-Thanks to an e-mail typo, a man in Arizona was
accidentally invited to a total stranger’s
bachelor party, and what happened next
brings us to a segment called “The Kind of Story We Need
Right Now.” [ Applause ] This is William Novak
of Phoenix, Arizona. A couple weeks ago,
he got a group e-mail titled “Angelo’s Bachelor Party!”, inviting him
to a party in Vermont for a guy he’d never met. That’s because
the e-mail was meant for a different William Novak, but the address was
accidentally misspelled. So, while you or I
would have written back and said, “Sorry,
wrong address,” this guy hit “reply all” and wrote,
“[Bleep] count me in.” [ Laughter ] And… And the guys organizing
the party wrote back and said, “You’re not
the guy we meant to invite, but you sound awesome. Get your ass to Vermont.” This is the kind of story
we need right now! We all, every one of us, get a million e-mails a day,
and they all suck. Every e-mail in our inbox is asking us to do something
we don’t want to do, like meet with our supervisor,
pay our bills, or have coffee with Karen
so she can get closure. But this guy got an e-mail offering him a chance
to have adventure, and he took it. Now, Will is a new dad. He can’t be throwing his money
around on spontaneous trips. That’s why he started
a GoFundMe page called “Help Me Go to the
Bachelor Party of a Stranger.” The whole trip was funded
in two hours! To make sure that Will
wasn’t a murderer, the guys planning the party asked him to send
a photo of himself. And because Will is
the coolest guy ever, he sent this picture of him
doing karate in second grade. [ Laughter and applause ] And then, in case you thought
this couldn’t get any better, that picture went on the
official bachelor party t-shirt. This is the kind of story
we need right now. The headlines these days are
filled with examples of toxic masculinity. We need more of this kind
of masculinity — the kind that makes men go
skiing in matching t-shirts. Word about this whole thing
got out on social media and then more cool stuff
happened. People offered the guys
free ski lessons, free tattoos, free beef jerky, and when Will landed
at the airport for the bachelor party, a guy from a local brewery
met him there with a bunch of free beer. This is the kind of story
we need right now. ‘Cause Americans… Americans love a lot of things
— freedom, independence, guns, for some reason. But there’s literally
nothing we love more than free [bleep]. So, how did
the bachelor party go? You know,
it was pretty standard. They did regular
bachelor party stuff, like drinking, smoking cigars and driving around
in a free Maserati. I didn’t even know
Vermont had Maseratis! Our country is more divided
than ever, so it’s a delight
to see just one story about people coming together. So, thank you, Will Novak,
for opening that e-mail instead of ignoring it
like I do with mine, because this is the kind of
story we need right now! [ Cheers and applause ]

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. The kind of story we need right now is Trumpo the Clown trips on the curtains and accidentally hangs himself. ;o)

  2. Let's see here…I have a non profit helping foster youths transition out of the system and can't get a dollar on GoFundMe but Steve gets almost $5000. WTF


  4. Oh man, I loved this so much. It made me smile right up to the mention of the GoFundme…. whereupon I had snot pouring outta my nose from laughing so hard.

    Yup yup…. I definitely needed a story like this right now.

  5. Toxic femininity?! Oh I mean masculinity?! Oh man! Oh I mean women! Oh Shii I mean holy feminity! Batman! Oh man I’m sorry I meant Batperson! Batidentity? Bat something

  6. And then, at the end of the night, Will accidentally strangled a stripper in the alley, and his new buddy’s helped him hide the body! This is the kind of story we need right now!

  7. This inspires me. First step set up a go fund me, the idea? I want to buy 3 acres of land to build an animal sanctuary. I will do all the work,, fundraisers, getting more volunteers everything. And it would work and I believe its a noble cause. What you think peeps? Need €20,000 for the land. Anyone here believe a go fund me would work? I would be happy for 100% transparency and want nothing only the chance to do this for the many beautiful sentient animals out there in pain suffering.

