and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast good evening everybody and welcome to the midnight ride I am your host David carey CO and we're so very honored that you're going to be spending this time with us here on the midnight ride tonight our broadcast is entitled the Giants of the Bible ancient heroes and modern kings we have a very special guest bringing our teaching this evening mr. John pounders you're gonna love this guy and it's gonna be a real study from the Word of God and from the history and you're gonna love it so grab your popcorn fasten your seat belts and get ready because we are now live live live what is up everybody at NYC be midnight riders foj seers all you guys that are here tonight it's a blessing to be here it's a blessing to be with you David as always John it's always the highlight of the week here on Friday on fo JC and the Saturday night midnight ride it's great being with everybody because you know we'd love to get down to what the scripture says and it's what's all about what we do that's for sure and tonight we're going to be basically covering the Giants of Genesis 6 the Nephilim as they're called and in the Hebrew and we're gonna be talking about that and kind of going over the whole idea of it and just doing a very very back to the basic study on it as well as giving some stuff for people to chew on and have at their disposal to 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meet mate with the human woman and bring forth offspring you know this is hard for a lot of people to believe this is something that many churches and most of the seminaries teach against but it's the Word of God and it's clearly the Word of God so this is where we're going tonight we're gonna give you the basics in the Word of God to give you a foundation where you can understand not only much in the Word of God but also much in a lot of the extra biblical literature that also brings out this true so John take us away the midnight ride Giants of the Bible ancient heroes and modern kings thank you David for that intro and so basically what we're gonna be talking about here is really an interesting subject like David said there's two schools of thought on this and we're gonna let the Bible interpret the Bible we're gonna go through the scripture we're gonna see what it says and we're gonna go through there and stick to that for this presentation and most of us should be able to agree that there is a word and there is truth that we can base our understanding up of if not then anything's possible we can make up anything we want we can throw anything and we like but we are basing this off of the truth of the word and so we're going to go into it like that and we're gonna explain where these ideas came from first before we get into the actual Giants themselves really because this is oh this is a great subject to learn and to learn why we stand on what we do and why we and how we can intern at the scripture and interpret Scripture through Scripture so you know I I kind of hold this belief and I've talked to David about it before and I've talked to you guys about it before but that we are literally living and earning a chanter an enchantment and when we look at the world the way it's designed right now especially in this century we see entertainment at its highest peak people pay gobs of money to pur entertainment they do everything they can to watch it they create more and or stuff that just really just entertains the mind they have in schools right now we have a real strong push for evolution and for all these different scientific ideas that basically nullify God and when you look at that you see like evolution I mean it doesn't give room for a God especially if you go back to the Big Bang Theory where stuff just kind of happened and thoroughly about their years we're just a little speck spinning throughout the universe and we're just a tiny piece on this huge thing so insignificant that we don't really matter and that's the kind of the idea pushed in the school is an idea pushed in in a lot of even in churches to a certain extent has pushed and so when we actually look at what the scripture says burst based up what we're told to understand it reminds me of this movie that I there is show and it's called my goodness honor once upon a time yes I even got to slide up here for it and basically you know I'm not promoting this show but you see these characters in here and there's kids holding this book and it's about story is caught in a town called Storybrooke and you see Rumplestiltskin in the background the magician the the kind of evil guy and you see the Queen the Evil Queen in the background and basically what happens is the Evil Queen buys this curse from Rumplestiltskin and it causes all of these characters like the king the Queen all these different people that are good characters to forget who they are and they they grow up in this world not knowing who they are not knowing that they're kings and queens or any of these other things they're working at mechanic shop working as a waitress working as all these different things and they're under the illusion that that is their reality and in the same way I feel like this is kind of how we have spent or are being taught to maintain a reality of not knowing how important we are to God and what we are to him where we are in comparison to him and how he feels about us and when when we have these mentalities that were nothing more than just a fart in the wind I guess to say it crudely aware nothing more than that we live we die we turn to dust it's over for us this is their kind of reality too you can expect miss why it reminds me of this movie quite a bit and I think when you unlock the scripture and see what it actually says it breaks this curse there's a lot of people that this subject right here alone has opened their eyes to the truth and so we're gonna continue on this line and just kind of figure out what is going on here what does the scripture say about it and so what we have what we have in no matter what civilization that you look at it doesn't matter if you're looking at the Greek civilization you're looking at you know Romans or the Roman civilizations you're looking at the Vedic civilizations or the Hindu civilizations the Chinese civilizations it doesn't matter European there's all a very similar story of what we now call mythology but back then it was the history of mankind basically and the there's a story of these so-called gods coming to earth having wives having women and creating these super guy super beings that are half human half God and you know in Greek that in the Greek mythology they call them Titans and demigods and you have this whole bloodline here with this and if you go to the next slide here you have this bloodline that kind of gives you an idea of where all of these gods and demigods came from and you see this kind of lineage and in the Bible we have the same kind of thing we have these gods we have these demigods we have lineages and we have that we have things that show us this stuff now I remember when I was a young person when I was young when I was in school when I was in middle school elementary school in high school and even even continuing that I remember going to different churches talking about the Bible and I remember thinking you know in our studies of Greek mythology and all these different mythologies you see this as a constant thing and the only religion you don't see that in is Christianity and it doesn't make sense and it's not that you don't see it it's just that the people are suppressing this knowledge for one reason or another we'll give him the benefit of the doubt they've just been taught that they've never really looked at it and that's about as far as it goes all the way to the idea that this is part of this enchantment this is one of the heresies that is part of this enchantment that we're under and I think that may be the originator of these heresies had that in mind as an enchantment to not make us make us realize or make us think that we are very natural Earthborn humans that don't have any super in kinetic connections to the supernatural we need a priest we need whatever to guide us through that process and I think this is one of those really strong deceptions that that basically tells us that story and David you have anything to add before I go on to reading the scripture in reading what it says well for sure Satan wants to keep Christians in a daze about who they really are he doesn't want us to wake up and see the reality of who we are in Christ that's his worst nightmare and because there is so much political correctness in the evangelical church they don't want to deal with anything controversial therefore this issue and so many others you're not going to hear what the Bible says about it because their mo was void controversy at all term Oh at all costs it really is and it may be you know when I when this this idea will cause me to really doubt the Bible in a lot of ways I thought you know this is not a very detailed description of what goes down you know what are these Giants in the Old Testament they're talking about like Goliath what are all these things going on you ask these people that are posed to be ministers and people that have studied the word and they not only give you a view but some of them don't even know what you're talking about yeah and it's pretty crazy because it's actually right in the beginning of Scripture and I remember the first time I read it and would you know looked at it I was like my goodness this is there's something here and I had to look further and I think that's the way it is with most people yeah and because so many ministers and churches won't even deal with the subject your average individual on the outside looking in get the impression that the Bible is not a relevant book so that it doesn't talk about all these things but nothing could be farther from the truth the Bible is the most relevant of all books and it has the truth about this as it does about all things it does and I for those of you that are wondering what we're talking about here I'm gonna read this this passage in Scripture because I think that it's important that you guys hear it especially if you're hearing it for the first time and I know that will be the case for some of you tonight because you're looking into this your see it for yourself or it's just this is an interesting topic some of you guys know all about this but I'm gonna read it anyway so in Genesis 6 verses 1 through 4 and it says and it came to pass when men began to multiply on the face of the earth and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair and they took them wives all of which they chose and the Lord said my spirit shall not always strive with man for that he is also flesh yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years there were giants in the earth in those days and also after that when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bare children to them the same became mighty men which were over the old men of renown and when we look at that scripture at face value we see a interesting scenario happen here we have women being born all over the earth and these sons of God that saw these daughters of men and they wanted to take him his wives and have children with them and they did so and they were giants in the earth in those days and verse 4 says there were giants and so I remember the first time with me reading that I got super excited I'm like what is this you know what is this word giant and I found out that where China's Nephilim and so you know in natural ways you you go through the Bible when you see where Nephilim Jews throughout the scripture to kind of understand more about these entities because talk about fascinating people have a fascination with Giants people have a fascination with these things is supernatural especially nowadays with all the movies the superhero movies I'm they've come after out with a venture after Avenger DC movies after DC movies and all these movies that highlight this supernatural union right and so unfortunately we've been you know conditioned through religion to think this is not a real thing and then part of that part of that goes into a bigger deception probably disclosure of aliens and stuff like that and you know when you have a proper context of Scripture those kinds of deceptions aren't as easy to take hold and David before I get into talking about the term sons of God would you have anything to add to that well just from reading these four verses there are just one real obvious fact here that these sons of God mated with the daughters of men and brought forth a supernatural race of giants so therefore if this is all we know about anything we have to conclude these sons of God had to be something more than human yeah to bring forth the supernatural race I know some guys they're about as mean and rotten as you can get that when they have children their sweet little babies you know they're not giant no they're