( film reel flapping ) ( acoustic guitar ) ( static crackling ) ( suspenseful music ) ( suspenseful music ) ( suspenseful music ) ( static crackling ) Man: Beginnings are always
a little long, and a bit long. But they’re merely
an opening to greater understanding
and enlightenment. Heather: Oh, sorry.
Hold on. I should probably
film this. Sorry, Doctor… Oh, no, no, no. I’m not a doctor.
Just call me Daniel. Okay, Daniel. You seem like
a very bright child. Do you ever have problems
with people relating to you? I don’t know. I mean… it’s sometimes hard
to communicate
with my parents. They just want things
to be neat and tidy. And life is not always
neat and tidy. Sometimes, when people don’t have
enough information about something or somebody,
they get scared. It doesn’t have to be
complicated though,
right? I mean, once you’re willing
to see the truth, once you accept it, there’s nothing
to fear. You’re absolutely right. And sometimes, if you can just
educate people about something
or some subject that they
don’t know about, then the fear goes away; and acceptance and love
can come through. That’s why
I’m filming everything. So that people
can understand you better? Yeah. And what my mission is. Mission? To enlighten
the planet. Wow, that’s…
quite a job. I’m not doing it
alone. But others are… Well, others are not
as strong as I am. They’re beings. You can tell me
anything. What you say to me,
stays with me. You promise? I promise. Well… there’s beings
around me and others. How do I say this…? They wanna do
bad things to us because we know things. Like what? ( static crackling ) I’m not scared of you. That’s good. ( gravelly voice )
You should be. Heather? Heather! ( static crackling ) Heather!( distorted voices )( suspenseful music ) ( beeps ) ( suspenseful music ) ( beeps ) ( snoring ) Babe? You’re snoring. ( snoring ) ( door squeaking ) ( snoring ) ( electric guitar music ) ( electric guitar music ) ( door slam )
( gasps ) ( door squeaking ) ( door slam )
Ah! – Baby: ( crying )
– ( panting ) – Randy, Randy!
– What? Wake up! Oh– oh, my God! – The door– the door–
– What? The door slammed– it opened
and slammed shut, and there was shaking,
and lights. Okay, okay, I’m sure
it’s just the wind. No, it wasn’t.
It was not the wind. Okay, okay. – The lights.
– Oh, my God. Stay here. Baby: ( crying ) Honey, go. Oh, my God. ( panting ) Be careful. ( panting ) I’m sorry– ( door creaking )
Ah! ( panting ) It’s fine. – How is she?
– I don’t know. ( panting ) Baby: ( crying ) Oh, God. ( panting ) ( door slam ) Oh, my– Heather! Oh, my– ( doorknob rattling ) ( distorted voices ) Randy: Heather! Heather! Heather, wake up. – Baby?
– Baby? – Baby, wake up.
– Baby, you okay, baby? Yeah. ( crying ) What’s happening? Why does this
keep happening? It’s okay,
don’t cry, don’t cry. It’s okay,
it’s okay. Hey, why don’t you
take care of Sarah? – Okay, okay?
– Okay. – It’s gonna be okay.
– Okay, baby, okay. – I’ve got this, okay?
– Okay, baby. Mom, I’m okay. She’s okay. Just put your foot down. So, I was sleepwalking
again, huh? Yeah. You remember
anything this time? Nah-uh. Do you think– Do you think
I’m unstable? What? Honey, no. Who said that? You don’t? No, I don’t. ( sad )
Mom does. ( sighing ) Sweetie, your mom
is just scared. That’s all. She feels like maybe
she messed something up, and she just is scared. I just want her
to be happy again. I’m just afraid
of her feelings… Been really depressed. But sometimes,
that happens. Women, after
they have a baby, they…
they get depressed. But– She medicated
before Sarah, too. Medicated? Where did you–? Grandpa. When did he say that? Never mind. ( incoming message ringtone ) Uh, it’s a little late to be getting
a chat room message from one
of your buddies. It’s my friend Paul
from Portland. Yeah? What does Paul
from Portland
want this late? He just wanted
to make sure I was okay because of tonight. Wait,
what do you mean? How would he know? We can… It’s hard to explain. We just know
each other’s thoughts
sometimes. You mean… without talking
or telling each other? Yeah. We just get a feeling. ( baffled )
Cool. Well, it’s late and I hope he knows
what my thoughts
are right now, which are,
“It’s past
your bedtime.” – Alright?
