I was born in South Wales I would remember my
grandmother would make lunches for my grandfather and his son to take down
the mines the following day my grandmother would then pack those in what
was called a tommy box to protect them from the rodents which were
inevitably are down the mines those fillings had to offer something to
the guys who worked under ground that something was a good strong taste
when you eat something it’s got to have some flavour otherwise you get no benefit
at all we only manufacture Collier’s in one Creamery in Wales and that has a
particular milk field which surrounds it this might sound silly to you but even if the cows are relaxed makes for
better quality milk from the day the cheese is made to the day
the cheese is consumed it’s developing flavour Collier’s has a particular taste
and we were the first people to introduce this balance between savoury and slight sweetness that slow release and
very long and deep character what we’re looking at for Collier’s is
something that’s going to develop that’s going to turn into something just
that bit special

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  1. Colliers Welsh cheddar is the best UK cheese I have ever tasted.  I’ve turned every member of my family on to it, and most of my friends.  I used to be able to buy it in decent sized pieces at Costco in Canada, now they’ve discontinued it.  I have to resort to buying it in tiny over-priced pieces at conventional grocers.  Truly a first-world problem I know, but I miss it, and Costco needs to get the corporate butts kicked.  G

  2. Colliers cheddar has become my favorite cheese ever.. ive tasted many from around the world. But colliers has the very best cheddar. Never change what you do.. thank you for such a fantastic cheese.

  3. This video explains the coal miners and the heritage of cheese being eaten underground. Their diet and lifestyle explained at
    0:38 "when you eat something its got to have to flavour otherwise you would get no benefit at all"
    it appears this miner is eating a larger healthy portion of cheese as 3 layers of quarter inch slices of collier cheese in his sandwich
    profound respect to the craft and taste of colliers and their cheddar.
    the production and craft, all the details including those of the regional pastures for cattle that represent this balance of character in the cheeses are well deserved of people around the world.

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