not Giants at all so you know right on the face of this you know if this is all we do we conclude right from this that these sons of God are some kind of a super human entity exactly and thankfully we have more to go on would ya oh yeah we got a lot more this is okay so the term that we see for sons of god is a hebrew term and it's only used in four let's see 1 2 3 4 5 5 scriptures total and two of them are in Genesis 6 that I just read you guys and though term is Bonet ha Elohim and that means sons of God and so when we look and the way that I study the Bible when I believe the way that David does in a way most people do is when you see a phrase or you see a word to figure out more about that word you look in the scripture and see where else it's used to give you a broader context just like you would with a word you're looking up in the dictionary you would want to see how is it used in context how can I use this word what does it mean and what does it mean when somebody says it like this it's the same kind of scenario you use when going through the Bible I think that that's yeah most scholars would do that and I think that it would be wise for each and every one of us to do that as well the best commentary on the Bible is the Bible that's right there's no doubt about that and so I'm gonna read a few of these scriptures to you to kind of give you an idea of what these verses say to give yourself a broader context of what we're talking about here so the next scripture is job one sixth or eighth and it says in verse six there it says sons of God I'm just gonna read it this says now there was a day when the sons of God there been a high eloheem came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan came amongst them and the Lord said unto Satan whence cometh thou then Satan answered the Lord and said from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down in it and the Lord sat said unto Satan has thou considered my servant job there is none like him in the earth a perfect and upright man one that feareth God and eschewed with evil now a lot of people try to say well this is talking about the children of Israel came to worship God and then Satan came amongst them but here's the thing in this verse for instance it says Satan came as amongst them and he said he came from the earth and verse seven he says I came from going to and fro in the earth and from walking up and down it so obviously he wasn't down in the earth when this thing took place therefore these sons of God in my opinion are not the children of God that are in the human form children of God because they at that time they had no ability to go into the heavens to have this meeting before God was Satan so that to me that's a pretty good representation and if that's all we if that's all we had to be enough but we have more in job two and it says this is a reiteration or a redo another time that this happened were the sons of God came to present themselves for the Lord and Satan came amongst them talking about going to it from the earth and then the most evident one in my opinion is Joe 38-7 and this one if you read the context David if you have that pulled up on Murry this one verse but I want you to read the context of that chapter because this is a very powerful chapter unique and I'm gonna read this verse it says when the morning stars sang together and all of the sons of God are Bonet hell high Elohim shouted for joy and when you read that verses a verse about creation it's a verse about when he formed the earth and the cool thing is you get a description of the earth and how he formed it that I think is really cool and David if you don't mind reading that I don't have it pulled up as a slide but I think it would be good to give context to that chapter because this is one of the only other places Benet ah-hah Elohim is mentioned and I think we need to pay attention to what it says here yeah the context begins in verse 4 as John said dealing with creation where was now when I laid the foundations of the earth declare a foul hath understanding who has laid the measures thereof if thou knowest or who hath stretched the line upon it whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened or who laid the cornerstone thereof when the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy and the context here is the creation and at the time when the earth was created the B'nai Elohim shouted for joy the angels and the context of the two scriptures John read and Joel 1 and 2 this is a scene taking place in the third heaven before the throne there's no way we can understand this of anything else but the B'nai o elohim being the angels and in the Septuagint which I like to use for commentary it translates that the angels of God and you know this was the ancient understanding of the scripture there was no other ancient understanding of this and this continued into the apostolate church of the the first four centuries because it's just obviously true you cannot look at the context of Joel 1 & 2 job 38 and make a sensible argument that my goodness you know these are anything else but angels it's just a no-brainer yeah I mean just that it alone is and then when you take into context the rest of the history books or mythologies of the entire world the religions the Genesis the in you know these are the only records we have of the beginning in the world are these mythic what we call mythologies and people called the Bible of mythology as well but this is the only thing that we have and the fact that the Bible core out work elaborates it and I think that there's no way to see like you said there's no way to see it and that kind of brings us to the next point I was going to talk a little bit about what it said about Noah first before we get into kind of the history of this thing but in Genesis eight and nine or sorry Genesis six eight through nine it says Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord these are the generations of Noah Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations and Noah walked with God and it goes on to talk about by meaning his generations his children his children's children and it goes on to continue to talk about a bloodline that happens and when you look at that word generations the one of the definitions of that has to do with a family lineage a lineage of people and in this context it's perfectly clear what that generations is talking about it's talking about he had in my opinion this is what I think it means he had a pure bloodline because he was not only a just man he not only walked he not only walked with God but he was perfect in his generations and they could have just left it he's just he's righteous he has grace in the eyes of the Lord but they mentioned this specific word for a very specific reason in my opinion what do you think about that David well there's nothing that Satan hates more than the virgin birth and he understood that for a sinless Savior to one day be born there would have to be a genetically pure woman to be able to be the vessel from which that child would be born so he wanted to pollute the human gene pool to such an extent that would be impossible he didn't succeed thank God because Christ was born of a virgin and did live a sinless life and this has always been Satan's number one point of attack and this has been his game plan and it's all about trying to defeat the son of God and he's always gonna come up on the losing into that one there's no doubt and you know you were talking just before I started mentioning this you were talking about the the cover-up basically or when this kind of happened that people believed in and really for the first most of the commentators up to a certain point in time had no disagreement in saying that this actually meant angelic beings coming and mating with women and creating these huge monstrous Giants this interpretation was across the board at one point this was the interpretation and I'll David if you get into the rabbinical literature on when that took place I'll cover some of the Christian literature when that took place in the Protestant Church in the Catholic Church etc but I know you found something that I we talked before the show it was pretty amazing because I was talking to David and as I'm researching some of this stuff he's like you're never gonna believe what I just found I'm like I'm sure I won't so anyways you guys will have to hear it it's really cool and it's just I I couldn't find it David found it because he's got like a library of books that probably matches close to the Vatican so he has this book and so anyways heaven let's hear it alright how many remember that midnight ride classic the voice from Hell from the Masonic coffin if you do raise your hand yeah I see that hand there you remember that and in that broadcast we talked about rabbi Simeon bar yokai and a lot of the devilment that he wrought honored as the author of the Zohar and many of the things the advocate of the murder of Christians on and on and on but anyway of before Christ synagogues both Hebrew speaking and Greek believed in the angel that the sons of God were angels and after the resurrection of Christ there was this man rabbi Simeon Mario Kai and he was the one that basically initiated the doctrine of the set bike doctrine he also initiated the suppression of the Book of Enoch because if you're gonna suppress the idea that the sons of God are Angels you've got to throw the Book of Enoch out so in this book which is a book it's entitled of the Fallen Angels and the hero a mythology Reverend John Fleming he was an Irish scholar in the 19th century but he says this rabbi Simeon been yokai second-century a disciple of akeeba may be named as a supporter of this interpretation meaning the Seth ight theory which John just alluded to deal it says on the authority of the Bharath raba that he translated Benet elohim in deuteronomy 1917 as the rendering of the key brew sofa team judges so mr. yoke I said nods they're not angels they're just human judges and because of his tremendous influence among the rabbis this teaching started to explode now also this continued with other rabbinic scholars to a reading from page 20 of dr. Fleming's book to celebrated Ravan Solomon bin Isaac 11th century known as Rashi and although erroneously as Jarque I and Alban ben ezra 12th century these Rabin's made mention in their commentaries and of other explanations of our passage but give preference to that of Philly magnatum Rashi explains Benet Elohim Genesis x2 sons of princes and judges so goodbye the angelic interpretation and as John will lay out for you the early Christian church they held firm on the ancient angel understanding until about the fourth century and then things went south as the apostasy came in with the ascension of Augustine right on and that leads me to what you were just talking about so we'll go into the Christian and I'm obviously it started with this but it had to gain ground throughout time because most people like we're talking about four just ignored the church's rulings on some of these things because there was so especially the rabbis I mean the rabbis at the time and and the people there the Christians were getting killed ferociously all over the place and so this thing had to continue down a line of secession and I think it's interesting how it made its way into the Christian councils I guess you could call it and so I've got a picture here so these are the three men that really kind of kick-started this set theory in the church and by the time the fifth fourth fifth century happened after that the Middle Ages there was pretty much this was the main theory of the church and it ran wild with with it after that but like David said and like I said although the first few centuries any any first second or third century the century church father you will not find one of them at least that I found that believes in the Seth I theory whatsoever they had no problem with the understanding that Benet Elohim actually means sons of God means angels there was no issue there but in this around this time not only was the angel view kind of considered a heresy but also celibacy had become an institution of the church so right around the same time these two things were happening and who you see here is Celsus and Julian the apostate actually this is not that picture they might have a picture forgot that slide but Celsus and Julian the apostate what a name there Julie the apostate they used that traditional angel angel believed to attack Christianity and so I guess people like Julian Africanness which is the guy here on the left he resorted to the set dyed interpretation to be on more comfortable ground and it's interesting this is kind of what we see Christianity doing with science today rather than standing on their beliefs of what the word says to make it a little bit less easy to make fun of they're gonna change their interpretation you know with with for instance with creation the creation idea the creation account we have many creation ministries