– I get it. – Thank you.
– Mm-hmm. And if you plan on doing
any sleepwalking later tonight, I’ll, uh… ( whispering )
mark the ice cream
carton. Okay, I get it. Someone just wants it all
for themselves. ( laughing ) Watch your head,
watch your head. ( sighing ) I love you. I love you too. – Goodnight.
– Goodnight. ( door closing ) This is between you and me. Leave my family out of it,
understand? ( beeps ) What was that? I have no idea. It’s either there’s like
an earthquake or something. And then it stops
when we get
to Heather’s room?And, and, what, what…and she’s standing
on her bed
with that crazy look
in her eyes? You know, I– I think she was
sleepwalking again. Well, it freaks me out. She was in our room
two nights ago standing by our bed. I think we have to try
one of those treatments? Treatment?
What, what treatments? There’s no treatments
for sleepwalking? But I’m not gonna put
my daughter on prescription pills. ( whispering )
I’m not saying that. I’m just saying
that she– she needs to be near
some other kids like her. When’s the last time
she had a sleepover? Jessica’s mother said
she’s scared of her. I know. I saw
David-traitor-Josie practically pretend
that he didn’t see me. That’s sad. It’s like
she’s always worried
about something. Sounds familiar. – ( laughing )
– Very funny. I’m serious. She seems to know things
and feel things that she just
shouldn’t know. It’s creepy. She mentioned
talking to your dad. Did he call recently? Uh, no. Uh, last time
I talked to my dad via text was the night
before Sarah was born. “I’m in Japan.
I’ll visit when I get back.” That was 11 weeks ago. So… Sorry. Hey, go to sleep. – Okay?
– Alright? I’m just gonna see if there’s
anything on here about the earthquakes. I love you. ( suspenseful music ) Mmm. ( sighing ) ( chips crunching ) ( snoring ) ( door squeaking ) ( snoring ) I’m not scared of you. You should be,
little girl. ( birds chirping ) ( gasping ) Sarah:( babbling ) Hot, hot, hot! ( laughing ) They’re only
slightly burned. Perfect!
I love mine burnt. – Wanna try?
– Yes. Uh, there. Must burn them all. Both: ( laughing ) Man: ( on video )
What is an indigo child?
Beginning in the mid-1950s,psychics and mystics noticed
a new breed of children
that the general population
was unaware of.
Not only did these childrenseem to process emotions
they were also
very intuitive
and can sense the energies
around them.
Traits of an indigo child
high intelligence,
empathy, curiosity,
strong will, independence,
Some people claimthat these children
are other-world creatures–
( laughing )
Hey! Very nice. ( laughing ) I noticed
you didn’t sleep
very well last night either. Somebody had to keep an eye
on that ice cream carton all night. Hop up here. How did that go? I had my eyes on it
all night. Both: ( laughing ) This is my dad. He works really hard to provide for our family
and keep us safe. I love him more
than he’ll ever know. I’m her Dad,
big D, little A, little D. I try to look as, uh,
cool as possible any time I’m on camera. It’s sort of a big thing
around here. Heather: Especially after
all of his ice cream. Ouch. Both: ( laughing ) Heather: But… he’s a very kind person, and I want him to know he doesn’t need
to figure it out. Figure what out? Heather: I’m a happy kid
with loving parents with absolutely nothing
to figure out. Alright,
miss filmmaker. Time for school. Go help your mom
with the kitchen and, uh… and we’ll study, alright? Heather: Okay. Can we start
with science today? Yes, alright. Hey, hey, hey! Enjoy
the waffles! ( birds chirping ) – Sarah: ( crying )
– It’s okay, honey, it’s okay. It’s okay. Okay? ( crying ) It’s okay. ( crying ) So, what does that
stand for? Hmm… titanium. Awesome. ( pills rattling ) ( clearing throat ) Man: ( on video )
There are four types
of indigos:
artists, conceptuals,humanists,
and interdimensionals.
