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The NEW Rules of Selling in the 21st Century – by Novalead Limited

The NEW RULES of SELLING Speak to any experienced salesperson and they
will tell you, selling has become much more difficult in the last 10 to 12 years. Research-based University studies, using real-world
sales situations have shown that the rules of selling have radically changed. And we think 2008 was the tipping point for
two reasons. Number 1. Information is Power and in 2008
the Search Engine came of age, couple this with the launch of YouTube and all at once
the buyer could find out about not only the salespersons offering but also, all their
competitors. Now on average, 70% of the buying decision
is made before the salespeople even get involved. Number 2. The 2008 Financial Crisis showed
the public that our trusted institutions were happy to work together to bail each other
out at the expense of the people. Making the average person much more sceptical
and much less trusting. So what are the NEW RULES of SELLING? Firstly, preparation. Knowing how and why
your product can help your prospect, you also need to show true knowledge of your industry
and the prospects marketplace. So you can add value during every interaction. Secondly, forget about closing the sale. Closing
is out-dated and no longer works with modern, well-informed buyers. Instead, ask strategic questions so the prospect
opens up, then listen with empathy until they reveal their problems and allow you to diagnose
them. Let the prospect sell themselves on why they
should buy from you. Finally, for over 30 years, sales training
has focused on the importance of building relationships and rapport with the prospect,
this is no longer enough. Salespeople need to build trust! How, by showing that they give a damn about
the prospect, their prospects results and the outcome of their buying decision. To find out more about the NEW RULES of SELLING
go to or call us now on 08456 170 697 Novalead – Success Through People Development

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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