The Guinness world records include incredible
accomplishments, spectacular stunts, stupendous science feats, and amazing sporting achievements. The book that has been released yearly since
1955 itself holds a world record as the best-selling copyrighted book of all time. The 2017 edition marked the 62nd year of publication,
published in 100 countries and 23 languages. Records include everything from the tallest
person, to the smallest dog- but what about the wackier records that end up in the book? That’s what we’ll be looking at today,
in this episode of The Infographics Show: The most bizarre world records. 10. The Heavy Twins – In November 1978, two
brothers, Billy Leon McCrary and Benny Loyd McCrary were confirmed as the world’s heaviest
twins. Billy tipped the scales at 743 lb. (337 kg)
and brother Benny weighed in at 723 lb. (328 kg). Being large may not be that bizarre, but to
put this in to perspective, their combined weight was the same as 7.5 average American
males! And each had a waist measuring 84 in (213
cm). By the age of 10, they were each already a
whopping 200 lb. (90.7 kg), and by high school they had each ballooned to 600 lb. (272 kg). In an interview with Inside Wrestling magazine
in 1998, Benny explained that he and his brother started to pile on the pounds from the age
of four, after contracting German measles, which damaged their pituitary glands, the
hormone-producing gland that controls a person’s growth rate. 9. Wealthy Kitty – In 1988, Blackie the cat became
the wealthiest cat ever recorded when its owner, a British antiques dealer, died leaving
behind an estate worth $13 million. Blackie was the last surviving of the 15 cats
he shared his mansion with. And it wasn’t just Blackie the cat to benefit
from the generous antiques dealer. Cash was left to the gardener, the mechanic,
and the plumber. We are unsure how Blackie spent his fortune,
possibly on tinned mackerel and rooms full of kitty toys. 8. Longest eyelash – It’s not just cats that
get in the record books. We also found a dog who made it in for having
the longest eyelash at 6.69 in (17 cm). Ranmaru is an Australian Labradoodle, living
in Tokyo, Japan, and the record was officiated on September 4, 2014. Ranmaru’s right eyelash was measured for the
record and he was nearly 4 years old at the time. 7. The Famous Bog Snorkeler – Bog snorkeling
is a bizarre sporting event that consists of competitors diving into a water-filled
trench cut through a peat bog and racing from one end to the other. They have to wear snorkels and flippers, but
can only use flipper power to compete…so no normal swim strokes are permitted. In 1994, Daniel Bent set the record for fastest
ever time in a bog-snorkeling triathlon. For 2 hours, 23 minutes, and 24 seconds, he
flapped about in mud to become the winner at the World Bog Snorkeling Championships. On his blog, Danny comments, “These bogs
are deep and dark and filled with eels.” Does NOT sound like much fun! 6. Chocolate Shake – So the only way to prepare
a milkshake is with a blender right? Wrong, in 1999, Gary Bashaw Jr. set this record
by dispensing 1.82 fluid oz. of chocolate milk mixture from his nose. He first mixed the milk and chocolate powder
in his mouth, before squirting it into a glass from his nostrils. That’s one strange world record, and the
shake can not have tasted that good…but who are we kidding, I’d probably still drink
it. 5. Big Bubbles – If you’re used to chewing
gum, then you probably like to blow bubbles, and no one is better at it than American Chad
Fell. On April 24, 2004, at Double Springs High
School, in Winston County, Alabama, Chad blew a bubblegum bubble with a diameter of 20 inches
(50.8 cm) without using his hands. The secret of Chad’s success is blowing
with three pieces of Dubble Bubble gum. In 2016, NBC Sports and Guinness World Records
ran a show called ‘For the Record’ just before the 2016 Rio Olympics. Hosted by Rutledge Wood, the show saw USA
Olympians take on alternative competitions, and NBC Sports announcer Bob Costas tried
his hand at this bubbly record- but it looks like he didn’t match up to Chad Fell, who
still holds the record. 4. Toilet seats smashed over the head. – Yes, I really did just say that. There’s a record for even this bizarre pastime,
and in 2008, Kevin Shelley set the record for the most toilet seats broken by one’s
head in one minute by shattering 46. In 2016, Kevin told online magazine New York
Media that because he already held a couple of martial-arts records for breaking things
with a forehead strike, the Guinness Book of World Records people in Germany asked him
if he would come over and try to break the toilet seat breaking record, which stood at
42 in one minute. So they flew Kevin to Cologne, Germany, where
he spent a week training before going on to break the record. 3. Long nails on a male – Melvin Boothe from
Michigan officially won this world record in 2010 with his freakish curly nails that
measured 32.3 feet long (9.85 meters). That’s over 3 stories! Melvin served in the United States Army and
retired after 27 years of service before focusing on nail growth. He died on December 21, 2009 at the age of
61 years old. And it’s not just Melvin who took up this
bizarre pastime of growing long nails. We found a few other examples online. Another is Shridhar Chillal who was born in
1938. His nails reached 30 feet (9 meters and 9
centimeters), and in 2017, the 75-year-old admitted to, a website that publishes
odd stories, that he has not cut his nails since 1952- though he actually just cut them
off in July of 2018 at last. 2. Toothpaste collector – Dr. Val Kolpakov,
a practicing dentist in Saginaw, Michigan, known to patients as “Dr. Val,” has had
an interest in collecting tubes of toothpaste since he read about Carsten Gutzeit, a German
who collected 500 tubes. Dr Val started buying toothpastes on eBay
and contemporary versions in stores. He had everything from whiskey-flavored to
curry, and one of his tubes even dates to World War II, and was made with a radioactive
compound. His record was made official in 2012, with
a collection of 2,037 toothpaste tubes. 1. Twerking record – And to end on a jiggle,
in 2013, hip-hop artist Big Freedia set a record for most people twerking simultaneously
when she ran a twerking event at New York’s Herald Square. The Queen of Bounce managed to assemble 358
dancers, ranging in age from 8 to 80, and had them twerk for two minutes straight. A Guinness judge said a minimum of 250 people
were needed to set the record, so Big Freedia smashed it. When asked about what the record would mean
to her, Big Freedia told Fuse, “It would open a lot of doors and set history for bounce
music, and let the world know that we’ve been twerking for a long time. This is not new at all. Now it’s time to set
the record.” When doing our research, we found there were
many bizarre records out there. Do you know of other strange records that
we didn’t mention here? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called HOTTEST Recorded Temperatures On Earth (THINGS & PLACES). Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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  1. K. Maybe my ear is a bit more keen than others. It's not my primary job but I'm a recording engineer on the side. I spend hours trying to fix popping sounds.

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  4. 3:32 he must have been told a lot of jokes. Similar happened to me, i was eating and drinking milk, my brother made me laught so hard that the milk went out of my nose. This happened two times in my life that i remember, that was the first and the second was when we were going to see my father's family i was drinking lemonade and he again told me funny things that it went throught my nose, the lemonade part is not recomended because it is painful.

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