out there that will stick to the scriptural interpretation of six days of creation God created at all the flood they'll stick to all that but when it comes to cosmology and the creation of the world and what it actually stands for in the scripture they don't stand to that because it's been considered a mockery to believe those things and that greatly skews I don't know how many times I've heard from people telling me you're making a mockery out of the Bible because you believe in the Flat Earth everybody knows that's not true but do we really know that and we've done so many shows we'll have to do another sign sometime do we really know what the world is because when I look at pictures of the earth it's a CGI that's a computer graphic image we don't see any any of the some of the same people that promoted all these ideas are the ones that promote this cosmology of the earth and this comes from a similar time period where people started calling on false deities and being deceived to actually create these things because when this when this theory was actually put into place nobody had pictures of the earth nobody had anything like that and in the whole time of mankind this is actually a new idea and when we look at the organizations behind the people that are promoting this and offering as fact when we look at the starting of it no we look at who makes the rules who does the things you know it's just it's mind-blowing I know this is a whole nother show to talk about this but anyways we see the similar thing happening here with these people and so this next guy over here on the far right is Cyril Cyril of Alexandria and he reputed the Orthodox Angel position with the line of Seth interpretation and Augustine the guy in the middle there he embraced the Seth I theory and it prevailed into the Middle Ages so this is this was widely taught after the middle right during the Middle Ages this was had become something major and so when people try to push the set that theory as being something new or whatever you have to remember this thing the set theory is not a old theory this is not the ancients understanding of Scripture this is not what anybody in the time of Jesus would have believed at that time that this set that theory was possible nobody would have believed that in fact if you look in Jude for instance it talks about the Book of Enoch it quotes from the Book of Enoch talking about the angels leaving their first estate do you have those scriptures on hand David that you can pull up real quick and I think it's Jude 1 Jude chapter 1 verse 14 if I remember correctly maybe 14 might be the one about coming with ten thousands of his Holy Ones but those both of those are a direct quote from the Book of Enoch and for those of you don't know we've been doing it book could be not commentary these these first parts were one of the the Giants and stuff we're like we're one of the first things that we actually covered in the Book of Enoch video commentary because towards the beginning you have these interesting things and when you look at the book of Jude quoting stuff about these angels leaving the first estate when you see all the commentaries from it around that time period and before you know it like somebody said in the chat earlier I can't believe people believe this set thigh Theory it makes no sense and I can't believe it either but not they and they don't have much to stand on when it comes to that theory now on unfortunately for them I know they think they do and they think this is just you know completely crazy but David do you have that pulled up yes okay Jude verse 6 and 7 and the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation he had to reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day even as Sodom and Gomorrha and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication look at the comparison in like manner the just like Sodom and Gomorrah went after strange flesh hetero circles flesh of another kind that's what the Angels did dirt I mean plain Tuesday's and while you got that open thinking about the Sodom and Gomorrah there's a connection there of a incursion of some source as well that we talked about and yes it shows can you talk a little bit about that in the Gnostic Nagamani choruses the set Gnostic documents they attribute the second incursion and an ethylene to have taken place at Sodom very very interesting stuff and we've done shows about this in the past and it's amazing that this is attributed to the set as a doctrine the set that not sticks very interesting comparison indeed and the the comparison here is undeniable giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh and setting forth an example suffering the Vengeance of eternal fire and the direct quote of the Book of Enoch comes in verse 14 and Enoch also the seventh from Adam prophesied of these saying behold the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his Saints and a text in second Peter 2 verse 4 is another confirming witness for of the ange for if God spared not the Angels that sinned but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of Darkness to be reserved unto judgement now there's a big dot we can connect here from the facts we've learned fact before the cross everyone on board with the Angel sons of God's or angels everyone on board any enter Simeon bar yokai the rabbi's start teaching they're just human judges now Cyril of who Alexandria the seed of Gnosticism so for 400 years the Christians held strong but now the rabbi's kiss the Gnostics for century enter Constantine the understanding the sons of God angels it is suppressed so you can just see these dot connect over and over and over and the connections we've talked a lot about the connections between Kabul ISM and Gnosticism and you can just see it in this and in all the doctrines how Satan works he's devilment through these two groups yeah we think we've proven that too if you look you know like I had all the shows that we've done on these subjects I think that there's no no reasonable person can go through these and not see this connection so what are some of the shows we've done on that for people that want to get back to looking at that we've done a show they're probably all banded on the subscription some of them are yeah some of them at least are but if you type in usually within wise TV if you go to youtube and you type in let's say Gnosticism osta you'll find a host of videos or on foj see radio you'll find a host of videos on that subject same with kabbalah same with all these different subjects you'll find all these things on there and really the when you look you know there's the follow the money trail with it's like with this it's more like follow the reasoning trail what's the reasoning behind this and what what do they have to gain by us not knowing this information I've had people ask me that what do I have to gain by believing this versus not believing it yeah and the the thing is like in the scripture there are prophecies concerning as it was in the days of Noah like in Matthew and we'll get into a little bit of that later but this is an important subject mainly because this will happen again and it'll be something we may not expect when we may be tampering with DNA to change humanity because really the real crime there was taking something that God called good like human and changing their DNA to make them something different you know and defiling these these angels defiled themselves with mankind and that's kind of what we got going on there and I think that and I remember on foj c which is argued to channel fo JC radio YouTube I called the teaching the Gnostic rapture of Seth and Barbelo and one of the midnight rides that comes to mind we did a midnight ride of a similar title I can't remember there's a meeting about the NAG Hammadi was yeah we did a show on the second incursion at Sodom yes where we talked about these gnostic documents and so yeah we've talked about this a lot and here's a quick laundry list of the early fathers that believed it from dr. Flemming among the fathers who ascribed to the Angel sons of God understanding our oregan clement of alexandria caesarea star tolian caesarea s– in the fourth century Methodius Parana tests on and on and on and on and basically everybody until the days of constantine cyril of alexandria there you go so understanding the history of doctrines is very very important to getting back to the faith that was once delivered under sait's you know this is something also that's a great scripture in the book of Jude that we should earnestly contend for the faith that was once lived in the third verse beloved when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation it was needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered under the Saints and it was delivered by a Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his brother Jude wrote about the Book of Enoch so here we go let's get back to it and David since you have a copy of the presentation over there I'm skip board on one slides to the sea go one let me find out me we're skipping forward I'll show you where we're going here we're gonna go to this one right here we're set talks about the table of Nations and I'm gonna skip back here soon but I want to go over this I think first before we get into some of these proofs of giants in North America and all over the world I think I think it's good to understand what happened because in the scripture we we see this crazy ordeal happening where you have these giants all over the earth they're they're in if you look in the Book of Enoch you see that they're teaching people to make war they're eating each other they're teaching witchcraft and they're part of these mystery schools and they're doing these things that and teaching men secrets that they shouldn't understand that we shouldn't even had to go through at the time and creating so much wickedness with mankind throughout the earth that God the Creator says look I am going to put an end to this Noah you're righteous in your generations your bloodlines pure your righteous you found grace in my eyes I'm gonna continue your family but I'm gonna destroy the rest of the world and of course I'm paraphrasing but this is Genesis 6 and Genesis 7 and continuing in progress of what actually happens there and when you look at that and you see the account he is so mad that he knowing his family survived the rest of the world is flooded and we see this same scenario not just in the Bible we see it all through the scripture and so when we see that we see well how did they survive is the next question that kind of comes to mind and so we're going to look at the table of Nations here on this PowerPoint and what this actually means so if you look in Genesis chapter 10 verses 6 through 20 now and we see these giants that they talk about in the Old Testament mainly because the children of Israel end up doing battle with a lot of these tribes here and a lot of our giants that are described as Giants and so verse 6 it says in the sons of ham cush Mizraim and Phut and Canaan the sons of cush Siva Avila Saba Rama I'm not gonna go through all of these but it goes through all of them and we see where that period place is you know we have all these different places from Nineveh Nineveh is very much known for Giants we actually have you guys are gonna see articles that I found in North America where they found Giants that were had nine-foot swords and their helmets were like those of Nineveh so we have definite connections there we have connections with Babylon Assyria we have connections with pretty much all of the giant tribes that roamed the earth now there are some in the Japheth line if you look on the left he had three sons you had Japheth Shem and ham and you have some of that stuff going on as there as well but mainly on the line of ham there's a huge connection to these these giants these Nephilim is sometimes called ref I am in the Bible and so this next slide here this is if you look at some of the biblical accounts of giants surviving the flood or people or you know these entities surviving the flood you have several obviously we have in the book of Genesis we have known his family surviving the flood one of the more common charts that I know of are the common beliefs that I've heard is that do kill on Duke do see a lion I don't know how to pronounce that I'm just gonna say Duke : if they don't I would be me yeah it says lion yeah anyways where I'm not pronouncing that right so don't hold me to it but he was a son of Prometheus and he married a daughter of Pandora and you look and look at look at this line here and according to the legend is he survived this flood and created a new bloodline you see Helen is one of their daughters and then you go on and you see all these different beans that were created and and no I haven't actually gone through these words and looked at them in accordance with the Hebrew names of the other about the children of ham but when you see kind of what happened there you know there's