Less common
than the previous three,
are the visionaries.
They will bring
new philosophies
and religions to our world.( clearing throat ) So, you think… this is the stem
of how there’s problems? That she’s some kind
of interdimensional
star child? Honestly,
I don’t know. You think
she’s like a hybrid, half-alien,
half-human? – ( laughing )
– No, I don’t think that. That’s not what
they’re saying. I mean, they just– she has a few of those
characteristics, that’s all. What am I supposed
to do with this? I don’t know, baby. I’m just grasping
at anything here. Look at her,
look at her. I know. She’s so smart. She sits in her room
all day and talks
to that camera. And you know,
it’s, it’s your fault, kind of, because
all of these cameras that you have around
for our protection, so that
you can sit around, and look at her,
and analyze her… You’re obs–
it’s like
you’re obsessed. You’re obsessed. I’m not obsessed. Look, we both agreed
to get the cameras. That’s what
the doctors said to do. You know,
I don’t trust doctors. I don’t think doctors know
what they’re talking about. They think
that I’m bipolar. I am the most
even-tempered woman
that I know. Don’t you agree? I agree… that we both love
our daughter very much, and that we want her
to have a normal childhood. It’s just gotta be
my fault, because… ( sighing ) I have been so obsessed
with Sarah and I know
that I was a nightmare
when I was pregnant, so she must think that I don’t love her
as much. I don’t know. No, she knows
that you love her, and you weren’t
that much of a nightmare. Difficult, potentially,
slightly, a little. ( laughing ) But I don’t think
that was the only thing. So, you do think
it’s my fault! Oh, my God, baby,
I didn’t say that. It’s not
what I’m saying. I don’t think that. It’s just that, my mother used
to lock herself in the room for days. And I made a promise that I would never be
like that. I don’t wanna be
like that. You’re not
like that, okay? Okay. You know what? Maybe if I take her
to the mall. Perfect. Like, some
mother-daughter time. Exactly,
a little bonding. – Yup.
– Alright. Do that. – Okay?
– Okay. And I’m not obsessed. ( whispering )
Yes, you are. Come in, mom. ( suspenseful music ) Hi, honey. What are you doing? Nothing. Hmm… Huh, you finish
your homework? Yeah. Hey, that was a pretty
impressive breakfast
this morning. ( yelling )
No! ( frightened )
Honey? Honey… You okay? You okay…? Heather, heather. Yeah, I’m okay. Why? Okay, I’m just
being concerned. That’s all. You know what? I think we should,
uh, go to the mall? What do you think?We’ll go
to your favorite store
and have some girl time.Okay. Great. Okay, we’re gonna get
your jacket, okay? No, I don’t wanna play
hide and seek. Hide and seek?I don’t wanna play
hide and seek
because I’m afraid
of the dark.
What?Don’t be silly. Of course
you’re not afraid
of the dark. Do you promise? Okay, I guess so,
but only if I’m it. Heather. Who are you pretending
to talk to? Heather? Heather,
look at me. ( suspenseful music ) Heather!
Heather, wake up! Heather! ( gravelly voice )
It’s only
a matter time, and soon
they will all be
with us. Heather!Heather!– Brandy! Brandy, stop!
– Heather, Heather! Stop, stop! Heather,
what’s going on? – Look at me.
