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  1. I'm absolutely fascinated to see how this all pans out in 10 years time. Very interesting. Where will these arsehole students work? Will teachers and universities stand up to these kids? This madness could all end in a week if everyone stops lying and starts telling the truth. By simply standing up to these out of control children.

  2. oh you mean the "everyone gets the same job .no matter if they are too stupid to wipe their ass ? that sort of thing. Look here You have to ALLOW yourself to be a victim end of story. Even if a gunman says you will do X or i will kill you .at that instant you are not a victim until you AGREE to do what id ordered of you.

  3. I want to know harmful opinions. For example, it is important to understand Oswald Mosely, and why he was a jerk. You improve your disputation skills by argument.

  4. SMH. After being in the classroom for thirty years I valued healthy student, teacher Dialogue, students who questioned me and banter.

  5. Lmao. “I learned more at a community class then I would of learned in a whole year in that slappy indoctrination class”.

  6. Evergreen College: ACCEPTANCE RATE 97.5%
    This is an institution that simply saddles people who could not & would not be admitted to colleges elsewhere, with an intolerable financial burden and an "education" that is essentially worthless. Evergreen has been so tainted with scandal & public disgust and outrage that it simply cannot be listed on a resume. So not only is the education worthless, lots of these kids are being indoctrinated into a mindset that makes them unemployable forever. The Snowflake Generation is doomed.

  7. This school is a joke. When I was in school my teachers were assholes and offended everyone every day 😭😭😭 you never saw them crying. They were drill Sargents and we respected them as such.

  8. Why does anyone go to this school??? Surely there are others. Is it inexpensive or super easy to get in or what? Why would anyone go?

  9. It is literally a culture of hatred, people walking into that class with a chip on shoulder, daring anyone to express dissent. Like a giant anger cult. It can't be a healthy way to live.

  10. How can any of these students learn. Rules? Are you kidding? They need to grow the fuck up. Life is already to hard to start your college courses with rules on how to speak to one another. If these students do not know how to behave themselves and realize they are not special. Behavior like this will not be allowed in a professional work environment. They will only put up with this kind of nonsense for so long before they fire the troublemakers.

  11. This is amazing. Any behavior that is rewarded will increase in frequency. The only response to bullying is confrontation.

  12. When did equality of opportunity, giving everybody an equal chance regardless of immutable characteristics – of not particularly caring about those things but instead focusing on the content of their character – become bad? (hint, it didn't)

  13. We live by the decisions we make. Evergreen’s failure is well deserved. They let the tail wag the dog.

  14. I've still yet to meet a modern film graduate who even knows what vector line is. It's all indoctrination.

  15. I see the thought police are alive and well at Evergreen.

    College students need to know and accept this: life is not safe. Real life does not come with safe spaces. There's harm out there that can be done. The sooner they learn how to handle that, the better off they'll be once they do face the real world.

  16. What's the problem with the world today? College should be a place for free expression and experimental thinking. Let everyone speak. Join whichever group appeals to you. These 3, 4 years will pass. And when you enter the working world you will really then have to conform with company culture and expectations.

  17. "orthodoxy of acceptable opinion" love that remark. I'm glad this kid saw through the bullshit about narratives and truth or not truth. Good Grief!!! I think someone commented about Lord of the Flies. Good point.

  18. Daniel Cowan – No, according to them, there is no "true", there is no "right", or "good", or "clean", or "beautiful"… no God, no transcendence, no Grace… all there is is power and power-plays and power-groups… oppressors and oppressed… they have always felt "oppressed" because they didn't get all they want, expected… they have always felt no-power – i.e., weak, stupid, ugly – and now they want to be in power… or at least drag the healthy down to their level, to make it "equal"…

    But nothing will ever allay their fears, their paranoias, their envy and resentment… so it is a "perpetual revolution" à la Trotsky… against biology, against nature, against intelligence, against grace, against LOGOS. In other words: "healthy, happy, holy" is no better than "sick, sad, evil", so we are all "equal"… In other words: "kill whatever is better than I"… then they think that they won't feel "oppressed" anymore…

    But nature has other plans… They will never get all they want… They will never be happy, satisfied, loving… a "perpetual temper tantrum" à la a two-year old… In other words: grow up!

  19. You have to wonder what's the worth of an Evergreen College degree, nowadays, on the market place… I know that, as an employer, it would not seem impressive to me.

