♪♪ We’re here at Dave’s Rock Shop,
and we are ready to rock…shop. ♪♪ We just got these in.
These are great. Very nice.
Yeah. These are very special,
because, you know, they’re really
raised out. It’s usually
very flat inside there. You can feel
how raised it is. And that’s from
the Pliocene era. Okay. That’s a really nice
recess on there. And it came
with two specimens. We got this one, too. That one’s really raised. That is really raised, yeah. And that one’s — oh —
Holocene era, so that’s — It’s two different eras
but the same species of fish. Right, right. This is a female,
and this one’s a male. You can tell by the jaw. The female has more
of a rounded tail. Yeah. So, Holocene,
that’s gonna be great. People are very excited
about those things. I can tell.
That’s cool. I’m thinking of probably
setting it up just, like, facing people
so that they can see it. You know, so the two
of them are… I think you got it
backwards. Where’s his…?
Wait a minute. What the heck
is going on? Dude! What the heck
is going on? Dude, that was definitely
just one and one. Yeah, no, I was here. And then you put one
on top of the other one. And then you separated them,
and now that one’s on there. It’s, like, inlaid
into the cell. Yeah. Yeah, ’cause that’s
his jaw, remember? It was popped out. What the [bleep] So, no, here’s the —
Here’s a question. Yeah. ‘Cause you had these for sale at two
different prices, and you bought them for
two different prices, and now you only
have one piece. I’m gonna have to
call them back. What, are you gonna
call them and tell them that the fish swam over
to a different rock? Okay.
I don’t know. I mean… Yeah, seriously.
‘Cause I can’t sell this guy. No.
As anything. No. Oh, my gosh. That’s insane.
Hang on. I, uh —
I’m getting a book. Oh! Dude, all right,
there’s four. There’s little babies. Shut up. Look for yourself. Are you — What the — Oh, my God.
That is absolutely insane. When you flipped it
upside down, too, I was like, “Maybe we should
stop flipping it over,” ’cause every time… Like, are they made
to, like, shake out? I think the piece just became
a lot more valuable, though. We should call,
you know, the museum. Who’s gonna believe us?

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  1. The businesses that michael picks seem made up at times. A rock shop? I call the whole outdoors a rock shop.
    But seriously i could binge watch this show for a month, i mean every single minute of free time, and I'd still want more. He's that GOOD! Conan O'Brienesque good.👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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