– Heather? Heather? ( crying )
Heather… ( bang ) ( groaning ) ( panting ) Daddy? Are you…
okay, baby? Baby,
what was that? What, dad? You don’t remember
what you just did to us. Sarah: ( crying ) No. I’m gonna– I’m gonna
go check on Sarah. Hang on. Get up,
get up, get up. ( groaning ) What just happened, baby? – What?
– What was in here? What was going on
with your mom just now? ( confused )
I– I don’t–
I don’t know. She came in
and she said we were gonna go
to the mall. ( sobbing )
It was like
a fell asleep and I don’t remember
anything. Okay, okay, shhh. ( crying )
I’m– I’m–
I’m trying, I can’t remember
anything. It’s okay,
it’s okay. It’s okay. I don’t know what did
I– what did I do…? It’s okay, baby,
it’s okay. Shhh. It’s okay. I want you
to lay down, okay? Okay?
It’s gonna be okay. – What about you? No–
– I’m okay, I’m okay. But you hit
your head. Don’t worry about me, baby. Okay? I want you
to just lay down. – Are you okay?
– I’m okay. I’m okay, okay?
Here, lay down. Do you want, uh,
a little ice cream? I thought
you ate it all. ( laughing ) I have the secret stash in the garage
for you, okay? I love you. Me too. ( soft piano music ) I’m not like the others. I see the truth
of who you really are, and I am not afraid of you. ( door slam ) We have a problem. ( panting ) What the hell
was that? I don’t think
I can handle
all of this. – Yeah?
– ( panting ) Oh, God. Oh, she had…
this look in her eyes. And that voice… – What voice?
– It was evil. What voice? Like a freaking alien
or something! Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure! Are you calling me
a liar? Babe, I’m just– I don’t even know
what’s going on, so what are you talking–
I’m not even saying… I don’t know
what’s going on
either. That’s our daughter, and our daughter
is not normal! I don’t know
what’s going on. Heather: ( on video )
I don’t wanna play
hide and seek.
What the hell?I’m afraid
of the dark.
That’s not
Heather’s voice. Brandy: ( on video )
Hide and seek?
Heather.( gravelly voice )
It’s only
a matter of time,
and soon
they will all be
with us.
Hea–!What’s going on? What? Heather:Hi, dad.( panting ) ( snoring ) ( birds chirping ) Hey, sweetie,
how you feeling? Uh, a little better. Yeah? You hungry? Not really. Okay. I love you. Me too. ( birds chirping ) ( snoring ) ( snoring ) ( babbling ) ( snoring ) ( sighs ) Woman: ( on phone )
Uh, hi. Um, may I speak
to Daniel, please?( softly )
May I ask
who is speaking?
Um, my name is Randy. Um, I– I saw a couple videos
on his site, and I… I think my daughter
might be in danger.Okay, Randy.Can you tell me
a bit more?
Um, yeah. I think maybe she’s like
an indigo child or something? She– She’s talking
to a friend in Portland, and– and this kid says
that he knows
what she’s thinking without even talking to her. And then today,
she, like, was possessed. She had her eyes… her eyes looked like
they were rolling back
in her head, and this weird voice
came out.Okay.I’m going to see
if I can get Daniel
to call you back.
Is this the best number?Yeah… Thank you.I’m sending you light
and love.
Thanks. ( sighing )
Fuck. Now what? ( birds chirping ) ( phone ringing ) Hello? Hi. Wow, that would be awesome. Yes. Yeah–
yeah, we’re here all night. Thank you. Uh, 215 Skyline Circle.Great, thank you.They’re bringing someone in. We need to move fast. Randy:
If it’s okay with you. I mean,
that’s what we’re saying. I mean, we don’t even know
if it’s gonna work. It’d just be nice for you
to talk to him, that’s all. Yeah, we just
want you to be okay,
sweetie, you know. I know, mom. And it’s all
gonna be okay. I promise. Please don’t… Brandy: ( whispering )
I just don’t understand
where she… I’ll get it. ( knocking on door ) Hey, I’m Daniel. Heather:
I’m Heather. Hi, Heather. Randy: Come on in. I’m Randy. Hi, I’m… Brandy. My pleasure. So, you–
uh, you’re a psychic? Yes.
