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once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl they made up thousands of games he promised her he would never love another girl as long as he knew now thinking about her again did you sleep with spin 60 years dumb car now I different I the nude model you're ugly you're going to ruin their lesson and tab ugly screw up their lives faster happy birthday he hasn't said a word to eat all night laughing as it gets dark javis oh I'd rather we just stay friends what are you crazy I don't want him to think I'm easy love stories never last look around you usual awful ooh you must let it go the Germans are less than 200 miles away Leo we will get married in New York promise me you will come I promise love only exists in books that's doctor Alma moment skin really did exist love is real she really likes you she won't tell you because she's dumb and she's proud hopefully one day you two will meet again you

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  1. Hey don't you all think netfix is the best channel to see these . I mean '13 reasons why ' then… lust stories …love and lust stories …. etc .

  2. I loved the book. The girl moved to the US and got her sex reassignment surgery and became a dude. The guy comes to the US looking for her and finally realizes that he was gay and finds his one true love with the newly turned dude. The story has lots of twists and turns but true love wins in the end. This is one timeless story.

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  4. "Love. A dreadful bond. And yet, so easily severed."
    I figured out that this quote fits well in this comment section.

  5. I don't want to be "that" guy but please read the book before watching this. Really don't think this is gonna have the same edge

  6. My first love turned me into a metalheat
    My second love turned me into a physicist
    My third love turned me into a psychopath

  7. I have not read the book, so that may be why this looks great. I am looking forward to this cast.. some underappreciated talent in there.

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