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  1. I found another example that supports the theory! Jeez this game is so full of content.

    spoilers, obviously

    The second time you find Yuri cutting herself in the hallway, after the jumpscare, the piano music plays for a while, but eventually stops. Then, it's now that Yuri says that she can finally talk because you are alone! She states Monika is always watching, but now you are alone and Yuri wants to stay there. Unfortunately, Monika begins to fade onto the screen as the dialogue progresses.

  2. Assuming it's all true (and it certainly fits), it's a brilliant variation on leitmotif. Very much in the vein of Peter and the Wolf.

  3. The music is honestly one of the creepiest things in the game for me. Without it, it would be such a different playing experience.

  4. In the reversed track of piano, i can hear a voice laughing…….

    I felt uncomfortable………..

    And it doesn't feel right

    Or you still here

    Good You Are Okay.

  5. that was cool but i thoguht the piano as a ez way for monika to delete everyone bc i thought yuri natsuki and sayori as the piano strings and monika pushing the piano keys

  6. Doesn't take about 4 hours I think…. because I finished the game today… in one day.

  7. 5:03 in the game, Monika has actually met the MC the year before. But maybe she either didn’t realize she was falling in love with him, or because she didn’t know he was joining the club. She was aware that someone was joining the club, but not the MC. Please understand I’m not trying to hate. But I love this cool theory!

  8. i know this is unrelated but , i need some help, im asking around.
    What happens if you choose Monika to hang out with on the weekend?
    she's my favorite girl and im nervous because "people haven't seen monika with casual clothes"
    do you go straight to sayori hanging?

  9. I did play but when 2019 comes, I'm already used to suicidal stuffs even jumpscare
    Trust me,
    I play it when I was 11 years old! Or 12 tho
    But now I used to it
    My waifu will be sayonika 😀

    Still ScaRe ThE fuCk Of Natsuki juMpsCarE

  10. Nice but I disagree, the first couple time eh changes the game she does it on accident. She not full on Psycho. And she had been practising because the end scene is her recording one of her practises. i like further though and i think team salvato were kind of going for that effect.

  11. Excellent video, Jake! As a reader, writer and confessed introvert, I REALLY enjoyed this game. I'm sure someone else has already pointed this out, but the main musical theme in DDLC resembles the left hand part of the song "Heart and Soul" for piano. Given the subject matter of the game, I'm guessing that wasn't a coincidence. Also, I noticed that Monika is the only character whose head is almost always directly facing you, the player. The other girls are looking at you, sure, but their heads are usually turned slightly to the side. I'm really looking forward to what's next from Team Salvato!

  12. I noticed this, and I actually interpreted it as Monika interfering, though her watching works, and I've updated my impression to Monika watching/interfering. Like when Sayori is beginning to sink into a deep despair and the piano is present; I interpreted that as an example of Monika messing with Sayori to deepen her depression.

  13. "It takes about four hours"
    Me, 12 hours later still in act 1: I gently open the door.. "Oh shit!"

  14. I thought this was kind of obvious lol

    at least, the general idea that the piano in scenes is tied to Monika doing something

  15. Or maybe the piano was just to foreshadow the credits scene, where Monika plays the piano and sings for us

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