  8. I can’t be the only guy who was laughing the whole time! Seth’s right, in today’s divisive society, this was exactly what I needed to see! 😁🤙🏽

  9. Or you talk show hosts can stop shoving negativity down people's throats with the same stories of corrupt people and prove you're not apart of the corruption by showing the good so many people in the world do everyday without recognition….having shows everynight bashing something other than your opinion and then claiming there are no GOOD stories out there to talk about kinda tells me you talk show hosts would rather ramp up the audiences because it increases your views and popularity in the world of entertainment….i know more than a dozen people who would have "heart warming" sentiment to the masses if you just talked about their regular daily life….but no…a useless story about a bachelor party is what you give to stay away from the "sad state of politics" in this world? Left, right doesn't matter…all you talk show hosts are in it for the same motive…keep the people divided and distracted…and then have the balls to just act like nothing good in the world exists outside of those distractions….no I don't represent any of that nonsense…seth was a funny guy at snl…ill admit that…but now he's just more apart of the overall agenda of divide and distract….there are good people all over the world that could be filling us up with good minded feelings…like it would be no trouble at all for all talk show hosts to do this….but they don't….whats that tell any critical thinking individual? You really don't care about the good of humanity…only your status in it.

  10. The only misdirected text I received thus far said "I'm here look outside." After half an hour of panic and searching I finally realized it was a wrong number and let them know. They said "lol sorry". Yeah, sorry for making me lock every window and door for no reason. I hope the next one is more fun, like this story I needed right now!

  11. God I haven't opened my email in ages. Maybe someone invited me to a bachelorette party and go fund me will pay for everything and I will be given the keys to the city by a mayor. Mayberry.

  12. What causes people to contribute to someone's gofundme so they can go to a party but won't contribute one cent to a young girl sold a defected Toyota who is working full time and putting herself through college at the same time and paying rent, living on her own and asked for assistance through gofundme to replace her Toyota? Not one cent.

  13. Those Go Funders paid for that are so effing awesome! A stranger made this bachelor's party something none of them will ever forget. Their mutual acceptance elevated this to the nth power! He'll probably tear up remembering this more than his wedding. Things like this gives me hope for humanity. Not kidding. Such kindness and openness is so bloody welcome these days.

  14. Am I the only crank-pot who's annoyed my GoFundMe didn't get fulfilled when it's a legit need, but some bachelor party dude got 6x what he needed? Awesome story though 👍

  15. @Late Night with Seth Meyers: THIS is the kind we need right now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YA33YxbIDM

    i just saw this and thought of this segment. my heart swells from this and hopefully yours will too. I'd love to see this covered by you.

  16. Waiting for the new tv show called ''How I met Will'', where the narrator would be the groom-to-be telling his future kids the story of Will.

  17. We need to know how to get these types of stories to Seth. Because there are great stories that happen all the time but never make it to the news or anything. Obviously this helped to change this guys life for the better. So many of us could use something amazing to happen like that!

  18. You lost the audience when u use the gun reference. You can no longer discuss religion politics and for some reason guns at bars now. Second amendment out of shape average Americans actually think they can take their government back if they keep their guns. They can barely make it off their couch but captain America and his buddies are going to fight the oppressive government with assault rifles. The tanks drones and jet fighter will laugh at the water pistol you bring to DC to take back your government. Good luck billy bob joe John

  19. really??? no strippers or big drunnkennn parties??? no pics of the party?? sounds pretty lame to me.. oooo a pic of some random dude with a cart and some guy leaning out of a car.. fekking stupid dude.. make this thing exciting or at least FUNNY!!!!

  20. The Kind of Story We Need Right Now has become one of my favorite segments! What about having some of these people as guests on the show???

  21. See? Gingers don’t need souls, everybody loves and welcomes them. If he sent a picture of a black kid, would it have happened the same way? That’s the story y’all need right now. I need one for me.

  22. this literally sounds like the plot of a romcom, like imagine your OTP 😂 I can imagine a film about this where a guy accidentally gets invited to a bachelor party and falls in love with the bridegroom or something

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