Yes, I am. A psychic and a medium. Uh, what’s
the difference? I think that everybody
is a little psychic, able to access information
and energy that you can’t get
using your five
human senses. But mediums…
mediums are
a little different. Mediums can connect
with other realms
and dimensions. Do you wanna sit down? Oh, sure.
Thanks. – Thanks.
– Sure. What do you mean
‘connect’? Well, there’s not
really one specific way
that I connect. Sometimes, I’ll see images or little snippets
of videos
inside my head. Sometimes, I’ll hear a line
from a song, or a book,
or a movie, and sometimes
I might just get
a feeling. What kind of feeling
do you get about me? Randy: ( laughing )
Go ahead and see. I– I don’t know
if I really would feel
comfortable talking about– No, I’m an open book. You can tell me anything. Randy: ( laughing ) I– I feel
that there’s… something
from your past that you need to face,
because it’s
holding you back from experiencing
real joy. It’s probably
just something
from your childhood. We all tend to hold
onto those things
the most. You…
you, young lady,
are very intuitive. You know what? I’m gonna go lay down. It was very nice
meeting you. Okay. Uh, sorry. So, how do we…
how do we do this? I– I guess
that Heather and I could just
sit and talk
for a while, and then go
from there. Alright. Um, do you wanna
do it inside
or maybe outside? I think
would be great. What do you think,
Heather? That’s fine
with me. Great. Um, why don’t you guys
go outside and I’ll just be inside
if you need anything. Walk right out here. Please. No, no, after you. Randy: We’ll be
right inside,
sweetie, okay?– Okay, thanks.
– Alright. ( birds chirping ) I guess here will work. Great. ( birds chirping ) Daniel: Beginnings
are always
a little awkward and a bit daunting, but they’re merely
an opening
to greater understanding and enlightenment. Oh, hold on,
I should probably
film this. Sorry, Doctor… Oh, no, no, no. I’m not a doctor. Just call me Daniel. Randy: Heather! God! What’s going on? Something is trying
to break down her spirit. She’s a very strong
little girl, but I just don’t think
she’s strong enough. Heather…It’s okay.I’m not gonna go.
Not yet.
Go where?What do you mean ‘go’? Daniel,
I wanna help them. I know
I can help them. Please help me
do that. Of course I will. Thank you. Baby,
let’s get you
inside. Let’s look
at your nose, okay? – I’m fine.
– No, no, no, no. Come on. ( suspenseful music ) ( whispering )
Are you okay? ( kiss ) ( door closes ) Have you seen anything
like this before? Not exactly like this. I’ve only read about it. But in some rare cases,
it’s been thought
that maybe… What? It has been documented
that in some cases, that there’s
a possibility that there’s been
some form
of contact with… ( mouse click )an energy
from another world.
What do you mean
‘another world’?
He’s good. I want this to happen
tonight.I have never seen
anything like her
and I really
wanna try and help. What are
you even saying? You saying she’s
talking to aliens? Heather
is communicating on another
entirely different
level at times. And this is something
that I have never
seen before in a human. What, are you– You saying
that she’s something like, sort of,
that hybrid? Like–
like I said before, I– I’ve never seen
a case like this, but I really want
to try and help her. Brandy:Honey?Excuse me. Honey? ( sighs ) – What?
– Hi. We’re out of diapers. What do you mean
we’re out of diapers? We’re out of diapers. You just
went to the store
yesterday to get diapers. How could we be
out of diapers? Oh, wow.
