The Most Expensive Mistakes in All History

hi everyone to err is human there's nothing wrong about making mistakes from time to time unless of course we're talking about some kind of oops near a nuclear reactor yes some mistakes are too expensive and we're going to tell you about all of them today let's get it on new SNCF trains do you know what an unsuccessful investment is well the French national railway company known as the SNCF is an expert in this matter in 2014 the company together with the railway operator network rff purchased 341 passenger trains with a total cost of about 17 and a half billion dollars they were doing it for a good reason to upgrade the transport network making it as modern as possible and more convenient for the passengers the new trains were going to start operating in 2016 but something went wrong due to inaccuracy in the calculations all the trains were too wide for the railway station platforms in France 20 centimeters too wide to be precise to remake the 1300 platforms with edges located too close to the rails and not designed for the dimensions of the new cars the SNCF was forced to spend an additional 60 million dollars but how could this happen well the rff spokesman said that the shortcoming was noticed too late Wow and all because the dimensions were taken from the platforms constructed in the last three decades and nobody thought about the old stations Baltic ace large ships are used to deliver large loads like cars across the ocean the Baltic ace was a car transporter built at a shipyard in Gdynia Poland on July 11th 2007 the vessels sailed under the colors of Bahamas and surely would keep transporting cars until today if it weren't for a fatal accident on December the 5th 2012 around 1915 local time the Baltic ace was moving with a cargo of fourteen hundred and seventeen cars mostly Mitsubishi from the Japanese and Thai plants 65c miles away from the province of Zeeland it was here on the high seas that the ship collided with the cypriot container ship the Corvis jay and got a hole in it a few minutes later it tilted capsized and quickly sank at the same time that container ship the Corvis jay stayed afloat and took aboard the survivors of the sunken vessel of course it was impossible to save the cars so almost one and a half thousand new cars just sank along with the ship lighter the Baltic ace and the cars were raised to the surface but the seawater and time did their job the expensive vessel and its cargo turned into useless scrap metal Hubble mirror imagine this you're building a huge Space Observatory spending lots of money and time on it and here's the long-awaited launch yay the telescope is put into orbits and now it will be possible to properly see all the distant galaxies make beautiful pictures and provide humanity with information for research and some really cool desktop wallpapers as well this is probably what the creators of the Hubble telescope thought but already in the first working weeks of the device it turns out that the sharpness of the images was frankly very far from ideal after analyzing the pictures the scientists realized that the source of the problems was the wrong shape of the main mirror despite the fact that it was perhaps the most accurately calculated mirror ever created it was made too flat at the edges the difference was only two micrometers but in such a complex matter as space research this turned out to be a real problem sending the Hubble back to earth would be too expensive and take too much time and replacing the mirror was simply unreal that's why scientists invented a new set of glasses for the telescope they were delivered and installed by a separate expedition in one of the most complicated operations in the history of space exploration Piper alpha explosion the Piper Alpha oil rig was built in 1975 and later it was reacquired for gas production on July the 6th 1988 as a result of a gas leakage and unreasonable actions of personnel a major catastrophe in the history of this industry happened when it was necessary to stop the operator decided to continue extracting oil and gas during the construction of new levels of the platform which led to an explosion the explosion which triggered the fire occurred early in the morning and the fire spread so quickly that the staff didn't even have time to send a signal for help around the morning the platform in flames was noticed by the command of the auxilary vessel the lowland cavalier an a report of the accident to the shore Piper Alpha was completely destroyed within a few hours and all insured losses at the company amounted to about 3.4 billion dollars Lake pioneer disaster in the state of Louisiana USA not far from New Iberia there's a lake known as Lake Pioneer until 1980 it was a freshwater reservoir popular with local holiday makers as a place for swimming and fishing in the middle of the small lake there was an islet with a beautiful botanical garden but everything changed literally in one day on November the 20th 1980 drillers from the corporation of the Wilson brothers were carrying out exploratory drilling work at the bottom of the reservoir they were looking for oil for Texaco oil and gas company under the lake itself was a salt mine a network of tunnels 24 metres long and 30 metres wide its ceiling was placed on the salt pillars the mine was the prophesy of diamond crystal Salt Company you probably already know what happened so the drillers got a bit carried away accidentally broke through the roof of the mine and water poured right into it it quickly washed out the 35 centimeter hole as a result of which a giant whirlpool appeared on the surface of Lake Point you're reaching 55 meters in diameter this whirlpool sucked the tug the drilling rig 11 barges the dock houses trucks and even the island along with the garden in three hours more than 13 billion litres of water got out of the lake but the story didn't even end there the fact is that the water enter the tunnels very quickly outrunning the outgoing air and as a result a 120 meter geyser consisting of water and rock shot up from the lake surprisingly no one was injured during the disaster but the ecosystem of the lake change beyond recognition the company owning the salt mines sued the drillers and the local residents suit both of them as a result the company customer Texaco and the contractor Wilson brothers had to pay thirty two million dollars for the destroyed mine twelve point eight million to the local community for the environmental damage caused way to big submarine the SAT one Isaac perils submarines should have become one of the best ships of the Spanish Navy butts during the process of construction the people involved noticed that the SAT one Isaac peril was not only impressive on the outside but also sixty eight tons heavier than the engineers assumed so much heavier that it might just not float to the surface moreover it can fall down to the bottom of the sea to save the project which cost a lot of money the creators decided to increase the area of the hull to somehow distribute the weight the length of the submarine was increased to 71 meters but this decision not only entailed additional costs it turned out to be quite difficult in terms of technology the construction of the boat which began in 2005 continues to this day it's expected that the 1.5 billion dollar ship will become a part of the Spanish fleet in 2022 walkie talkie when the walkie talkie skyscraper was built in London it stood out among other high buildings for its unusual mirror design and a shape that resembles a walkie talkie but soon people realize that the southern side of the building reflected the Sun beams literally burning out on a thirty meter long area like a huge lens the concentrated light beam reached a temperature of almost 70 degrees Celsius an absolute record in natural conditions the air doesn't reach that temperature anywhere on earth the skyscraper became even more famous when a car owner inadvertently parked his Jaguar on the southern side of the walkie talkie imagine the surprise of the businessman when he came back and saw his favorite car melting down not exactly what you expect to find in the parking lot however the car was not the only victim the skyscraper can easily melt all sorts of objects on the street cars bicycles furniture and a new cafe down the street to stop this mayhem a Sun Visor was attached to the building which protects people near the walkie-talkie from the solar beam but the strangest is that the creators of this expensive building which cost about two hundred and sixty million dollars somehow didn't think that it would turn into a Death Star selling Alaska it might sound surprising but Alaska didn't always belong to the United States the first people from the old world who set foot on this land back in 1732 were Russian researchers the area owned by Russia at the time of sale was 1 million five hundred and eighteen thousand eight hundred square kilometers in size and was practically unexplored at the beginning of the 19th century Alaska brought income through fur trading but soon the costs began to outweigh the benefits in addition the region was too far from the rest of the country and therefore more vulnerable to an invasion in the end in 1867 Russia decided to sell this land to the US the price of the deal was 7.2 million dollars less than the cost of the three-story building of the New York Court built at the same time given the roughly equal value of the ruble on the dollar at that time it wasn't a great deal for the Russians moreover the resources found later in Alaska became a real treasure which ended up in the hands of the US in this place you can find gold non-ferrous metals coal and oil we can't even begin to imagine the amounts of money that Russia lost by giving up Alaska millennium bridge let's visit London one last time in 1999 the construction of a pedestrian bridge across the Thames began it was known as the Millennium Bridge and more than 24 million dollars were spent on the construction on June the 10th 2002 the bridge was solemnly opened in the presence of queen elizabeth ii of england and on that day about 100 thousand people walked across it but if everything went well the millenium bridge would not be on our list right yes while the joyful Londoners and guests at the Capitol walked along the bridge it turned out that construction was not as strong as the architects thought the resonance of the steps made the bridge swing from side to side so strongly that you could not only feel it but also see it from first the authorities who's a simple method to fix the problem they puts a limit of the number of people that could simultaneously pass through the bridge but this created huge queues that the entrance of the bridge in the end the Millennium was closed for reconstruction only two days after the grand opening to make the bridge more resistant London had to spend an additional six and a half million dollars at least Death Eaters aren't a problem anymore right amazing gadgets upcoming technologies incredible inventions and other cool stuff related to high-tech on tech zone subscribe you won't progresses the link is on the screen and in the description thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can


