Hi everyone my name’s Jake and today we’re going to talk about Doki Doki Literature club now If you haven’t played it yet, stop this video and go play it. It’s free, It’s on Steam, and it takes about four hours And please take the trigger warning seriously. So all of us are cool with spoilers alright good So here’s the theory Monika’s piano has a bigger role in the game than is immediately obvious I believe that the piano in the game’s soundtrack is Monika’s presence it means that when piano is audible in the music Monika is watching your screen or involved in the events taking place We already know that Monika is omnipresent But it was the absence and special effects on the piano in certain scenes that led me to this theory so let’s get into it First off let’s quickly establish the piano. When looking at the girls poems the music transitions into a Variation based on the girl. Sayori’s is a more carefree version with ukelele and snaps Natsuki’s is a childlike version with xylophone and recorder And Yuri’s is a more sophisticated version with strings, harps, and flute Monika’s is solo piano Nobody else has piano in their themes. Next on the day when Monika is late to the club She says she was practicing piano and that she only Started recently when Sayori says that she should play something for us Monika looks at you She then says that she’s been practicing a whole lot recently so from this conversation I get the impression that the piano we hear in the soundtrack is her practicing She only started recently like when we started playing the game, and she has been practicing a whole lot recently I mean the piano is all over the soundtrack so yeah, and she looks at you because she’s already been playing for us We just haven’t realized it. So notice how in the bonding scenes with the girls the piano takes the forefront This is because Monika is paying extra close attention And we know that she’s paying attention because she tells us that she knows everything that happened in Sayori’s room It’s a pretty clever subversion considering that gentle piano is so cliche when it comes to emotional or romantic scenes and Again when we find Sayori dead, the piano is present Monica is watching to figure out what to do next As for the piano playing after we delete Monika’s file, bits and pieces of her are still in the game She’s sentient and not completely gone so she decides to play along with the soundtrack since she doesn’t want to truly leave us It’s actually pretty clever foreshadowing for that final confrontation Monika has with Sayori at the very end Now the piano shows up in special ways in other scenes based on Monika’s involvement. Now this one is actually what really Cemented this theory for me. When Natsuki starts to glitch only the piano melody is distorted Everything else is normal, but Monika’s tampering with the script to make Natsuki less desirable I don’t think it has to happen every time the script is distorted But this instance indicates Monika’s tampering with Natsuki that sends her off the rails Once Yuri starts to be tampered with, the effects are a little more drastic Monica worries that Yuri is more desirable than Natsuki so she has to make a bigger effort to increase her obsessive Behavior and make her unlikable so Monika is more involved in Yuri’s downfall The poem music here is not Yuri’s music, but instead a distorted version of the previous music which prominently features piano As we go on we have this piano track being reversed And finally Yuri’s death has a distorted, muffled piano Monika was trying very hard to completely ruin Yuri. Now let’s look at some absences of piano The first that brings attention to itself is the fight between Yuri and Natsuki This track has no piano and afterwards Monika says she wasn’t able to interject. Maybe this is because she doesn’t fully understand her powers yet, or she wanted to let the situation get out of control, it’s vague. This music does return later, but Monika is on screen this time, so she’s already involved I think it’s important to remember that when a character isn’t on screen They literally don’t exist They’re not currently scripted into the scene and aren’t aware until the code calls them back This is why this absence of piano is so crucial. It means if Monika is not on screen She’s not watching for whatever reason. Another example of this is at the very beginning of the game When Sayori meets you to go to school There’s no piano here, and maybe this is because Monika isn’t aware yet or she hasn’t met you yet So she doesn’t need to spy on you it’s not until we actually meet Monika that the piano starts showing up in the soundtrack And finally the most effective use of absence is the morning of Sayori’s suicide There’s no music at all, but this is because Monika’s work is already done. Sayori’s dead so Monika has Nothing to worry about. She only needs to wait for you to discover Sayori’s body so she can relax We never see a piano or Monika practicing piano because the piano sprite isn’t in the game it was never coded in. It’s only the audio and By the time Monika was able to create her own world, the script was broken enough that trying to code in a piano could ruin Everything. She even wants to play some nice piano for you But it doesn’t work because the code is so messed up the piano doesn’t return in the soundtrack until the game is Completely broken or she isn’t afraid to play again since everything is ruined anyways So that’s the theory it doesn’t change doki-doki literature club in any mind-blowing way But it’s another layer on top of this already dense experience Let me know your thoughts in the comments and don’t forget to like this video if you enjoyed it I’m surprised how into this game I got Considering how I nearly gave up on in the first couple of hours And I’m happy to see so many people enjoying it. Anyways, I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  1. I found another example that supports the theory! Jeez this game is so full of content.

    spoilers, obviously

    The second time you find Yuri cutting herself in the hallway, after the jumpscare, the piano music plays for a while, but eventually stops. Then, it's now that Yuri says that she can finally talk because you are alone! She states Monika is always watching, but now you are alone and Yuri wants to stay there. Unfortunately, Monika begins to fade onto the screen as the dialogue progresses.

