commodity market is not unlimited the number of industrially active nations has steadily increased almost all of the European nations suffer from an inadequate and unsatisfactory relation between soil and population hence they are dependent on world exports in recent years the American Union has turned to exports as has also Japan in the East thus a struggle automatically begins for the limited markets which becomes tougher the more numerous the industrial nations become and conversely the more the markets shrink for while on the one hand the number of nations struggling for the world market increases the commodity markets itself slowly diminishes partly in consequence of a process of self industrialization on their own power partly through a system of branch enterprises which are more and more coming into being in such countries out of sheer capitalistic interest the more purely capitalistic interests begin to determine the present economy the more the general viewpoints of the financial world and the stock exchange achieve a decisive influence here the more will this system of branch establishments reach out and thus artificially carry out the industrialization of former commodity markets and especially curtail the exports possibilities of the European mother countries today many can still afford to smile over this future development but as it makes further strides within 30 years people in Europe will groan on the its consequences the more market difficulties increase the more bitterly will the struggle for the remaining ones be waged although the primary weapons in this struggle lie in the pricing and in the quality of the goods with which nations competitively try to under self each other in the end the ultimate weapons even here lie in the sword capitalism is dying because of the shrinking markets which will result in class conflict which will result in Marxism and the supposed tyranny of the Jews but wait a second why haven't we heard about this why aren't more historians talking about this I mean it's not like it's a complicated concept to understand right well some historians do cyclamen in cyclamens Hitler the politics of said I can't say the full name because YouTube will demand size the video is a great book which discusses the ins and outs of national socialist ideology and it was from him that I was made aware of the concept it can be hard to get a hold of but if you can I'd highly recommend it now I can talk about why this concept of the shrinking markets isn't discussed more in the books or why it isn't taught in schools in the future you know in a future video if you want me to do video on it if you do let me know but here's the deal right the reason Hitler comes to his shrinking markets concept is because he has a weird wonderful concept of how economics works and because he doesn't understand basic economics he comes to this false conclusion anyone with a grounding in basic economics knows exactly why the shrinking markets idea doesn't work and if you don't if you sat there thinking I don't know why they're shrinking markets idea doesn't work really in danger of going down a dangerous path yourself or supporting people like Hitler who claim to understand how this works but really don't so if you're not sure why the shrinking markets idea isn't a or you don't understand why trading is good for everyone I have the perfect solution for you in the description and hopefully on the screen now if I can time it right we'll be links to another YouTube video that's not mine which is the audiobook version of Henry hazlit's economics in one lesson it's not boring because there's no number crunching it's like this video is a narrative explanation of how the world works the chapters are short so listen to maybe three or four chapters something like 20 minutes of the video and really taking what's being said if you do that and understand the concepts that hazlit explains you won't become the next Hitler you won't support the next Stalin so I want you to click that video take it in and enjoy it thanks for watching bye for now

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    Good luck trying to find information about the "shrinking markets" concept in relation to National Socialist ideology online, because it's simply not discussed (in English at least). As of the publication of this video, I don't think Wikipedia even mentions it in relation to Nazi ideology, and I'm fairly certain it's rare to find discussion of it even in the historiography. So welcome to the forefront of historical discussion!

    Let me know if you want me to discuss why the “shrinking markets” concept is not as well known as it should be. If I do create a follow up to this video, I’ll also endeavour to answer as many questions that you raise in the comments related to this topic, since I think this may prove to be a popular topic of discussion.

    Here's an alternative translation of the quote of the one I read from Hitler’s Second Book, this time from the fantastic book by Zitelmann ‘Hitler: The Politics of Seduction’ which I highly recommend –

    “The market of today’s world is not an unlimited one. The number of industrially active countries has constantly increased. Almost all of the European nations suffer from the insufficient and unsatisfactory ratio of their territory to their population, and are therefore dependent on world exports. In recent times they have had the Americans union added on, in the east Japan. With this, a fight for the limited markets begins automatically, which will become all the sharper the more numerous the industrially active nations become, and on the other hand the more limited the markets become. Because while, on the one hand, the number of nations fighting for the world market increases, the market itself gradually shrinks, in part due to self-industrialization under their own power, in part by a system of branch companies which are increasingly being set up in such countries out of purely capitalistic interests… The more purely capitalistic interests begin to determine today’s economy, especially the more general financial and stock market considerations gain a decisive influence, the more this system of the foundation of branches will expand, but with this also the industrialization of former markets… artificially carried out and, in particular, restricting the possibilities of export of the European mother countries… The greater the difficulties of export become, the harsher the fight for the ones remaining will be waged. And if the initial weapons in this battle lie in price structures and the quality of the goods with which one tries to compete each other into ruin, the final weapon here too ultimately lies in the sword.” – Zitelamann, P277 quoting Hitler's Second Book.

    Technically I should have done a Q&A video this week, but given that we’ve just had the anniversary of D-Day, I thought I’d best do something a bit more special. I’m planning on answering most of the remaining Q&A questions in the next Q&A video coming in two weeks time (it’s Courland Part 9 next Monday).