  20. I would have walked out the first day and not looked back. Plain ridiculous. People pay for this circus? Insanity.

  21. its funny because as it all comes to pass it seems more and more that "liberals" that are so outspoken about unfair advantages, bias, and unspoken meanings seem to be super imposing their own thoughts onto others words. who's more guilty 😐 Example: a group of liberals thinking blacks don't know how to get a drivers licence. LOL hit home for me when he mentioned clean/dirty. Its like ok so a students own thoughts decide what teacher could mean in a unspoken racial undertone.. and the teacher is in the wrong? Just sad.

  22. And further. We have become a royal paradox deluxe. At one and the same time, an incredibly punitive society, and also an incredibly coddling society.
    How do college kids, in their childhoods, learn how to be harsh? School rules. Plus the rude school of angry Americans. Add to that social media….as in the court of public opinion.

    These scenes – of students apparently enjoying themselves at the expense of someone else……some of what I've watched reminds me of a lite version of the early Storm Troopers confronting Jews. Trade "Juden" with "cis-gendered white male." Savor the flavor.
    These kids are sure angry about something. But what really put that anger there?
    I hear their betters speak in outrage about how privileged these students are. How incredibly safe and cared for.
    Well, for the ones racking up $100k + in debt and it's not on daddy's dime – I'd be a little cheesed about that no doubt.

    Still, it constantly amazes me how divorced the mob can be from their own consciences. Which they would claim of course – that their consciences are indeed the root of their behavior.
    And that, to me, is the departure point.

    When we have turned our society into a place where a man can be shamed, fired and blacklisted for the utterance of one word….that the idiots know was spoken with no distinguishable malice………….
    and yet:
    One can swear, belittle, confront, antagonize, bully, threaten, demand silence from, prevent their physical mobility, their ability to leave or escape, physically restrain, intimidate, yell at, call names, revile, and basically treat with as complete a lack of respect as your average child abusing parent………………………..
    and get away with it. Completely.
    That's a helluva list, isn't it? It was only what I could come up with in 90 seconds. There is a lot more to add….but I'll leave it at that. You get the picture.

    Conscience. The thing that requires a moral and ethical balance. The thing that acknowledges the one most profound and common denominator in people. Their humanity.
    Dr Martin Luther King Jr got it right. It had a profound effect on me as a kid, and the nation as a whole. Respect.
    Compared to buffoons, thugs and ideologues. What harvest do they reap? Contempt.

    When you invent an enemy, the easiest thing to remove from them is their humanity. And when you do that, all bets are off.
    So go right ahead. Be "warriors." But don't you dare confront true abusers of humans. The ones who torture and kill, the ones who practice misogyny and hide behind religion, the ones who poison and toxify in the name of corporate profit, the ones who prey upon innocent victims in order to profit from modern day slavery of all kinds, the ones who are planning out the means of creating a docile, obedient, oppressed workforce, the ones who turn away from misery and starvation while gorging on plenty, the ones who at the snap of a finger can change your world and mine in an instant.
    You need a few tools in the box to even think of confronting any of that.

    So go figure. The more "safe", harmonious, just, correct we try to become? The less of it actually appears to be the case.
    Does it ever bother narcissistic bully-"correctos" that so many around them are silent? Out of self protection. Because they're smart enough to know that they really don't have any defense against indoctrinated groupthink.
    I think it should bother them. Because people stop talking, but they don't stop thinking. And mind-reading is not an invention looming on the horizon anytime soon.

    It has always amazed me – that cute trick of being able to oppress mightily while waving the flag of oppression high.
    I grew up in oppressive circumstances. I can spot oppression a mile off.
    When you make up your mind to be nobody's victim, it can clear your head remarkably.

  23. There is kind of a weird psychopathology at work here.
    I think anyone who rigorously studied the Chinese cultural revolution, and examined the true nature of "struggle" sessions, and what these did to their victims, and what they consequently did to the actual oppressors…………..
    which of course, calls into question the dark irony of oppression ideology.

    When it is all about power – it becomes really, all about the power to punish.
    And the will to punish is all about revenge.
    And there it is.
    And we can tippytoe and cakewalk around that one endlessly, and always wind up coming back to the same thing.

    The easiest thing in the world is to be hated for what you are. And when you are, then it doesn't really matter what you say or do. There is no ladder out of the pit.