I forgot. Hah, I forgot. You forgot? Don’t talk
to me that way. Then stop being
like your mother. I’m sorry,
I have to go
to the store to get some diapers. Will you please stay? Of course I will. Thank you. I– if you don’t mind, I’m just gonna lie down
for a minute. Of course. ( birds chirping ) ( electronic beeps ) ( mouse clicks ) ( mouse clicks ) ( mouse clicks ) ( electronic beeps ) Sarah: ( crying ) ( suspenseful music) Okay, okay. ( crying continues ) ( crying intensifies ) ( suspenseful music ) There he is. ( sighs ) Long time no see,
stranger. Hey. How’d you know
I was here? I’ve always known
when you
wanted something. I heard you were back. Yeah. School’s been
really tough on Ricky. Jen said he’s been,
you know, acting out. I– I don’t know
what it is. Hmm. I wonder where he
gets that from. ( scoffs ) No, I don’t know
what it is. Like, I made
a promise
to myself I’m gonna make it work
with Jen Alright?
And then– And here you are. Yeah. Like I don’t know. It’s like you get
this… uncontrollable urge, it– I don’t know,
I just can’t… I don’t know. I don’t know what’s
going on right now. She looks
a lot like you. Who? Jen? Heather. Brandy… I look at her eyes,
her face. It reminds me of you, us. Brandy? What’d I say? We cannot talk
about that, okay? Seriously. ( laughing ) Love is complicated. Yeah. I gotta get home. No. Come on. Brandy, no, okay? I gotta go. You think
this is about you? What’s going on? Hey, stop, Brandy. Shut up. I told you–! Take it. No more. ( moaning ) Both: ( panting ) ( moaning ) Both: ( panting ) I know
what you’re doing.It’s not gonna work.Back off.( laughing ) Jen:Did you say
something to me?
Ricky:I’m hungry.Oh.Now, do you want me
to make you
your favorite sandwich,
PB&J?– Jifs?
– Yeah.
Okay.Uh, mom, can I have
two sandwiches
and two bags of chips?
Two?I know you’re growing,
but that much?
Are you that hungry?Yeah.Okay,
but I don’t want you
to get sick.
I won’t.Promise?You got it.Mom?Yeah?Did dad leave us again?Baby,
dad did not
leave us again.
He’s here.He just went to go
pick up some groceries.
( laughing )Mmm, I missed this.I’m a piece of shit.Don’t.
Don’t say that.
I gotta go.What? What the hell
are you doing here? What are
you talking about? I love my husband. I love my wife, too. What are you
doing here? We had a deal. I– I don’t even know
why I’m here. You need to leave.Get– get out of here!Sorry. Hey, sweetie. Babe? She knows
not what she does. What did you say? Daddy,
it wasn’t her fault. What are you
talking about? Where’s your mother? Is Daniel
still here, dad? Yeah. I really
need to talk to him. Randy: Baby, it’s me. Please call me back. We’re really worried
about you, okay? Hey, where were you? I’m sorry. For what? Everything. Excuse me
one second. It’s only
gonna get worse. What’s
gonna get worse? They’re going
for the innocent, those who can’t protect
themselves. My mom, Ricky… I have to help them. Then let’s see what
we can do to help them. Shall we begin? I don’t deserve you. Stop saying that. ( sighs ) It’s true. Look at me. I’ve screwed up
our daughter, I’m bloated… ( chuckles ) You’re not bloated. ( laughing ) And you didn’t
screw up our daughter. ( softly )
I’m sorry. I think
I did something
really bad. I feel their pain. I really
wanna help them. What do you think
you can do? I just know
that I can. I know that with the help
of the others in the grid, we can stop them. She has been
on the grid.You’ve been
on the grid?
There are a lot of people
who wanna help us there.
We do not have to allow
those negative forces in. They’re always
gonna be there, but we don’t have
to allow them
to come in. The others
won’t be able
to do that. Well, do you think
that you and I should try
to talk to one of them and– and tell them
that they have
to leave you and the others alone? Heather: I guess so. Daniel: Here. Do you think
they’ll listen? Let’s hope so. Leave this child alone. You are not welcome here. Heather?
are you alright? Are you okay? Yeah, I think so. Randy: What’s going on? Daniel: We’re fine. We’re fine.
