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  1. To the first one who can prove that he is a “Citizen of the Russian Federation” by the USSR government will be GIFTED by a Mercedes worth 8,500,000 rubles + 1,000,000 rubles. on gasoline.

    The Russian Federation is not a state. It has neither territory, nor a constitution, nor citizens. The Russian Federation (RF) is not a state, because it does not have all signs of statehood, but a virtual subject of "rights" created by an international organized criminal group illegally (illegally) and as a result military coup, but legitimized by means of mass disinformation – without borders, without territory and without citizens. The Russian Federation does not have its own territory, since there are no borders. Borders are assigned to the USSR by the Helsinki agreements on the inviolability of the borders of the post-war reconstruction in the world. Russia has no such agreements on borders with anyone, just as the so-called CIS republics do not. The Russian Federation does not legally exist. The illegal Russian Federation was deliberately designed and directed to deprive the status of citizens of the USSR who were owners of the property of the USSR. As soon as they were driven away by clowning from this status and the fields of laws and contracts, including international, including on the inviolability of borders, the opportunity immediately arose to take “NOTHING” the property of the USSR that remained abandoned. The entire deception rests on collusion with Britain and the United States and keeping the EU in silence, although UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon still could not resist and said that the USSR is still in the UN and there are no borders between Ukraine and the Russian Federation.
    The USSR did not “collapse”, did not “collapse”, but it continues to exist de jure, as a country, at the current stage of the Third World (“cold” or informational-psychological) war and temporarily occupied by the forces and structures of globalist imperialism. The way to bring the country out of the catastrophe it is undergoing is a new consolidation of its true owner — the Soviet people as an aggregate of citizens of the USSR and the organization of the national liberation struggle of the Soviet people for independence, territorial integrity, sovereignty, and the geopolitical might of our Socialist Fatherland.
    The fact of the temporary occupation of the USSR, which was accomplished as a result of the carefully crafted geopolitical opponent of the national treason of the then leadership of the USSR and the violation of the will of the Soviet people, expressed in the Referendum on March 17, 1991, implies ILLEGITIMITY, from the moment of their occurrence, of the regimes formed in the country, and also their collaborationist, that is, treacherous in relation to the interests of the people and thus criminal in nature.
    The current state of moral and intellectual prostration, into which the Soviet people have fallen, is the result of a series of extremely difficult information and psychological blows inflicted (and still inflicted) on him during the Third World War. The class and geopolitical adversary places all his hopes in the fact that in the sum these blows are deadly. In order to survive, the Soviet people are bound to overcome this state of shock; and we see our duty and our highest goal is to wrest it out of this deadly stupor, help people “come to their senses” and return to full-scale spiritual and practical-state existence.

    [email protected] (Public reception of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs for appeals from citizens of the USSR) A USSR passport must be obtained here. or through the website of the USSR GAI there is a detailed instruction!

    [email protected] (e-mail of the Investigative Committee of the USSR for reporting on offenses against citizens of the USSR and collecting materials for the USSR Military Tribunal over employees of the occupation regime of the Russian Federation) GAI USSR website

    The USSR exists, the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs is restored, the Prosecutor’s Office, the USSR GAI are restored, the KGB of the USSR, the USSR Ministry of Justice, the Soviets of People’s Deputies, the people's Soviet courts, already 19 courts of the USSR / RSFSR

  2. "Coached by Brian Wells in Wichita " Those were the good old days when Thunder hockey was played in the Coliseum, just north of Wichita. I went to a lot of games back then.

  3. At 7:03 watch a car start wosselin and boselin?? Do you people have some sort of stupid juice every morning with a side of toast or were u just born with a dented head?

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  5. Nothing that happens in handegg is impressive to me, it just seems like roided tractors pushing at each other.

  6. "STOKLEY DOWN THE SIDELINE CAN THEY CATCH HIM WOOOOAH…." that was a lucky play. Some of these are skill plays

  7. Of course the Patroits are gonna come out to luckiest plays if there not cheating, luck is on there side just another false reason to say Brady is actually consider a Goat lol

  8. That's like every other game that Brady has something like that go his way. And that's not even the luckiest Brady to Edelman completion (Super Bowl LI?)

  9. 9:18 that’s what happens when your selfish and want the glory for yourself. If he did not try to get the ball instead of letting his TEAMMATE the game would of been over!

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