After all these years and so many sequels,
it can be hard to remember what really happened in all the Friday the 13th movies. Let’s take a deep dive into Crystal Lake and
map out the entire gruesome story. What’s the worst that can happen? In the original Friday the 13th, audiences
first heard the sad, sinister story of young Jason Voorhees. He drowned at Camp Crystal Lake in 1958, after
two counselors took their eyes off the boy to go have some sexy-time. Those two counselors were murdered, and the
camp was subsequently shuttered. The camp reopens two decades later, but it
still has a reputation for murder and mayhem — and rightly so. Meet Annie, freshly hired as a camp counselor. She hitchhikes to Crystal Lake, opting to
ignore the warnings of Crazy Ralph, a generic townie who asks if she’s going to “Camp Blood.” “You’ll never come back again.” “Oh shut up Ralph.” “It’s got a death curse!” But maybe Crazy Ralph isn’t so crazy after
all. Annie is chased through the woods by an unseen
assailant and brutally murdered… and she’s just one of several counselors to meet a grisly
end. It turns out Jason Voorhees isn’t the killer
in the first installment. The murderer is his mom Pamela, who doesn’t
want the camp reopened because of her son’s death. Twenty years of grief have curdled into madness,
and Mrs. Voorhees hears her son’s voice urging her to kill. Fortunately, an intrepid camp counselor named
Alice decapitates Pamela Voorhees, and that’s the end of this particular bad mama. At the end of the film, Alice has a nightmare
in which she’s attacked by the rotting corpse of young Jason Voorhees. It’s surely one of the greatest jump-scares
of all time… Alice swears it wasn’t a dream…but police
say they never found a body. Strange, isn’t it? Friday the 13th Part 2 kicks off two months
after the events of the first film. We learn that Alice is still haunted by the
night she killed Pamela Voorhees. Little does she know that Jason is still alive
— and he’s been living out in the woods. Jason tracks down Alice and totally kills
her… but not before stashing Mrs. Voorhees’ head in the fridge. As you might already know, Jason’s trademark
hockey mask doesn’t make an appearance until the third installment of the franchise. Instead, we get Sackcloth Jason —- and here’s
how that plays out: “Sandra?” This time, Jason is going after a whole bunch
of camp counselors in training. “It’s great to have you all here at our new
counselor training center.” Clearly the legend of Jason Voorhees has grown
over the years — which we learn during a bone-chilling exposition dump, courtesy of
head counselor Paul. “I’m going to give it to you straight about
Jason. His body was never recovered from the lake
after he drowned.” Jason does what he does best, using a variety
of weapons including a hammer, a spear, and a machete. He dispassionately stalks and murders camp
counselors… until only Ginny is left. She eventually finds Jason’s shrine to his
mom, with her decapitated head front and center. To elude Jason, Ginny pretends to be Pamela
Voorhees by putting on her old pullover and stealing her hairstyle. He doesn’t fall for it — because who would? “It’s all done, Jason. You’ve done your job well. Mommy is pleased.” After Ginny conquers Jason, she hobbles back
to her cabin to decompress. She soon learns that a cute little dog named
Muffin survived the whole ordeal. Friday the 13th Part 3 is distinguished by
two major game-changers. It’s the first time Jason shows off his iconic
hockey mask, and it’s the first entry in which he isn’t expressly terrorizing a campground. Meet Chris. Years before, she was attacked by a masked
figure in the woods near her home on Crystal Lake. Chris tries to confront her trauma by returning
to the scene, hoping it will help her to heal. She decides to bring a few friends along for
the ride… because why not make it a party? “I shouldn’t have come back here so soon.” “Don’t let it get to you. Relax. Enjoy the weekend.” Some of Chris’ friends antagonize a bunch
of scary bikers, who retaliate by trying to burn down her barn. That’s when we learn that a wounded Jason
had been hiding in there. He immediately starts killing everyone. In their final confrontation, Jason reveals
his face to Chris — and it turns out he’s the one who stalked her all those years ago. She finally dispatches him with an axe to
the head. And here’s an interesting factoid for you:
The 1982 film was originally released in 3D like several other horror sequels from the
era… including the awful Jaws 3D, and the Satanic snoozefest Amityville 3D. Now we arrive at Friday the 13th: The Final
Chapter. Following his apparent death in Friday the
13th Part 3, Jason is taken to the Higgins Haven morgue… where he quickly proves he’s
not quite dead. He immediately kills a few staffers, just
to keep his hand in. Soon enough, Crystal Lake beckons, and Jason
— much like Lassie — makes his way back home. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter introduces
audiences to Tommy, played by Corey Feldman, and his sister Trish, played by Kimberly Beck. They’re both visiting their Crystal Lake summer
home. They soon meet a rowdy group of high schoolers
hanging out in a neighboring house for the weekend. Tommy is a quirky kid obsessed with creature
features, and he even makes his own monster masks, as you can see. Jason’s killing spree inevitably brings him
to Tommy and Trish’s house — and the quick-thinking Tommy fights back using everything he knows
about Jason Voorhees. He shaves his head and covers his face with
white powder, trying to remind the masked killer of himself at a young age. “Remember me, Jason? Jason, don’t you remember?” This gives Trish a chance to use Jason’s machete
against him… and his mask falls off to reveal his increasingly monstrous face. In the end, Jason is seemingly killed, and