a change in in language and so when Babylon was forced to have its languages split after they tried to rebel against God and tried to ascend into heaven you have these entities sometimes known as other names and so that one possible interpretation is some of the Giants actually survived the flood by getting on a log some of the counts where they hollowed out a log and sat in it some of the accounts were that there were cloud riders and they actually lived in the cloud similar to what we see with UFOs also you have in the Scandinavian account it says Odin Billy and they fought and slew the great great ice giant Ymir and icy water from his wounds drowned most of the rhyme giants the giant beggar leme escaped with his wife and children on a boat made from a hollow tree trunk from them rose the race of frost ogres and anyway so this is an idea from from the Scandinavian ideas and we also have these entities that are very possible he could have survived that lived in the water you have people like Poseidon for instance and Neptune or how you know depending on what civilization you're talking about here but you have these mermaids that were even you know they're they're even talked about in the Book of Enoch these these women that made it with the Giants were actually called sirens which is interesting and some believe that they were actually turned into sirens because of this and or some of their children became half fish half man or half woman gods that actually would have survived the flood and so there's a lot of theories on how that actually happened and some people believe I think one of the common beliefs is that one of the wives of one of the children of Noah actually had Nephilim DNA in that resided in her through a recessive gene or whatnot which is I guess possible as well I don't know there's a lot of different ideas on that some people believe in another incursion but when we look at the whole scheme of things we know for sure that in the Bible in the Old Testament there are plenty of giants that we see I mean it talks about when they were going to fight the children of Israel and I David you might remind me what this address is on the in the scripture but these giants they were like cedar trees and they were like grasshoppers in their sight and so we see these massive Giants not as big as the ones we see pre-flood but almost a diluted bloodline of these Giants we see Goliath that's ten foot tall brothers with six foot six fingers six toes double rows of teeth we see these kinds of rough I mean that are talked about and so we see this taking place and I'll go into more stuff here in a minute but David I know you've got plenty of stuff to add to that as many shows as we've done on this particular subject in the Old Testament Giants and when I say Old Testament I mean the the tour of the prophets the ancient scriptures because I don't believe in Old Testament New Testament but I do that to describe that for people that don't understand what we're talking about here but after post-flood we have more Giants we hear more about Giants in the scriptures than we do anywhere else David you got anything to add to that well as John said there's a lot of different ideas on how they achieved the second incursion if you will after the flood and one of the interesting ones is in job 26 five dead things are formed from under the waters and the inhabitants thereof now before the flood the Giants were called the Nephilim after the flood they were called the ref ìiím and in the word ref I mean if you would study it the root word is Rafa which means to heal and part of the word ref I mean means to bring to life again and in one of the lexicons it even used the word reanimate like the reanimate or of a tiny Lovecraft and when you say they created them down there they created these Rephaim right they form the raft ìiím this goes in perfect alignment with what we're talking about when we have these Atlantean underwater creatures that you know live and they come to the earth because this was huge in Greek mythology the side and character is any of them and somehow and but I mean I walked the world of the scripture mean and let me understand like this is what we say when you understand the sons of God and the daughters of men there are many scriptures that outside of that context have no meeting but it appears that the Giants that were drowned in the flood somehow through their devilment one way or another they were able to bring these bodies back to life and they were called the ref I mean another fascinating scripture this is an extra biblical text from the Testament of the 12 patriarchs this is from the Testament of Reuben and in the scripture in Genesis 6 it talks about the sons of God the fallen angels being the aggressors and taking them wives well after this played out for a while there were women that lusted after the Fallen Angels and wanted to attract them and in this text from the Testament of Reuben this is in chapter let's see 5 and this is verse 6 and 7 it says for thus they alert the watchers who were before the flood for these continually beheld them they lusted after them and they conceived the act in their mind for they change themselves into the shape of men and appeared to them when they were with their husbands and the women lusting in their minds after their forms gave birth to Giants for the Watchers appeared to them as reaching even unto heaven fascinating text of a technique that women use to actually attract these and there is a Nicole tradition among Luciferian occultists that actually believe that through this type of procedure and the seduction and the mating with the elemental spirits that actual conception can take place now King James of the King James Bible he was so convinced to this and was so against it he burned down several monasteries because there were actual so many reports of women given birth nuns and monasteries from the union of the incubi and succubi and of so many of the nuns being played that he burned several monasteries down because of this it's a historical fact so this is something that we do and probably instead of it's either this way or that way it's a combination of several ways exactly this took place and there's nothing to say that through and there are many rituals that I've read just like in similarity with the text from the testament of Reuben where there are actually women and men that are trying to invoke very specifically these entities for illicit Concours so well I saw a documentary about these these they call themselves star children these people and they claim that they are a union of their mother or father or whatever whatever whatever the case may be in aliens they claim to be this and a lot of them look different they have eyes that are bigger I don't know if this is actually true what is what they are not but the fact is they claim this and this is one of the common stories of women and men that they are being used for breeding purposes when they're abducted by these entities yeah and if this is the same thing that is talked about in there then we can rest assure that this is probably today we have so many stories of this stuff happening and when we see the the amount of evil people I think is increasing and of course in the days of Noah that was the case as well and now nowadays when you see people that are proudful about killing their own children you see people who are prideful about the wickedness that they do you have people that lie and slander people have no moral stand hold they don't care to lie about they'll do anything they'll do anything wicked when the scripture talks about the seed being sown by the Creator right it talks about this there's this scripture do you know what the address for that is where he talks about the enemy coming so is and seeds after that it's in the tares in the week Matt yeah 13 yeah I'm gonna read this real quick because I think it's important that we actually read this I'm gonna find it if you I can get it on the internet every probably get it faster I can on the internet here yeah it's in the air I got a girl Matthew the 13th chapter it also appears in the other Synoptics but go right ahead okay okay so another parable he put forth unto them saying the kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field but while men slept his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and he went his way but when the blade was sprung up and brought forth fruit then appeared the tares also so the certain so the servants of the household came and said unto him sir does thou not know nurses now no so does thou sow good seed in thy field from whence then hath it tares and he said unto them an enemy had done this the servant said unto Him wilt thou then go and gather them up but he said nay less why you gather up the tares ye root up also the wheat within them and it talks about letting both of them grow up in the harvest and so we have this scenario where if you look at the interpretation of this parable God saw these seeds of people you saw these good seeds and while he while you rests which is interesting because we have the seventh day he rested and then the you know in the scriptures in the beginning of the city they arrested we have this scenario taking place after this resting time because it talks about he created man and then boom he looked at everything he saw was good and arrested while that time he was resting there was somebody else sowing seeds in the bloodline of humanity and we have this parable that talks about this here and also something that's going on today in my opinion the evil that we are seeing now people being born completely wicked and evil there are the Bible talks about the sons of Belial this talks about the children of the devil you know Yeshua called the Pharisees or Jesus called the Pharisees the sons of the devil and for those of you this is your first time listening Jesus is the English word and youshu is the Hebrew word but they mean they're the same person it's a the son of God the Messiah but they they have this this scenario taking place to this day where you have these your children of your father the devil you the sons of Belial you see those all throughout Scripture and when we see what's happening they may not look like the Giants that we have and it looks like they lost size over time because there's a bloodline thing that goes on but when you see these huge Giants pre-flood then they get considerably shorter after the flood you know ten foot 19 foot you know whatever height and then to this day I believe that they're here amongst us but we can't even really tell what they look like because they've gotten so good at manipulating the DNA to make them look normal like humans right and we did a show not too long ago where we talked about the concept of a walk in of the total takeover of human body by these entities total demon possession where it's like spiritual suicide and all of the UFO accounts they talk about this sexual experiences and it's all geared toward janay corruption and I totally agree with John that it's very capable on their part to now produce offspring that are 100% ref I mean that are virtually indistinguishable from the human race and you know this is just very very scripturally and scientifically possible and on top of that we have that going on we also have humans that may be humans we don't know exactly you know it talks about in the end he's coming to chop it all down and he'll split it up but we have this technological shift and medical shift to change our DNA to make us bigger better stronger through the CRISPR technology and other technologies that they have and even merge us with possible robotic parts and it's interesting because when you think about the creation of humanity and you think about what we are we are a creation we are a very superior creation to that of robots but we have a code in our body through DNA we have a system that pumps fuel through our body we have all these different things that are self-contained because we have the nafech the Spirit of God in us but we are without a doubt a creation a form of the most advanced technology I guess you could say if you want to put in those terms that the best technology that possible and so when we look at the Angels what we know about the Angels is very limited and you know as far other than what we can see in the scripture but they are also a created entity that was created by the master of creators and so mixing a form of life which I would say that they're trying to get robots to that form of life to have this AI consciousness which some people described as a Ouija board or Ouija board on steroids basically I'm putting out these block sources these blocks chain blocks and these things are gland onto them and creating information when we have that and you look at it from that context in that perspective it's kind of the enchantment perspective you know it's all it's just we've created these things we have but what if we didn't you know what if this is actual possible alien DNA