King Von is one of the newer rappers in the
Chicago hip hop scene. With his hottest track “Crazy Story” doing
over 30 million views on the WorldStarHipHop YouTube Channel at the time of this recording,
King Von is making a rather impressive name for himself in chicago hip hop. But what makes King Von’s career even more
iconic is the fact that King Von hasn’t even been rapping for a year yet and also
claims that the only reason he got into rapping was because he’s “done everything else”
and not because he had some sort of knack for rapping. And what King Von mainly means by that is
that he’s done almost everything when it comes to the “streets” so all he has left
to do is tell his stories and experiences through his music. Even though King Von doesn’t have an extremely
lengthy rap sheet like some of his peers, King Von definitely has a more unique criminal
history due to the outcomes of some of his cases. Well without further adieu, here is an exclusive
inside look at the criminal history of King Von. King Von’s first run ins with the law were
not very well documented due to the fact that he was a minor at the time of his arrests
but luckily he gave a little bit more detail of those arrests in an interview with DJ Smallz
Eyes. In the interview, King Von mentioned that
his first arrest was for an armed robbery where apparently King Von robbed someone at
gunpoint and stole their car. When King Von was caught, the police sent
him to a juvenile detention center where the charges against him were ultimately dropped
due to King Von being so young at the time but the only way to make this deal work out
was the judge requiring King Von to attend a bootcamp for a certain amount of time. For the other 3 arrests, King Von gave almost
little to no details but apparently one of them was for possession of a firearm. King Von didn’t say how this case ended
but we can probably assume that King Von was sent to a juvenile detention center and probably
got convicted but under a certain type of condition where it gets taken off his record
when he turns 18. King Von also mentions that he was locked
up at one time for 15 months and the time before that for 14 months. Von gave no details as of why but it apparently
happened. King Von’s next arrest happened when he
was only 19 years old in 2014. According to authorities, King Von was at
a party when a guy named Malcolm Stuckey was “steady eyeballing him”. King Von must have took offence to this because
he then grabbed his friend Michael Wade and left the party in a gray vehicle. Around 45 minutes later, King Von, and Wade
returned to the party but parked in an alley near the home. The two then got out of the car with loaded
guns and headed to the front of the residence. Malcolm Stuckey and two other people were
sitting on the front porch when King Von and Wade opened fire on them. Stuckey and one other man fled down LaSalle
Street but both ended up getting shot. The other man on the porch was shot as well
as he was attempting to run inside the house. In the end 3 people were critically wounded
but Malcolm Stuckey unfortunately got shot in the head and died later that day. After the shooting, King Von and Wade ran
back to their car and fled. Both of them ended up getting arrested days
later. During the investigations, Over 20 shell casing
were recovered and Wade even admitted to police that he fired a gun 15 to 16 times at one
of the victims. King Von on the other hand refused to talk
to the authorities. The two were held without bond and were facing
life in prison for charges of 1st degree murder and 2 attempted murders. After sitting in jail for 3 and a half years,
the trial finally began. The trial lasted a total of 5 days and the
outcome is honestly surprising. Wade got sentenced to 28 years in prison while
King Von got acquitted of all charges. After 3.5 years in the Cook County Jail, King
Von was free. Since his release, King Von was staying out
of trouble and began rapping. Von also moved to Atlanta to be around his
good friend Lil Durk who is also an extremely successful rapper. With a promising future ahead of him and all
while being surrounded by many other successful people you would think that King Von would
never risk all of that to commit some stupid crime but that sadly is not the case because
on May 17, 2019, King Von was arrested once again in Fulton County Georgia. Sources say that King Von was involved in
a shooting that occurred on February 5, 2019 at the parking lot of the Varsity in Downtown
Atlanta. Officers apparently responded to a call at
around 5:45 a.m. after gunshots were reported in the area. When they arrived, they found a 23 year old
male shot to the lower extremities. The man was found outside of his vehicle in
the parking lot and was taken to Atlanta Medical Center in serious condition. Thankfully he survived. After 3 months of investigating, Police determined
that King Von was the alleged shooter and eventually ended up arresting King Von moments
after that conclusion was made. King Von is still locked up to this day and
is being held without bond. Sources close to the situation say that the
man King Von shot was attempting to rob him and that this was all done in self defense. Internet detectives are speculating that King
Von will get 3 years, while others say he will get off completely for self defense. Another large majority claim that King Von
is done for. I guess only time will tell. Well there you have it, the entire criminal
history of King Von in one single YouTube Video. I hope you guys all enjoyed this video and
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  3. people love to listen to these rappers talk about shootings & killing people but when the nikkas that’s really like that in the rap game actually live what their rapping it turns to “omg why” “he’s so stupid” “would never think he would do something like that”

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  9. His co-d literally admitted to firing a gun but somehow mfs got it made up on they mind Von snitched 😑 if Von snitched to get off then why did his shit go to trial for the jury to decide he’s innocent 🤔 mfs be saying ANYTHING on here

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  19. If you simply look him up you’ll see he also shot and killed one man after a fight and shot his friend but he escaped

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  22. This video does not cover King Von entire Criminal History. King Von said in Dj Smallz Interview he had robbery cases prior to murder case.

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