Tommy looks into the camera with an expression that suggests he might never recover. Meanwhile, the Friday the 13th franchise bounced
back soon enough. In Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, we learn
that Tommy Jarvis was indeed psychologically scarred by his encounter with Jason. As you can see, the experience has totally
changed him. In fact, the character is played by a different
actor: John Shepard. Five years after the events of Friday the
13th: The Final Chapter, Tommy still suffers from severe post-traumatic stress, experiencing
flashbacks and extreme anxiety. As you can see, he’s quite the disturbed young
man: “Yo man!” Travis is admitted into a rural treatment
facility… one that’s literally full of farm animals. The staff at Pinehurst Halfway House hopes
to help the young man get a better handle on his past. And as you can see, this is a rare sort of
treatment facility that lets patients keep sharps at the ready. Case in point: On Tommy’s first day, patients
Vic and Joey get into a deadly disagreement… “… um, to be perfectly honest with you,
I never really chopped wood before, but it certainly looks like fun—” “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Before you know it, Vic murders poor Joey
with his trusty axe. Paramedics rush to the scene. “Is there someone we should notify?” “As far as I know, there’s no immediate family.” Suddenly employees and patients are getting
killed by a maniac in a hockey mask — and everyone thinks Jason is back. But something here doesn’t add up. For one thing, the killer’s hockey mask has
blue stripes instead of Jason’s signature red. Could this be a clue that the killer isn’t
who he appears to be? Could troubled Tommy be the culprit? We eventually learn that Roy — one of the
paramedics that collected poor Joey’s corpse — was secretly the boy’s father. Turns out Roy had a psychotic break after
his son’s death and decided to become a professional copycat killer. “Roy was a real loner. Never talked much. Not even to the other paramedics…” Well, Tommy Jarvis just couldn’t leave well
enough alone. At the start of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason
Lives, the troubled young man takes a close friend to Jason’s grave in Crystal Lake. Notice that Tommy is once again played by
a different actor — Thom Matthews this time. Once they find the grave, they dig it up and
shove a metal rod into Jason’s rotting corpse. That’s when lightning suddenly strikes the
rod, instantly reviving Jason. The undead killer attacks Tommy and kills
his up-for-anything friend. Tommy narrowly escapes with his life. Of course, the police don’t believe Tommy’s
story because of his past mental health issues. “No, wait, you gotta listen to me! Jason’s coming and he’s after me!” The sheriff’s daughter Megan is the only one
who believes Tommy, and she decides to help him out. Jason quickly makes it back to the place where
he originally died… and plenty of children are already there for summer camp. Jason scares the kids, but for some reason,
he doesn’t actually hurt any of them. Meanwhile, he gleefuly kills every adult and
teenager within a five-mile radius. Thankfully, Tommy eventually wraps Jason in
some chains and drowns him. Or does he? In Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood,
we’re introduced to the talented Tina Shepard. She’s your average American girl with telekinesis
— and we learn that she accidentally killed her father by drowning him in Crystal Lake. Tina is understandably traumatized by the
death of her father. Many years later, Tina’s sketchy therapist
Dr. Crews pressures her into returning to Crystal Lake to confront her fears… or so
he says. What he’s really trying to do is understand
the scope of Tina’s powers by using Crystal Lake as a trigger. She feels tremendous grief when she stands
in the spot where her father drowned… and she also senses a dark presence. It’s Jason, and he finally manages to break
free from his chains. Needless to say, the killings begin again… Meanwhile, a bunch of teens are preparing
for the world’s wackest birthday party. “Party hasn’t even started yet, and already
this place looks like closing time at the Stock Exchange.” “Russ, honey, we’ll clean it up, I promise.” “Yeah, chill out.” Tina starts getting cozy with hunky Nick,
and Jason basically kills everyone. In the film’s finale, Tina has an epic showdown
with Jason — with her telekinetic powers on full display. Look, she can even move couches with her mind. She unmasks Jason and discovers that he’s
really let himself go. Oh, and then the ghost of Tina’s father helps
chain Jason to the bottom of the lake… since that worked so well the last time. Tina and Nick both survive. “Where’s Jason?” “We took care of him.” Important note: The New Blood is the film
that features the notorious sleeping bag murder. And then… this happened. The first half of Friday the 13th Part VIII:
Jason Takes Manhattan takes place on a cruise ship — and we watch proudly as Crystal Lake’s
graduating seniors embark on a class trip to the Big Apple. Little do they know that the anchor of another
boat has come into contact with some ominous underwater wires. An electrical current zaps Jason’s chains
and reanimates him again. He eventually climbs aboard the cruise ship
in broad daylight and starts killing a bunch of recent high school graduates. To escape all the unthinkable horror, a handful
of survivors take a raft to Manhattan’s shore… but they fail to realize that Jason has followed
them. And how does he fare in the big city? Pretty well, actually. “Yo man, It’s cool man, you’re cool.” In the end, final girl Rennie faces off with
Jason deep within the New York sewer system… and she eventually gets her hands on some
extremely toxic waste. The film ends with Jason getting hammered
by even more toxic gunk, which presumably kills him. In the final scene, Rennie enjoys New York
