the girl without a phone a rapunzel
story is brought to you by goldfish flavoured blasted crackers look what my mom packed for me. lettuce that’s
it theres still dirt on it. oh well at least it’s
fresh. it’s from our garden just like Rapunzel. what. the which has a
garden full of lettuce. are you saying my mom’s a witch. no no she just makes bad
sandwiches. well my life is like a fairy tale sometimes. same. like if you think
about it fairy tales are all around us you just have to open your eyes. you
think? yeah. like look Cassidy…
she’s like Sleeping Beauty. oh oh that girl sneaking into the classroom over
there she’s like Goldilocks sneaking into the
Bears house. and look those two Beauty and the Beast. yeah. I guess you’re
right I can’t eat this. Oh
you could share some of my lunch I got Goldfish crackers flavor blasted
extreme cheddar. My mom got a job at the factory so I can get like any flavor I
want. your mom is so cool. yeah oh there’s a new flavor she brought me like one of the first packages it’s so cool. Hang on. hi Charlie
Sierra Lily we need your help. who’s we? Steve? what’s the matter? why are you whispering
We’re in the science room. Are you going to come eat with us? We can’t. We have a crazy substitute teacher who won’t let us leave. But the bell already rang. We need food. Can you bring us something. Sure I have just the thing. Oh yeah. Sweet. Thank you. Come straight here. And hurry! Oh wait! What science room are you guys in? top floor Come on. We need to go! wait oh my gosh! What? Sierra! What? top
floor trapped they need rescuing What? it’s happening again it’s like two
Rapunzel’s trapped in a tower We better hurry. yeah Don’t worry Princesses! hey girls
hi Jenny where you goin uh we’re just trying to go to the science room what’s
the rush well you have a special delivery mmm
goldfish flavor blasted extreme cheddar YUM yep why don’t you girls join me for
lunch well that’s very kind of you but we’re actually in a bit of a hurry
come on don’t you want to hang with the cool kids
we won’t bite that could be nice I suppose. Sierra can I talk to you for a
second. What’s going on? Jenny she’s the wolf. what? she’s the woman there’s no wolf
in Rapunzel. I think we’re in Little Red Riding Hood now. We can’t just switch fairy
tales. We have before. so about lunch… I know something that would go really well with those
goldfish. actually Jenny uh we’re gonna have to take a rain check because we
need to stick to the path. what path? path? no path.
I didn’t say path. you said path. I said path. oh okay.
what I meant was the passageway cuz we need to keep going because I can’t get
distracted because I need to take these to my grandmother’s house I mean the
science room. what am I talking about?Lily um I think what she meant to say was what big eyes you have. Oh my gosh. it must be a full moon. What if she gets there first and eats them? We should keep moving. Oh my gosh! What the heck Max what are you doing? Zombie! Headshot! it’s okay
Max is auditioning for a zombie movie after school and we’re helping him get
ready it’s an important role zombie number 5. I see. so where are you guys
going we’re taking these to the science room. What are you doing? I don’t know you did it. Not me. just be normal. goldfish flavor blasted. how much will you get
for them? how much will you get for them? What are they talking about? I don’t know I think they’re just making it up. they’re not for sale. you can trade
them for this magical pencil sharpener that’s a ripoff
I’m not trading my flavour blasted goldfish crackers for some stupid– It’s a cow! what? it’s changing again? what’s changing? the fairy tale don’t you see
magical cow pencil sharpener there’s no magical cow pencil sharpener
in any fairy tales it’s just a bad trade. exactly a cow magic a bad
trade it’s just like Jack in the Beanstalk except in reverse. this is getting so
confusing We better keep moving. uh this way. are you’re sure this is the
way I usually go up the other stairs it has to connect I’m sure we’ll find it. this way this is a dead end Lily these stairs
only go down it’s okay we’ll just retrace our steps I don’t even remember
which way be came oh well I left a trail of goldfish crackers behind us
oh good thinking. hey that’s just like what happened in Hansel and Gretel oh
yeah what happened in that one again well the witch tried to eat them.
right we better pick these up yeah Here’s another one. We better get them all. I don’t even remember coming this way. Oh it’s the science lab. There they are. hello girls can I help you hello You must be mister Rumple mmm I thought you were mister Claussen that’s my brother
what did he tell you nothing we just need to get these two those boys. how kind of you I’ll make sure they get them when
they’re done well can they come with us when they’re finished their science
project you guys hurry up we can’t do any more he says they’re done they are
done when they’ve proven their hypothesis until then they stay and so
do these goldfish crackers what if we helped them hmm if you help them then
you’re a part of the project as well and then none of you can leave until it’s
done don’t do it girls we’ll be okay we gotta help them yeah we can’t let our
friends down okay mr. Rumple we’re part of the
project two gentlemen you have such loyal friends don’t take too long you guys shouldn’t have done this that’s
okay it’ll be fine what’s your project it’s not a regular
project that’s okay I’m good at science it has some challenges I love challenges
I once solved two sides of a Rubik’s cube in under ten minutes so uh it might be a
little harder than that how hard can it be if we put our brains together we can
do anything it’s a time machine except maybe that this isn’t even scientific
how could you make a time machine as a science project I know it was Steve’s
idea no it wasn’t I tried to pick the potato
battery but he’s allergic to potatoes it’s a sensitivity that’s not even a
thing no you know a time machine is not a thing okay my medical condition boys
stop arguing we need to find a way out of this it’s no point it’s impossible
maybe you should be more like Sean he got an A on his project. yo check this
out by creating a g-force effect the cellulose compound of this straw mixed
with the acetic acid causes the internodes of the wheat to break down
increasing the electronegative density thus fracturing the molecules to create
a new compound with the atomic number 79 also known as gold genius that’s my boy
keep it up Lily yeah it’s happening what is the fairy
tale it changed are you sure don’t you see it
he’s trying to trick us wait what fairy tale are we in? It’s so
obvious the dancing and the gold he’s not mr. Rumple a substitute science
teacher Oh who is he? What’s going on? Lily the
only way to trick a tricker is to do it first and do it quicker
mr. Rumple will not win this game for Rumpelstiltskin is his name. Rumplestiltskin? what’s going on? don’t worry I have a plan
ladies and gentlemen I the Amazing Sierra will now test the hypothesis of
this science project by entering this time machine a traveling into the
future. remember you’ll need to prove your hypothesis I won’t settle for
postulations and suppositions this is a science class I will go to the future
and return with your proof postulation free very well you provide the proof the
boys get an A and you all can go free let the presentation begin. Good luck. just as I thought a total failure now
you all have to stay and I’m gonna finish eating your goldfish crackers
or perhaps you’d like to try a new flavor from the future
what is this slammin sour cream and onion
that’s impossible I’ve never heard of them of course not
they’re from the future I must have them give them to me I need to taste them
sure you can have as many as you want Just use the time machine. How does it work? Tell me! I just stay inside and then– You need to pull the string. and push the button. this one? And close the door – and wrap it in tape. Think of a number. Do I push it again? Where do I find the crackers? Come on let’s go share these! Do I keep pulling this? Hey I don’t see any goldfish crackers It’s not working! Hey guys! I’m just in a box. I’m not in the future.

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