  1. The Japanese version of the Millennium Bridge is treated as a novelty and people use it as an amusement as well as a means of access. A few older structures in the world also suffer from this kind of harmonic resonance but they simply restrict the numbers of people crossing at one time and place a ban on marching groups etc.

  2. “Two things are infinite: ze Universe and Human Stupidity – but I am not sure about ze former” (Albert Einstein).

    “Mit der Dummheit kämpfen die Götter selbst vergebens” (Schiller) (against stupidity the gods themselves battle in vain).

  3. Lmfao …London- one of the best stone bridge builders throughout history sinks enough money to build one shit suspension bridge that could've built 100 old style one's 😂😂👏👏👏

  4. The Hubble Telescope was off on the edges by 2 microns; micrometers are a measuring device.
    Back in 1999, during the months leading up to the new 1000 years, the USA learned how to spell that new word correctly–with 'll' and 'nn'., i.e., 'millennium'. So, who dropped the ball re. the bridge–the construction people, or

    #Mind Warehouse?

  5. You might want to mention the Lockheed-Martin F/35 fighter jet program. We got a pretty decent combat jet out the deal but with a $$trillion price tag (that's a thousand billion dollars),, from where I sit,, someone needed to throw in a few more bells & whistles..

  6. It's pronounced "micro-metres", that's the problem of reading an American script, on which micrometres are spelled as micrometers.
    The Millenium Bridge IS/WAS as strong as intended, but it had resonance issues.

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