with her boyfriend Sean and cute little dog Toby. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday isn’t
the final entry in the series… but it’s quite possibly the weirdest. The trouble begins when the FBI intercepts
Jason on his way back to Crystal Lake, killing him for the millionth time. Things get especially complicated when a medical
examiner decides to take a bite out of Jason’s still-beating heart. Soon enough, some sort of Spirit Jason starts
taking over people’s bodies… and all hell breaks loose. Jason Goes to Hell introduces some new supernatural
elements to the franchise. For instance, we learn that only a member
of Jason’s bloodline can kill him, and only if they’re armed with a special dagger. Jason’s half-niece Jessica soon rises to the
task — and stabs Jason with the magic blade. In the end, Jason’s mask is all that remains…
until Freddy Krueger’s claws emerge from the ground to drag the mask down to hell. Meanwhile, the Friday the 13th franchise remained
up here on Earth. Much like the rest of us, Jason X tries to
pretend Jason Goes to Hell never happened. The 2001 film takes place in deep space and
many years into the future. The planet Earth has been ravaged by overpopulation,
war, and climate change. Scientists from the artlessly named Earth
2 are on a field trip to take samples. They soon discover the cryogenically frozen
Jason inside the Crystal Lake Research Facility — and they decide it’s a great idea to bring
his body onto their ship. Jason soon thaws out, jumpstarting a highly
convoluted plot that draws heavily from Alien and the Terminator series. He obligatorily kills almost every member
of the crew, at one point even battling an android named KM 15. She wounds and almost kills Jason — but
as usual, he just won’t die. “You gotta be kidding me.” Freddy vs. Jason was an epic monster mashup
that combined two competing franchises. The story finds A Nightmare on Elm Street’s
Freddy Krueger in quite a pickle: He’s lost a great deal of his power… because Springwood
residents just aren’t afraid of him like they used to be. “Not strong enough yet.” So he hatches the perfect plan. Back in Hell, Freddy poses as Pamela Voorhees
and awakens Jason. “You are like a big stupid dog who can’t stop
eating… even though your master said you had enough!” Jason is supposed to remind the people of
Springwood that Freddy is still a force to be reckoned with — go ahead and call it
the ultimate PR nightmare. “No…” But things don’t go as planned: Jason winds
up simply killing his prey instead of luring them to Freddy. The teenagers at the center of the story come
up with a confusing plan of their own: They want to drag Freddy out of hell and back into
reality so Jason can definitively kill him. The final confrontation finds Freddy loading
up on one-liners while Jason maintains his silent, singular focus. In the end, Freddy gets decapitated by Jason…
but his severed head later gives the audience a wink. What a coy little minx. The 2009 Friday the 13th reboot tried to bring
the franchise back from the dead. Once again, young Jason witnesses his mom
get decapitated by a desperate camp counselor. Decades later, a group of youngsters head
to Crystal Lake to search for an illegal pot farm. Jason stalks and kills them all — except
for young Whitney. He kidnaps her because he thinks she looks
a lot like his dear dead mom. Six weeks later, Whitney’s brother Clay is
still looking for his missing sister. He goes door to door and eventually finds
Jason, who’s been busy racking up more victims. Clay ultimately frees his sister and they
team up to kill the sick jerk once and for all. Clay dumps Jason’s body into the lake, but
at the very last minute, the unstoppable maniac jumps up and grabs Whitney. Despite the cliffhanger ending, this is the
last we’ve seen of Jason on the silver screen. For now, anyway… Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Jason had no legend before the events of Part 2. It was literally he drown, his mom killed some people, and the lone survivor of her rampage swore Jason attacked her. That's not a legend

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  4. Ali the biker leader who Jason knocked out distracts him for a few seconds while Jason is chopping Ali up Chris then manages to take Jason down

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  6. They do not shove a metal rod into Jason corpse. Tommy does this on his own because he wants to stab Jason a few more for ruining his life.

  7. It is often believed Jason doesn't kill children because he was a child himself when he died and believes in their innocence. However he later crashed through a looked door with what seemed like clear intent to kill the campers.

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  14. There are only 2 crew members on the ship. The pilot Eddie and the mechanic Crutch. The rest again are soldiers AKA Grunts and students with their professor and an android known as KM

  15. No KM definitely killed him. Missing left leg, no right arm, major hole blown into his chest and has is head blown clean off. He's not getting up from that one.

  16. the ANTS saved him because he fell in the perfect plot spot. However he and Brodski became one as they became a shooting star he really died twice in this movie.

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  25. I think the 2009 remake explained his origin better than all the previous films. He didn't drowned. He hid in the woods probably due to being bullied. Pamela assumes he drowned due to not being able to find him. She blames the counselors for his death, goes on a killing spree, gets decapitated which Jason witnesses then takes his revenge 20 years later. Human Jason dies in part 4 Final Chapter, then comes back in part 6 as a zombie (everything after part 4 sucks).

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