Everything’s alright
in here. You okay, Heather? ( indistinct chatter
on computer ) Randy: Wait, wait,
that’s Jen and Cochran from down the street. Cochran: Ricky,
where’s aunt Viv?( overlapping yelling )Jen:Why are you
yelling at me?
I don’t know.
I didn’t do anything!
( screaming )– What the fuck?
– Jesus.
– Ow!
– Jen, you alright?
what is this? What is going on? It’s Ricky.
Hold on. Jen:Ricky!– No way!
– What is this? Heather, what is this?
Where did you get this? – Heather, what is it?
– I don’t know! This is exactly what
she was saying in the bedroom earlier. The exact words! – What?
– Not my fault! Tell me
where you got this. They can’t let him go. – He’s too–
– Go where, honey? We have got
to get over there. Okay, baby,
you stay here. Uh, Daniel and I
will go. – You take care of Heather’s–
– No. I’m not staying here. Listen, I will stay
here with Heather,
you two go Now. Randy:
Okay, put her down.
I’ll wait for you. Come on.
Thank you very much,
Daniel. Please, baby, come on.
Let’s go, let’s go! Brandy: I know, I know. ( door closes ) Is it gonna be
too late? That’s alright. ( suspenseful music )( knocking on door )Randy:Yeah, we need
to speak to Jen.
Brandy:Can you go
get them, please?
right here.
Randy:Hey, how’s it going?Cochran:What’s going on?Brandy:( panting )Oh, my God, we have
so much in common.
I can totally
relate to you.
Wait, you guys are
the, um…
( overlapping chatter )I’m Randy.
This is my wife,
Brandy, yes.
Brandy:Oh, my God.
Our daughter,
our daughter…
( crying )Okay,
our daughter Heather
is just a few years older
than your son, Ricky,
and um, she’s havingsome of the same problems
that he’s having.
Jen:Wait, what–
what problems?
And how do you know
about our kid?
Well, we know,
it’s okay.
– You know what?
– We can help you.
– No, I need you–
– We need you.
Cochran:You guys need
to get out of the house.
Listen, listen–You guys, listen.The video that you guys
put up, they–
they helped us.
– Video?
– They’re helping us.
I don’t care what–We know what Ricky
and Heather
are going through.
You don’t relate to us.You guys need to get
out of the house.
– Out of the house. Go!
– Please, I am begging you.
I am begging you.Out of the house!What the fuck
are you doing? Take him now. Heather: I’m running
out of time. If he takes
Ricky tonight, I’ll have to go
and protect the others. Can you connect
to the grid? Yes. I’m there. Daniel: See if you
can find Ricky. Okay. ( voices whispering
in distance ) He’s not here. He’s been tricked! By who? Heather: ( stammering )
The man
in the black suit. Daniel: Who is this man? Um, I don’t–
I don’t know. I can’t see his face. I can only see
the back of his head! Going after
all my brothers
and sisters. Daniel:
Do– do you mean Sarah? No, the others. He wants to stop us. Because our father was sent
to protect us
from other species. That’s why–
…destroy our planet. Daniel: Randy knows him? He’s not
my real father. Daniel: Who is
your real father, then? ( screaming )
Ricky, don’t go! You can’t stop us! ( laughs ) ( voices whispering
in distance ) ( eerie music )( door opens )Brandy: Maybe– maybe
there are other families
with videos, you know? We tried
to talk to them. I think we freaked
them out, though. – It’s getting worse.
– What? What’s going on, baby?
You okay? Brandy: They’re not–
they’re gone! It’s like
it’s not here anymore! It’s not here! ( screaming ) Randy: Baby? Baby! Ricky! Ricky? What’s going on? They took Ricky! Who? The Night Visitor! Where did they
take him? I– I don’t know.
I don’t know. I– I can’t see. It looks
like a big room. I can’t see.
There’s too much light. I can’t see anything! – Baby!
– Come on, baby. Heather, it’s okay.