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    For a list of all my books on WW2 and similar, please visit this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/114GiK85MPs0v4GKm0izPj3DL2CrlJUdAantx5GQUKn8/edit?usp=sharing

    Thanks for watching, bye for now!

  2. Hitler started the Second World War because he was calculating that Britain and France would acquiesce on his invasion of Poland, but this was a miscalculation. Even after Britain and France had declared war on Germany due to the invasion of Poland, Hitler still believed that he could reach a negotiated peace deal with them, but of course he could not.

  3. Ok so Great Britain &France declares war in Germany because of the preservation of Poland,then how come the same rule didn’t apply to the USSR? True historians know the real reasons and who truly was running the show……

  4. I thought hitler saw stalin as a threat, hitler had moved 200 000 men to romania to protect the ploesti oil fields from russian attack so hitler attacked first while stalin weakened russian army do to the purges was ripe for destruction, how hitler lost it was his use of terror against the russian people if he treated the russian & ukrainian people as equals giving them their farms back and freedom of religion the russians themselves would have overthrown stalin and the NKVD

  5. Please do video on the ultimate of evil Jewish Bolshivicism/ Zionism/communism…THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN*….The nazi b.s is so played out…BORING

  6. Alternate reading: he's just another strongman warlord in a long line going back as far as we have recorded history. Some men want to have complete domination and don't really care if faceless peasants die in the process. He may have had "reasons" but only in as much as they rationalized his nature, that of a warlord.

  7. Thanks! This economic part of the whole disaster is really missing from history books. But so it does from so many other historical events. People are "undertaught" economics all the time. Economics is an equally important – if not the most important – part of our society as philosophies and ideologies. The reason for this under-teaching is that economics is still a political issue.

  8. Shame you didn't mention the brutal murders of ethnic Germans living in Poland at the time. Hitler offered to aid in the resettling of these people in Germany proper, the Poles refused and massacred the Germans there in 1939, a month later Germany sent in the troops starting ww2.

  9. Hitler believed his foreign secretary Von Ribbentrop who assured him that Britain and France would not go to war over Danzig. Thus he blundered his way into war. Once the war started, he never had the power to stop it. He tried to end the war in 1939, 1940, and 1942 but the allies said no. In 1943 the Western allies agreed to accept nothing less than unconditional surrender.

  10. As usual, al evil comes from flaw economics. I think you have to add some points from Adam Tooze. The payments from the wwi peace make a huge problem for german industry which have no money for investing, the balance of payment surplus. The gold standard, fixed exchance rates, increase the problem with balance of payments when several countries leave the gold standard in beguining of 1930s. Flaw economics make it impossibly to do the right solutions. This make autarky one of few solutions and could explain the easy and timing of introducing autarky.

  11. While there may be a certain degree of internal "logic" in National Socialist "economics", it is premised on staggeringly irrational assumptions, unsupported by real world fact.

    Just as you're going to end up in an unhappy place if your entire political world view is premised on Donald Trump being a shape shifting reptilian alien, any political, economic or military plans premised on imaginary "master races", and the Jews being SIMULTANEOUSLY both racially inferior AND evil geniuses is probably going to end up with you wriggling on the end of a bayonet, regardless of whether it's affixed to the end of a Mosin-Nagant or a Garand. History invariably demonstrates that make believe is a poor survival strategy.

  12. Hitler was an idiot, but won power using his ability to appeal to the ego of the average Germans' most base, primal, instincts. Sounds a lot like Trump in the United States in many respects.

  13. im not a Hitler lover but i do listen to other opinions, and i gotta say that this guys is kinda off mark. its not that they didn't have a nation so they are inferior, which he probably did say. its because they get into positions of power and spread degeneracy and lies from within the host nation and ultimately destroy the nation. look at Hollywood, most major corporations, and the mainstream media. almost all of them are Jewish owned and this is where most of the leftest get their propaganda. so from the alt rights view those that listen to these people are being controlled by them (which is pretty much true). these are the same entities that are dividing Americans against each other through lies

  14. from where uk had so many resources???? from the olmost half of earth !!! the brithish, conquer , rape morder, twice than hitler, uk domination beginig from 1600, unthil ww2….so please be fair !!!

  15. He didnt start it….Boycott of German goods did…."Judea declares war on Germany"…1933 https://www.google.com/search?q=jews+declare+war+on+germans&client=ms-android-att-us-revc&source=android-browser&prmd=niv&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj225ynjvfiAhVN2FkKHYtDD3IQ_AUoAnoECA0QAg&biw=412&bih=778&dpr=2.63#imgrc=9kY5n-LCRoVqnM

  16. I love a britcuck youtuber laughing at how dumb Hitler was and using the fact that he was defeated in his effort to save the world as proof that he was wrong.

    How is mixing of races in Europe and America working out?