we don't know what they look like and in Ezekiel it's interesting some of them some of them appear as men but you have this thing that looks like metal grabbing Ezekiel by the hair and yanking them up and it looks like a rocket taking them off into outer space you have these things and I think transformer did an interesting job of what these gods may actually look like we don't know but I mean if you look at the descriptions of some of these things they look like I mean you know what I'm talking about Ezekiel where it's like this thing that looks like a piece of metal snatching this up and you got this wheel within wheels and all these different things these look these wouldn't be what we would maybe personally think of as entities but I don't know I don't know if I'm hopefully I'm getting the point across here but we don't know what we're tapping into when we're changing our DNA we don't know where this technology comes from we don't know what it comes from especially when it actually happens full force because the way the technology is increasing over the years Daniel talks about the prophecy you know shut up the words until the my time were men men shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased and if you look at the time period we're in men are definitely running to or fro you can go to China today you know you get there by tomorrow here from or maybe in you know next couple days from the airport depending on where you're at and knowledge has definitely been increased all the way up to the 1800s people rode on the horseback or rode on animal back now we have the the coolest cars in the world we have airplanes that fly we're living definitely in the time of technology but anyways David you have anything to add to hopefully I explained that all right because my idea was to say that not only would it be possible that these what we perceived before to be these angels come down to but we're doing it to ourselves possibly through the knowledge of these fallen entities yeah and in the Book of Ezekiel chapter 1 we had an actual manifestation of the often e.a pre-incarnate appearance of of jesus christ coming down by the very throne of god that was carried by the cherubim and just like john said in another place the very hand of God grabbed Ezekiel by the hand of the hair and jerk team up into the visions into the third heaven and all of the things that we see in mythology and in the mysteries they are imitations of the reality of the manifestations of God Satan is the imitator he tries to imitate the real and genuine things of God with his imitations and his phony baloney and it's so nonsensical I don't see how anyone could go for it but there are so many people buying into these lives yeah and you know a lot of it is very dependent on there not being a god you know I was talking to a young gentleman he was a filmmaker over the week over this week and he talks about his former understanding before coming to the knowledge of God and when you come to that knowledge and realization that there is a higher power you are all of a sudden responsible for everything that you've done for everything that you continue to do and everything you believe everything in your life changes because the people you surround yourself with have often become wrapped into your belief as well you know if you're a in a good example is if you're in a I don't know I'm thinking of a weirdest kind of outlying group there is okay so you're in a flag maker group you and your friends you love to get together and make flags if you suddenly came to the realization that you don't like flag making anymore and or you don't like you don't you can't do it anymore because you whatever and you just lost your interest in it not only do you lose your interest in that flag making but you were lose probably every bit of every friend that you've had because let's face it talking about flag making with anybody other than a flag maker is not gonna be very fun it's the same with atheism it's the same with a lot of these things so when you make that decision not only do you change your mindset but you change your circle of friends you change all these things because it's a natural progression of what happens and so when people come to this knowledge they can either do that or they can stick with where they're at and so they're hoping that their form of eternal life their form of health their perform everything is gonna come from this technology because they don't see fit to honor God that's why the Bible talks about handing them over to a reprobate mind and they do all kinds of wicked things that's because they've decided look I I have to come – too much terms if I actually believe this and they know everybody knows and if you're listening tonight you say there's no God you know deep down inside you know there's a god and and you can't tell me otherwise even when I was living doing the things I did I would tell myself like I don't know if there's a God but deep down inside when it came down to it I knew and I know you guys know but we have this real I forgot where my where I was going with this we have this real desire to rely on everything but God and I think this technology this this genetic manipulation will be part of that because people are like wow if they do have this coming back of these deities or whatever people are gonna be like wow I can actually live eternally by mixing my DNA with these things or you know it it works both ways like technology and that but the filter that we're under like the reason I showed that first clip from that movie once upon a time or that show once upon a time is that the enchantment that we're under is to see everything as physical versus seeing everything is spiritual because what we see is physical but you know our own bodies are you know 1% matter 99% of space right there's all these things that were the way we perceive things is a hundred percent physical for sure but the fact of the matter is this world that we have we are seen as not every dimension we're not seeing it the perfect example Elijah and Elijah I think is Elijah and Elijah right where they there's all these armies approaching them and Elijah's just sitting there chillin not worried about it at all you know just sit back kick back and Elijah's like freaking out he's like what are we gonna do they're surrounding us everywhere and Elijah says you know God can you open his eyes and show him what's going on and it happens and he looks around and there's these warring angels all around them on all sides ready to protect them from this battle so there's more going on than what we see but we have to wonder if this enchantment part of it has to deal with us seen this technological revolution as something other than fallen angel revolution going on and I think that if you really take the time to tie in what is actually happening versus what happened in the book of Noah that's what we see and eventually the veil will be lifted for everybody and the people that have made up their mind to go with this technological advancement when it comes to changing our bodies you know because technology is not a bad thing I like happen to like air conditioning I happen to like you know wearing glasses when I need to wear them to read and I like the idea of people being able to you know have comfort in their life if they're going through something pretty major but what we're talking about here isn't that we're talking about the technology to change your genetics and make you more than just a man anyways they have you have anything to add to that well our our fake news media and the public fool system have created a matrix they have created the world that they want people to believe them and the only way that we will rip that veil off is to go back to the Word of God and once we do that we're going to have to be willing to believe the Word of God even if it makes us unpopular even if we might incur the ridicule of those that will make fun of us for believing in the Word of God but if you're willing to do that you can destroy the blue pill and you can come out of the matrix that's for sure so I'm gonna go I don't think I don't know if I'm gonna be able to get through all these but I'm gonna go through some of these things so now that we have an understanding that the scripture says what it says about that you can either take it for what it is or you can go with the set theory and to reiterate what the set theory is you believe that I'm gonna make fun of you yeah and you and you go and you can believe the set date there if you want you can believe that these were just men even bad men that had affairs will the women or had chose women and then they next thing you know Giants emerge from that group or you can believe what the scripture says about it you can cross-reference each place that that word is used and realized that it's talking about angels and if you're with us so far this next parts gonna be of interest to you so I'm gonna show you guys some clips that I found of different places in North America and then of course in different parts of the world where giant skulls and giant skeletons actually have been found North America is full of them by the way but we have this phenomenon going on all over the world and so for this next one here we have this is the Lovelock cave skull and a lot of you guys have seen this skull before I don't have the picture of the actual skull but I have a picture of the jaw here and if you look here under in in the mouth is a human a human teeth and these are like casts of a human teeth and you can see the size difference in the thing but Lovelock cave is an interesting area where they found several they found giant skeletons and they also found that they had red hair which is a really interesting place you know a really interesting thing to have during that and Lovelock cave is one of the interest instances I definitely recommend if you're into looking at the idea you look into the Lovelock cave that's one of the major ones so this next is that in California I think it's in New Mexico for a member right we go back here doesn't matter it doesn't matter this one in the south and I remember trying to I think it is in California but I remember trying to visit it one time and they said that they didn't have it anymore so I didn't know at the time I was like I'm gonna go check this place out and see this skull but according to people that you know they've been raided the Smithsonian's been raiding a lot of these places and taking skeletons and they've been doing it for a long time actually in the book I was reading they you see when the Smithsonian's decided to step in and take charge of investigating these giants and testing these giants we start to see them disappearing and yeah you know if you look at the history of the Smithsonian from what I understand they're an organization that's controlled outside of the United States by somebody we all know you know to do and so we you know when we have to look at these and so this next slide here this is about one in Cincinnati there was a gigantic man buried next to a ferocious Panther and these are out of 11 mounds that they uncovered in this Ohio err which Ohio's full of mounds by the way we actually went through serpent mounds and checked out that place when we're coming back from take on the world a couple years ago or last year I don't remember when it was but we went through and saw the serpent mountains which they did uncover a giant in there as well that I'm gonna show you an article on which it's not something that you hear about a lot about but this is a gigantic man buried next to a panther and that is pretty interesting to be buried next to empathic means either the Panther was your pet or the Panther killed you or something along those lines I don't know exactly I've never heard of that being a ritual where you they bury you next to a panther or something along those lines and then we have in Maryland they have prehistoric men that were seven foot tall in Maryland and this is an interesting scenario when you see that the I mean you have in New Hampshire nine-foot tall Giants in Noble County very huge and you have an 8 foot 7 inch tall on earth giant and Ohio in Morgan County and they're directly underneath it this was found a skeleton of an eight foot seven giant so and then you have the Cardiff giant with an enormous iron helmet and I believe this is the one where they found a sword that was nine foot tall and it was clothed the helmet looked close to the shape of the ones they found in the ruins of Nineveh the teeth are all in their places according to this article they thought let's see it says in the quoting of the last paragraph up here this is interesting it says when his giant ship was in the flesh he must must have stood 18 feet tall in his stockings these remarkable irrelevant to New York early next week the joints of the skeletons are now being glued together these remains were found about twelve feet under the surface of the mound which had been thrown up probably