It’s okay. Come here. I love you, alright? Sarah: ( crying ) Sarah. Sarah’s crying. It’s okay, baby.
Thank you, baby. – Baby, can you get…?
– It’s okay. Okay. Okay, be careful, baby. Daniel: Listen to me. This is
way beyond anything that I’ve
ever experienced
in my lifetime. Heather thinks
that something
is coming after her and her siblings. I think
that her father is… I think that you
are what is known
as a surrogate. What? And that some being
is coming after
the children of Heather’s
biological father. What do you–
what do you mean? ( suspenseful music ) Brandy and Randy:
Heather! ( panting ) What’s going– What are you doing? It’s time for me
to fulfill my destiny. I love you both. Don’t worry. We aren’t alone.Did you hear that?I’m coming for you!( sarcastically )
Oh! Coming for me? We’ll be waiting… watching. Woman: ( singing softly ) Woman: ( rapping ) Woman: ( rapping ) Woman: ( singing softly ) ( soft music ) ( electronic music ) ( electronic music ) ( electronic music ) ( electronic music ) ( drum music ) ( drum music ) ( drum music ) ( guitar solo ) ( drum music ) ( synthesizer music ) ( drum music ) ( guitar solo ) ( drum music )

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  1. do u know it only takes 30 min of your full attention to be hypontized and made to forget u r under the power of suggestion like do what i say or else ill kick your kids into next week they will have hell to pay do what i tell u to do u dont have a friend in this world with out the help of others friends or loved ones that can see through and can wake u these rats sex trafficing jahova wittness pria on the ones they can isolate yet use thier id thier smarts and even take over inharitenes land and homes and focuse on ssi and walfare why because its easier then getting a job of thier own and they r just dumb and lazy yet bright enough to scare u and show u they will harm and get away with it i dont know how to end this and as for as long as they have gotton away with and the lack of experiance in reconizing hypnoides this might take along while what can be used for good can be used for bad and has been ,,my guess

  2. im only saying because i was hypnotized to beleave my hands were stuck to my breast i had to drive to my appointment a person asked me what was wrong i told the person no they r not thats not funny nor a game i could of died or killed some one

  3. We have crazies in the comment section.

    I thought it was going to be yet another paranormal activity clone and but it isn't, starts off a bit iffy but gets progressively better and then when you are hooked, it leaves you hanging.

    Is this a TV series? the running time without the credits is less than an hour or is there a part 3? We need a part 3 to know what happens.

  4. Considering that this is not a movie produced in Hollywood, i have have respect for the whole production team – They have managed to create a very captivating film!
    …. and, thanks for the upload!

  5. Hmm interesting though a follow up wouldn't go amiss, or is that for our own imaginations to conceive of, as to where all that went after the end..

  6. Well he was frightening from the start,you would not know if he was looking at you or somebody else !!! And that woman has no
    idea what to do with the no existant baby or the crib,terrible acting.

  7. Thanks for upload but not my kind of movie, too much fake spec. fx , that actually gives instant headache.,and eyeballs Rollin around in their sockets.

  8. What a Trip, it's decent but far from being good!
    Some how I got interested in seeing what was going on with the kid & before I knew it or Really found out what was up it was over!
    Is there more to the story, a part 1 or part 3?

  9. Aliens AND psychics (ie., spooks)? Isn't that oil and water? Aw come on now! One or t'other. But not both! Either that or throw in some Jesus and some CIA clandestine stuff too. Why not? How about tossing in some Gojira and giant mechano octosharks as well? And vampires. And some Abbott and Costello. Maybe some Rocky and Bullwinkle or Oggy et les Cafards?


  11. This movie is dragging. The opening blue tinted shots are boring as hell
    and the constant static distortion effect, like an editor's new found toy,
    is FUCKING ANNOYING. I'm 23 minutes into the excruciating attempt
    at entertainment and I am going elsewhere to be entertained. BORING!

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