hello I'm Doug Jones and today we're gonna talk about lawn chair Larry cheers Cheers our story begins in 1962 a thirteen-year-old boy named Larry Walters walks into an army-navy surplus store and amongst the Swiss Army knives and the heavy-duty flashlights he sees right before him a weather balloon suddenly inspiration hits him like a bolt of lightning he says oh my god if I had enough of these balloons I could fly he graduates from high school and enlists in the US Air Force but due to his four eyesight he's rejected and this devastates him but he says you know what I'm not gonna let this stop me fast-forward to 1982 Larry is now a 33 year old truck driver and he still hasn't been able to get this idea of flying out of his head Larry's driving his truck he hears an airplane he looks up and he was like son of a bitch that's gonna be me someday out of my way asshole let it out so he brings his girlfriend Carol into the very same army navy surplus door he went to as a kid he says I'm gonna buy a bunch of these balloons I'm gonna tie them to a lawn chair and then I'm gonna fly she says you can't do that that's way too deke Lou excuse me that's way too dangerous he says no no no no no I know what I'm doing and Carol says wow okay my men takes out our credit card and spends over $4,000 on weather balloons a lawn chair helium tank CB radio set a BB pellet gun so Larry lays out the plan he says okay I'm gonna take off from your backyard in San Pedro I'm gonna fly over the San Gabriel Mountains when I reach an altitude of approximately 7,000 feet I'm gonna use the BB pistol to shoot out dad balloons and then I'll gradually begin my safe descent into the Mojave Desert now here's the important part right before I take off you're gonna notice fAA so that I don't get hit by a plane I really don't want to get hit by a plane I spilled on my nuts so uh July 2nd 1982 Larry establishes his ground crew which consists of his girlfriend Carol and his buddy Ron it's like hey what's up I'm Ron they take 42 other balloons and fill them with helium tie it to a aluminum alum chair tie that to two dozen jugs of water for ballast Larry christens his contraption inspiration one and he's like okay it's go time let's rock and roll they cut the first tether suddenly Carol's like whoa whoa wait wait a minute Larry this is a big mistake Larry turns to Carol and says baby I'm sorry but a man can't just sit around right then there a gust of wind comes along and the second tether snaps in half and Larry shoots off into the sky a thousand feet per minute Larry Carol freaks out larry is uh up in the sky and he's like oh my god my greatest wishes come true Ron turns to Carol and says my god Carol we forgot to notify the FAA oh my god so drunk so uh Larry gets on a CB radio and he's like girl okay I'm at 500 feet I am now entering federal airspace I am at 1,450 feet higher than the Sears Tower I am now at 6,500 feet I'm above the clouds at that very moment to commercial air blowing pipe / he's like see the game last night that Fernando Valenzuela has one hell of an arm that son of a bitch and then Larry's like now I'm at 8,000 feet oxygen becomes scarce at 8,500 feet he's like when I was a teenager I experienced Beatlemania but this is more like Fernanda meth mania am i right and then Larry's like holy oh my god I'm at 16,000 feet I'm three miles above sea level I thought I would stop at 7,000 and now I am Atul doubled to over double oh god dear God Oh what have I done the pilot looks over well I'll be a son of a bitch yeah a guy on a lawn chair holding a gun Carol freaks out she's like they're you're too high you're gonna get in trouble but she's like house of you and he's like it's nice it's real good but you're right it's time to come back down now he takes the BB pistol he shoots out seven of the 42 and weather balloons and then he sets the gun on his lap and it falls into the sky and it's gone and he's like oh my god no oh no what am I gonna do now well as it turns out 35 weather balloons is the perfect amount of balloons to make a safe and gradual descent into land inspiration one lands under power chords in Long Beach and knocking out the power and the entire neighborhood Carol runs up to him Carol says oh my god thank god you're okay gives him a big-ass hug and it was like please tell me you're never gonna do that again he makes the evening news he never gets charged with anything the very next week Larry gets a special invitation to be a guest on The Late Night with David Letterman Wow Letterman says Wow how does it feel to accomplish something that you've always wanted to do and Larry says I've achieved inner peace and I'm the happiest personal life today taking me out of the space I was in making my wishes come true believe it or not I walk it on and then the thought I could feel so free flying away on balloons in a chair who could but believe it or not it's Larry and that's now officially a parody which is royalty-free so you can use this to Larry Walters Larry Walters is there an army-navy surplus store in the area [Laughter] you

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  1. Not even a minute in and it's hilarious that production went,"fuck it, have Colin play a thirteen year old for one very short scene."

  2. So, my 8th grade science teacher told me about this way before anyone had talked about him and apparently he witnessed it. I guess at the time he was living in LA and was easy to spot. So I once went searching for that army navy surplus store but it's no longer there sadly lol

  3. Jon Bois beat y’all to this

    He actually lost the BB gun and his glasses on his ascent

    And the power was already turned off, he didn’t knock it out

  4. Comedy Central is such TRASH! Good thing they have South Park or that ship would have sank long ago! 🤣😂

  5. I remember this whole thing. I saw the news that night. I was just a little kid and even I knew the guy was a complete moron!

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