centuries ago and which was no more than three feet above the level of the ground around it and so they shipped it up to New York we don't see much more left of that one and then we have the Potomac River giant this is and there's so many of these I'm just naming a few there's like five hundred of these articles that I found I mean just massive amounts of articles and this is the skeleton of this giant Indian maybe seven or more feet in height who died and was buried around the time of Christ was born has been unearthed from prehistoric burial grounds along the Potomac River near points of rocks recently so it kind of goes on from there and we have these these are a couple more we have some in some more mounds that are in Pennsylvania and you see these two different ones here and I think the list goes on and on these are ones in near Victoria where you have these giant skulls you see the giant skull on the right here in the San Antonio express this is in Victoria County in Texas at Texas University anthropologist this is this scholar I'd be interested to see if you can still find those skulls at Texas University or if you can find them anywhere but this is definitely article from that time and then this I do this this one right here I'm not a hundred percent sure about because you know according to this there was an article on this and and there were people that can corroborate the story now this picture here I'm not sure if it's photoshopped that it's real I don't know they're put they're trying to pass it off as real but this is supposedly at the serpent Serpent Mound in Adams County and if that's true then there doesn't surprise me that much really just knowing kind of what the Serpent Mound looks like we did a video about it we actually went there flew a drone over it looked at it and saw it's this giant serpent eating this huge egg it looks like some people claim that in that egg you'll find another giant buried possibly inside the egg the mouth that's in the egg there representing the seed and this constellation according to some people actually lines up with Draco the constellation Draco and so you have these interesting mounds all over the United States and we have them here in Evansville we have these Bay column angel mounds all along Ohio River all over long the East Coast along the west coast you name it there is evidence in North America of these giants yeah and did a show with John and patty Holland the midnight ride and a name of title of that show eludes me but in that show I remember patty Hall had the documentation that in every county in Kentucky there have been remains of giants around all over and there was not just one or two of these but gobs of them there are so many newspaper articles we couldn't read them all in two hours time and the Smithsonian swooped in bought up these digs if they'd find something the Mosconi and had come in buy it it did go away and never be seen again yeah and got not just a few but hundreds hundreds accounts that are documented newspaper articles you know it's just a fact and it's also a fact that people are trying to suppress the truth in unrighteousness because it does not go along with their theories of creation and evolution yeah that's that's got to be the main the main motivation behind this has got to be it doesn't go along with their what how they wanted to see this with the world I mean it doesn't go along with that if you know that there's giants that were created at one time and also just the historical evidence that there were actually red haired mummies and giants in the United States at one time that doesn't go along with their anthropological ideas it doesn't go along with any of that I mean if you believe that that's the case then you believed it pre-flood before any known civilizations that we know of now there were this ancient groups of giants and these ancient gods and stuff that were actually all over the world at the time and if you can't it's it's interesting how they they'll skew things to do that and obviously there's a there's it's not they're not just doing it because they they don't want you to know about it they're doing it because like David said is this it's a deception what do you think in the schools now they're no longer talk about the scripture they no longer talk about the word you can't find the Ten Commandments in most schools they teach evolution and they teach it as fact your children if they're going to go to school are being taught as fact that we evolved from primates so they're being taught as fact that we came from nothing and these organizations are covering up the truth and this is a an atrocity and part of this in Mass enchantment in my opinion and one more clip here I got I think here's another one this one's from Rockingham Vermont they had this remarkable human skeleton it says and its teeth were double the size where other teach the teeth were all double so had double rows of teeth and it was big enough that it could be the helmet of a normal-sized man that's how big the skeleton is so you know big enough that your head could fit inside this head of this of this giant and if you look at this map here this map is a lot of the giant sightings that they found this is not all of them I'm sure but this is a cluster of how many Giants were found along North America quite a few and I think that this clip this clip actually here comes from a book called the Giants of North America encyclopedia for the Giants of North America and there's a lot of them laid out in that book that if you guys were looking or interested one of the best resources on that I believe and there was a another book and I can't remember the name of it right now but that one was written by Britt sim and if I remember correctly and not only was it just in these places but you have places around the world you see these skulls here this is a the one on the left on top left there is a red-headed skull that they found and you can see the size of the head the eye sockets are even bigger the nose is you know more pronounced the jobs more pronounced and you have this elongated type head and down below this skull you see a stylization I guess I a built idol or a built figurine of Egyptian princess right here and she has this elongated skull thing and then on the right here you have these other pictures of Barack and skulls where you have these elongated skulls and so you know a lot of people thought well maybe these skulls are actually just people who do the elongation where they they bind their head and their heads get longer which does happen people do that but the fact the thing that they found interesting was the suture and the skull is different in these skulls versus the ones that actually have binding head binding done because the skull is actually different I mean one suture going across versus other sutures going across and you guys can look into that and see kind of how they come to this idea but the fact of the matter is when you look at ancient civilizations and you look on the walls you see this Pharaoh hat that's big you see these elongated heads that is a main spokes guess main pronounce feature all of these different people is this elongated head and it's also one of the features you see of the aliens that we see when we see pictures of aliens you have this big dome like head in this face that's kind of small and rounded off yeah this is something major and even people you know Pharaohs they created the headdress based on you know they're looking like a cobra and looking like they have these long heads this is a common feature that you can find all over the world yeah and the reason why this pagan practice of the head binding originated is because they wanted to be like these star guys that actually looked like this you know here we are the banana theme yeah that's exactly what it is most of them just they wanted so bad to look like these things or to have this kingship in it you know what's interesting David I found this this family and I don't have a slide of it I'm I see I might be able to pull it up these this is lineage of kings and in their in their Brazil I believe they're in Brazil but they're a family and they all have six fingers and six toes and this guy actually comes from a lineage of kings down there and it's all it's really it's really amazing when you actually look at some of these things in Brazil South America and Brazil there's a family of fourteen who all have six fingers and six toes there was another family that I saw a documentary on where they're actually down there they live in one of the main towns where there's these pyramids and everything and they they have them they're big guys sooo they're big you know they're not like giant tall but they are big and they have six fingers six toes and you know you find this stuff all over the world this video real quick is a I'm gonna play this video and it's basically just shows a place in India and I and I did this video a while back and was showing like a short clip of it but it shows this town where you have this legend of this creature that looks like King Kong is this a giant ape-like creature that had to be 3040 feet tall and they have there's actually a place where they have footprints there's statue of the thing they call it hounam n' and this is where we get legends like King Kong from these these beans and so that we have this all over what I'm going to play it for you guys real quick according to numerous newspaper articles written in 1934 a giant ape-like skeleton measuring 32 feet and linked was discovered in Juba or India there are a few different news archives that cover this story this one published by a newspaper called The Argus states that a skeleton 31 point 5 feet long was discovered and believed to be that of a giant ape it was said to be discovered by a farmer that saw bones protruding out of the sand when attempts were made to remove the skeleton felled the chief of state was caught in it took three men to lift only the leg bones which alone measured 10 feet this one by the West Australian tells the same story this one in the Sydney Herald the most interesting thing about this location and sheer size of the skeleton is this in Hindu ancient history there is a giant named Hoonah man that has the ape-like face and is a leader of a group of forest dwellers at the temple of lapaki there are giant footprints that are more than four foot long in a height 2 foot ratio this would lead us to assume that the giant was 30 feet tall or more many believed that this is the same giant that was found in 1934 here is a comparison chart to show you what 30 feet looks like to us I have King Aubuchon Goliath and a six foot tall man to just show you the size of this thing so what you see there is an interesting story this is one I put together is it easy for me to throw together because I had it a long time ago but this is not just common to that area I mean in China we have the serpent kings we have these gog and magog we have these entities all over the world I think we pretty much kind of made our point on that for those of you that were interested in looking at this thing out next time we do another part too I'd love to get into the Nephilim the spirits that haunt the world the Nephilim spirits that haunt the world and they persecute humanity and also the bloodlines of the Nephilim and Kings we did a show really really good show on the Tim bloodlines of the Satanic kings that I think people could refer to to check some of that out but I think we should do a another one that kind of just goes over the basics of that but that's all the time we have for this one right here but I want to ask everybody to do something with me on the count of three okay so if you like this video right here on the bottom you see a like button if you dislike it hit the dislike button I'm gonna ask you guys to do that right now because it really does matter and the whole scheme of things getting likes or dislikes because part of the algorithm of YouTube depends on that and so on the count of three we're gonna do that we're gonna see how high it can jump up I don't even know how many likes there are right now with somebody in the check and go see how many likes are right now and then see how many there are after we do this on the count of three one two three boom smash the like button David that's all I have for tonight what do you you got anything else to say well that was a fantastic presentation John I love the way you put that together and got us back to Scripture that's the most important thing so as we have been doing you know the program we're gonna close out the midnight ride and we're going to come back in just a few moments with the midnight ride Q&A and sister Donna is in the house she'll be joining us in just a few minutes so for now we're going to close out we'll give you the midnight ride high five we'll be back in just a minute with the midnight ride Q&A will be right back and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast [Applause] who is able to you you