  17. Couple things.
    Germany (ie Hitler), Wanted to 'Conquer the world'. This is a discredited trope that is still, widely believed. There is zero evidence that anything like it was ever any kind of goal of the Germany Government, military or its population. Such a thing would have been a physical and logistical impossibility in any event and I am pretty sure the Germans knew this full well, even if some of them ever even semi-seriously entertained the notion to begin with, which I doubt.

    Germany was on the way to becoming the most powerful nation in Europe, superior engineering and technology, was already moving far ahead of Britains and France. All it really lacked, was ready access to raw materials on the scale of its competitors. If this sounds familiar it should. Germany IS today, now, in that same situation, the most powerful economy and still has some of the best science, engineering and technology in the world. With one crucial difference. Today, Germany is no longer a sovereign nation and is a vassal state of the Amerio-Israeli empire. Do the math, if Germany if the de-facto dominate power in the EU today, and in effect, controls Europe and the US and the Jews control Germany, then they control who controls the EU? A: Not Germany, not really.
    This explains why the uS keeps trying to undermine German EU Russian relations today. The uS cannot compete with a German-Led Europe married to Russian resources and Russia's not trvial know-how and science itself.
    In the 1930s, the corrupt and decadent brits and friends, feared a resurgent German economy with its superior products and science and technology. Germany's new leaders, were of course, well aware of the scope and nature of the jewish problem and, taken together, this put them all on a collision course.

    I should also point out, a great many people today, now openly compare the jew nations conduct and policies, in Nazi-esue terns. This is not 'anti-Semitic' as they whine constantly, but, an honest and accurate assessment of Israels aggressive, corrupt and brutal policies. As for the jew nation, it was built on STOLEN land, hardly a ringing endorsement of jews nation-building prowess when they had to steal it via open terrorism along with the backing and assistance of the jewish dominated western 'allied' powers governments.

    Germany is so powerless, it still pays billions annually to the jews in 'reparations', and provides them with advanced military technology, which they in turn, use to terrorize and wage war all over the middle east, and beyond.

  18. "The REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2"..
    "The REAL Reason why TIK's upload HAS to be Demonetized".. 😉

  19. so much bullshit…Hitler wanted war so much that he negotiated peace with Britain, that's why he let them flee at Dunkirk as a gesture prior to his negotiations. Hitler invaded Poland after his ignored proposals to save the german minority from the sanations of Joseph Pilsudski who terrorised all minorities in Poland including Jews, that's why many Jews fled to Germany from Poland prior to the outbrake of war and we must not forget that it was Britain and France who declared war to germany not vice versa

  20. Hitler knew the Jews instigated WW1. He didn't like their character and their use of usery to get rich. He wasn't wrong and neither were 109 other countries. He just got a little carried away.

  21. The Second World War, like the first…was a mistake.

    Hitler assumed the allies were weak, cowardly and lacking a unified purpose. He was partly right.

    The Ruhr, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia…Hitler assumed he could really keep pushing and keep getting the land grabs. However, Poland was just 'a bridge too' far for the U.K. Inciting racial/religious hatred assisted in unifying Germany to engage the coming battle. But, Hitler truly, deeply really feared a global conflagration.

    Both world wars, just a mistake.

  22. Uh it was a different time back then. Hitler and others in Germany were pissed off about their government surrendering during WW1. They felt betrayed so wanted revenge against France and Britain because they felt they weren't beaten by them on the battlefield. Hitler also felt that his greatest enemy were the Bolsheviks and the "lebensraum" was what he felt his people needed. So he was destined to go to war NOT trade for the food. He wanted to TAKE IT.

  23. Was the idea of shrinking markets also used by the Imperial Japanese? They could not grow enough to feed themselves and sought to build an empire which could supply food to Japan.

  24. I see your point, but your reasons are wrong. Hitler went to war because he believed that it was his God given right to conquer the rest of the world, following in the footsteps of his accessors , this is why it was the Third Reich, " Das Dritte Reich" The third Empire. Germany lost the first war in shame, they were not really defeated, the Keiser simply pull the plug and the war was over leading to the German revolution (1918 to1919) which overthrew the monarchy. In addition Germany had to abide to very heavy fines imposed by France and England and lost all its colonies. It was a shameful "defeat" that in Hitlers mind had reduced the empire will and pride making germans beg for food and work for Jewish businessman, many went rich during the war. Hitler himself started his artist life selling paintings to Jewish postcard makers, there was the sense that Jews were in control of the German economy and lived well while the rest of the German population was going hungry. Once he got to power he stop paying the fines and reclaimed the right to produce military grade weapons.
    People were so afraid of a second war that they let Germany take advantage of Poland unstable political situation and probably the biggest fault was Arthur Neville Chamberlain, a pacifist who let Hitler ambition got out of control…
    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." JSM

  25. Hitler made 12 offers of peace which were ignored. Watch Europa The Last Battle to see the real reason why behind WW2. War was declared on Hitler not the other way.

  26. Because he wanted to stop the fucking judeo-communists by spreading cancer and taking over the world. Because he saw what they did where they were in power. Because (((they))) killed all intellectuals so that (((they))) will remain the only intelligent people and enslave the low IQ masses.

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