at SportsCenter from LA with Stan and Neil they'll run back the best moments from tonight's ESPYs Awards at 11 p.m. Eastern on ESPN and the ESPN app welcome back to the junk Clinton the eights Marc Spears to McMahon still in the house and it's crunch time here on the jump u.s. women's national team aka the best team on earth row the next championship parade route this morning in Manhattan is the closest Knicks fans get to a parade anytime soon absolutely a girl P know this team is amazing there's a whole story there it is look at the Pope to be fair though don't think I'm most concerned about with the Knicks this year is what's going on with his I really want to I'm really interested to see how he handles his team we talked about them walking off the court in a summer league I really want to see what he does yeah that second year with it was there a next float would like the old champions is Phil Jackson on the on the floor there was a TV the last time these guys won the NBA title who cares what an educated boy Marcus Morris had agreed to a two-year twenty million dollar deal with the Spurs but Marcus you reported his mind may have changed what's going on here more money and I also hear that quietly has a good connection with this Dale ha-haaa through their times playing against each other and also in that meeting that they had connected what I'm even more you know I get Marcus Morris's motivation here he's got five million reasons to do it it's a bad look to back out of a deal but how many powerful I'm sorry so much Taj Gibson that's money that's good money money yeah all right they're warriors wave Shaun Livingston yesterday one of our favorite people in the lead yep the Warriors make five straight Finals appearances and won three titles and Oakland live a sense of Archer follows Andre could always trade to the Grizzlies and Mark you spent a lot of time around this team are you worried at all about the Warriors culture after losing these Mets from the locker room they lose the Oakland culture they lose a lot of the players but essentially the Warriors culture starts with three guys hmm curry clay and draymond and until one of those three leaves they're still the Warriors yeah and those guys obviously were great bets you know leaders all that sort of thing but now the vets are the guys he just mentioned and so it's on them to maintain and and then make sure that that culture continued one thing about Shaun Livingston those he had such a devastating injury at the beginning of his career century yeah if he's done playing you know what he's still gonna be with the Warriors yeah but just as a person is you're saying you probably were there when he got hurt one of the greatest people you ever knew and I think he had that enthusiasm of don't take anything for granted right because of he knows would have no earliest career because he had to fight for what he had in this league and to get back the Nick was going to the arena and his knee was like a grapefruit a lot of nights I think you you've got a great run out of this you know I think people always look at like oh the Warriors culture is going away like what can you ask for in this situation the Oakland era ended I think if I'm a warriors fan it's a bummer but hey that's the best word of basketball I've seen in my life you don't have to pay those ticket prices I know I know social media jerseys that don't understand that Miami Vice yes they're gonna stop telling him get it together Miami keep those on the shelf I wouldn't think Russell like that hair but him some like that Jersey I don't know if he's deleted it yet yeah do you think is more likely he's gonna wear that Jersey or a rocket shoes I I just would say I'm not quite ready to rule out the rocket tonight and I I admit you came up with an interesting scenario yesterday the three-way that would deliver cp3 to Miami it's it is an interesting let's just put it that way I think every basic NBA fan wants Brody and Jimmy G buckets does Jimmy buckets want it I don't care I'm saying I what I want to look at those two guys in the same place that I want to see him and the beard back together okay either way yesterday we talked about how Russ might be welcoming of a trade opportunity I think like all right that's it for today be sure to tune in for the ESPYs tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ABC the jump is back tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern Clinton thank you joining us and there so you know we do some range Oh

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