    Which of course, calls in to mind some of the worst events in human history. Native Americans, black slaves, Jews, Armenians, Chinese "rightists" and Cambodian intellectuals, to name a few – the list is long. They all suffered at the hands of brutal oppressors.

    Personally, I don't believe that anyone can claim any moral authority over anyone, who has not studied this history thoroughly, in order to understand human oppression.
    The understanding specifically for the purpose of not repeating these abysmal mistakes.

    It is not a good enough excuse – that each new generation needs to reinvent their own analysis of human history and behavior. I was young once. I remember some of the idiocies I held so dear. (And then you grow up.)

    Jonathan Haidt has mentioned in various discussions, a current study that measures the maturity of the average 18 year-old today, and equates it with a 15 year-old some two or three decades back.
    I would go him one better:
    That in terms of real autonomy, agency, free thought and open mindedness – that 15 year-old 3 or 4 decades back could possibly pull rank on many undergrads in their early twenties. (The Coddling of the American MInd.)

    To exist in higher education, for the purpose of opening your mind to the best challenges of free thought and expression, and to decide before the end of your freshman first semester – that you already know everything worth knowing?
    I was laughed at when I did that – and rightly so.
    There is an incredible difference between an education and an indoctrination.
    The education – is what you own for yourself. To use as you see fit.
    The indoctrination, on the other hand……… always for someone else – to be used as they see fit.
    So there's the choice: a free-thinking autonomous individual, existing within the power of one.
    Or a trained monkey dancing to the tune of……………whom?

    Social media is full of leaders and followers. That's kind of a tip-off right there.

  24. See, I am greatly offended by and hate smokers.. this kid is smoking during this interview… I don' want him to "not speak" but I refuse to LISTEN to anything he has to based on him smoking.. say..

  25. I had a class online at Bandman University for MSW and the term "white flight" was used in reference to a situation in the 70's.. A student t was offended and the Professor who is a Phd tried to get me written up for offending a student who wrote in a complaint anonymously… . It turned into a battle b/t me and the instructor…Then i realized the Possessor did not know what the term meant.. . It sis easy to be offended… I am always offended…. but it should mot interfere with freedom of speech of another person.. Simply sending the email for the Evergreen professor was enough to get him in trouble.. that is mind boggling.. The person who leaked the email should be fired if anything.

  26. I feel bad for the people who were working hard to get their job done or get their degree who now have to admit their time spent in this university…’s now seems to be a true stain on a persons record

  27. This seems like an extension of high school bullying, the whiny people are the "in crowd", anyone who disagrees with them become targets for bullying. I cannot believe this is a college classroom, the faculty needs to be held accountable for facilitating this nonsense, it's unacceptable. Speak your mind, do not apologize, not offending anyone is not paramount, and students who have sense, record this crap, expose it, transfer to another school if this is happening, your degree will be worthless and no employer will hire you. We all need to abandon any institutions who adopt this pc narrative and allow them to self-destruct. Don't allow these toxic people to infect your places of learning and employment, don't apologize for a disagreement with them, be glad if they ostracized you because it means you are on the side of truth and reason, the real target of this cultish band of would-be fascists. Do not try to defend yourself against slander, when an argument fails because it has no basis in reality, those who cling to it use character attacks, this is the only real weapon they have, terrorizing people with the fear of being labeled a racist/ misogynist/ all purpose bigot and having their capacity to earn a living destroyed as a result of such a label. Pretending to be opressed victims to elicit sympathetic action from authorities on their behalf is a tactic we see right through, and we are running low on sympathy as a result. This is no different than cheating welfare or reporting false crimes to police just to give someone you don't like a hard time. It's cowardly and there are consequences for playing the system, we need to impose harsh punishments for slander and false accusations, these targeted acts are meant to cause harm, socially ostracize, harass, destroy reputations and limit ones prospects for employment. At it's core, this is nothing more than bullying. Recognize it and Expose it.

  28. I've seen it before, those acting the most unreasonable and being abusive are given special treatment and benefits in order to appease them and resolve the issue. The problem is that this then encourages (as if the needed encouragement) them to continue acting in this way as it's effective in getting them what they want, positions of privilege and dominance, maintaining control through bullying others and punishing dissent. They become the authority in the class rather than the teachers or institution.

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