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  1. Great job Brothers ! Not many will tackle this subject. Spoke with several pastors, and they really try to avoid it & explain it away… 👍

  2. There's a lot of confusion at my church about the flood of Noah and why God killed everything not in the ark. The people teaching this at bible study believe in the Sethite theory and as a result do not know what the giants were or why the conquest of Canaan happened the way it did later on.

  3. Great show! I’m skeptical about a second incursion, but I’m open to see it in the Word if it’s there. The lovelock cave website states they no longer have any “human remains” “in respect for American Indians and compliance with NAGPRA.” I’ve never heard a Native American claim to be a decent of giants. All of the accounts I’ve heard have stated that the giants were the enemies of the people..

  4. Hey pounders, look into dixon mounds in Illinois. They closed it from public probably 20 years ago or less. Their excuse was that people were stealing relics. Maybe that’s the giants burial mounds

  5. After repentance Father put a mark of protection on Cain, from who ?      We are all trapped the deceivers are the deceived.  Sin kills your soul.   Seek  purification of soul true rebirth reborn.  All glory to thee blessed  Father Holy divine.   Def. Great, Almighty, and, end, beginning.  It is in the Word

  6. They still exist. We call them "Bigfoot" and red haired Giants in Afghanistan caves that our military have encountered. I believe the MOAB that was dropped a couple of years ago had more to do with the Giants than "terrorists" just my take on it anywyas.

