I came to Guidewire because It had this quality that i wasn’t finding at other places I’ve worked around the Bay Area I did a lot of research. I read Guidewire’s reviews on Glassdoor, and something I really saw coming through from current employees was this Culture of Trust that Guidewire had, and a really strong work/life balance for employees. They felt like they were really able to accomplish not just what they wanted to career-wise at Guidewire but in the holistic sense of their lives as well. Guidewire has been everything I was hoping for. When I’m telling other people about what it’s like to work at Guidewire, I mentioned what I call my “Golden Trifecta” of being in a place where we’re very mission driven and we deliver on that mission to our customers every day. I also have the ability to work with really smart, capable people, and underneath all of that, I have the freedom, the opportunity provided to me to achieve what I want to in my career as well as my life outside Guidewire and take a holistic approach, so for me that’s a really fun place to be.

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