  2. P – Pieces of keyboard
    I – In a big black box
    A – Arranged on its melody
    N – Never mess with it
    O – or you'll die in Monika's hands

  3. Looking back on this, I wanna cry, happy tears and sad tears. The music, the story line, it’s all so amazing, even beyond that, this game is my all time favorite. Dan did such a good job and I’m so proud because he made everything so detailed.

  4. I've seen this video in my feed SOOOO many times, and I actually thought you were going to refer to the leitmotif of "sayonara" in "your reality", so i didn't watch it. (Sorry lol) Finally decided to watch it and OMG I WAS WRONG XDDD This is such a great theory. I never even thought of this. Good work!

  5. Okay well kind of. My theory is that Monika makes up the fact that she was practicing piano every time she’s late to class. I’ve noticed that every time she was late, Yuris obsession got more creepy and dangerous and that’s because Monika was tampering with Yuris script or code. Yuri even noticed that day by day, she kept feeling more off and Monika was late A LOT. The proof to back this up is that when the girls ask her to play something, she gets nervous. Probably because she wasn’t actually off playing or practicing the piano. That theory just makes more sense to me.

  6. Really interesting theory. Would be funny to see one of the other girls talking bad about Monika and the piano soundtrack suddenly stops as if someone punched the keyboard… even thought that would give it away way too easily xD

  7. I've heard the theory but THIS brought it to another level!! Awesome! And thanks for the warning for when naksuki goes… um.. corrupt. I haven't gotten to the creepy parts

  8. I thought this was kind of obvious lol

    at least, the general idea that the piano in scenes is tied to Monika doing something

  9. I noticed this, and I actually interpreted it as Monika interfering, though her watching works, and I've updated my impression to Monika watching/interfering. Like when Sayori is beginning to sink into a deep despair and the piano is present; I interpreted that as an example of Monika messing with Sayori to deepen her depression.

  10. Excellent video, Jake! As a reader, writer and confessed introvert, I REALLY enjoyed this game. I'm sure someone else has already pointed this out, but the main musical theme in DDLC resembles the left hand part of the song "Heart and Soul" for piano. Given the subject matter of the game, I'm guessing that wasn't a coincidence. Also, I noticed that Monika is the only character whose head is almost always directly facing you, the player. The other girls are looking at you, sure, but their heads are usually turned slightly to the side. I'm really looking forward to what's next from Team Salvato!

  11. Nice but I disagree, the first couple time eh changes the game she does it on accident. She not full on Psycho. And she had been practising because the end scene is her recording one of her practises. i like further though and i think team salvato were kind of going for that effect.

  12. I did play but when 2019 comes, I'm already used to suicidal stuffs even jumpscare
    Trust me,
    I play it when I was 11 years old! Or 12 tho
    But now I used to it
    My waifu will be sayonika 😀

    Still ScaRe ThE fuCk Of Natsuki juMpsCarE

  13. i know this is unrelated but , i need some help, im asking around.
    What happens if you choose Monika to hang out with on the weekend?
    she's my favorite girl and im nervous because "people haven't seen monika with casual clothes"
    do you go straight to sayori hanging?

  14. 5:03 in the game, Monika has actually met the MC the year before. But maybe she either didn’t realize she was falling in love with him, or because she didn’t know he was joining the club. She was aware that someone was joining the club, but not the MC. Please understand I’m not trying to hate. But I love this cool theory!

  15. that was cool but i thoguht the piano as a ez way for monika to delete everyone bc i thought yuri natsuki and sayori as the piano strings and monika pushing the piano keys

  16. In the reversed track of piano, i can hear a voice laughing…….

    I felt uncomfortable………..

    And it doesn't feel right

    Or you still here

    Good You Are Okay.

  17. The music is honestly one of the creepiest things in the game for me. Without it, it would be such a different playing experience.

  18. Assuming it's all true (and it certainly fits), it's a brilliant variation on leitmotif. Very much in the vein of Peter and the Wolf.

  19. 4:08 “Monika was trying very hard to completely ruin Yuri”
    I don’t know why, but this phrase had me dying

  20. Remember when yuki was speaking but when she was stabbed and glitched, well guess what, I think that was monika talking to US

  21. I know only three Things.
    1. I loved everyone o' em, when i've met 'em by the first Time. I still love' em.
    2. Soundtrack in the back, is reaaaallly goood in that game even what's going on the screen.
    3. Only Monika. Only Monika. Only Monika. Only Monika. Only MoooooOOOOooOo-

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