  7. Nuns don’t live in monasteries, they live in convents. King James was an occultist in the Dragon line of the house of Stewart. His symbol was the unicorn on
    The family crest. He put the word into the KJV 5 times when the correct translations say ‘bull’ not unicorn.

  8. Once upon a time, what an amazing catch as we don’t know who we are. We don’t know who we are in Christ spiritually and many don’t know who they are bloodline meaning many are actually of the tribes in the OT and have no clue as to that they are part of the “lost tribes” or tribes of Judah etc. it applies on a spiritual and a physical level. Excellent catch excellent example!

  9. All i know that Satan hated the fact that his God made the human in his imagine, so infuriated he sent Lucifer down to sway the weak ones away from the ways of God with wealth and power to dis-obey the laws of God, as he tried to temp Job, but God said ya, go ahead but don't kill him. So, we learnt that God will not leave us, in our greatest need to survive these kinds of torture.

  10. Makes immigration system more understandable when your not blind to the powers and principalities that are running the world are the same as the preflood era. They have worked pretty hard to make us blind and deaf to the voice of the Good Shepherd Yahushua HaMashiac calling us to return to the everlasting Covenant. Wake up, repent and flee the cities!

  11. When I listen to you both, I know the truth is spoken, because all the others refuse to realize the Earth explained to us in Genesis right from the get go is flat and a special place….. I do believe the little scroll, that was sweet, then when eaten became bitter was the book of Enoch, which you both have revealed….Thank you both !

  12. The modern day Nephilim look like the world leaders…such as Hitler and Stalin, Kim Jung Un. They look human but by their evil deeds…they clearly are not human.

  13. Forget the bones of miniature giants, look up the mudfossil giants that are melded into hills, mountians all over the world. Snakes, turtles, birds, nephilm.

  14. This is a great presentation with all the theories floating around the world, this one explains more than any with more than opinion to back it up. 👍👍. Please hurry with part 2 lol

  15. I am not trying to be crude or sexual, but doesn't it say in the Book of Enoch that the Fallen Ones had "privy members like horses and emissions like those of donkeys"? Could that be something that attracted earthly women to them? I also wonder if modern day well endowed porn stars are their descendants.

  16. Why is this show so good. Like.. thankyou lord for Pounders..Carrico..hall.. exc.. real men..that know there God.

  17. Quantum & genetics studies says offspring from angels and women (anything that can bring forth life) is possible 👍🏼 And after the flood Nimrod maybe did dna manuipulation too and transhumanism and brought forth Rephiem (in a lower air pressure they’d be smaller 9-30ft than the ones in higher preflood air pressure). Love the shows!

  18. I guess this isn't really a sticking point, but, I think the Giants are "Rephaim" and the "Nephilim" are those who Enoch refers to as the Watchers.

  19. Jon, science in no way denies GOD – the problem is that many went to school to "prove" a lack of GOD using "science" – the only way they manage to do this is to twist and distort science in just the same way their spiritual ancestors denied Torah – the more science I learn, the more it is obvious that science supports the Bible – science is merely away to investigate the world we can see – and measure – around us ..
    And Darwin's theory is not a law because even to its honest proponents, it has failed miserably and been disproven by areas of science that didn't exist in his lifetime ..

  20. Awesome as always. My only question is in 1 Enoch YHVH says ALL the nephilim are going to kill each other off before the flood and their parents, the Watchers, are going to have to witness it…how do some survive against what YHVH vowed? 📖🤔

  21. Did Gary Wayne had a fallen out with NYSTV as well. Like the Talmudic phony Dr. Pidgeon? I love me some brother Wayne and his book is so essential in these topics raised by this wonderful show

  22. Am I the only one who when I watch these midnight ride videos, the screen just turns black? I can still hear them but I can't see anything, and only way I can get screen back is to exit and then bring video back up again? It's weird

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  24. Don't forget Chuck missler was the first person to put Genesis chapter 6 plus associated scripture into my consciousness and I think was instrumental in disseminating this information on the internet then the subject got legs ,, a lot of people picked up on it

  25. David looks almost EXACTLY like my pops!…wouldn’t you agree?! Hahaha, seriously though…
    Yo Jon!? Why is your hat spelled “wrong”…? I’m genuinely curious…?
    Oh! & good…NO GREAT thing Yeshua made “us” more than jst a fart in the wind! LOL —✊🏾🐻💚

  26. I find this topic very entertaining. That being said i cant help noticing that we have no actual recorded evidence of other hybrid creatures being born to women other than jesus himself. Even in that case his mother Mary is the only witness to his conception. Elizabeth doesn't count because she wasn't the at the conception either. There is more circumstantial evidence that the giants of old were powerful important men. Occums razor.

  27. I learned over this weekend, since the CA earthquake , about China Lake, near the earthquake site, it's a 1.1 million acre military site that is said to house red haired giants and the house around 87% of weapons, they do explosions underground, possibly the cause of the earthquake, it's said there is a dark feeling in the surrounding towns, and multiple ppl are telling of severe sleep paralysis and very demonic entities are manifesting during it.
    The comments under Enter The Stars, Stranger Things under China Lake sounds like an insider exposing much.

  28. Dear Brother Jon,
    While listening to you and arrived on 1:08:52 min. where you again, as many times when you are speaking on the broadcasting of NYSTV, become a little "out of telling-speaking".! this is not the first time it's happened to you Jon and i notice that it looks like that it became more frequent but this time i get a – let's say – wake up call from our Heavenly Father, and that is that i think that perhaps some bad people bad prayers are praying against the truth that you and David are pronouncing here on NYSTV . And also unfortunately every time as that happened to you a commercial with content about 'your guardian angel' pops up under the screen.
    I humble wanna suggest if it is better for now on first to pray before starting the teaching and bind all the evil prayers and spirits ?, we, your brothers and sisters shall from our place been praying with you my dear brothers in this spiritual battle of us for our Lord Jesus Yeshua ,you can count on that :-))
    Shalom & blessings from Europe,

  29. You guys are a blessing. NZ Wellington Porirua here, and love Christ blessed you and sending out what you guys have. Thank you and blessings to you all. Jesus is king of kings, Lord of Lords. Amen brothers

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