So Howard Hughes is like,
I’m trying to design ah-the fastest jet wing. And she is like, uh, yeah,
okay, well you know what, [mumbling] and I do and gonna
go to the library and I’m gonna checkout
the fastest birds in a book and the fastest fish in a book
and I’m gonna combine them like a weird [bleep]
biological scientist. So Hedy Lamarr
essentially designs the first modern airplane. And he’s like, wow, this is
what I need from you, baby! How cool you are
as a girlfriend. And she’s like, kee-yeah, wow, I guess I have inadvertently,
through my love for you, contributed to the development of the world’s most premier
jet wing. [laughing quietly] You guys, the world is crazy! She got a book
of the fastest fish, and she got a book
of the fastest birds, and she combined them. [both laughing] Okay… so World War II is happening, and Hedy and her friend,
avant-garde composer George Antheil,
create this thing that was based
on a player piano. And so the two of them
together create this system that was known
as frequency hopping, which means that when
the Americans try to locate a German U-boat,
and the German U-boats jam the radio signal that the Americans
could just hop on over to a different frequency
and hop, hop, hop, hop, hop until we hone the [bleep] in
on German U-boats and then annihilate them. Okay, so…
okay, so–okay, so they bring this to the Navy,
and they’re like, we donate our patent
of this mechanical invention to thee, and the Navy is like, wow, that was super formal
of you and thank you so much, but, also, it’s just, like,
too big to use. We’ll, like, tuck it away
in like a nook, and, like, thank you again.
It’s like super nice of you. It’s the thought that counts.
So Hedy is like, all right. No problem. I worked really hard on
this technological advancement that succeeded,
but they didn’t accept it. So that’s okay. But guess what, fast forward
to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Have you heard of it? The Americans–us–are having
the same type of problem with jammed radio signals,
and they’re like, wait a second.
[shudders] What? And they’re like–
[high-pitched crying] And they were like–
[puffing rapidly] Sh-sh-sh-sh!
Sh-sh-sh. ‘Cause it’s so hard
to blow off dust. And they’re like,
somebody brought us a patented instrument
to solve this, but now we can updrate it–mm,
update it. We’ll make it electronical and we’re gonna [bleep] rescue
our radio signals. Thank you, Hedy. What’s truly insane
is that Hedy’s invention is the basis for all wireless
communication today: GPS, our phones
that we’re spending upwards of eight hours
a day on. – Bluetooth. I only talk
to my mother on Bluetooth. – Hedy [bleep] Lamarr is
responsible for that. History is
[deep voice] crazy!

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    6 min Later

    Me: :O

  2. yes, ken marino is great but please add "& dave foley" in the credits…because…dave foley is great, too, and deserves credit.

  3. I'm digging my profession getting repped by Drunk History, dog groomers are the jack of all trades in the animal care field!

  4. My favorite part was watching the modern day buses and cars drive past in a story that's supposed to be set in the fifties.

  5. heres the real theory this bitch wanted the dog so bad bec she liked his whinner so she send off her husband trying to buy him then when the guy refused she took off and came and hired someone to steal the dog and then that thief paid some guy to wait outside at the stores just once he comes out ask about it he misdirect him and then they take the dog and smuggle it off the country/county (Cuz usa has different laws in each state so if you have a warrant in one state doesn't mean u get arrested in the other one) ,way to track the dog just GET A FRICKING BLOOD HOUND

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