Welcome to back to our punishments Hall of
Infamy, and today we’re going to introduce to you perhaps one of the vilest torture instruments
known to mankind. Ok, so nothing we have talked about in this
series could qualify as being acceptable in this day and age, but we think you’ll find
this piece of sadistic furniture extreme to the highest degree. With no further ado, let’s have a look at
the Judas Chair. To start with, it was a chair, but one people
were forced to sit on rather than choose to relax on. It actually looked more like a stool, with
three or four legs pointing upwards at an angle and a flat base resting on the legs. On that base was what looked like a pyramid
with a very sharp top. We’ve seen a few different examples of the
chair – sometimes called the Judas cradle instead – and they all look to follow the
same basic principles. If the victim of the chair was a man then
he might be forced to sit on it with the point directed at his rear-end orifice, while a
woman might get the same, or be forced to sit with the point on her vaginal orifice. The person would be tied with ropes and then
lowered onto the spike, which as you can imagine would cause some serious pain and bodily damage. The Judas Chair was likely invented by the
Spanish in the 16th century and was used as a torture device during interrogations. The very thought of being lowered onto that
sharp point would no doubt make any person spill the beans, but as you know, people will
generally tell you anything when in such a terrifying predicament, whether it’s actually
true or not. That person might not die immediately if the
spike didn’t penetrate too far, but sometimes oil or grease was used to make the passage
of the spike into the person that much easier. At times the person might also have weights
tied to their legs to really drive the point home so to speak. He or she would be naked, and so the humiliation
of the experience was also a factor. Since the instrument was mostly used to extract
information from someone, there were tactics the torturer could apply to increase the pain. One of those was to rock the person from side-to-side,
helping to force the spike further inside the victim. A person would sometimes faint from the experience
and be taken off the chair, but upon waking they’d often have to go through the whole
ordeal again. Even if they survived, their injuries were
often so severe that they’d later die. Infections weren’t exactly easy to deal
with back in the 16th century. We also can’t find any record that the chair
was ever washed. We’re not sure what the worst part of the
whole experience would be, the pain or knowing that you’re the hundreth person to get the
worst seat in the world.. It wasn’t just the Spanish that has such
a wicked device. In Germany they called it the “Judaswiege.” The Italians called it the “Culla di Giuda”
or Cradle of Judas and the French called it “La Veille”, which could be translated
as “The Wake.” The French version was so called because they
had a practice where the victim would be left on the chair and forced to clench their muscles,
which meant staying awake, since if the muscles were relaxed it would allow the spike to penetrate
further in. If they did finally give in to exhaustion
either from the lack of sleep or blood loss, then point would go in and the internal damage
would usually finish them off. Unlike some rumored torture methods, these
devices no doubt existed and surviving examples have been the stars of museum exhibits all
around Europe, but finding recorded information regarding when they were used and who they
were used on is not easy. Some historians say the chair might not have
originated in Spain at all, but a solid alternative origin theory has yet to come up. Like other instruments of torture we have
talked about, the items have been passed down through history, but the facts regarding the
use of the instruments are blurry. We’re guessing that executioners and torturers
may not have been the most studious bookkeepers. Some other sources state that while the Judas
Chair might have seen its pinnacle of use during the inquisition, it was also later
used in various parts of Europe to punish people for everything from adultery to the
torturing of people accused of witchcraft. Folks weren’t as put off back then by the
idea of torture because they were big believers in sin and an afterlife waiting for them when
their hardships in the current life were over. If people did bad thigs, they could repent
during torture, and then head to a better place. And if they were innocent? Well no harm done, they’re in heaven all
the same. There’s also some evidence for a similar
torture device existing in parts of Asia, notably Sri Lanka and Thailand. There it was called bamboo torture, and the
victim would be tied over a fast-growing bamboo root. These quick growing roots can sprout up more
than an inch every hour, so if a person was tied over it, it would grow right up into
them. There are even tales of the Japanese using
bamboo like this to torture or kill Allied troops during World War II, but some critics
point out that there is little if any evidence to support this. Did you enjoy this video? Well maybe enjoy isn’t the right word, but
we bet you were as fascinated as we were. Which is why you need to go watch our video
on maybe the worst punishment of all time “The Brazen Bull” Thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. That is NOT the worst punishment in the world.

    You are force fed honey and milk, lathered with more honey and placed inside a barrel which is then sealed shut. You are then taken to a swamp, chained there or have your feet crushed.

    Basically this keeps you well fed to survive for days but it also gives you diarrhoea. The sweet scent attracts larvae and mosquitos. Basically you soil yourself, bugs start eating you bit by bit, you won't die of dehydration because of the honey and the water in the swamp… You'll stay alive for days, maybe even weeks while you slowly die from infection and being eaten.

  2. Those chairs were commonly used by Roman Catholics against Christians who rather follow the Scriptures than give in to their unbiblical teachings.

  3. Amazing so many people back then had so little humanity.
    Humanity is better today but still have a way to go. Looking at you China, North Korea, russia, half of africa

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  5. My grandfather was locked up in a Japanese camp and the one time he talked about it he told of his friends being tied to the ground over bamboo..

  6. My ex girlfriend would totally take this… No problem 👍 those dudes would have been stunned and shocked. Then, she'd probably blow them all..

  7. Eeeek!? ‘Cradle of Judas’ … this is why I sit on the stone-cold marble floors of the palace and get piles.

  8. Fun Facts!
    – It also makes a great Orange Juicer.
    – In America, we call them "Houses".
    – Hillary Clinton has one of these in her living room. She says its not hers.
    – In the beginning, these things were made out of Paper Mache and used as part of a Scared Straight program.
    – Before finally settling on the Pyramid design, Midgets were exclusively used.

  9. Why are the torture episodes always my favorite? To think humans were (and still are) not completely repulsed by torture

  10. The bamboo torture in WW2 was real like you said but there were reports, Marines lost lives from it, either from shock or drowning in there own blood. However there was only one Marine who was found still alive with the bamboo already through him, he survived but underwent lots of surgeries and physical therapy. He lived to the age of 75 or so before passing on because it still messed up his organs.

  11. To all who read this.

    I hope your parents stay healthy 🙂

    Im gifting my next 100 loyal subs

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