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The Family History Show South West 2019

it’s been very good a nice atmosphere
here easy to park easy to find nice refreshments and lovely friendly
people come to see us I think it’s it’s been quite well organized and it’s
a nice space Oh brilliant absolutely a lot better than I expected because I went to want it recently in Birmingham but the talk that we’ve just been to
with Mark Bayley was worth the ticket fee alone I think it’s very busy very busy
it’s been excellent there was a good crowd right from the start and it’s been
busy busy all day really interesting people it’s been a good day good car
parking facilities catering everything it’s a great venue so I would definitely
recommend it to anybody else visitors and stallholders yeah it’s a
nice venue plenty of room and the tea and coffee was good as well
I’ve enjoyed it actually I think it’s been an easy venue to get to and as I say for a
first-time event I think they’ve done very well absolutely brilliant thank you there you’ve got plenty of space here so that was good I’ve been pointed in the right
direction so that was very helpful to me and the people have been really really
helpful they want to help you I mean it’s yeah it’s been good

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