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The evolution of Minecraft (history of minecraft)

a man by the name of notch Had an idea a cave game, a sandbox seemingly endless, an
adventure that had everyone saying Just One More Block this man That game, those two blocks have brought All of you here to celebrate what has become Minecraft it began as a simple idea, sorry sorry you know you should use the old logo because it’s a bit more evolving i guess. Fine.
The game had a random generated world filled with grass, dirt, and an awful lot of stone.
You could Destroy Blocks and place blocks spark was there but it needed more, ya like squids shortly after more things appeared like
trees, water, clouds, LAVA, yes-yes LAVA the world looks a little more natural this was the creative mode in single
player but something’s missing No, other people tests began with a multiplayer version people could now play together new items
and blocks what also added now the game was beggining to take shape do you want me to go through all the patch notes No… the wiki page won’t load anyway moving on, the game had multiplayer
and creative single-player but those are another element that much wanted,
survival work began on may two making more
challenging zombies and skeletons were putted but they could not attack sheep and pigs were added too Notch also flunked the code of the pig and it turned it into a creeper (NOT TRUE). At this stage this version of the game was labelled CLASSIC brilliant then from classic came the in INDEV versions, well it
does that mean? dynamic lighting was put in and new sounds
and more importantly… crafting was Introduced then came Infdev, Infdev Introduced a Big feature to the world infinite terrain, no longer was the
Player constrained to a square world but now it’s stretched Endlessly Ores were randomly placed at
the world to discover and other tweaks and introductions to a maid like three-d
Clouds, mine cards and tracks and also dungeons then the first major version of the game was
released not like ‘Released’ released yeah pretty much friday’s became secret fridays where
Random things will have to fullest glitz which allow complex circuitry to
be created what like That Thing Snow Worlds were added
still oppose and cows along with a whole host of new items opd and lines so this bloody hoping things uh… then in of uh… the survival mode was brought to
multiplayer for the first time dis allowed the players to battle monsters
and survive the night together or just go-around gathering creepers and then have them explode on your mates house? the next big patch came on halloween two thousand
attended and introduced vanessa this frightening place was full of some
Zombie Pig-man and anti eerie cries of the ghasts not to mention a considerable amount of
love they gave a shit beta launched a new things were going to be
tough like dispensers noteblocks Cake redstone repeaters and dad’s
lighting holes of golf games the footprint Wolves were now on the prowl, and you can tame them with a stash of bones Weather was introduced including snow Lightning Storms Rain possibly double is taking up the rain we finally found ourselves in one point six with the introduction of maps a new way to navigate the endless blocks
of minecraft things go pushy in one point seven
customs leading to some Clever Contraptions and one point eight gave vaseline proof com
dot mechanics allowing the exists bridge pull back their bows and land critical
hits on their enemies but a new terrain generator was acted along
with working in npc villages mighty strongholds And Now comes The End A True Challenge Awaits you in this
unforgiving realm but that is something you’ll hide discover for yourself the next page is yours Captions will improve later

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  1. And now, Its filled full of 12 year olds and every single one of them makes a YT-Channel and makes Minecraft Lets Plays.

  2. Here's a short history of minecraft
    It may be wrong but I'm trying
    My best to remember it.

    Beta 1.3
    Beta 1.5
    Beta 1.6
    Beta 1.8 (Hunger and sprinting)
    Minecraft 1.0
    Minecraft 1.2
    Minecraft 1.4
    Minecraft 1.5 (Iron Golom and ocelots)
    Minecraft 1.6
    Minecraft 1.7
    Minecraft 1.7.3
    Minecraft 1.7.6
    Minecraft 1.8
    Minecraft pre-view 1.9

  3. I have played minecraft since classic… but for some reason or another… the game just… CHANGED it became something else not my definition of "minecraft" anymore it became… complicated :'(

  4. How a my sepose to be at minecone when im not Living at that country and i can just taike a plan with my dad and mom becous my dad is too scerd

  5. I started plain Mc when it first came out in late 2009 and now stopped do to the little kids every where….. it's sad what Mc has come too.

  6. I still like minecraft today, but two bad things about it I HATE

    1. 1.8 was awful

    2. The little 5 year olds who infested the game with their "Butter" addiction.

  7. What i will write in the next page:
    Then 1.9 came out and had flying armour things which i forgot the name and everyone was happy

    THE END.

  8. Then Minecraft turned into shit and was slowly and painfully squashed and killed by Microsoft and Mojang and was cranked for money. That is why the Beta and Alpha versions are the best.

  9. I used to launch Minecraft and feel a chill up my spine because I didn't know what was going to happen in survival next.
    I discovered it by accident while I was searching up about mining.
    I joined in around 1.2.5…good times.

  10. Wow I remember this when I was first introduced to the game… The memories make me sad to think back of though. Lol I remember when I always was scared of survival and always stayed in a hole covers up underground 😂😂, ah! The good ol' days man….

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