it’s the story of this dude who is just super fed up with the insanity of humanity, and what they did in the past, are doing in the present, and will probably be doing in the future. mind you, he doesn’t want to kill himself, or anything. he still wants to live. and so, through an unexplained process, the guy quits history. being separated from history, he is now separated from time. he doesn’t age, and cannot die, as his death is bound to affect someone. even a passerby. thus, he is contrained to live. actually, completely unnoticed, as a statistically insignificant head in a crowd. an eternal npc. he cannot have any meaningful conversations, idle chats with strangers are completely immemorable. he cannot purchase anything that is not so popular that his one sale contribution would be noticed by anyone. in fact, he can only go into wholesale superstores and franchised fast food restaurants. he cannot hunt or fish for his own food, as he would affect the history of th nothing will ever affect his life or his existence, with the consequence that he will never affect the life or existence of others, in good or in bad, for both the former and the latter. the story doesn’t really end. living outside of history, he is free to witness the complete evolution of humanity, and its end, and then kind of dicks around on a dead planet until the sun goes supernova. he then gets to float around in space until the heat death of the universe, never to encounter any extraterrestrial life, as that would affect their history too. the end.

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  1. Just because his daily interactions/transactions are unmemorable, that doesn't mean that he's not affecting anyone; he definitely is, although subtlely. And sometimes it's not so subtle. He might purchase a burger from the dollar menu, and a little orphan boy might come to the same fast food restaurant and order the same burger, only to find that they just sold the last one. This orphan then starves to death. He affects history by existing, as well as not existing. No matter what, you affect it.

  2. @MrWeirdGuy I have to assume that whatever process lets him live eternaly is able to take care of these statistical coincidences.

  3. The presence of the tingling bells tarnishes the listener’s feelings of comfort and security. Is this an intentional effect, perhaps to exemplify the eternal isolation of a man who, under a self-imposed banishment, is to forever thrive on the frontier of human civilization? Or, conversely, perhaps a perceived harmony provided by the bell is intended to ironically underscore the lack of harmony that will pervade the man’s life, a platitude devoid of human connections and repercussions.

  4. raocow for breakfast and raocow for dinner, if only we could get some raolunch for 100% of our daily suggested value of raocow

  5. So… he becomes an observer? By the way that was ridiculously hilarious. I did not know this thing is exist.

  6. man I wanna meet that mistery so bad, sadly i'm too shy 🙁
    but well, he basically won't live because he doesn't want to change history? isn't that just stupid in some way?
    I basically think life was made to live it, not to explore it, not to finish it by your own neither but to live it.

  7. Wait a minute, but him quitting history affects this news show because they did a story on him!
    It's a paradox!

  8. "Insanity of humanity" sounds like the best 80s metal song ever. Now Rcocow just needs to sing it with that accent.

    "Insanity of humanity, banality of reality, legacy of slavery in the worrrrrrrld, YEAH!"

  9. @carltheshivan After the universe ends, I guess he just puts the chairs up on tables, turns the lights off, and locks the door behind him.

  10. Can't he actually die while dicking around on the dead planet and decompose, since he no longer affect anything in any significant way?

  11. People will forever remember this guy as the guy who quit history, thus making history.


    Even the Q couldn't do that!

  12. This is amazing Raocow :D. It made me want to make my own just like you did. I have to say this captures your personality for sure :).

  13. People are missing the point I think! The "man" can be seen as our physical, mental and emotional connection to the world through modern means. He is fed up with "history" obviously meaning he is fed up with the sensory overload of modern life. So he "quits history" and becomes an invisible, recluse. He retreats from the world, choosing to live outside the company of others. It's obviously a story about man's reliance on technology, and sensor overload.

    Or, it's about a man who quits history.

  14. @POOPTURTLE Decomposing requires bacterial ingesting, thus allowing bacteria survive for a while longer.

    However, if there were no bacteria, it's possible the bacteria in his stomach, and such, could evolve and re-populate the earth.

    (but not really)

  15. I laughed so hard I cried last night when I watched this, then saw the tags xD. Loved it, but I think people are taking it a little too literally. Sometimes you just take things for what they're worth, love the philosophical thoughts and comments on it as well.
    Love you Raocow! Thanks for this!

  16. You having fun there raocow? :3

    Oh wait, are you not able to reply now? As that would affect the YouTube comments and my history?

  17. Wouldn't he be able to die without affecting anyone once all life on Earth is wiped out?

    Also, just a note, the sun isn't massive enough to go supernova, it'll just expand into a red giant, stay like that for a billion years or so, and then collapse into a white dwarf and slowly cool over tens of billions of years.

  18. @PeachisAwesome The main issue of mankind having made stories for just about as long as it's known itself, and possibly further into the future than it will ever know.

  19. …I knew I heard this before: raocow(dot)deviantart(dot)com/journal/the-person-who-quits-history-219800744

  20. Raocow's deepest thoughts are nothing but cheerios on the big bowl of milk in the universe, except they're not really deep and they're a natural occurrence for his mysterious brain, a process perharps, known only as raocowniarism to a group of weevils living behind time and space, munching on some old and musty lettuce coming from a generic fridge.

  21. There are two big plot holes.

    1: The Sun isn't big enough to go supernova when it dies.
    2: If the guy quite history just because he was tired of HUMANITY, why did he also avoid alien life? Seeing as they would no doubt be very different from people.

    Or, perhaps it was a hard habit to break. Maybe once someone quits history, they can never go back.

  22. It's more of the fact that it was worth quitting complete history to avoid the insanity of humanity as he did not suspect other life forms would appease his tastes of delirious grandeur.

  23. Oh hey, that kinda reminds me of Nobody from the SCP-Foundation universe.
    Their whole shtick is that they're completely unremarkable, people barely remember them and they can't really directly influence much.
    They're not quite as thoroughly inconsequential as the guy who quits history, but there are some similarities.

  24. So in other words, he died in Counter-Strike and he's sitting the rest of the round out. I wouldn't mind that being the afterlife, it'd be kind of fun.

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